Three barrels, three firing pins, 18 chambers

This nifty spanish revolver fired off three 6.35mm rounds per trigger pull. The recent trend of double barrel guns is not so recent.

UPDATE: I forgot to add the link. There is some disagreement about wether it fires more than one shot at a time. My interpretation of the three barrel/three firing pin design is that it does, the before mentioned link confirms this.

[ Many thanks to Zak for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Lemming

    Talk about overkill! That thing must have been a pain to haul around.

    • noob

      Not to mention clean.

    • 6.35mm is .25 caliber, and probably about as effective as a .22 short. Given the vagaries of rimfire ammo, 3 barrels simply increases the chance that a round actually goes off instead of going “click”.

  • Dave Smith

    Let us know when Taurus/Rossi comes out with a three barrelled Circuit Judge …

    • Bob Z Moose

      No! Why give them the idea?! I foresee this happening at the next SHOT show…

  • Klonoa Xero
  • noob

    We should get redjacket to make an ultimate internet argument stopper:

    Four AR57 uppers mounted in horizontally opposed pairs on one custom lower (magazines on the outer surface of the weapon), with a staggered ejection system that allows the spent brass to fall out of a series of four downward facing ejection chutes on the centerline.

    One trigger pull on “semi auto” equals four 5.7x28mm rounds going downrange for a total of 124gr of projectile at 2350ft/s.

    That’s energy comperable to an AK47’s 7.62×39 at the muzzle, but significantly better performance against body armour because of the low frontal area of each projectile.

    Recoil forces on “semi auto” mode would be in the AK47 range, which is managable for even Joseph Kony’s 12 year old child soldiers.

    Weight would be a little on the heavy side, but it would mostly be ammo weight, which would get lighter with use :). 200 rounds in one load is sort of in the squad auto range of ammo capacity. Cyclic rate would be around 3600rpm which means that you don’t have to spend very much time cutting down a tree.

    price per magdump on full auto would make good television (including that tacky cash register sound)

    i tell ya, it’s a game changer… nevuh been dun befoah.

    • Giolli Joker

      Red Jacket could think about a revolver with this layout, .327 Magnum in a S&W X-frame… ๐Ÿ˜›

      • noob

        does anybody have the link to that mexican drug cartel home made 12ga shotgun revolver featured on this blog years ago?

        I think I’m having one of those bad ideas again…

  • Bandito762

    And according to the ATF this is a machine gun…

    • spc fish

      no its not

      • Bryan S.

        Depends on the original construction date. Given the pinfire setup, I doubt it would be considered as such, as it probably is pre 1896, and is not even considered a firearm.

      • Bandito762

        โ€œany weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”

  • mechamaster

    Whoa !! That’s a real life Vincent Valentine ‘Cerberus’ revolver from FF7 Advent Children !

  • Bob Z Moose

    Finally! A way to make the 25 ACP an effective self defense cartridge!

  • Talking ATF no-nos, how about this?
    I’m about to expand my American English vocabulary, thanks to your replies on this one…

  • Gidge

    Pointless but cool.

    If money were no object I’d have one in the collection just because it’s interesting.

  • Jean Luc Picard

    I don’t know if we can really call that a trend, multi barrel weapons has been made since a while and there is always a few weapons that were produced during decades.

    Here there is the Nordenfelt gun

    As for tipple barrel the TKB 059

    The Salvo rifles
    A sort of two barrel FAL
    A Streange three barrel bullpup gun

    I think there is a lot of weird stuff that was created in the past and will be created

  • Netforce

    This revolver should be in Western movies.

  • Kellhound

    Here you have more info and pics… but in Spanish:

    The rear part of the cylinder (not seen in the above picture) was used as a “speed loader”. Weight is barely above 1 kilogram.

    Oh, and the name is “Pistola Concavicatoji”. No idea what that means.

    • Tinkerer

      According to the article, this revolver of otherwise unknown origin might have been the work of one of the many small gunsmiths from the city on Eibar, in Basque Country -a place with a long story in firearms manufacturing, rivaling maybe with Gardone Val Trompia in Italy-. So, I assume that the name is the family name of the Basque gunsmith that built this revolver.

  • nikonmikon

    did you even read the source article before posting the headline? this does NOT fire 3 rounds at once. you have to choose which row of chambers you want with a switch. it is essentially a very high capacity revolver…

    what the hell happened to this blog… seriously.

    • Tinkerer

      I have read the link provided by Kellhound -fortunately, Spanish is my first language-, and it states clearly that the revolver fires through the three barrels at the same time. The only controls it has are the top-break open latch, and the “pin-fire safety” -as stated on the link.

      • nikonmikon

        “similar todayโ€™s speed-loader. On the back of the strap is a switch, center position will hit the inner circle, left position six hits skipping one in the outer circle and after pushing to the right the firing pin will hit the remaining six cartridges.”

        like i was saying you asshats. it fires one at a time.

        I want to point out that my posting was 100% factual and actually provided VERY IMPORTANT information to this blog posting but was downvoted into oblivion because it offended you.

        Is this what you want? Happy feel-good comments being voted to the top even if they are defending / providing BLATANTLY false information? You favor that instead of a posting that might be inflammatory but correct?

        Comment voting is stupid and broken. It caters to stupid people by allowing poorly guided individuals and incorrect information to float to the top.

        I am sure that even though I proved my point accurately and am vindicated thusly, this will get downvoted as well further obscuring the truth about this revolver and allowing the perpetuation to continue that this revolver fires 3 rounds at a time.

        Go ahead, spread stupid.

      • Tinkerer

        nikonmikon, stating a fact and backing it up with documental proof is a great thing to do. I commend you for that.

        I must say, however, that smearing a post with “attitude” is not the way to back up a claim. Even more, you harm your position instead of strenghtening it when you resort to insults, condescendency and such.

        I recognize that your point of the switch selector has merit. Good work. Now, work on polishing your people skills.

    • Bandito762

      Yeah, the article definitely says that the bullets fire in threes soooo…

      • Giolli Joker

        It seems it’s Italian, not Spanish, and it can fire one shot from each barrel or the 3 of them altogether…

        “Caricato” means “loaded” or if you prefer “stuffed” as the Gizmag article says, but, being Italian, and seeing the low accuracy in the writing, I’d say that the idea was to stamp “Caricatore” (=magazine) but there wasn’t room enough for the las two letters.

      • Giolli Joker

        BTW: “pistola con caricatore” would mean “pistol with magazine” and it sort of makes sense…

  • D

    Thing must have looked impressive to fire, that’s for sure.

  • mosinman

    talk about triple tap….. this thing was a Glock before there were glocks!

  • BeeKaaay

    Don’t worry, leftwingwackos will want to ban it.

  • Danny

    How much u want for that revolver?