IO Importing Polish “Archer” AK (Beryl) with Mil-spec Collapsable Stock

IO Inc. are importing a civilian version of Polish Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl which they call the Archer (Łucznik, as in the Łucznik Arms Factory in the city of Radom where the rifle is name, translates into English as Archer or Bowman).

While this version of the Archer has an authentic military collapsable stock, it lacks the Beryl’s unique rail system which is disappointing. Still, if you are looking for a quality 5.56x45mm AK which features a bolt hold-open, this is not a bad rifle.

From the press release …

I.O. Inc. is bringing the legendary Beryl Polish assault rifle to the United States as a civilian model for the first time. Named the “Archer,” this I.O. Inc. rifle is manufactured in Poland’s Fabryka Broni “Lucznik” – Radom plant, and prominently displays the trademark FB (Fabryka Broni) on the left side of the receiver.

Featuring an 18” hammer-forged barrel with 1:9 RH twist, the Archer tested very tight groupings at 100 yards. It weighs 7 lbs, has an overall length of 36” and is available with either a collapsible or fixed stock.

The Archer features a military finish with mil-spec receiver, tactical pistol grip and black polymer furniture. It has adjustable front and rear sights, a tactical swivel sling and can fit a full line of optional accessories such as design-specific Hi-Lux scope and original Polish military scope mount. It is also the only AK to feature a “bolt hold open” integrated into the safety lever on the right side of the receiver. Fully 922R compliant and ready for action, the Archer is an immediate favorite for fans of the AK platform.

Steve Johnson

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  • concerned

    Watch out for these rifles. I.O. Inc. tends to mislead consumers by saying these are manufactured in Poland when only the receivers and barrels are. The rest of the guns are a combination of USED and WORN military surplus parts and new American parts for 922(r) compliance.

    • Esh325

      The link talked about Polish 7.62×39 AKM’s, not the Beryl Archer 5.56.

  • concerned

    Watch out for these rifles. I.O. Inc. tends to mislead consumers by saying these are manufactured in Poland when only the receivers and barrels are. The rest of the guns are a combination of USED and WORN military surplus parts and new American parts for 922(r) compliance. Their press releases are VERY misleading.

    • higgs

      This is really a shame. i have such a crush on this rifle. Also wouldnt mind me a Mini-Beryl.

    • Wosiu

      Bullshit. Only minor parts are made in US and are new. Most of rifle is Polish made and in highest standard.

    • Kosme

      do you have a source for that statement ?? Just curios.

      • concerned

        Online firearm retailer, Classic Firearms, was misled by I.O. Inc. on some Polish AKs they got in, which ended up with some unhappy customers who thought they were getting rifles full of brand new parts.

      • Kosme

        WOW … thx

    • W

      that was the case for some Polish AKs, though may not be the case for the Archer. Im not going to assume they got their act together, but its possible.

  • noob

    Wait, is this an automatic bolt hold open which engages when the magazine is empty? or is it just a cut on the top of the safteyleaver that you can engage the bolt handle with by sweeping the safety upwards while the bolt is locked back?

    because you can do that manual hold open modification with a hand file for free.

  • Samopal

    I’m not sure I trust IO with these given their reputation of sub-par quality and misleading representation of their products. I would LOVE a Beryl but will have to pass on these until someone more reputable starts putting them together. Quite frankly, I’d trust Century over IO in this case.

  • Konrado

    Beryl rifles are just an AKs with some minor modifications (fire mode selector on the left side of the reciver, different way of assemmbling/dissasembling hanugards, newer versions have rail system, larger magazine realase and the safety lever can be operated with finger), they do not hold the bolt open 😉

  • Billy Oblivion

    Allegedly (allegedly allegedly) the brilliant marketing genius@IO is also of the opinion that importing extra magazines isn’t a money making proposition.

    • MK

      For what it’s worth, Robert RTG has had Polish 5.56 AK mags available for quite some time on their site for a good price.

  • Colin

    Youtube reveiwer Sturmgewehre just post a review of this rifle…

  • MK

    I still can’t believe the price they’re trying to get for these. I mean really, they decided to try to break into the AK market in the United States with a price point $400 higher than the “premium” choice (Arsenal SLR/SGL) and use a distributor/remanufacturer that has a reputation for misrepresenting their products and producing crappy ones? What were they thinking?

    I’m still hoping they’ll be awesome and high quality simply because I’ve always wanted a Beryl, but I’m going to be waiting to see the AK community’s take on these before I make a purchase.

    • W

      100% spot on. Im also waiting for consumer feedback before making a purchase.

  • Wosiu

    “it lacks the Beryl’s unique rail system which is disappointing”

    All rails will be offered as accessories.

  • Cuban Pete

    I’ll stick with my proven Arsenal, thank you very much. If I wanted a 5.56mm rifle I’ll go with an AR.

    • W

      I have a SLR-106 to accomodate my 5.45×39 and 7.62×39 arsenal AKs. Those are outstanding!!!

  • Lance

    Never been too impressed with 5.56mm AKs. However this looks pretty nice just add some UTG rails for the hand-guard and you got a Beryle rifle. Overall I read that the Pols will dump the 1996 Beryle rifle for a new weapon which US and German gun makers are licking there lips to supply.

    Overall more of a a 5.45mm AK fan the round functions way better in a AK action than 5.56mm.

    • ragnarok220

      You may want to get a pair of reading glasses…the next service rifle for Polish Army is MSBS Radon and it is still under development.

      • Esh325

        What made them want to replace the Beryl AK for?

  • Jeff Smith

    Just watched a video review on youtube by Sturmgewehre (posted by Colin). He mentions that the Polish made barrels are very high quality and capable of 1″ groups at 100 yards. Anyone know how good the barrels are?

    Does anyone know if an Arsenal rifle can do the same? If so, why pay double for a Beryl?

    Or why not just buy a top-of-the-line AR rifle? Especially when it is being sold by a company that is said to have some shady business practices….

  • The Polish rifles are a little weird, and are incompatible with some aftermarket AK parts. The handguard retainer holds on both the upper and lower handguards, and isn’t really compatible with the Ultimak railed gas tube.

    The barrel extends a couple inches past the front sight tower, with 14mm counterclockwise threads just ahead of the tower, so it’s not compatible with many brakes or flash hiders. An AK-74 brake works, but you need a thread adapter.

    If this one has the left-side selector lever, I really can’t tell if it is, then you’re stuck with the Polish selectors. Ambi selectors wouldn’t be compatible.

    • Esh325

      I don’t think it’s weird, as the rifle was first and foremost designed with the Polish military, they didn’t think what American shooters would do to it. There’s no reason for an ultimak gas tube on this rifle as you have a Polish Beryl Mount. People already whined about the rifle not having features that were on the military versions, just imagine how much more they would whine if they commercialized even further.

    • Oh, from the MAC video, I see that the Archer barrel is extended even more than the Tantal barrel. Adapter or not, I don’t think an AK-74 brake will fit. It doesn’t appear to be set-up with the Tantal 3-position (single-shot, 3-round burst, full-auto) selector lever on the left side either.

  • 762jack

    Does Anyone know if AK 106 Magazines will work in the archer?