14.9mm SOP Rifle & Cartridge

The 14.9mm SOP is an incredible extra long range rifle project that a number of people at Snipers Hide have been collaborating on. The huge rifle fires a very long and heavy projectile with a high ballistic coefficient giving it extreme accuracy. It has 0.5 MOA accuracy at 3000 yards and remains supersonic out to 5400 yards (5 kilometers).

Photo taken at XLR Industries.

The 14.9mm SOP cartridge case is formed from a 20mm Vulcan case. The 1,690 grain projectile leaves the muzzle at 3,350 fps with 42,104 ft/lbs of energy (that is not a typo!). This is almost twice the muzzle energy of the 14.5ร—114mm Russian and 14.5mm JDJ. It has more kinetic energy at the muzzle than a 20mm Vulcan, and far more kinetic energy downrange, although the Vulcan is carrying an explosive payload (chemical energy).

The first test fire …

I love seeing people push the barriers.

[ Many thanks to Mark for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Andrew Racek

    My god.

  • Henrik

    Awesome! They should put this scope on the rifle: http://www.valdada.com/scopes/tactical-scopes/12-52×56-mf-40mm-ed-terminator-multi-bdc-illuminated-mp-8-xtreme

    Only I can think of that would fit :D:D:D

  • Yeah, needs a bigger muzzle break.

  • Joseph

    Perfect for T-rex and Dragons. You don’t wanna be anywhere near them!

    • Simon_the_Brit

      I thought that T Rex & the Dinosaurs, were a Jazz Combo in the 50’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Cactido

        They were. This round will go back in time six decades to kill them.

  • SpudGun

    If ever I’m attacked by a dinosaur three miles away, then this would be my first choice of weapon. Or I might just, you know, run a hundred yards and hide behind the curvature of the Earth.

    This is so ridiculously awesome that my natural cynacism has given way to perverse admiration. Please keep us informed on how they get on.

  • Chucky

    Sooo, I take it you need to wear a SAPI plate on your shoulder to fire it without breaking your collar bone?

    • noob

      and i guess this could be the first weapon that could brain you with a scope cut

  • Pete Sheppard

    Huh. That thing’s a light cannon, firing solid shot, rather than a small arm.

  • Ian

    Another great example of combining alcohol and firearms.

    • David/Sharpie

      The idea of that thing is awesome, I do not care if they were drunk when they thought “Heyy guyz, we sood toally build ehh 14 poin 9 milmeter *beltch* oh excus meh, a 14 poin 9 milmeter rifle itll blow the hell outta shit”

      You cannot possibly say this isn’t cool, can you?

  • KBCraig

    How about necking it down even more, to below 12.7 mm, to avoid the “destructive device” tax?

    • somebody

      Reloaded ammunition for this gun costs $13-$15 per round, after 14-16 rounds you would have payed for the tax stamp, also by making it 14.9mm instead of .50 caliber he was able to get around 1000 rounds barrel life which if it was .50 caliber it would be a lot less.

      • Rob

        Add a 0 to those prices and you would be closer to the correct cost of a reloaded cartridge for something like this.

  • Totally absurd.

  • Ewan

    Now make a 1000fps load, fit a moderator and go hunting!

    .458 SOCOM stand aside.

    • noob

      Anybody got a spare M203 quadrant sight assembly to compensate the subsonic bullet drop?

  • Anonymous synonomous

    Forget hunting dinosaurs, this is for hunting god himself.
    Or airliners if you’re the Brady Campaign.

  • West

    Im going to pick one of these up in case I need to shoot through ten police helicopters to sink a flying aircraft carrier behind the moon.

  • noob

    i wonder if they could get some Depleted Uranium or tungsten to make some projectiles out of, and how many mm of rolled homogenous steel plate it could punch through.

  • Henry Bowman

    One word folks.


    • Reverend Clint

      Imagine the extra energy of firing this at a tank from a global hawk type UCAV

      • Bryan S.

        Honestly, I thought he was talking about using it on drones.

  • GasMask

    Fair enough to hunt Chuck Norris…

  • One thing to remember is that the 20x102mm cartridge was based off of the case of an experimental .60 caliber heavy machinegun cartridge, which itself evolved from an experimental anti-tank rifle cartridge. Various US military experiments during the 1940s and ’50s necked the .60 cal. case down to .50 cal and up to 27mm.

  • Jay

    Mother of God!!!!!

  • C3PO

    So how are the terminal effects on whitetail? because the 50 BMG still leaves some meat on the bone. . .

    • Wally

      I’d say it would be cooked to perfection….

  • emdfl

    You should touch base with Mike Remo (anzioarms.com) for a scope for that beast. He has scopes custom built for the 20mm rifles he builds.

  • Esh325

    Was this made for any practical need really? I can’t really imagine this weapon being practical for snipers even.

    • Cole

      Honestly? The only thing i can see it being used for is Counter LAV. As they are resistant up to 14.5mm…This is just a bit more powerful.

      • D

        The extreme range might find use in some role, and it might be powerful enough to damage helicopters. could definitely use it to pop landed jets and what not, in a classic anti-material role.

      • Laserbait

        Practical use: Target shooting. I’ve got a place that I can shoot for several miles, and would love this! Unfortunately, I just can’t afford it…

        And why does anyone need to have a “practical use” for pistol or rifle?! Sheesh, hanging out with the brady bunch lately? “Because I want one” is always a good enough answer.

    • David/Sharpie

      1.) To be fecking awesome

      B.) Anti Material, i bet this could take down a building!! Nah, not really.

  • Martin

    Give me two of these, and I’ll win the war without your help!

  • HK93

    Wow ! That could be used to launch small satellites into space !

    • Chucky

      Not really. Low orbit is at a minimum 160km from the earths surface.

      • Ben

        You’re right, this thing would go way too far out of orbit! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Chucky

        Wow. Got thumbs down for stating a scientific fact? Either kids today aren’t as smart as they used to be or they be trollin.

      • Nadnerbus

        Usually when you point out the scientific fallacy behind a joke, people just get annoyed.

      • Chucky

        I’d be relieved if that was the reason, though a part of me still fears a few individuals believe it to be true.

    • Mike Knox

      They’ve tried that before with ones bigger than the Paris Gun. They failed a lot of times, maybe every time. Ask Gerald Bull, oh wait, he’s dead..

      • Pete Sheppard

        Actually, objects have been fired to orbital heights with special cannon, but not to orbital velocity.

      • Mike Knox

        @Pete Sheppard
        They just reached orbital altitudes actually, not orbital trajectories..

      • Pete Sheppard

        @Mike Knox: That, too. IIRC the shots were essentially straight up. My thought was that orbital velocity is 17500mph+/- or 25666.67 fps. I don’t think anyone will do that with a cannon.
        For Verne’s moon shot (“From the Earth to the Moon”) to work, the travelers would have had to have been launched at a muzzle velocity somewhere north of 37000fps, to maintain the 25000mph escape velocity. The G’s would be off the charts!

  • Spade

    I need this.

    I don’t know what for, where I’d shoot it, if I could afford anything involved with it, or if my floor could support storing it.

    But I need it.

  • Ryan

    “It has 0.5 MOA accuracy at 3000 yards and remains supersonic out to 5400 yards (5 kilometers).”

    This is based completely on assumption. They have only tested to see if it would remain stable at 500 yards, which is like testing to see if a 18-wheeler could tow a little red wagon. If you have hours to waste, read the thread on Snipershide. I was originally rooting for this guy to come up with something revolutionary, but he comes across as a goofball with very limited knowledge of ballistics or firearms design. The thread has turned into a trainwreck of epic proportions. On second thought, skip it.

    • bbmg

      Another argument in favour of using a fin stabilized dart. Rifling can only do so much, so the bullet will always be a compromise in terms of sectional density. Apart from that, the pressures needed to fire this to a decent velocity causes rapid barrel wear, so having a smoothbore barrel is also an advantage (as well as reducing friction and increasing muzzle velocity).

      This is the path tank guns have gone down, and there is every reason to believe that small arms could one day follow. The Steyr AMR was one of the most advanced attempts: http://www.steyr-aug.com/amr.htm

      The claimed penetration of 40mm of RHA at 1 km means that most battlefied targets can be harmed, one can only presume that the only reason it hasn’t appeared on the market is that accuracy left something to be desired.

      Still, if they can make tank guns accurate to 3 km which have achieved hits out to twice that distance, surely it can be scaled down with similar results.

  • Tribulationtime

    itยดs a joke?, so that is a rifle?. Some special research on materials or thermodynamics?. I mean itยดs a good job and funny but it is disappointing the tone of the wrote with that video. You think you will see a game-changer for Stan, and found a game w/o changer. disappointment.

  • Ben

    That has to be the biggest rifle I’ve ever seen! Holy cow! This thing seems like it could have a few uses, I’ve heard about small UAVs being used with the .338 Bad News for sniper support, but one armed with this could be very deadly in a semi-auto platform.

  • bbmg

    Interesting to see this development.

    I wonder if this hand cannon supposedly made by Maadi Griffin firing the same 30mm round as the A-10’s fearsome GAU-8/A gatling would compete: http://raigap.livejournal.com/86348.html

    Surely if they want high velocity and ballistic coefficient, the logical move is a saboted dart as used by modern smoothbore tank guns.

  • bbmg

    If it is possible to fire a 40,000 ft/lb muzzle energy projectile prone from a rifle, why not use a M242 25mm barrel.


    Downgrade the M791 APDS round to 3000 feet per second, or the M919 APFSDS-T round to 3500 feet per second.

    Given the very high density tungsten or DU projectiles, you’ll get much better velocity retention downrange.

  • W

    This reminds me of that 15.5mm cartridge FN was experimenting with before they abandoned it, and the subsequent heavy machine gun it was meant to be fired in, in favor of the P90 PDW.

    Large bullets with incredible kinetic energies. This thing could easily shred a BMP, definitely a BTR, and any mobile SPAAG, Howitzer, or helicopter. Its a matter of packing the damn thing around!

  • Davey

    What a fun design project! You have to understand wildcatters to appreciate the effort that they’re willing to put out just to see if an idea will work. I think every cartridge known to man has been necked to hold a .224 bullet. Many have even been test fired. ๐Ÿ™‚ As far as practicality, remember that many of the current “main line” rifle cartridges started as a wildcat.

    If you don’t understand the challenge, how ’bout the motorhead equivalent – “how small a car can I stuff a V8 into?” Hey, there’s a Mini-Cooper!

    Carry on!

  • Reverend Clint

    slap it on a CROWS and take pot shots from a few miles away

  • Pedro

    “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?”

    George Bernard Shaw, 1921.

    The Barrett .50 cal seemed a dream not too many years ago, as did the 1000 metre kill shot. No longer.

    • David/Sharpie

      Or the 2500 metre kill shot!!

  • Lance

    Now that’s a GUN!!!!

  • D

    I like it.

  • MrMaigo

    If you want something slightly more practical, there’s the Anzio 20/50

  • atm

    That looked like Joe from Red Jacket that walked up at the end.

  • Jeff Smith

    I’d love to see more of this, but I have a feeling that the designer has some legal trouble headed his way. Browsing through the forum thread, it looks as if he possible obtained the projectile through false pretenses and then gave it to the designer’s competition. I hope for his sake that it’s not true…

    Also, for our sake. I need more videos of this!

  • Cactido

    Just spent a good portion of my work shift reading the entire 16 page forum post. It was kind of funny watching the specifications and speculation shift quite a bit throughout. What was even worse was the enormous amount of butthurt going around.

    Cool project, though. The problem is that it not only resembles a precision punt gun, but it’s about as useful as one.

  • Mike Knox

    That’s one hell of a “Morning Gun”. Named so for a lot of reasons..

  • Reg

    Very interesting…. Are those DARPA fingerprints I see?

    The discussion on Sniper’s Hide is more “food fight” than “collaboration”. Not clear who knows what. Obviously lots of comments by people trapped in small boxes.

    Consider this:

    A Predator carries missiles. Just a few. Two problems:

    lots of collateral damage

    just a few (2?) shots before you have to go home to rearm

    But a drone that can put a round in a 17″ circle at 3 clicks? Hmm. Pretty good for taking on Mullah Omar in settings that a missile would be unacceptable. And you get many more chances.

    Also very nice for walking down a row of aircraft and punching holes in the engines. Small drones are hard to see on radar. The target might not even realize that all that their assets had been disabled. If a guard didn’t hear the impact, they wouldn’t know until they tried to use them.

    Bottom line is if someone can achieve 0.5 MOA at 3 km w/ that energy it will justify developing a semiauto gun to put in a drone. But first you need to develop a round that can do that.

    • noob

      remember that recoil on a small lightweight aircraft is a big issue.

      It might be simpler to replace the explosive filler in the hellfire missile warhead with a tungsten or even concrete slug if you wanted to crack an engine block.

      missiles can be truly recoilless, especially if they separate from the aircraft completely before the main motor fires.

      • Jay

        The chances of survival for a drone big enough to fly around with that thing, at the range necessary to get a kill, on a modern battlefield are extremely slim. There’s a good reason the Predator is usually crusing at 25000 ft. To stay above the range of low level AAA guns and shoulder fired missiles.
        Who on earth would waste fuel and risk a drone that shoots such a useles round? Since WW2, everyone understood that, unless you want to attack tanks, the best aircraft weapon is the rapid firing cannon, shooting high explosive rounds. Even against infantry, canons and bombs were more effective than machine guns.
        Hiting a target from a moving aircraft, is not as easy as some think.
        There’s a reason why you don’t see too many snipers on chopers, but machine gunners, and most those few snipers, that work on hellicopters, usually don’t even use a magnified scope on a bolt action rifle, but non magnified optics on semiauto, if available.
        When you put your “.5 MOA rifle at 3000m”, on a flying platform, you most likely won’t put a bullet in that half MOA, from the same range, if you shoot a case of bullets.
        On top of that, the rifle is silly heavy and not something suitable for aircraft instalation.
        Think about this: the Russian 20mm auto cannon (b20) used in ww2 was only 55lbs, the german 30mm aircraft auto cannon Mk108 was 130lbs and the 23mm GSH-23 installed on the Mig21 was 110lbs. All of this are vastly more powerfull weapons due to the explosive content and high rate of fire.
        For drones, there are new light weight, guided munitions in developement as we speak to do those sniping jobs right.

      • Reg

        A few more observations:

        1) The rifle is a prototype to allow developing the round. They state it is deliberately overbuilt. In any event the details of this particular gun are irrelevant to my comments.

        2) On ships, computers keep the big guns stationary while the ship moves. The same can be done for aircraft w/ smaller guns. This is 40+ year old technology.

        3) The use of automatic fire by aircraft is as much to compensate for poor intrinsic accuracy of the round as it is platform motion. 3 MOA at 3 km is 2.6 m which makes multiple attempts a necessity just to get a single hit on a small target.

        4) Recoil effects are proportional to total aircraft mass. Predators are not small or particularly light.

        5) A Hellfire w/o the explosive would still imply limited engagement capacity before having to return for rearming. A semiauto gun shooting this round and a magazine of 20-30 rounds might be a real game changer in certain scenarios.

        Consider a small swarm of drones shooting up the engines of all the aircraft and transport equipment at nearby bases. If they’re more than a few miles from the primary target, those guys are out of the fight for quite a while w/o having to kill anyone. Mechanized transport has been a critical component of military operations for almost 100 years. It’s become even more important a combat loads have increased.

        DARPA is spending quite a bit of money on novel projectiles; for example the rail gun for the Navy and active seeking cannon projectiles. 3 km is close relative to current drone deployment practices, but it’s far enough away to be fairly inconspicuous if it’s quiet. Hitting one at night w/ an AA battery would be pure luck. Radar and thermal signatures can be suppressed to quite low levels if desired making missiles equally unlikely to score a hit. Stingers are designed to hit large, possibly very fast moving aircraft.

        While these are all facts, the imputed motivation is pure speculation. It might simply be some high ranking SOC officer wants a new toy. Despite comments about offering it on the civilian market, range limitations would be a major problem. Giving everyone on the firing line a nose bleed would not be popular.

      • bbmg

        To reg: an accurate drone mounted semi auto gun of this size is doubtless within the realm of modern technology, but with gravity on your size, it would not be practical.

        Imagine you can get the whole system (gun, 30 rounds of ammo, mount, sight etc.) to weigh 100 lbs. For the same weight, you could carry 100 x 1 lb laser guided tungsten darts, that could be dropped with no stress to the aircraft at all. From 10,000 feet they would accelerate to high subsonic velocity, exceeding the muzzle energy of a 50 BMG rifle. A bigger dart could take out a tank, smaller ones could take out personnel.

      • bbmg

        Alternatively, instead of a large drone gunship that can take out targets from miles away, why not a smaller quadrotor type drone with a handgun type weapon that can fly right up to people and shoot them in the face from two feet away?

        Something like this ๐Ÿ˜€ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7-wAzlqzXH0#t=464s

  • pastoocha

    There used to be a gun writer named Ross Seyfried who loved to shoot big rounds in handguns. Someone put him on it and he could get Hamilton Bowen on the project. Lets see..15.5 mm ruger wheel gun..get one of those arab cats, you know, the ones that shoot the elephant rifles in the indoor range and get bounced back into the wall to shoot it.

    ADog in Chapin…just checked in to see what condition your condition is in!

  • David/Sharpie

    Oh I so want that rifle.

  • Gunhead

    I don’t care what the name says, this is NOT Standard Operating Procedure.

    • Jon O’Neill

      Hello all! I’m the cartridge designer and owner of The 14.9 SOP. Thre SOP actually stands for some of the last names of the people who helped in the cartridgem Feel free to contact me with any questions! Thanks.

      • Mark D

        Hi Jon,

        I’m the guy who sent this story in to TFB, once the initial testing began I thought there would be some real interest out there for the project and it seems I was right. I’ve been following the development of this project since 2010.

        When will the next stage of testing begin? What optics did you end up going with?

        Also, I uploaded a few pictures from the project to imgur, its had well over 1.4 million hits in the week since I posted it. Heres the link


        Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me trying to generate a little attention for the project, I just thought it deserved it some recognition, its always great to see someone try to push the boundaries of what can be done.

        Anyway, I wish you all the best with the rest of the development and testing, I can’t wait to see more of it.


      • Mark,

        Please note no one “collaborated” with us on snipers hide. If anything it w the wort decision I made to post there. The only people involved with this project are Monolithicmunitions.com GS Custom bullets, and my company JG Weapons….

      • Mark D


        Regarding the collaboration part, I didn’t actually write this article for TFB, I simply sent Steve some of the information, a link to the original thread on the Hide and the link to the video. I understand you regretting posting it on the Hide, there was some unfortunate drama in that thread. Besides the Monolithic Munitions blog, is there anywhere else I can keep up to date with the project?

      • Mark,
        I’m sure I’m posting this reply in the wrong spot! Please feel free to call me or email any time. I will keep you updated! Nw, if we could just get the whole collaboration thing corrected!

      • Mark D


        If you want the collaboration part changed just send a quick email to Steve, his email address is on the blog’s contact page. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to change it if you explain who you are and what you’d like changed.

        Whats the best email address to reach you at so I can keep up to date with the project?

      • Dave Peterson

        How do I go about purchasing a round for my cartridge collection?

  • ben

    I want to see what the suppressor for this thing looks like.

  • tommy2rs

    A gun fit for the Master Chief. Now who’s working on the Mjolnir battle armor and raising the first crop of Spartans….lol

  • John Doe

    Good thing this 14.9mm rifle has a legitimate sporting purpose. I gotta kill that whitetail at 3000 yards. And that other whitetail on the other side of that hill. And the one behind it.

    • 1911

      I forgot that guns were about sporting.

    • Joel Blayney

      Says the guy who has NO idea what the 2nd amendment is about and for.

  • Sid

    So, does any company sell a suppressor for this rifle?

    I mean, if I miss the T-Rex that I travel back in time to shoot….. I don’t want the noise signature to give away my position.

    • John Doe

      No, but I do have a 2ft diameter metal pipe and a lot of wet newspaper.

      • Pete

        And for the next trick …. An A10 , 30mm round necked down to ……….
        How about just a man portable rail gun?

  • Gustav

    From a military perspective it would have no purpose as it would be better to use some form of guided rocket at those ranges. A rocket would have other benefits that are too great to be ignored, such as being faster to set up, weighing less, having a greater probability to hit and a greater effect on the target. The only benefit would be higher sustained ability to fire, something of less importance on a fast paced modern battlefield.

    • Brad

      Better yet, just use the old-fashioned 57mm recoilless gun with a new-fashioned laser range finder. I think Brazil actually still manufactures the ‘ol M-18a1.


      • Gustav

        No, it would need to be a guided weapon for ranges of over 2 km, possibly with a smaller warhead.

    • bill

      There is no such thing as a “Guided Rocket”. It would be a Guided Missile then, genius. Rockets have no guidance.

      • Pete Sheppard

        To be picky (Hey, it’s Saturday, why not?) ‘Guided Rocket’ is the more accurate term, since ‘Guided Missiles’ really are rockets with a guidance system.


        Its been many years since I was a Pershing Missile Crewman and lot has changed, but missiles used to have warheads, and rockets had payloads. We could argue that a warhead is a type of payload, but as far as guidance systems go, the difference is guided missiles and ballistic (unguided)missiles.
        Certainly all the manned rockets in the early NASA program had guidance systems, the astronauts sure weren’t piloting the rocket, capsules in orbit aren’t rockets or missiles.

    • Joel Blayney

      Because a guided rocket running a few thousand plus dollars from a machine that costs a few hundred plus thousand dollars is totally superior to a point target weapon with a total cost in materials far below that and a bullet that makes a the missile look like pure folly on the fiscal front. Tell me, how exactly does your military perspective play out? Logistical is clearly not it. Tactical is also not likely. You can defeat incoming missiles. Incoming lead however, you know its coming when it hits.

  • Platypusgog

    Really?!? Redefining the term “sniper team”. Sniping with a crew served weapon?!?

    • Fred

      The FBI has a contract with Anzio Iron Works for a few of their 20mm mag-fed bolt rifles.

      The rifles weigh in at around 100lbs or so, and are definitely crew-served.

      They’re designed to out-range “enemy” snipers, but it sounds like this 14.9mm out-ranges the Anzio.

    • Actually it isn’t the first. Carlos Hathcock used aM2 Browning, fitted with a scope to make one of the longest sniper kills on the books. It has since been surpassed, but he did it with a crew served weapon.


  • Meck

    It would be interesting to see how just much material this thing could penetrate with bullets that are tipped and cored with tungsten carbide and/or depleted uranium … take out a ship’s engines, without sinking it!

  • fred johnson

    How much for ammo?

    • Jeff Markle

      $50 per shot

  • Alaskan

    ooh boy..I can imagine the firing pin..

    Got a failure to fire? clear the hell out..or if you are brave enough..smack that +p Magnum primer with a 10lb sledge..

  • Alaskan

    oh..just thought of this.

    It’s the 14.9mm “Sh-t our pants” caliber..

  • Johan

    Pointless shit. Mall ninjas never know when to give up

    • Joel Blayney

      Says the mall ninja that has such a closed mind, he cant see the purpose of such an effective weapon, or use the term mall ninja correctly.

  • Zachary

    I don’t get why so many people seem to have a problem with this? Saying things like “pointless shit” and running these guys down. That’s like saying climbing Mt. Everest is pointless, or hunting lions or bears is pointless or hang gliding is pointless. People do things because they can, and they want to. It doesn’t matter if it has a hunting use or a military use. The fact is they wanted to build it, so they built it, and it works. Looks like they done one hell of a job with it too. Sounds to me like some are just jealous and cannot stand others success. I just want to know how much one of the cartridges cost for my collection.

    • John Doe

      A good question is “How?”, but a better question is “Why?”

      The answer for both is for the love of guns.

      • Nathan B

        I always find the best answers to questions like these are “Because I can.”

  • The Bear

    Wonder what it does to an IFV or a simple fortified position. That speed at such a long range, holy moly. Ballistics should be interesting to see. I wonder how long the round could go before it shows a significant drop. Also, test it on an MBT please. I somewhat doubt that lower model Leopards and Ts would survive such an encounter. Modern tanks would probably survive, but those older ones which are mainstay in many countries, doubt it.

    This must be tested! For science!

    And people said physics can’t be fun!

  • Pat Byrge

    I doubt they will allow that at my local range… :o)

  • Teeharris

    Finally, a weapon for Texas size hogs

  • It’s not a gun,it’s a Cannon.

    • Joel Blayney

      Nope, its just a hair over 50 caliber diameter really. So its a rifle.

  • Its been many years since I was a Pershing Missile Crewman and lot has changed, but missiles used to have warheads, and rockets had payloads. We could argue that a warhead is a type of payload, but as far as guidance systems go, the difference is guided missiles and ballistic (unguided)missiles.
    Certainly all the manned rockets in the early NASA program had guidance systems, the astronauts sure werenโ€™t piloting the rocket, capsules in orbit arenโ€™t rockets or missiles.

    • jcitizen

      I’d imagine the BATF would call it a “warhead” anyway, as anything over 12.7mm could be classified a destructive device, unless it were a muzzle loading rifle. Maybe regulations have changed – I haven’t read the guide lines twixes for ages.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Dumbass with a big rifle, and?

    • P Jem

      Big boys Big toys

    • Joel Blayney

      Dumb ass with an irrelevant comment, and?

  • wtf?

  • Nomdeguere

    Video says it’s private. ๐Ÿ™

    • Louis Chapman

      Noticed that, too. Total blue balls, over here.

  • AR-PRO

    This is incredible! I love it! For those nay-sayers, to hell with you and your jealous attitudes! This is an accomplishment by very talented firearms Engineers, those who dont just run off a bullet on the lathe and push it into a case with a ton of powder in it. These are people who calculate every minute detail of this firearm and what it will do to prevent any possible accidents and perform to the best of its abilities. I salute these ultimate Gunsmiths, those who think way outside the box- to build a rifle that could save the life of a fellow soldier one day, its well worth it.

  • Errold Tuley

    because fu-“Q” thats why!! love it!!

  • Austin Mabry

    Video set private?

  • Wulf

    Too bad the video is private.

  • Adam

    running this in JBM, this round has close to the same energy at 3000 meters as the .50bmg does at the muzzle. this thing is crazy!

  • GSPKurt

    I was really looking forward to watching the video, but it’s private… ๐Ÿ™