Wilson Combat Signature Limited Edition

This beautiful pistol is number seven of the fifty Wilson Combat Signature Limited Edition pistols produced. The case hardening finish was done by Turnbull Mfg. Co. The grips are ivory and standard grips are also supplied. They are being sold for around $5,500.

[ Many thanks to Phil White for the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Foetus

    Sexy !

  • Color-case hardening just doesn’t look right on anything other than a Colt SAA or a S&W revolver’s hammer and trigger.

    • Flounder

      I disagree good sir!!!! I think a case hardening looks great if it’s done nicely. Don’t get me wrong it would look a lil funny on an AR or AK… (I wonder if someone has done that?) But on something like A 1911 it looks awesome! But I think they should have case hardened the slide and done something to darken the case hardening on the frame so it would contrast with the ivory grips.

      My only problem is the price tag 5500 for a pistol!!!! Dang I know it’s a custom limited production run of a 1911 but WOW. That price hurts to look at!

  • Michael Pham

    Gotta love that colour case hardening. Not a big fan of the ivory grips though.

    You have to admit, if there’s an automatic that looks good with colour case hardening, its a Browning 1911. 😉

  • McKenney

    The numbering on the slide looks like an afterthought and ruins the look of the pistol.

  • Jason

    I think it’d be better with the slide case-hardened, and the frame blued, but it’s still nice to see a special edition that’s so practical. Apart from the cosmetics, that’s still a very functional tool. I hope those who do like the way it looks and buy it don’t just leave it in the box. Gun like that should be shot and carried.

  • Martin M

    What a mess. By not case hardening the slide, and only the frame, it looks like it was cobbled together out of spare parts. Pass.

  • Dan

    They want $5,500 and they can’t even index the grip screw heads ???

    that’s lame.

  • Komrad

    Meh, if I were going to spend $5500 on a 1911, it’d be a race gun.

    Don’t get me wrong, this looks nice (well, I’m not a big fan of color case hardening, but that’s just my opinion), but does it do anything that a cheaper 1911 doesn’t? I just don’t get spending money or a gun to make it arbitrarily more aesthetically pleasing. Guns are functional first and foremost, adding fancy but impractical finishes or delicate gold plating and engravings does nothing to better the function of the gun. And if the function of the gun is to look pretty in a display box, then a replica would do the job just as well.