Baikal MP153 Shotgun Review

American Rifleman has reviewed the Baikal MP153 semi-automatic shotgun. They write

Another catch was when loading the magazine. On the range we found that loading the shells into the magazine was not a smooth process. They tended to catch about the time the metal head reached half way into the magazine tube. We never determined the hang up, and it was only a momentary distraction, as with some additional pressure the round slid into the magazine

In all, the MP153 shoots well and handles equally so. After some break-in with heavy loads it ought to shoot 1-ounce target loads with some dependability. The Baikal is intended for hunting, and although it’s a little rough around the edges, for $400 it’s quite a serviceable shotgun.

The MSRP is $400, but it can be had for between $300 and $350. I nearly bought one a few years ago when I decided it was finally time to go semi-automatic. I ended up getting a Remington 11-87, which after a couple of years of tweaking and swapping out many factory parts for aftermarket parts, is now almost perfect.

Steve Johnson

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  • Other Steve

    Meh, I’d gladly pay twice the money for more than twice the gun, benelli m1.

  • Beamwalker

    Post your 11-87 build. More posts about shotguns!

  • Davey

    “… which after a couple of years of tweaking and swapping out many factory parts for aftermarket parts, is now almost perfect.”

    This is a good thing?!

    • Tuulos

      It’s quite similar to AR-15 in that you can swap out parts until you have built your own dream gun. So definitely a good thing.

  • Trev

    So tired of people making excuses for weapons that don’t function right from the first shot.

    There is no such thing as a break in, just bad designs and CQ.

    • Reverend Clint

      like any machine they sometimes need some work you get out all the little kinks. shit a modern diesel pick up takes 75k miles until its running like it will for the next 200k

  • Reverend Clint

    clearly you have never fired one in your life

  • DW

    Shotgun still has to be aimed. Don’t let videogame crap fool you.

  • RocketScientist

    I feel bad even dignifying this Troll with a response, but here goes. Shotguns are NOT just for poor people who can’t aim. Some of the most expensive custom guns you can purchase are top-shelf doubles. Also you have obviously never tried to shoot a round of skeet if you think a shotgun requires no skill. Shotguns are designed for a set of circumstances in which rifled-bore single-projectile weapons are ineffective or useless. For small, rapidly moving targets they are almost your only option. For wide-angle close-range engagements they are excellent. A shotgun is a single gun that can shoot everything from bean-bags for riot suppression, to bird shot for small fast-movers, to massive solid slugs for large/dangerous game. With modern shotshell development and/or the use of semi-rifled slug guns, they can even be effective and accurate out to 100 yds or more. Where I live in FL (where heavy brush and short shots are a fact of life), a shotgun is pretty much the only gun you need for hunting. I use my BPS for everything from squirrel to rabbit to birds to deer to hogs. I even shoot clays/trap/skeet with it. My dad even used it to take a bear once. Show me any other single gun that can do ALL that with nothing more than an ammo change.

  • very unhappy

    the bakal mp 153 is a pile of junk!!!!!!!