Mag Magnet: Turning a bullet button into a mag release

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the Bullet Button is a magazine release that cannot be operated with a finger, it requires a “tool” to release the magazine. A 5.56mm bullet is used as that tool. The reason for this is California law requiring fixed magazines for certain rifle configurations. The Mag Magnet is a “tool” for the bullet button that attaches to the button neodymium magnets and allows the operator to simply but the mag magnet to release the magazine, just like a regular magazine release.

Mag Magnet

This seems like a very black-grey area. The company says it is “for out of state use in what we call. . . ‘Emergency Zombie Attacks’”, that is should not be used in California and that it should not be left on the rifle … of course we all know what it was designed for and how it will be used.

A Bullet Button installed on a rifle.

The MSRP is $22. Don’t use this in California and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Steve Johnson

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  • josh

    Probably one of THE dumbest things that someone invented while this state enjoys a boom of firearm sales. Right now between Cal Guns and the Second Amendment Foundation, we may have an opportunity to knock out some of the ridiculous firearm laws that exist in this state. Meanwhile products like these that can only be used as ammunition for the gun-grabbers are just going to flood the market. After a few dickheads get caught illegally using these damn things at a range or shooting at bs in the desert by sheriffs, its going to explode across nbc/cbs/abc and we’ll all face more and more litigation that seeks to make our guns “Assault Weapons” and thus illegal.

    If anyone in California that owns AR’s is reading this and owns one of those damn things, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t get caught using it.

  • Komrad

    I think the media has already gotten ahold of this and made a stink, but I don’t recall what agency ran the story.

  • Bandito762

    I love America.

  • Lagduf

    Nothing is “new” about the mag-magnet or as we in the CA shooting community call it: “the felony magnet.”

    Stupid product. Don’t own it. If you are a CA resident who shoots out of state spend the 2 minutes it will take to install a standard magazine release.

    If you live in CA and society breaks down and the zombies attack…spend the 2 minutes it will take to reinstall your regular magazine release. Then don’t forget to aim for the head.

  • un oeuf

    this topic about the mag magnet has been discussed ad naseum on calguns. I had recently stumbled across the mag magnet, as I have just recently entered the realm of the AR. The raddlock seems like the safest and most legal option for those who live in this beautiful anti-gun socialized state. I have thoroughly researched other options: glove button (magazine detent thingy on finger), mag magnet, Ultimate BB (pin on magazine turns the mag itself into a BB key), Monsterman grips (turns AR into non-pistol grip rifle), etc…The raddlock seems like the safest and most legal option for those who live in this beautiful anti-gun socialized state. If you plan on taking a carbine course out-of-state, 4 revolutions of a screw driver will turn the button into a depressing mag release once you cross state lines, 4 counter revolutions will turn it back into a bullet button when (before) you cross back.

    • JimBob

      Can you say “The raddlock seems like the safest and most legal option for those who live in this beautiful anti-gun socialized state” a fwe more times please?

      • un oeuf

        sorry…. i realized my error in deleting after I had hit submit….oops

    • Mike

      Featureless is the best way to run. No way is truly “safe”. There are bad arrests made out weekly out there. But at least with featureless, you can run standard capacity magazines (just keep your mouth shut about where they came from and you can’t catch trouble) that drop free the way they were intended.

  • Lance

    Id be careful on this the dingbats who run San Francisco and LA want to ban all guns with these type mag releases and about ban anything semi auto in CA. Hope you CA gun owners finally rally and stop this.

  • Nadnerbus

    Sorry Josh, our leaders in Sacramento don’t need any ammo to go after bullet button ARs.

    Rep Yee has already introduced legislation to ban bullet buttons, presumably with no recourse to register or otherwise legally retain the thousands that have already been purchased.

    And there are several other options out there to switch between bullet button and button-press release without disassembling the mag catch. Vamfire (I think), bullet button wrench that can be screwed onto the end of the mag catch threads, the afore mentioned radlock, etc. The anti-gun politicians don’t care how you drop the mag. They didn’t want you to have the gun in any configuration, the court just opened up this loophole.

    I’ll have to watch to see if Yee’s bill gets any traction. You would think that with a state that is bankrupt and falling apart, Sacramento would have better things to do than pass unconstitutional legislation, but we all no that is silly talk.

    • Asdf

      Please read up on Yee’s bill. It does nothing to the bullet button. It does make gadgets that mount to the rifle to operate the bullet button illegal, which they already were.

      • Nadnerbus

        A link to the bill’s summary:

        Probably the most relevant paragraph:

        “This bill would, commencing July 1, 2013, and with certain exceptions, prohibit any person from importing, making, selling, loaning, transferring, or possessing any conversion kit, as defined, designed to convert certain firearms with a fixed magazine into firearms with the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and other features making the firearm an assault weapon and would make violations subject to criminal penalties. ”

        I suppose it could be interpreted the way you describe. But the above is a pretty vague statement. Would owning the original push-button mag release and spring qualify as a criminal intent? The whole statement above could also be interpreted to include the bullet button system itself, as it is a reversible solution, unlike the couple “California approved” ARs that had factory sealed mag wells, and only allowed loading by hinging open the receiver on the take down pin.

        Yee’s statements in the news piece do not inspire confidence in me that he knows at all what he is talking about. Besides, in a post Heller/McDonald world, the California Assault Weapon ban should be getting scrapped and thrown in the dust bin of history, not enhanced with additional legislation.

      • Lagduf

        ASDF is correct about Yee’s bill. Not sure why he is getting downvotes…

  • 032125

    PRC insanity aside; what does this do that two neodymium magnets stacked on top of each other to clear the bullet button well wouldn’t?

  • gunslinger

    Its been a while since I’ve been on the blog (firewalls at new job are fun to deal with)

    I am wondering why this “product” wouldn’t be considered a tool as compared to a “regular” bullet button? I’m not a resident of CA so I’m unfamiliar with the laws of the state. sorry for my ignorance.

    • I assume that it is designed to go over a bullet button with the magnet sitting down in the hole as shown in the second picture. With it in place you can simple press on the Mag Magnet and it would operate like a normal magazine release.

    • gunslinger

      Ok, so the issue is that it is illegal to have a “device” that “mounts” to the Bullet button, instead of a tool that would otherwise not be permanently attached, i.e. it would fall to the ground if you were to hold the rifle but let go of the tool.

      this would just be making the “b.b.” a regular mag release and that is illegal in CA.

  • Bryan S.

    Reminds me of certain kits that used to be sold from a Fairfax VA PO box…

  • D

    At least the guys selling it are entrepreneur, regardless of how strange their product would seem.

  • John Doe

    Of course this is illegal in California! It can be used to spray indiscriminate and accurate fire at our precious movie stars!

    Gun owners in that state have my sympathy.

    • Nadnerbus

      You forgot “allows to be fired from the hip.” You know, the scariest and most gangsta way to shoot your gat of all.

      • Mike Knox

        Don’t forget the “shoulder thing that goes up”..

    • Mike

      “It can be used to spray indiscriminate and accurate fire at our precious movie stars!”
      …and how is that a bad thing? They’re not going to die of natural causes anyway.

  • It’s a shame this conversation is even necessary. If CA spent just half the time/money on gun education programs and safety training as they do creating unjust laws they could respect the Constitution and have less crime.


      You are the only person that makes the most sense. I’m with you!!!!! Gang bangers get assault weapons illegally anyway. That screws everything for us responsible firearm owners

  • matt RRC

    Looks like another stupid way to go to prison in California.

    • W

      i think youre ok. california doesnt have the resources to keep gang banging felons behind bars so i think youll be in the clear 😉

  • Mike

    I consider the zombie craze to be mass idiocy and a poor reason to do anything. Any company that uses “zombie prepardness” in actual marketing efforts makes me raise an eyebrow. Just one.

    However, it seems to me that this tool might have some application in a SHTF scenario. Instantly ready, can be kept near the weapon until needed, and kept on the weapon when maybe breaking a local gun law isn’t your biggest concern. Then again, I am not familiar with the details of CA’s bullet button requirements. Nor am I familiar with various other devices used to overcome these requirements.

    • raptureRaptor

      At this point I think you should start taking it as a running joke. If you take it seriously than I think you are looking too far into it.

  • Mike

    It is NOT gray-black, it is black. If it’s stuck to the rifle, it’s NOT a tool.

  • Victor

    I’m new to AR’s and still learning. What is the horizontal lever just above the Button Magazine Release. I haven’t see it before.


    • Nadnerbus

      Looks like an ambi-bolt release.

  • Un oeuf

    It is a real travesty that brain power, creativity, and ingenuity had to be wasted on developing solutions to a problem that shouldn’t exist. I wished that instead of lobbying about the CA AW ban and the BB; Calguns would lobby about the future of our children’s education, , or any other important socio-economic issue (like abolishing diamond lanes

    • W

      then that wouldnt make calguns calguns logically…

      • un oeuf

        blah… 2/3 of my post got cut off? seriously? that’s the last time i post on this blog from my iphone. that wasn’t even I was trying to make… forget it -_- I’m done, good night everybody.

  • burnout

    I was recently out shooting on BLM land, and my brother laid our AR’s on our table. He set a BB magnet on the table near our guns, I was unaware of. We hadn’t been there for 10 min, and US Forest service pulled up and wanted to check our guns. All of our guns are california legal, I noticed the magnet and I picked it up off the table, and being a naive honest person, I said “you didn’t see that”, she said “see what?”. I showed her my hand, I had the magnet, she took it from my hand, picked up an AR off the table, and placed it into the bullet button, and said “that makes this an assault weapon, who is responsible for this?”. I said me, since I am the oldest, and she told me I would be getting charged with a felony, and she would be confiscating the gun, a 458 socom, never fired, unloaded on the table. I wasn’t arrested, she said the DA would have to decide whether to prosecute. It’s been 4 months, and my attorney has heard nothing from the DA. We have NRA backing, and the california gun owners association. I will keep you all posted about the findings.

    • Ɠ⊙иƶǾдҡĿдиɗ

      “that makes this an assault weapon, who is responsible for this?”

      correct answer: “you are, officer. you just picked up one of our rifles and converted it into an assault weapon. None of us would ever have attached that while we were in California.”

    • Nico

      I got the little strap on thumb with a spike. Works great

    • Anon.

      I’m pretty confident that just because a tool you use happens to have a magnet in it doesn’t stop it from being a tool, if it is detached from the firearm and only attached at the time of releasing a magazine, you can use that tool.

      This is a stupid story and I agree with GonzOakland, that she converted it into an assault weapon.

      I guess this just shows how stupid our government is.

    • Anon.

      please email me the results of your trial, at

      I am intrigued and almost absolutely expect the outcome for your lawyer to say,

      “your honor, is a tool not specified to be anything that is unattached from the rifle and can be used to assist in removing a magazine from the proper rifle?”

      “why, yes why?”

      “because as far as my client is concerned, he didn’t have an assault rifle. He had a california legal rifle, and a tool to assist in removing a magazine from that rifle. Is this by definition a rifle without a detachable magazine?”

      “yes, yes it is.”

      “then I rest my case when I say that the forest service agent “__” approached my client, whom received my client’s magazine release tool, and fastened it in a way that was not to intend to release a magazine, and therefore converting a standard rifle into an assault rifle. ”

      I say you counter-sue my american friend.

  • Smokey57

    I will not buy a California AR. They are dangerous, to remove the the mag. You need three hands, one to hold mag remover, one to catch the mag, one to hold the rifle. Someone is going to get hurt or killed doing this. Didn’t they think how dangerous this is.