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  • Samopal

    It’s hilarious how fast these shitbags run when they realize their victims aren’t completely defenseless.

    • Nadnerbus

      My first reaction too when I saw this last night. The only thing missing was Yakkity Sax playing over the last part.

      Read somewhere else that they tried to play up the victim part afterwards, that the gun was old and rusty and they weren’t really going to hurt anyone, yadda yadda. Guess what? You use a firearm as a tool to rob, the equation is: you + Give me stuff= not getting killed. Don’t be surprised if someone takes the threat seriously and offs you first.

      • Sian

        Yeah, armed robbery using even a toy firearm, or a piece of wood shaped like a gun or your finger in a pocket is the same as armed robbery using the real thing, as far as the law, and appropriate reactions to the threat is concerned.

  • Tony

    A job well done!

  • 15yroldgunman

    Git r done

  • Garrett

    Did anyone else notice how many shots he fired? Was he intentially missing? It seems like he would have hit someone at that range. He seems proficient enough with his carry gun.

    What I really like about this is that after he chased them away, everyone else checked to see if he was okay and calmed down since they knew he was the good guy. Strike another one up for the second amendment!

    • Samopal

      It’s pretty hard to hit a moving target in a high-stress situation. There are dozens of videos online showing police and criminals exchanging entire magazines at close range without hitting anything.

    • Metalhead2508

      The suspects were hit multiple times, but survived. : (

    • Zappy

      It was a taurus TCP, .380, 6+1, little under a 3″ barrel, DAO. I counted 6 shots and the suspects were hit a total of 3 times. its not half bad shooting.

      • Zermoid

        Lucky for them he wasn’t carrying something bigger.
        You decide to something illegal you get what you deserve, I don’t feel the least bit sorry, they got themselves perforated by trying to rob honest folks. Serves them right.

        That old guy should get free internet for life from that place!

  • Clayton

    I especially like his trigger discipline after they are gone.

  • Just Saying

    There’s something really wrong with how we regulate guns in the US when kids can get guns, especially handguns (as handguns are the number one killers when it comes to gun deaths).

    • Clayton

      It’s gun owners and parents/grandparents.

      I have only trusted friends at my apartment, but my every day carry stays locked up unless it’s on me or I am with it period. I think that too many people don’t lock it up at the right times ( I.e when they are not at home) and it makes it easier for prying eyes to find them and take them. if my gun went missing I would know right away, I think some of these guns may come from a home where it’s put away and forgotten about, but not in a safe. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think guns should always be locked in a safe, but there a times and and places where it should be locked up, and if that restricts access, then get used to carrying it in your home.

    • singleactionguy

      I think firearms are legally regulated in the USA in an effective manner (CA and some others being exceptions). I don’t believe these young criminals acquired their firearm legally. The type of political climate and strict regulation that *might* hamper criminals from illegally acquiring firearms would most certainly prevent law-abiding citizens from legally acquiring them for self defense.

    • Clayton

      Also I don’t see this as a “regulateable” thing. It’s not the governments place, it’s the gun owners responsibly to be informed and educated on storage of their firearm and preventing it from being stolen.

      • Uberyeti

        Not having a dig at you, but where do the black market firearms come from?

        Some are stolen from unsecured homes, and yes this is a damn good reason to lock them up, but surely not all of them are from there?

        I’m guessing there are unscrupulous gun retailers who do a bit of off-the-books trade, and maybe there are some smuggled in from countries where they’re easier to get.

      • Clayton

        ^ I agree. Some also come from the US government if your Mexican haha.

      • jacob

        If you are robbing any internet cafe you probably got your gun doing a b&e. Buying the gun illegally is cheaper that retail. I’ve never heard of smugging into the US. They’re too readily available compared to the black market price. A couple hundred, but really way less than that unless it was an assault rifle or something. A teenage tweaker isn’t going to look up msrp before he sells it.

        People like to harp on the Arizona thing. In Arizona large firearm purchases are legal as well as individual resale. Those smugglers ar breaking Mexican laws.

    • Ren

      I’m sorry, but since when a 19 year old is classified as a kid?

      Also, is it really true that both were released on bail straight after being charged?

    • cc19

      “Just saying,” your comment has 0 likes and already over 60 dislikes. Just saying…

    • Zermoid

      Hey numbnuts, the second kid had a baseball bat, do you also think the baseball bat laws are too lax? That they are too easily obtainable? They should be under lock and key unless there is a bonafide, state sanctioned baseball game being held?

      Why not just ban stealing……..

      Oh, wait, they did. Didn’t seem to help much now did it?

  • Vhyrus

    Anyone got an ID on the old man’s gun? I wish they said in the report. I’m sure the gun manufacturer wishes they said it as well.

  • Lance

    Good riddance to street trash good job armed citizen.

  • Alex-mac

    I think it’s likely the old guy will be prosecuted for assualt with deadly weapon, since clearly those guys were fleeing and the old guy wasn’t in fear of his life. Then again, he might have been just trying to scare them at that point, missing on purpose.

    • Clayton

      “Both of the suspects were later picked up by police and charged with armed robbery. The elderly man had a permit for his gun, and will not face charges himself.”


    • Zappy

      He felt his life and the life of those around him were in danger and he acted until the danger was gone. just because they were moving doesnt mean its safe. In some states he might have problems, but with how FL law is he is fine, the PD already said he wont be facing charges.

    • Aragorn

      The suspects have already been charged and the shooter already cleared.
      I know it is hard to believe in this day and age that some American still have the balls to do the right thing and some law enforcement retain enough sense to see the big picture.

    • Phil White


      The prosecutor has already announced he will not face charges which is the way it should be.

  • Jansen

    …. looked like a .22 cal pistol … a Walther P22?

    • Zappy

      Taurus TCP, its .380

  • Alexander_Degtyarev

    Not sure if it was smart to keep shooting when they were *running away*.

    Also that comment about Grand Theft Auto in the article is yet another example of the sickening propaganda of the media. Games have nothing to do with this kind of thing.

    • Clayton

      I believe he was exercising the stand your ground law. Hence no charges for shooting the criminals.

  • So?

    I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed this. Is something wrong with me?

    • hikerguy

      Don’t worry, So?, it gave me a chuckle and brought a smile to my face as well. I don’t think you or I are that disturbed (although my wife may disagree on my part).

      • Fluffy

        also, sorry my comment got linked to yours. IT’s not related.

    • Fluffy

      You know what I hate? (Insert Shoot Em Up joke here, apparently that was an anti-gun movie. I laughed and laughed and laughed)

      I hate when people get in trouble for doing what they’re told. Well… this isn’t so much ‘what you’re told’ it’s ‘what you CAN do.’ Do Americans really hate guns-something that they were once required to have-so much that they lash out at anyone who uses them, good men and bad men alike? I hate that. This guy… some people may exaggerate their reactions, but I think it’s heroic.

    • Zermoid

      If there’s something wrong with you it’s also wrong with me!

      Old guy bests two armed punks and nobody died. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  • gunslinger

    it still amazes me about the comments on the youtube vid about how the guy shouldn’t have shot at the bad guys…

  • gunslinger

    also, just read the yahoo article (i got the story from a cnn feed). they labeled the guy as a vigilante? um.. wow.

    the commenter also made a point. did the guy take his first shot with the clerk in the line of fire?

  • tincankilla

    any data on where the robbers were shot? center mass, limbs, their butts as they ran away? Would be an interesting anecdote on shot location. I can’t help but think that if he had a more powerful round than a .380 that they’d be in the morgue and/or hospital.

    I had the same “uh-oh, he’s chasing them and shooting” feeling when I saw them flee, glad he’s not facing charges.

    • Phil White


      I’ve played the video several times in slow motion. It appears the rounds at the end would have hit the torso somewhere. He was close on those last shots.

    • cc19

      The article I read was, one grazed in the arm, the other in the butt (lol) and hip.

  • Reverend Clint

    these robbers have to be dumb as rocks to rob an internet cafe… how much money on hand do you think nay of these people have if they cant afford a computer or a cell phone

    • Aragorn

      Your assuming way to much about how much people may or may not have that visit Internet Cafes. I know more than a few people who have more than enough money to pay for a connection at home but choose not to as they only use computers at work or only when they have to.

      Some people are just cheap as well and would rather use free then pay a fee.

    • bob

      @ Reverend Clint

      Well put! I have relatives who have small businesses in retail and in general most retail/restaurants in the U.S. will not have more than $300 in cash & coin as a policy. Most people pay with credit cards or debit cards now days anyway and cash is maybe used only in 1/3 of all retail transactions. I’ve seen many convenience stores in may area state on the front door that they have no more than $150 in cash on the premises. One local gas station even has a warning that all clerks are armed and are concealed carry permit holders(no joke). Old fashioned armed robbery in America is plain unprofitable and stupid by the criminals being how little the returns(less than $300) are for a criminal risking walking into concealed carry permit holder(s), off-duty cops or armed employees and never mind that armed robbery will get you a lengthy prison sentence even if no one gets hurt and in my state if your a criminal who commits multiple homicides in the commission of a criminal act you are eligible for the death penalty.

    • Nadnerbus

      The article I read said something along the lines that this internet cafe was used for some kind of state sanctioned gambling. There was money there.

  • Annie

    To be perfectly honest, if I were one of the other people on in cafe I would have been very angry at this man pulling out his peashooter CCW and starting a firefight in a crowded room against two men with high-capacity combat handguns. And there were bystanders in his line of fire as well. 71 is not the age of the best eyesight and motor function, it is very fortunate that he didn’t hit anybody else.

    It is obvious from the CCTV footage these two men were flighty and nervous from the time they entered — if they were more hardened offenders or had taken anti-anxiety medications, they would have returned fire. This situation could just have just as easily turned very, very ugly, serving as yet another illustration of how CCW in the hands of the ‘average’ citizen can often produce far more harm than good. And firing on a fleeing target is just bad form, not to mention you’re only provoking them to turn around and fire blindly into a crowded room.

    • Jason

      I don’t think anyone would want to be a bystander in that situation, but at least in this case, it worked out. It’s hard to say how anyone would react in that situation, and it’s very easy to second guess these situations after the fact. From what I can see in the video, this ‘old’ man actually performed pretty well. He closed some distance before making his first shot which I believe was a good shot when the attacker had his back turned.

      I’ve shot competitively with plenty of people in their 60s and 70s and found many are just as good or better than shooters in their 30s and 40s.

    • VBA

      if this, if that, and assumptions about old age and eye sight, average people win 3 gun competition….people with your attitude deserves to be on the plane that gets hijack and crash. Just sit back and relax, everything will be alright, someone will save you, you don’t have to lift a finger, how about I wipe your 8ss for you too?

    • cc19

      If you were in fact were present and things went south because the worst possible conditions you had described were all in planetary alignment, you would not, “be pissed,” you’d be dead from all the, “blind firing into the crowd.”

  • 6677

    I do often play Gta games, occasionaly I try to see how many people I can kill without dying (records at 450 btw, seems those random stat screens do have a use, specifically kills since last save). I’ve not gone out and assaulted anyone. Those already mentally unstable may be influenced but the media needs to stop blaming video games for the cause of violent crime.

    • bob

      No offense dude but what does a high body count in a video game have to do with this situation?

      Using a handgun in self-defense with your adrenalin pumping is quite different from the dynamics of a video game where you don’t feel; life threatening fear, adrenaline, increased breathing, stress, experience: recoil, failure to feed, failure to eject and a multitude of other things. I took a intermediate handgun self-defense course last month that involved a lot of physical activity moving between targets and every participant no matter how experienced, found it extremely demanding to place shots on the targets with adrenaline and a increased breathing rate making things as simple as inserting a new magazine a whole different experience. I hope I never have to draw my handgun in a self-defense situation like this elder gentleman had too. There is no substitute for real life continues self-defense firearms training and even more training until your decision process and physical actions are committed to muscle memory, fallowed by even more training.

      • Zermoid

        You must not get into video games the way I do, especially 1st person shooters. I am often asked why I duck and move while playing games!

        I’m sure it’s not as much of a stress factor as a real life encounter, but it is a workout the way I play.

      • Cymond

        From the article linked in the blog post: “The security video above shows a pair of 19-year-old robbers marching into the cafe like it was a real-life game of Grand Theft Auto, threatening its patrons with a baseball bat and a handgun.”

        Again, the news media is insinuating there’s a connection between violent games and violent crime. ‘6677’ is just pointing out this fallacy.

  • Alex-mac

    Would have been a pretty cold hearted video if the first baddie fell dead straight away from a point blank headshot.

    I wonder if it’s a legit strategy. To get the jump on a baddie and miss on purpose.

  • Martin

    well, what worked on Okinawa, worked there aswell.

    Wish that was my own GD: