FNH USA P-12 Pump Action Shotgun

FNH USA is now selling a 12 gauge pump action shotgun called the P-12. It is a tactical version of the Winchester SXP (Winchester is owned by FN). It features a 18″ chrome lined barrel, cantilever scope mount with fiber optic sight and 5+1 capacity.

The MSRP is $655, quite a lot more than the equivalent Winchester SXP branded pump actions that range from $400 – $600 depending on features and finishes.

Steve Johnson

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  • Gary

    So what does this $655 slide action shotgun do that a $250 Mossberg can’t? Just saying.

    • Tinkerer

      Leave you about $400 poorer.

    • Evan

      Where can you even find a new Mossberg for a Savage-Stevens price anymore?

      • Phil White


        Try Buds Gunshop online. They have about the best prices on most guns.

      • Evan

        Thanks Phil!

        • Phil White


          You bet!

  • Rex

    Well, gary, in FN’s defense, it’s not *that* far off, MSRPwise, from a “Special Purpose” Mossberg 500…

    I agree with you it’s too much money but, you know, you’re not gonna get a, say, Mossberg 590 for 250 dollars.

  • Other Steve

    What is the block at the front underside of the receiver?

  • HEP-T

    Well I don’t have $655.00 but I do have an old Browning A-5 Light 12 that will have to do.
    Kicks like a very angry mule but prints buckshot well and shoots slugs as accurate as a rifle inside 75 yards.

  • David

    Should have made it off the Browning BPS platform, like how the SLP is based off of Browning’s semi platform.

  • Kevin

    Wow, way to study the market FN. I bought my Mossy 590 for 325. And it holds 3 more shells. And while I don’t doubt this FN will be a fine gun, the Mossberg is about as tough as they get.

    • Evan

      There’s a magazine limit on shotguns not produced in the USA. I know the SXP is produced by a Turkish subsidiary or licensee for FN under the Winchester name.

      The FN shotgun is probably made in-house, not only accounting for the reduced mag cap. but also probably at least a portion of the price discrepancy.

  • dylan

    if all the plastic operating components were swapped for steel (trigger guard to be specific) and if it had a beefed up barrel like a 590 id be in for 655. its a feature that i know not all guard dog guns have but i would like it if it were to have a screw in choke or at least if it were a option. not all barrels like all buckshot but with the right tube on the end of your barrel things get a whole lot better. as a 3 gun scattergun i definately want to be able to shoot cheap off the shelf super x and have a good pattern. my pa-459 might have a replacement.

    • Komrad

      Polymer trigger guards have proven to be more durable than metal trigger guards, at least aluminum. Polymer is great for parts that are not under a great deal of stress.

      • dylan

        polymer has the advantage of being slightly elastic. this means it will outperform brittle metals any day. not all metal is brittle. hardened aluminum and pot metal it known for being brittle. hard carbon steel like sk5 and 1080 is used as spring steel. spring steel in my opinion is the optimal material for most firearms parts given that its hard and has abrasion resistance yet it wont work harden easily if tempered properly. ill take a forged spring steel parts over almost anything aside from vanadium super alloys in parts that get hot

  • Tony

    Anyone still remember their tactical Winchester 1300 with a straight line AR stock back in 2004?

  • Komrad

    Doesn’t a Beneli Super Nova cost $500 or so? What makes this $150 better than a Beneli or $400 better than a Mossberg?

    • Trev

      What makes any gun more desirable than any lesser priced gun? It’s a silly argument as long as they sell shotguns.

  • Trev

    To FN’s credit, it’s a nice looking gun.

    It has desirable features.

    It’s most likely well made considering the source.

    However, they will hurt themselves with the limited mag capacity (make it in the US).

    Price point?

    They can charge 650 for it for the same reason they can charge 2500 for a SCAR. It’s FN.

  • RedFalconBill

    I own a 1300 and after cracking the Made in the USA Plastic t/g housing, I installed an aluminum one. The P-12/SXP does have an improvement over the 1200/1300 in that its twin action bars are part of the slide arm, rather than being welded onto the tube. I like this because I have had welded action bars come off of the tube of a 590. That does not make the 590 a bad shotgun, just that Murphy is everywhere. The P-12/SXP is a better made shotgun than any 1300 made in the recent years before New Haven closed.

    Any shotgun imported into the USA has to meet the “sporting purpose” rules of the ATFE so I do not know why any American would use this as a reason not to give this shotty a look over.

    Lastly, the 1300 extensions work with the P-12/SXP, but you have to grind the two nubs off the inside of the magazine tube, a la Remington 870 Express.

    • hnp

      It also has to comply with 922r = “(a) No person shall assemble a semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun using more than 10 of the imported parts listed in paragraph (c)”. There are too many people out there illegally modifying these imported pump shotguns – some will even post it on the Internet =/

    • Fled

      FN has US manufacturing facilities. They have to to comply with their military contracts for the M4 carbine, M240 and M249. I believe they also produce their version of the Model 70 tactical rifle here and they own the tooling for the Winchester 1300 defender. Winchester used to manufacture the FN pumps for FN. They make the SLP here too because they cannot import semi shotguns with capacity greater than 5 rounds.