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  • Chris

    Cool article, but you managed to omit the details on the new (and very proprietary) Strike Industries Folding Sights (SIFS) and Strike Industries Assault Glove (SI Gloves) pictured in the top picture. I’m quite keen to learn the details, I’ve surely never seen anything like them!

    • Jake Barnes

      OMGWTFBBQ!!! A medium is here who knows the names of products before they’re published!
      While you’re here, could I talk to John Lennon?

    • Meltron

      Strike Industries undercover advertising fail

  • Trev

    Grammar called, she is pissed about the “advance polymer.”

  • PLUS

    Is this foregrip the only one in that kind without Magpul’s AFG?
    This kind of fore grip seems to have little choice.

  • Gomer

    Looks like a not very well made AFG1 clone. They even have the wings that AFG2 got rid of. I wish somebody would make this kind of grip with the triangular part only and with slightly steeper angle.

    • noob

      Maybe mod an AFG by sawing it in half and gluing the flat part to the triangle part with a shim in it toget the angle right, and then make your own in china!

      It seems that the patent can be easily be circumvented.

  • Whitepaw

    Frankly, it looks like quite a useable product to me. I like how they added a handstop to their design.

    Additionally, that is a pre-production concept poster. The grammatical errors have since been ironed out. So, why hate? (;

  • gunslinger

    comparable to Magpul… cost is only 25 bucks. i saw prices for AFG at 35. i haven’t used an AFG type product so i am curious as to how well they work.

    now it would be interesting to see someone make an adjustable afg type accessory.

  • Reverend Clint

    competition is always a good thing so im all for this

  • Avery

    I like the idea of the angled-foregrip with an hand-stop, but that third example where it looks like it’s supposed to be used as a vertical foregrip looks too goofy for me. If they really wanted to encourage Cobra Fore Grip’s use like that, they should have given something like a nub at the end of the angle to hook your ring and pinkie finger onto.

    • . . . and something to keep your index finger away from a hot barrel. After a few magazines a barrel will get hot enough to burn oil off the surface, so holding it like that would get uncomfortable.

  • Chase

    A challenger appears!