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  • Other Steve

    I’ve never shot a 50bmg that DIDN’T have a muzzle break so I’m not sure what it’s like without it, but I do know recoil (with brake) is NOT the issue… The overwhelming pressure in your eyeballs, the amount of earth that is introduced to the sky, and violence all around you at each shot is enough to skip the 50bmg for me. So, teaser video of a moving-barrel but non-barrett gun, meh.

    Now, 338LM, much more pleasant, much more accurate.

    • Big Daddy

      I don’t understand why he got down-rated? He’s right. Practical purposes for this is at check points to disable cars that might be filled with explosives. Right in their engine block, like the Coast Guard does with speed boats carryng drugs.

      Or people who have some strapped on their body. It will obliterate the target at 100+ meters.

      Also destruction of hard to reach machine gun positions. Some are protected overhead and 40mm grenades or 60mm mortars cannot penetrate the roof, a 50 cal rifle will do the trick.

      Not being a sniper rifle anybody in your squad can master it quickly, it looks like a shorter substitute for a M2.

      I do agree maybe 50 cal is a little overkill and a .338 AP-frag type round would work better. Some intertesting work is being done like the .338 Norma machine gun for troops at the platton level.

    • Chase

      I don’t even like what a short-barreled 5.56mm with a muzzle brake does. The pressure in my sinuses is really weird. So if I ever had to fire a .50 BMG rifle, I’d probably prefer a high-tech recoil-absorbing stock, and no muzzle brake.

  • Yves

    Black and red tip ammo is AP and incendiary, i guess. I´m very curious of how much penetration could achieve this with tungsten sabots rounds (do the sabots work with the muzzle break?)

    • Charles222

      I don’t think you can use the sabot rounds with a muzzle brake.

  • Giolli Joker

    Is the featured gun shooting .50 BMG or 12.7x108mm Russian?

    • Wosiu

      Good question. BASIC VERSION IS IN RUSSIAN CALIBER, 0.50 BMG IS OPTION. This one from pictures is probably in Russian caliber, because most if all of already produced rifles were in Russian caliber.

  • Charles222

    Ideal armament for when Chickenosaurus hatches.

    I imagine everyone who has ever visited or lived on a farm is tracking how nasty roosters can be, not especially looking forward to one with teeth being around. :p

  • Now I want to see a side-by-side comparison between the GM6 Lynx, and the MICOR Leader-50.

  • Esh325

    Not really about the rifle, but the .50 BMG is a very old cartridge. I figure that advancements in powder and cartridge design could allow a smaller and more ballisticly efficient to be made today. Similar to how advancements allowed the .308 to have near 30/06 ballistics in a smaller case.

    • Máté

      I believe it’s 12.7x108mm.

      • Ben

        It’s both. The one in the video is .50 BMG, the casing on the rounds is wrong for 12.7 Russian.

    • Vitor

      Both .408 Cheytac and .416 Barret have as much range as the .50 while being much smaller and even more accurate.

      • Frikki

        But they don´t punch through quite as much material as old 5oh

        • Johnny Graf

          Of yes the .416 Barret certainly does punch through as much material as the 50 and allot quicker getting there.

  • Jeff Smith

    Why release a promo video that only shows one round being fired? I want my 1:07 back….

  • AMP

    I’d like to see a version in .338 Lapua.

  • Lance

    Nice but the recoil must kill on such a light design. Overall give a Barret a run for its money who knows???

    • JMD

      Between the brake and the distance that the bolt and barrel recoil together, combined with resistance from the action spring, the recoil should be reasonably light for a weapon chambered in 12,7x99mm. Watch how far the barrel moves back during the firing cycle.

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