Azerbaijan Khazri AK Rifles Not Dead Yet

In a badly translated press release, the Azerbaijan’s Minister of Defense Industry says the country is not abandoning the Azerbaijan Khazri AK…

“Azerbaijan doesn’t intend to abandon the usage of AK-74 automatic submachine gun and plans to produce “Kalashnikov” by the end of the year,” said Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov while commenting the reports refusal of Azerbaijan from Kalashnikov submachine guns in favor of “Tavor”.

I wonder if Mother Russia was taken by surprise, and more than a little upset, by news that Azerbaijan was abandoning the AK, or more specifically, bankrupt AK-licenser Izhmash who they are busy bailing out.

A reader noticed this photo, taken last month, showing Azerbaijan troops carrying some type of tacticool AK, possibly a prototype of Azerbaijan’s Khazri AK.

[ Many thanks to Albi for emailing us the links. ]

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  • Dangermouse

    Is it me or have Russians got their knees a lot lower than the rest of the world?
    Or are those knee pads actually another bit of kit?


    • Lemming

      Those are actually Azerbaijan troops, not Russians.

    • spc fish

      it is actually common practice to wear your knee pads on your shins. cuz usually they fall down there anyway. plus you can run faster like that and they dont bunch up behind your knee

    • Alex-mac

      Seems the knee pads slide down easily, only the first guy has his knee pads on his knees.

      • John

        Yeah and so do ours. Knee pads are worthless imo

  • Reverend Clint

    first guy really has to go pee

  • This July 2011 article in the Armenian Weekly pretty much confirms that AK74M will continue to be a part of the Azerbaijan inventory. The IWI Travor may be a special application need not address by the AK74M

  • 15yroldgunman

    Wonder if Armenia will pursue upgrading their aks too since they are fighting over the nagorno karabakh

    • Lance

      The Armenian Army use regular AK-74s but hey can have rails added on them and they have bought advanced optics from Russia. Peace in the region is maintained not by each others deterrence but more form large Russian contingent based in Armenia to protect Armenian allies from any Azeri aggression. This was part of the peace deal from the last wars end in the early 1990s.

      • 15yroldgunman

        Yah all true but both Azerbaijan and Georgia have new rifles leaving Armenia the only nation in the caucasaus without one but then again has the more Russian protection

  • Lance

    Sal palma nailed on the head the Tavor was always a SF weapon and the AKs in the pic are special forces versions as well. The AK made for Azeri infantry are totally based on the AK-74M and have optional rails to attach. The AK-74 is a great weapon and im glad to see it doing well.

    Overall beefed up 74Ms will stay in Russian CIS for a long time I doubt eh AK-12 will pose a threat to it.

  • Mike Knox

    The Avtomat Kalashnikov: born into Communism, killed by Capitalism

    Does Russia do bailouts?..

  • Tony

    Somehow this photo really makes me wanna laugh.

  • snmp

    That’s AK look like have FAB defense (MaKo – CAA) furniture