Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR Photos

Lusaka photographed the Gilboa Snake double barreled AR-15 which is on display at the Eurosatory ’12 expo in Paris. Silver Shadow deny that the gun was created simply to generated buzz and say it is a practical gun for CQB environments.

The company claims this gun has numerous advantages of single barrel AR-15s. These advantages include the ability to penetrate armor (two bullets placed on the same spot will penetrate armor), redundancy (if one half of the gun jams, the other half should continue to function), magazine capacity (not really an advantage with the 60 round and 100 round quad stack magazines on the market today).

[ Many thanks to Lusaka for emailing us the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    That almost looks like a bicycle wheel quick release lever on the stock where it joins the rear of the lower reciever.

    also there seems to be a dovetail there, like a picatinny rail.

    So the stock may not be a folder, but it might well detatch with a tiny nubb left over on the rail.

    oh the hilarity of a bullpupped doublebarreled automatic carbine. It’d better forward eject or be tossing brass into the noses of lefties and righties alike.

  • Reverend Clint

    might sounds stupid but this has been bothering me for a while now: are the rails on the stock functional or just for looks?

    How far out do you have to be for the bullets to impact in the same spot because until then there wont be an anti armor effect.

    What if i wanted to clear only one side?

    • matt

      presumably for a accushot monopod or something similar.

      • Kismet

        Strange for CQB 😉

        They must have in mind a picatinny pistol bayonet, or chainsaw bayonet, for an impressive buttstroke.

  • Jingles

    Hey guys
    What if
    Hey guys
    What if we load it with TWO SureFire 60-round mags?

    • matt

      wont work because they are wider than stanag mags

    • Andy from West Haven

      All the likes about the two quad stacks even though it wouldn’t work due to the thickness of the mags. And Matt points that fact out and he gets a thumbs down. For pointing out the obvious.

      As probably will I.

      Unless of course Jingles was not being serious and everyone “got it” except Matt and myself.

      • matt

        with the amount of mall ninjas around here I assumed he was serious. just look at all the people supporting that morbidly obese AR hand guard, I truly believe that the commentators here are dumb enough to think that dual casket mags would fit.

      • matt

        lolinski however I presume is joking due to the name

      • matt

        lol@all the mall ninjas who continue to vote these posts down, vote the original up, but dont have the mental capacity or balls to come up with a reply

      • Jingles

        People thought I wasn’t kidding?

    • John Doe

      “Ain’t never been done before!”

      Wait until I slap on two Beta C-Mags.

  • milo

    I kinda wonder about the redundancy thing, just because (correct me if im wrong) it does not seem that it hassome sort of selector where you can use solely the left or right barrel or choose both sothat means if it jams in one barrel and you pull the trigger again instead of doing SPORTS you asking for a kaboom. if it does then that would be cool, because you could use up one mag,and switch to the other barrel,or have hollow points in one and fmj in the other zombie survival. Gun of the year.

  • Geoff

    Is this an admission of reliability problems?

    Who used a very unreliable H&R M-16A1 in basic training, many moons agone.

  • bbmg

    “These advantages include the ability to penetrate armor (two bullets placed on the same spot will penetrate armor)”

    I wonder to what range they will actually put the bullet on the same spot. The likelyhood of this happening is probably so small that it isn’t worth mentioning at all. Are the barrels harmonised in the same way fighter guns used to be to converge on a certain spot at a certain range?

    If you want to penetrate armour, use the appropriate ammuntion.

    • D

      considering that most of the armor plates i’ve found in a quick search are on the order of 7X11 inches at smallest, i have to think it’d hit the same plate a good deal of time at the stated role of CQB. The closer they are the more likely it is to hit both at once, but even at say, 50 meters, i wager it’d happen more often then not.

      I have to think at close range (less then 10 meters), this would pretty well put two bullets more or less next to each other.

      It’s not like it’s intended to be used as a long-range rifle, or at some massive distance like 300 meters. Not every gun has to be a sniper rifle.

      • bbmg

        If you’re doing CQB and what to put multiple shots on target, why not a shotgun? A nice Saiga-12 or similar will do the job while also being able to fire all sorts of other rounds to boot.

        On the subject of shotguns and armour, why isn’t there a proper armour piercing shotgun round? Like a flechette round that can do significant damage as opposed to the tiny darts that were meant to be fired from an artillery shell by the thousand…

        Five 0.223″ steel pointed projectiles with hollow tails or fins for stability fit nicely in a typical shotgun wad, at just under twice the speed of sound they would mess up any vest, and that’s three more holes per trigger pull than the Gilboa can manage.

    • Lex

      The claim that two bullets on the same spot will improve penetration is somewhat dubious in and of itself. The simple fact that guns have an MoA measure at all means that its probably close to impossible anyway.

      I would love to see guns like this tested against armor at various ranges to see what happens so this kind of thing can be put to rest.

  • matt

    “These advantages include the ability to penetrate armor (two bullets placed on the same spot will penetrate armor)”

    That assumes both rounds strike the same tile. I’d also love to know if the two bullets can strike each in flight other due to nutation. And assuming there is a single bolt carrier, how much is wear accelerated if you use different brands of ammo in each magazine.

    • I believe that there are two bolt carriers, but one buffer spring.

      • Matt G.

        There must be two bolt carriers and action springs if they are saying you can still run one side if the other goes down.

    • shane

      I saw that two snipers are required to make a kill shot through glass. Both snipers shoot at the same time. One bullet to break the glass and the other to make the kill. Possible sniper application? I don’t know but it’s cool.

  • TangledThorns

    This looks like it would be great for anti-terrorism ops where you’d really need that double shot kill.

  • Randy

    It would be interesting to see of this would be legal in the usa. It appears that it only has one trigger. If it fires both barrels at the same time, wouldn’t that technically qualify as a machine gu since its during yep bullets for every one pull if the trigger?

    • Mike

      Yep, according to federal law, it’s a machine gun.

  • lolinski

    This thing would be good if they put the guns a bit away from eachother so that you could put 60 round quad mags and maybe they should make it a bullpup.

    So in short:

    Add capability for quad stack magazines

    make it a bullpup

    add integral suppressors

    add recoil boosters(as found on shortbarreled russian rifles to boost velocity)


    If they did that they would have a fantastic CQB weapon.

  • Josh B

    Hey it might not work as well as they say, but i would love to shoot this. Also small question, does double the gun mean you get half of the failures.

    • RickH

      Okay, okay, as a gunsmithing project this is interesting, just like the double 1911. As a combat/law enforcement/useful firearm, this is so………………..dumb.

    • evilskinnybroad

      Double the gun==twice as many parts to fail, break, jam or otherwise go wrong

  • Brandon

    This again? This is like the 3rd or 4th blog post on this thing.
    If they developed hyperburst functionality for the AR platform (ala An-94) I’d be impressed. Welding two uppers together, not impressed.

    • jdun1911

      Both this and the An-94 will not be effective at defeating armor because the second bullet will not hit the same place as the first.

      • lolinski

        Actually the AN-94 will defeat body armour since it fires the two round almost instantaniously. From what I have seen it fires the 2 rounds before the gun has a chance to recoil which would to the bullets hitting approximately the same place, since you wouldnt be thrown off target by the recoil.

      • Brad

        You are correct.

        Even if the AN-94 has perfect bullet dispersion in the 2 round burst function the two bullets will strike in significantly different locations on the target. Too far apart to help defeat bullet resistant armor.

        Even if the range to the target is zero, if the target is moving across at a speed as low as 5 mph, the bullets will strike two inches apart from each other (based on the two-round burst cyclic rate of 1,800 rpm). Extend the range to something more lifelike such as 100 yards and the dispersion just from random factors in the cartridges themselves, let alone the automatic fire dispersion, will create an even greater spread of bullet strikes.

        Only if the target is on top of you and standing still could the two bullets hope to strike close enough to defeat body armor. Regardless of the other potential merits of a two-round burst, the notion of defeating body armor should be considered as marketing hype.

    • bbmg

      What then of the Heckler & Koch G11, three round bursts at an effective cyclic rate of 2000 rounds per minute, that’s three rounds off in an 0.06 second interval from the same barrel

      • Lolinski

        To Brad

        You really dont have to hit the exact same spot since most body armour is of the ceramic type, and it behaves a bit similarily to glass (disperses energy causing it to crack) to as long as the second bullet hits the crack the first one caused it should go through.

  • John Doe

    Too bad it can’t take two Beta C-Mags side-by-side. That’ll have Red Jacket running for sure.

    • Lolinski

      Dont say that outloud in Louisiana(thats where Red Jacket is from, right?) or they will find a way to do that.

    • mosinman

      nevah dun befooor!!!!

  • Josh B

    I personally think that its cool that they made a double barrel semi automatic or fully rifle, i have never seen this before, so the real question is wtf have you all done lately. You never know as a cqbr it might work, but from the looks of it it was not made to me a long range rifle.

    • John Doe

      That’s ridiculous. Once they put it in Call of Duty, everyone will use it at all ranges! Cross map headshots!

      • mosinman

        dont forget the *noscope* part….. because using sights are for noobs! lmao

      • Nadnerbus

        Hell, if this rifle comes with aimbot and wall hack, I’d buy one too! I could headshot that homicidal maniac trying to break into my house before he even leaves his! Make all the criminals rage quit.

  • SKSlover

    i think an LMG version with longish barrels, side looping drum mags (m27 IAR type, cept one that goes to the left) and very effective compensators would be pretty cool.

    • John Doe

      For the same weight, you can just get a M249 SAW, which will be far more effective.

  • Chase

    It’s definitely an interesting project, but I still want to know how much it weighs.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Weight without magazine: 9.41 pounds

      • Chase

        Oh. Thanks.

  • Tom

    Really? It looks cool, but guess what, you just doubled the weight, congrats. Also you doubled the ammo use, and halved the troopers effective combat load of ammo. And negligible as it is, you just doubled the recoil force, with no real gain. Two bullets hitting the same point for increased penetration of body armor? How about steel core bullets instead? Solved. How about a better round and a piston driven bolt. That will increase reliability. That’s just an extra 6lbs of redundancy that I don’t want.

    • evilskinnybroad

      What are your critical remarks intended for? This has tacti-COOL owner written all over it! Where neither practicality, functionality, nor price is an object and these manufacturers know it!

      “Hey, lookit what I got…my gun is bigger than yours…”

  • Sid

    Practical concerns aside….. I want to shoot it. Who wouldn’t? It has two barrels that fire at the same time.

    • Nadnerbus

      If I had a million dollars, I’d tell you what I’d shoot: Two barrels a the same time.

      I figure with a million dollars, I could hook that up.

  • Lolinski

    to Matt

    Yeah I was joking but they should have had the forethought to at least add capability for dual casket mags(just to rile mall ninjas up)

    To bad almost all multibarrel firearms of the man portable type tend to be incredible fails, they could have at least halfway have saved the Double 1911 if they had used Para-Ordnance P14’s instead of standard singlestack 1911’s.

    Till now only good multiplebarrel firearms are doublebarrel shotguns ( dont know if the double barrel pump counts)

  • Grayson


    In terms of driving reasonable, rational firearms owners and shooters just bughouse freaking crazy, I believe this will prove to be one of the most successful guns of the early 21st century. 😀

  • Jake

    Needs a third AR mounted on top, so you can Mozambique with one trigger pull.

  • Airrider

    Does anyone on The Firearm Blog know anything about Warhammer? This and the previous blog post about this gun had my mind screaming “Storm Bolter” at me. Loud.

  • JaredBosshawg

    Just think of getting a hold of that lower…. you could get a 12gauge upper modified, .308 running, endless possibilities with mag well that wide.