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  • Giolli Joker

    You’re ugly but beautiful!

  • mechamaster

    Belt feed… automatic fire…closed bolt…and no quick-change barrel feature… Prepare for ‘cook-off’ accident.

  • higgs

    HK 51 was never made by HK, its an All american creation. Shortest rifle made by HK in .308 is the G3K.

    • 6677

      lol, Its a G3 variant and larger than a G3K

      • higgs

        Its a modification of a G3.

        And a G3K has a barrel length of 12.4 inches and overall of 28 inches, and the HK 51 has a 8.3 inch barrel with an overall length of 23.7 inches.

        So im not sure what your qualifications for “Larger” are.

  • Lemming

    Looks a bit impractical, but still, a beautiful gun.

  • macmechanic

    Actually, the machinegun shoot took place at Black Dog Gun Range in Hilham Tn, last June 23-24, 2012. This was the debut nationally advertised event, which attracted approximately 3000 viewing public.
    The next event is scheduled for September, but has not been updated on their website.

    Leipers Fork Firearms has a good looking watermark!

  • Thanks for the complements on the watermark! We are hoping to make it out to quite a few more events in the future. Big thanks for for sharing our pictures!

  • Lance

    Just watch out for barrel overheating.

  • Mike Knox

    I have one of these in a locked polycarbonate case labeled “Do not use, EVER!!” in our den..

  • Nater

    The HK 21 is a machine gun that should have been more popular than it was. It’s very light, extremely accurate, and utterly reliable. Out to 3-400m it can keep up with semi-auto sniper rifles in the accuracy department, pretty impressive for a weapon with a quick change barrel.

    • Charles222

      The HK21 was Delta’s original pick for a machine gun, according to Charlie Beckwith’s autobiography.

    • Kristopher

      Might want to talk to someone who actually had to evaluate it, HK fanboi.

      The HK 21 is a piece of crap. The current LMG, the FN-MAG ( M240 ) is much better and much more reliable.

      • Mike Knox

        Thay actually did evaluate and actually used it. But not only Delta Force but SEALs and Force Recon. Secret Service even has a few HK21s and HK23s in their inventory..

      • Nater

        The M240 sure as hell isn’t an LMG, it weighs 26lbs. It’s a general purpose machine gun, that is a big distinction. The roller locked HKs are very durable and reliable weapons, the 21 being no exception. The weapon was used by US SOF units back in the 1980s because they wanted light-weight with a full power rifle cartridge. Maybe you should heed your own advice and learn something.

  • Scout

    Once fired a friend’s short-barelled HK51 in full auto (not belt fed though) AT NIGHT – It was a definite checkmark on the bucket list for me.

  • Alan

    Wait a minute, isn’t that a short-barreled HK21 rather than a HK51? In HK nomenclature, anything belt-fed starts with 2. The second digit refers to caliber- 1 refers to 7.62x51mm.

    Since it’s probably a clone, I would call it a HK21K.

    • nikonmikon

      No it isn’t because the HK21 and HK21E models are real guns made by HK. They also have quick-change barrels. The HK51 is not related to the HK21’s really at all. As a matter of fact HK51’s are not an official creation of HK and HK has never made one. HK51 is just an unofficial term for any short g3-derived firearm coined by the class 2 manufacturing community.

  • mosinman

    Short Barrel: Yes, 7.62x51mm : Yes, Full Auto: Yes, Belt Fed: Yes. Overpriced: yes.

    • Nick

      Barrel too short. YES.

  • Nicks87

    I love it when the H&K snobs bestow their knowledge on us.

    • W

      ? and where did they do this?

  • G3Ken

    I have a G3K taht began its life as an HK91. Jayson from IGF (Investment Grade Firearms) in Arkansas did an awesome conversion.

    As I didn’t want to, and likely could not anyway in my home state, I had it converted to the G3K 12.4″ barrel, the appropriate handguard (don’t remember if it’s from the HK51 or Hk33) and a FIXEd 4″ four-pronged flash hider. It really does reduce the blast signature and fireball that my New York-compliant AR with nothing but a flat cut barrel end has. THAT is a fireball, I’ll tell you. It’ll have to stay that way until I “Escape from New York”.

    As I don’t like the metal collapsible HK stock (beats your face like Georges St. Pierre), I use the standard stock, although I plan on buying both the full size, but adjustable Magpul and a side-folder Choate.

    Atop it is a STANAG claw mount with the usual Hensoldt (Carl Zeiss) 4X Fero-Z 24 scope. She is a heavy bitch, but I have NEVER, not even once, had a FTF. Going to also get the vented handguard tahat accepts picatinny rails. Then I am DONE buying guns……maybe.

    The odd thing is magazines. Just before the ban, I bought two for $65 each at a gun store. Now they’re between 2-7 bucks. Sadly, nobody wants to ship them to New York, even though they are perfectly LEGAL in NY, so long as they were made prior to the 1994 ban. HK date stamps all their mags and I have yet to see a surplus mag from after 1994.