To Replace AK with Tavor

Azerbaijan is going to replace their AK inventory with locally produced IMI Tavor rifles. This is part of a $1.6 billion arms deal with Israel, which includes the purchase of a fleet of Israeli-manufactured drones.

About six months ago the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense Industry announced they were licensing the AK-10x platform from Izhmash and would produce their own variant locally called the Khazri Assault Rifle. The loss of that deal may have contributed to Izhmash’s recent bankruptcy.

[ Many thanks to Danny for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Alex-mac

    Since it was part of the drone purchase, they probably got a really big discount.

  • OK, I put it oout to my news. BUT I am really sceptic.
    The romanians forget their Tavorom project, and begin to make their 60,000 pieces new AK project.
    The do it as I know to save their factory and because the georgians left in warehouses all their Tavors in 2008 during their agression against South Ossetia. Azerbaigan is the neightbour of Georgia, if you look to the map. Same weather, same topography. I think if they need, the azeri soldiers pick up the good old AKs too, because all of their potential enemies owns one.
    For the records. In 2008 my russian friends and osetian brothers told me, the M s that they occupied from the georgians make a lot of troubles because of the cheap and bad turkish ammo. So I think even azeris make their Tavor variant in good quality (I am really not sure about that), it could make a lot of failure, if they make/bought a cheap quality ammo to it.

    • Bora Atkin

      Well that “cheap and bad quality Turkish ammo” is good enough to fight terrorists in Southeastern Turkey and good enough to be carried around Afghanistan but magically when used against Russian oppressors, it’s cheap and bad ammo. Laughable…

      • Or they do better QC on the stuff they intend to use themselves.

      • Bora Atkin

        It makes absolutely no sense to do a poorer job on stuff meant for export.

      • Well, the M16s do not work in full auto, just in semi auto with the ammo.

  • Komrad

    It seems like everyone wants a Tavor or a G36 these days.

    • Avery

      Either that or an homegrown M4orgery or SCARalike. Or, in case of the Poles, an ACRalike.

      The sun is setting quickly on the AK. I honestly thought that rifle would be around forever, but it’s quickly being supplanted by other Western designs in former Warsaw Pact countries. With most countries moving away from the Kalashnikov rifle, with most of those stock will ending up being recycled. Even the ones that end up in the hands of local militia, paramilitaries, and the occasional insurgency will eventually fade away in a couple decades time as some of the newer guns will begin filtering in those markets.

      Think about it, you don’t see more than a handful of StG44s running around these days, because the AK supplanted it.

      • C3P0

        Sun is not setting on the AK, likely won’t in our lifetime. 1 in 10 rifles used in the Libyan revolution/insurgency/whatver you call it was a Carcano. . . the reason you don’t see many STG44s is because they made less than a half million and lost, so the winners came through and appropriated or destroyed the majority of them. AKs are made literally by the boat load, about 75-100 million AK47 and licensed copies, about 90 million AKMs. That’s one rifle for every 40 people alive anywhere in the world. . . And more being produced everyday. They’ll be still be using AKs hundreds of years from now.

      • Lance

        The AK and AK-74 will be around for a long time. Fact is both Georgia and Azerbaijan will have regular forces use AK-74 for a while. fact is that Georgia has a two rifle policy and has troops qualify with both AK-74 and M-4. Mostly because they want there men to know how to use the rifle of there enemy Russia.

    • Lance

      I wouldn’t say the AK is finished. I have real doubts about this one blog entry anyway since BIG news last October and March of AK-74Ms being made in Azerbaijan also is around I think this whole thing is wait and see and wait for reliable news sources to report this.

      Remember All other CIS states even Georgia still use AK-74s still as well.

      • Lance

        @ Alex Mac

        Your half right Israel is the only nation to adopt the Tavor military wide. But several nations use them for Special Forces.

    • cc19

      I myself am still waiting for, “10mm explosive-tip caseless…”

    • W

      the tavor is gaining in popularity, but it will take a while to supersede the quantity of M4s sold if itll happen at all. AKs will also remain in circulation since there were over 90 million sold around the world.

      It seems to me that the AK74 is still in service with the conventional azerbaijani military, with the tavor predictably serving with special operations units. Well have to see. I actually agree with lance in that regard.

      • Joe Schmoe

        I don’t think we will ever see the day that the Tavor will surpass the M4 in popularity simply because of the price differences… or lack of price sometimes on the M4, and because you have a gigantic military and civilian population that’s biased against bullpups as a whole [U.S.].

      • Alex-mac

        Apart from israel, tavor is only adopted by the military of one other nation if this news is true. Hardly popular at all.

      • David/Sharpie

        Alex-mac…….you’re calling 15 OTHER countries (Others as in, not in Israel. Mostly SF or special units) one other country?

        You need to read up on guns a bit more dude.

  • 15yroldgunman

    Wow wonder how Iran likes this since most ethnic Azeris do live there

  • PJ

    Azerbaijan is the new Georgia. With a puppet masonic government trying to start trouble in the region and asking for a good whooping if they ever do something stupid.

    And, like any country that falls under the influence of the US/UK/Germany-led West+Israel, it is only a matter of time before everything in their culture turns LGBT (or whatever they call themselves now).

    • Lemming

      Firearms, not politics buddy.

    • Reverend Clint


      • Isma

        Well the same should go for the articles in the blog too, then!
        There have been several political speculation in earlier posts.

      • Lance

        Isma said it right this one repeat one BLOG about this is fishy and should be taken with a grain of salt.

        Dont trust it 100% right now.

      • W

        sima, there is a difference between previous posts on this blog venturing into the ground of politics/economics and making a half-assed jab at the LGBT community.

        PJ is just a troll.

    • Those puppet masonic governments turned me into a newt!

      …I got better.


  • Lance

    I dont buy this just earlier this year Azerbaijan bought AK-74M rights and is making AK-74Ms for its forces Tavors are for special forces only.

    Don’t trust foreign mill blogs with everything they say. This sounds fishy.

  • Tony

    I see nothing wrong choosing either one.

  • Ben

    Interesting. I luv my AK-47 and the round it shoots. I also like progress and technological advances but I’m only gonna pay a reasonable price for it. I’m betting Azerbaijan will be receiving a model that uses AK-47 or AK-74 magazines. The AK isn’t going anywhere; they’re simple to operate, reliable and probably way cheaper than the Tavor.

  • mechamaster

    Each rifle form-factor has it’s own merits. Neither bullpup or standard configuration.

  • Luv.Adolf

    Bad decision, they should have brought steyr AUG or Croat VHS both are good bullpups. Why are shitty little dictatorships buying low quality stuff from the bankster ethnic group

    • David/Sharpie

      Steve, (The admin of this blog)

      Can you ban this idiot?

  • reg

    wow, boys get yer head out of your asses, government and defense contractors are like bread and butter.

    politics is defense- think the 2nd is just there solely because it is in the constitution?

    top 100 us govt contractors

  • buster Charlie

    After looking what happened to Georgia, who cares what small arms your nation has when you won’t be getting into a shooty war you could actually win?

    Russia showed it still has the power to steamroll any smaller nation in its neighborhood, so they might as well be armed with Enfield bolt actions for all the ak vs Tavor would do for them.

    • Alex-mac

      Your forgetting guerrilla tactics. And gunfights in urban built up areas. If troops are disciplined enough, have the skills and equipment, then they can cause very high casualties for the enemy.

      The tavor along with the steyr aug are the best CQB rifles available. Very accurate for urban sniping too.

      • Charles222

        You’re forgetting the Russian response to guerrilla tactics. Feel free to ask Chechnya how well that worked out for them. :p

      • Alex-mac

        Can’t compare chechen guerilla’s with professional first world army guerilla’s. Think SAS-like special forces patrols wreaking havoc.

  • I love my Tavor. Such a solid handling rifle. Reloads like a dream.

    The only thing is you have to watch which mags you use. And get used to the bullpup trigger.