Imbel IA2 Photos

Imbel has their IA2 rifle on display at Magnum Show (the Brazilian SHOT Show). I would love to get my hands on this firearm. It is the youngest descendent of the FN FAL, although internally not a lot of the FN FAL remains.

[ Many thanks to Rafael for emailing us the photos. ]

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  • Reverend Clint

    its the SCAR’s south american cousin

  • 15yroldgunman

    I wonder if it will enter rifle replacement competitions like the famas

  • Darkness

    I kinda like it. The pistol grip and stock are kinda funky, but I kinda dig it

  • Justin

    HAHAHAHA the plaque says ASS.

    • RickH

      I’d love to see an updated FNC. I’ve had mine since 1986, and I would never sell it. The only flaw in its design IMO is the lack of a last round bolt hold open. If you want to get picky the safety/selector could be reworked.

      • ragnarok220

        You should check out the Swedish AK5C (made by Bofors) then.

    • Tinkerer

      “FZ ASS” is short for “Fuzil de Assalto” -“Assault Rifle”, in portuguese-.

    • Mike Knox

      Heh, first thing I read too. Wonder how many people passed that booth giggling..

    • Zermoid


      Just what we need, an ASS Rifle! Hilarious!

      Wonder how loud it is? 😛

  • Lance

    More AR-180 got sucked into this design than FAL much like the FNC and its development in the 70s.

    • Ben

      That’s not entirely a bad thing though, many reliable rifles are based off of the AR-18, like the G36 and the L85A2 now it’s been fixed. Either way, it’s good seeing the FAL being redone haha 😀

    • jim

      Lance, who told you FNC was based on the AR180? The FNC like the SIG 550, is based on the AK.

    • Lance

      The FNC is not a true FAL and I did NOT say its a bad thing about having AR-18 actions. Im a fan of the SA-80 improved L-85. All im saying is to some who think this is a new FAL is wrong this weapon has some FAL feature but NO direct link to the same action.

      • jim

        The AR 18 action being a. good thing, or a bad thing is completely irelevant. The FNC has nothing to do with ar18. The FNC is based on the AK47 action. Just a very refined use of the AK47 action.

  • Esh325

    It looks very much like your typical modern assault rifle. I suppose it might have been more practical for them to make their own rifle rather than buy a foreign design that could achieve the same things. National pride is also a factor I imagine.

    • Vitor

      I assure you it wans’t practical at all. Took more than a decade and the first design was horrible, AK-47 ergonomics with M16A1 reliability.

  • Ian

    Funny how the Brazilians understand how the human wrist works but the US does not. Curious to see the bolt.

  • Vitor

    According to the specs plate, it has a 1:10 twist. That kinda lame.

    • Tinkerer

      The 1:10 rate of twist is a compromise that several armed forces have taken for logistical reasons: it is an intermediate between the M193 55 grains-compatible 1:12 twist (still widely available in some militaries logistics chains) and the M855 62 grains-compatible 1:7 twist, so a rifle with a 1:10 twist can use both loadings with acceptable accuracy. Not optimal, but acceptable. For example, the Swiss-issue SIG 550 rifle has a 1:10 twist, optimized for their own standard GP90 loading, but can still work well enough with either the M193 AND the M855 -while older 1:12 and newer 1:7 rifles can fire accurately only one of the loadings, but not the other.

      A similar case is the austrian Steyr AUG, with a 1:9 twist designed to stabilize both loadings -the australian F88 has a 1:7 twist-

      • Vitor

        I was suspecting that. 1:9 would be better, but still doesn’t make any sense to shoot M193 ammo from a 12.6″ barrel, since it already has a meh range out of a 20″ barrel.

      • Tinkerer

        I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: shooting 5.56×45 rounds from a barrel less than 18 inches long is a waste of propellant.

  • Alex-mac

    This rifle has the beefiest folding stock I’ve yet seen. Looks really tough and badass.

  • Marcel
  • David

    American Armed Forces should pick this rifle and give to Special Forces, if you look at all the weapons platforms on the market, very few have the strength, and flexibility, plus the amazing firepower of a 308 Fal..:)

    It folds for quick storage, its known as the “Right Arm of the Free World” this says alot about the dependability, ruggedness, and history from Africa, to the Falklands, if I had the money I would start production tommorrow..;)