Magnum Research Re-engineeres Magnum Lite .22 WMR Rifles

Magnum Research has apparently re-engineered their Magnum Lite .22 Magnum rifles. The Magnum Lite are high-end clones of the Ruger 10/22 and chambered in .22 WMR.

I am not sure what is new, but here is the press release …

The graphite rifle barrel utilizes uni-directional graphite fibers parallel to the bore axis, resulting in a barrel with 6 times the stiffness of the equivalent weight of steel. The lighter barrel is easier to handle and dissipates heat up to 43% faster than steel. The result is rimfire performance with extreme accuracy.

Features include: an 11-degree muzzle crown, a weaver-type rail for optics in a black anodized finish, and a patented gas system and block under the barrel that taps a small amount of gas through an orifice hole in the barrel. The result is higher efficiency and improved accuracy when using 40 and 50 grain loads (30 grain not recommended). The one-piece CNC-machined receiver with integral scope base has been manufactured utilizing 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. MRI bolts are manufactured and machined from heat-treated and thoroughly hardened 4140 steel, with minimum head space for better accuracy. Engineering changes have also been made to various springs and the chamber, resulting in one of the most reliable semi-auto .22 Win Mag rifles on the market.

All models utilize the 10/22® trigger group and 10/22® rotary magazines. For 10/22® owners, the graphite barrels can be purchased separately through Magnum Research Customer Service or their online store.

Other options available among the five Magnum Lite MLR models include: thumbhole stocks on the Barracuda Nutmeg, Barracuda Pepper and Barracuda Forest Camo. The MLR Hogue® comes in an OverMolded™ black stock, and the stainless steel barreled model can be purchased in either the Hogue OverMolded black stock or Barracuda Pepper stock. The weight of the graphite barrel model in the MLR22 series is less than 5 lbs. and an overall length of 35.5 inches (38 inches on the stainless steel model and just over 7lbs). Prices range from $727 to $935 depending on the model.

Steve Johnson

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  • I have been extraordinarily happy with mine… Bought the version with the BLACKHAWK! adjustable stock, and even with a 3-9x scope attached, the entire thing comes in at less than 5 pounds, and can make one ragged hole using somewhat crappy ammunition at 25 yards and with me behind the trigger.

    I can live with that.

  • Vbv

    You posted about this a while back…
    I’m pretty excited to pick one of these up, they’ve just become available at the distributors serving my local shop.

  • bob

    Maybe a version for biathlon will come out?

  • MrDakka

    Damn I must have missed the original post, but I’m interested in that graphite barrel.

    Does the barrel have some sort of inner metallic lining for the rifling? Or is the entire barrel made of some high end exotic composite like MMC (metal matrix composite) or RCC (reinforced carbon-carbon)?

    • shankbone

      There is certainly a steel liner, right? I’m sure the headline would be much more robust if the barrel was all carbon fiber.

    • Stanislao

      I am a Materials Engineering student at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. While I have not examined one of these barrels, I strongly suspect that a metal liner is used.

      Graphite reinforced polymers, usually called carbon fiber, would not last long if used in the inside of the barrel due to the heat, chemical and abrasive effects associated with lobbing a lump of lead with decomposing nitrogen compounds.

      Please note that this kind of thing is not exactly new. Some British cannons have been made by weaving steel cable around a simple tube. This was eventually abandoned due to issues with barrel rigidity. I would not be surprised if the idea returned for mortars and light weight cannons.

  • Zincorium

    I just looked at the website, and it’s got kind of a weird contradiction.

    “This simple effective system allows the .22 Win Mag to function with all bullet weights.”

    Followed by:

    “This rifle is designed to shoot 40 grain and 50 grain ammo ONLY. Firing 30 grain ammo will void the warranty.”


    Im confused, I understand the weight of the stainless model being more but why is it 2 1/2 inches longer than the graphite model, and the stainless says 18 inch barrel and 38 inches overall the graphite says its a 19 inch barrel so 1 inch longer barrel and 35.5 inches overall.. somewhere there is 2 1/2 inches more stainless gun and it has a 1 inch shorter barrel than the graphite model….

  • Trigger is a bit stiff

  • Stan

    I can’t find a magnum research lite anywhere please help me I’ve been hearing sold out for two years!!

    • disqus_yA9dCsqSTT

      Stan, if you are still looking we have one in stock with the “camo” stock in .22 WMR. If you are interested contact us through our facebook page at

  • Douglas Hopper

    I just picked the 22WMR at Sprortsmans warehouse!! $650. It was the only 22WMR they had!!