Bad Guys With Great Trigger Discipline on Dark Knight Rises

A reader emailed us this still from the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. It shows the villain Bane and his henchmen. The henchmen show remarkably good trigger discipline, which as Rolf pointed out shows that there was proper supervision and training on the part of the props department.

Click to expand image.

[ Many thanks to Rolf for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Trev

    How the heck do all these villains get a G36c? I’m really missing out on a sweet supply channel.

    • higgs

      In the movie world, HK deals only to criminals.

      • KC

        looks like law abiding civilians suck and HK hates us but loves criminals and law enforcement!

        I’m pretty sure most gun prop suppliers have to work with law enforcement as per ATF requirements for post ’86 dealer samples and other title 2 weapons. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case and local law enforcement’s only interested in newer stuff like HK’s designs and not “gang banger” older guns like UZI’s, MAC’s, FAL’s & AK’s that’d most likely be smuggled in from Mexico so they’d only sign off the “latest and greatest”

        if I recall correctly there was some legislation on that was being considered to allow armorers/prop companies/studios to forgo the MG ban and registration requirements. Don’t think it ever got far

    • Flounder

      Shoot I would love a G36! Especially the one the foremost henchman has! By the shells on his shoulder it must be a 12 gauge!!! O.o Oh hollywood. Everytime you get something right you get two things wrong. BUT I appreciate the effort!

    • W

      they get them from the mysterious “black market” that criminals seem to acquire automatic military assault rifles from 😀 oh…that goes for RPGs and missile launchers too.

      • charles222

        Same place that makes the masks for Batman’s helmet, and Bane’s scary teeth mask, obviously.

    • Riceball

      Same place that the 2nd Mass. in Falling Skies seem to get all of their full auto rifles including at least one G36.

  • Gidge

    It’s nice and refreshing to see responsible and intelligent handling of firearms in movies.

    There is always going to be some tool who sees something in a movie and copies it… no matter how stupid or dangerous.

  • Lemming

    Slow day Steve? 🙂

    • No, I genuinely think it is interesting.

      • Lemming

        Alright, I do admit it’s a refreshing change to see a firearm handled properly in a Hollywood movie.

    • W

      i remember one of the first threads i read on this blog was about guns used in the movie District 9, which was back when i was still at JBLM.

  • charles222

    Nolan’s always been pretty good on the realism aspects of his films.

    …And…interesting. Why is Bane holding a picture of Harvey Dent? I am teh curious.

  • bagworm1

    Do you really want one made of rubber???????????

    • bagworm1

      That was supposed to be a reply to Trev………………..

    • Trev

      I asked my girlfriend the same thing!

  • Nadnerbus

    I’ve actually noticed more and more that movies and TV are starting to catch on that proper trigger discipline will make their stories more believable. Movies like Heat, Saving Private Ryan, and Blackhawk Down set the standard for firearm realism for their time, and it seems that other artists striving for similar success have caught on that a more disciplined and accurate portrayal of firearm use will make their story more accurate and help suspend disbelief. There are fewer movies showing hip firing, spray and pray, or infinite magazines either.

    • FourString

      Yup, and Christopher Nolan’s rendition of Batman has always been rooted in realism. (relative to past Batman films)

  • Woody

    They didn’t get the memo at Psych.
    Psych Season 6 Intro

  • Gregor

    “proper supervision and training on the part of the props department” On trigger discipline, maybe. But the villian on the right has 12 gauge shot shells on his shoulder, while carrying G36c, knife and pistol. Unless the knife has a 12 gauge propelled blade, its not realistic 😛

    • 6677

      Zoom on the picture, something on hanging down to his left thigh, same level as the pistol on his right. Shotgun… Maybe, Maybe not.

      • Gregor

        looks like a knife to me

    • MrSatyre

      Okay, now I must have a shotgun that fires knives.

  • Lance

    Saw the adds alot of SWAT style mecenaires with M-4s and G-36s awesome. Lucky for Batman no .50 cal Barrets.

  • AntiCitizenOne


  • A

    I heard that the last X-men movie was recruiting ex-army types in Britain as extras to play russian soldiers and even had them go through a little bootcamp style casting process so maybe ‘Hollywood’ is starting to take cinematic weapons handling more seriously

  • JC

    Most of the henchmen and cops in the movie are police from the NY area. They had an open casting call through the FOP. If you had tattoos and facial hair your were a henchman, clean shaven a cop.

  • Alaskan

    Oh look,it’s the “poof” from Guy Ritchie’s excellent “RockNRolla”

    No harm intended either..that’s what they referred to him a few times as..and that’s how I’ll always associate Tom Hardy. It was the first movie I remember him in.

    • jim

      That was a damn great movie. 🙂 remember the crazy russians chasing Buttler on foot. Genius. 🙂

      • Chase

        watched that the other night. damn good movie. can’t wait till guy ritchie has the time to start making the sequel

  • Jeff

    I keep seeing Bane and thinking to myself: “They should have chosen a bigger actor”. I mean, the guy (Hardy) was 168 lbs, and bulked up to 198 lbs. I still outweigh him by 15 lbs.
    Feel like there are bigger and just as good actors that can take on Bane’s role without resorting to making a average guy gain loads of weight

    Oh well… Lets see what CG can do.

    • charles222

      For what it’s worth, Bane’s physicality was always secondary to his intelligence. Killer Croc was easily even bigger and he never proved to be a serious threat in the way Bane did.

      As far as I’m concerned this is Bane. :p

  • charles222

    Heh, dude closest to camera has a dump pouch. Nice attention to detail, there.

    As for his 12-gauge shells…well, their leader wears a mask that looks like scary teeth. I think we can safely assume they’re for looking cool. :p

  • FourString

    Also, I would imagine that it is good to have good trigger discipline on any movie set because blanks can cause injury or death if they go off at the wrong moment. So it might be just as much a safety thing (;D) as it is aesthetic.

    • FourString

      Anyway, props to Hollywood. (;D)

  • Blackhawk2001

    Maybe it’s like the movie rules for non-military wearing military uniforms: the uniforms aren’t allowed to be completely correct. Usually insignia are mis-matched as far as I’ve noticed.

    NAH, more likely it’s just artistic “cool factor”.

    • Reverend Clint

      must wear khaki or levi pants and something on your head

  • Oh man I Love this post. Gotta go get this shared with some gear whores!

    P.S. really excited to see the movie come out, already got tickets!

  • MJ

    I just love the thought of a safety-conscious super villain, myself.

    Bane: “Right men, we’ll place the bombs here, here and here for maximum casualties. Then we’ll… HEY, KNUCKLEHEAD! GET YOUR FINGER OFF THE DAMN TRIGGER — SOMEONE MIGHT GET HURT!”