Anschutz MSR RX22 Coming to USA.

Unveiled last year in Europe, the Anschutz MSR RX22 is now being imported into the United States by Steyr Arms. The Anschutz MSR RX22 was jointly developed by Anschütz, German Sport Guns and ESC Ulm. It is essentially a ISSC MSR MK22 upgraded with Anschütz trigger and barrel, turning it from a plinker/trainer into a competition/hunting rifle.

Anschutz MSR RX22 Desert
Anschutz MSR RX22 Black Hawk

The MSR RX22 barrels are manufactured to the same exacting tolerances of Anschütz’ target barrels with a special button-rifling process. The barrel also features a recessed target crown. The single-stage trigger’s components are hardened and finely ground to produce a fast trigger with a very consistent release. The trigger can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.5 lbs., and it is set at 4 lbs. by the factory.

The MSR RX22 was designed for ease of use for either a left- or right-handed shooter. The cocking handle can be located in any of three positions on either side of the rifle for a total of six possible cocking-handle locations. The trigger-locking safety is easily engaged by way of a large selector switch on either side of the rifle.

Caliber .22 LR (2, 5, 20 and 22 rounds magazines avalible)
Capacity 10 rounds
Finish Polymer/Aluminum
Barrel 16.5″
Stock Polymer Folding/Adjustable
Overall Length 32.3″
Weight 6.9 lbs

The MSRP of the standard Desert and Black Hawk models (pictured above) is $895. Steyr has hinted that the match model with its competition wood stock will be available in the future, but no ETA or MSRP has been given.

Steve Johnson

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  • Higgs

    Dont like it. looks stupid. Wont buy.

  • Giolli Joker

    It should lokk pretty cool with shorter barrell and suppressor…

    • Giolli Joker


  • Matt G.

    I didn’t think you could make the SCAR much uglier but they pulled it off.

    I wish GSG would make a 22 version of the ACR. I don’t want to buy a real one because of doubts about bushmaster but I’d buy a .22 version at aroun 5-600$.

  • JD

    So they knocked off a SCAR using some airsoft parts, put in a decent barrel, and want $900 for it? Is Steyr on bath salts? Anshutz probably had a hard time keeping a straight face while that deal was inked. If Anschutz came to me trying to import this at that price I would take it as an insult. Poor Steyr. Always kicking their own anus from the inside out.

  • Marc

    This is hilarious.

  • Trev

    This idea should have been smothered in its crib.

  • Leonard

    I own an old Anschütz .22 lr competition rifle. They really do make very precise guns for competition shooting. But I’m not sure if this creation can live up to such expectations.

  • Mike Knox

    Bought my mum one of these as a joke. She later started using it for pest control..

  • John Doe

    For the reasonable, you can get a Ruger 10/22. If you really need rails, you can get an aftermarket stock.

  • Randel

    Why so many haters, it is just an over priced .22lr. Not any worst then those dozen other over priced .22lr. Like those HK mp5 clones things or magnum research 10/22 clone.
    If I found it under the X-mas tree I would keep it.
    If it has a good or great barrel even better.
    I wonder if many would not be better shots if they shot their firearms as much as they shoot off their mouth.
    Any gun can be a great gun if you have it with you when you need it most.

  • Why a 2 round magazine?

    • Leonard

      Might be because two-round magazines are the maximum capacity allowed for hunters in Germany, so that Anschütz can sell these to German hunters for hunting small game (wheter that actually makes sense is another question…).

  • schadavi

    Nice to see that for the first time, a gun made in Germany actually is cheaper here than in the US 😛

    Its a really neat gun by the way. A friend of mine owns one with an ugly wooden stock, it never jammed with CCI SV ammo and puts the bullets through a single hole if the shooter has the skill.

  • Jay

    Anyone remember the issc mk22? You know, the one that acctually looks like an SCAR?