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  • 15yroldgunman

    In Canada??????

  • David/Sharpie

    Hmm, kind of a weird thing to sell, I wouldn’t buy it.

  • jim

    it’s Ed’s Red..

  • higgs

    So now after shooting zombie targets with zombie ammo (sighted with zombie EOtech) out of your zombie duracoaated shotgun* *zombie edition, you can clean it with zombie oil.

    Ok this stupid zombie shit has to die.

    • TopGun

      It will just come back to life. You know, because it’s a zombie.

      • Andrew Racek

        You have to shoot it in the head.

      • David/Sharpie

        If you kill it by shooting it in the head, it won’t rise again.

    • David/Sharpie

      Or, how about you just….you know….don’t buy it.

      Some people like Zombies and zombies related items, they may want to buy it, you don’t? Fine, don’t buy it. Pretty simple dude.

      • Higgs

        Oh i wont, see im not a moron that wastes money on worthless drivel.

      • David/Sharpie

        Yup, gun oil that has “Zombie” printed on the label is “worthless drivel”

        Not a big deal buddy……

  • Reverend Clint

    looks like somebody printed out some stickers and slapped them on a bottle of oil

    • joe bass

      Well ,Rev. Clint , I hate to tell you but that is what everyone who sells oil does unless they print directly on the bottle. Direct print is very expensive though so @1/3 of the price would be for aforementioned printing.

  • D

    I always viewed gun oil choice as something akin to pizza preference: something people hold pretty near and dear to their heart, and usually have alot of resistance to changing. Like me, i use Hoppes.

    I cannot imagine it ever being a good idea to take an unknown lubricant (using unknown materials, including dye) and just slapping it into your gun and seeing what happens.

    • Sam J

      Hoppe’s Gun Oil? According to the MSDS, it’s nothing but straight mineral oil. Absolutely nothing special about it.

      • D

        That’s what i like about it – simple and easy, with no surprises.

    • Ian

      It’s not necessarily dye. There are a lot of oils with a natural red color.

      • Face

        I have used this stuff in the past… I can tell you that after using it, I loved it (shoot, I just went out and bought a few more bottles). Glad to see TFB do a quick write up on it… these guys must be expanding… I am from Chicago and know they are based out of Illinois.

        Anyway… I highly doubt that this has die in it as I spilled some on my wood stock and didn’t know…. it was literally on there for a few days. It left no sign of a red stain, plus my hands were not stained, washed right off… so that to mean would mean NO Die.

        I will say, once this stuff coats your firearm… it stays on and performs great! The warmer your gun the more it impregnates the firearm… just good stuff!

        Just some thoughts….

      • 6677

        I live on a farm without any mains gas or anything so we use oil. The oil in it is a pinkish colour so its not too far to assume red oil exists aswell.

    • cc19

      “…people hold pretty near and dear to their heart, and usually have alot of resistance to changing.”

      I grow weary of these types considering how cheap it is to try a bottle of something else that could possibly be better. My pals and I have gone through a lot of different, “secret sauces,” and if someone can find something better than Crusader Weapon’s Slipstream we’d like to know…

      • Bryan S.

        Yep, Weaponsheild.

      • CZFan

        +1 to Slipstream!!

        That sh*t’s slick as hell!!!

  • un oeuf

    ahhhh! my 1911 is bleeding!!!!

    • Beefalo

      Eezox. If you live in a humid environment (like me) it is good as gold. Removes surface rust and keeps it rust free for months. And it smells great!

  • West

    This zombie crap literally WILL NOT DIE! AAAAAGGHH!!

    • mosinman

      its the UNDEAD fad after all……!

  • Curtis

    Zombie blood? It should be black and clotted 🙂

  • إبليس


  • Mike Knox

    Oh dear God here comes another “zombie” thing..

    • David/Sharpie

      Awesome, eh?

    • Mike Knox

      It apparently seems like a lot of peeps are looking forward to a zombie apocalypse..

      • David/Sharpie

        It’ll give society the kick in the ass it needs.

        Hello, this is the society that cares more about which celebrity is screwing the other than whats happening in their own city.

        “What a wonderful world”………….

      • Mike Knox

        Why don’t we just nook each other and live our own merry ways in a post-nuclear wasteland. Saves more ammo than just capping every former hoomins in the face….

  • JimS

    The zombie thing got old about a year ago. It’s now down right annoying as hell.

  • BC; MT

    “not much of a zombie fan”

    posts zombie related garbage weekly.

  • You guys should connect with Dr Rev (firearm enthusiast) he used a shotgun to create art. The shot gun was filled with his own blood (no bullets) and fired it at himself to create a painting. CRAZY. Not sure if its on yourtube though. His an artisit…painting in his own blood… I think he has a facebook page but dont know what it is. I know he has a website


  • Baxter

    Red oil? I do remember from my dirt bike days back in the 70’s and 80’s
    a 2 stroke racing oil, I think it was called Klotz. Was a deep red color. I never thought about 2 stroke oil as a gun lubricant. A friend of mine gave me some cowoil3 to try, seems to work realy well on everything, but i don’t know much about it.