Strike Industries Sling Catch

Last year I blogged a photo of the prototype of the Strike Industries Sling Catch. They have begun selling it online. I plan on purchasing one. It looks like a comfortable way to carry a rifle when wearing a pack (or body armor).

I think they should also target the hunting industry with this product. My hunting rifle slings are all wide and thick to make carrying them comfortable. This gadget would allow me to use thin nylon tactical slings without them digging into my neck.

Steve Johnson

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  • chris

    I wonder how they would work with shoulder harnesses. It would be worth wearing suspenders just to keep the strap from digging into my neck.

  • Foetus

    But why use a thin sling and a sling catch if you have the choice of using a large sling ? Just wondering.

    • I just happen like tactical-style slings. Nylon is slippery making it the gun faster to shoulder. I also have a variety of tactical-style slings, whilst I don’t usually have spare high-end comfortable hunting slings because they are expensive.

  • DrewN

    Oh, ffs. Doesn’t anyone use freaking 550 cord anymore? A 100′ of 550, a roll of 100 mph tape, a few zip ties and a spool of safety wire (optional) and you can McGyver anything.

  • Dangermouse

    I preformed guard duties for 3 years and certainly can relate to the pains caused by the sling rubbing on the neck and the nerves in that area. For $16 I would have happily have given this a chance.

  • Nicks87

    Now instead of having the sling dig into your neck you can pay $16 to have a sling catch dig into your neck instead.

    Spend the money on a good quality sling and you will have no need for this device.

  • Reversed, it would be handy for a hunting rifle sling that wasn’t worn cross wise to the body.

  • Netforce

    It’s so simple and looks very practical.