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  • ChielScape

    FN, you tease! :3

  • Colin

    So whats the difference between this and the mk.20 SSR? Or is this a version of the mk.20 that FN can sell outside of the US?

  • Victor

    FN’s business model: change barrel, change trigger group, change stock… BOOM!!!! New rifle. Profit.

    • Chase

      That’s the same business model used by EVERYONE who’s ever made a “family” of weapons. The AUG family, the marksman version of the SA80, they’re all just the same rifle with slightly different parts. What of it?

    • W

      I thought that was every AR15 manufacturer’s business model?

  • FormerSFMedic

    The stock is not new. This is the stock we’ve had for the last 18months.

    • Albertus

      hey where can one get one of these stocks?

  • jim

    US tends to put some export restrictions on weapons made for the US forces. This is just the SSR with different designation, so it can be sold on the global market without US legal isues. All companies do this.

  • W

    😀 😀 😀 😀 thats all i can “say”

    • FourString

      You “said” it, man!

  • FourString

    the FN SCAR: the cuddliest of families 😀
    I jus wana hug the darned thangs.

  • splinx001

    Can someone tell me what the cost of this is going to be and when it will be available?