Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake Double Barreled AR-15 from Israel

Silver Shadow has officially unveiled the double barreled AR-15 I blogged about last month. The Gilboa Snake has two barrels that are fired simultaneously, essentially double tapping on a single trigger pull. It will be available in both semi-automatic (two rounds per trigger pull) or full auto. The rifle, with its two 9.5″ barrels, weighs 9.4 lbs.

[ Many thanks to John for the photos and link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    This gun is calling for a promotional video, althoug its useless…

    • Stephen

      Think of it as an “experimental” AR. Wait to you truley see what they have in store sometime in the future.

      “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    That’s it, I call shenanigans!

    • Rangefinder

      Not sure. The Justice Department could have doubled their FAF money.

  • 032125

    Well it’s easy to see why all of the people in the pictures are covering their faces. I would throw a bag over my head before I went out in public with such a turd.

  • Cameron

    Should be a hit in the next Call of Duty…:p

  • I thought part of the NFA legislation said that its considered a machine gun if it fires more than one round per trigger pull. Someone correct me if im wrong. Obviously the 9.5″ barrels makes it an SBR but could it also be considered a machine gun?

    • Alpa chino

      Israeli company. NFA is USA specific.

      • well of course, but i want one so i need to consider the legal BS i gotta deal with to get one. Shame i can’t afford to set up a class 3/sot or whatever you technically need to get new MG’s

  • Green Traffic


    • Tuulos

      Why not?

  • Darkness

    “While most companies are endeavoring to make lighter-weight firearms, Silver Shadow of Israel is going in the complete opposite direction with their new double barrel AR-15″…
    What the Frak???

    • bbmg

      except Titan of course 😀

  • Adam

    It’s impressive they’ve made it. Absolutely one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

    BTW Need to fire two rounds of 5.56 at one time? Shoot an AK.

    • David/Sharpie

      “Need to fire two rounds of 5.56 at one time? Shoot an AK.”

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

      Firing 1 round to equal 2 5.56 rounds would take a bore of over 11mm (Over .45 calibre) and last I checked (………..) the AK fired a .30 calibre, I think you need to go back to school and retake math…

      • AKMSF

        Clearly meant by the weight comparison of the bullets. 2 62gr 5.56x45rds = 1 124gr 7.62x39rd.

      • David/Sharpie

        AKMSF: Ahh, very true, but aren’t most 5.56 55grs?

  • Alpa chino

    Never go full retard

  • cy

    Answer to a question that no-one asked.

    • Mashashin

      Or should ask

  • Max

    OK, the two barrels I kind of understand, but two flashlights? Two lasers?!

    • Twinkie

      Two is one and one is none.

      • Gareth

        To Twinkie: By that rationale two is still none 😛

      • Máté

        Add 2 sights and call it WALL-E.

    • ViolentKisses

      They are trying to get the weapon + accessories to weigh double digits apparently as well.

  • Merc

    I predict this at least popping up in a movie in the near future, if not Call of Doody.

    • Merc

      Actually, they should call it the ‘Vampire’ and make the joke actually funny.

  • Chase

    If I wasn’t operating under the machine gun restrictions of the United States, I’d much rather have a normal short-barreled full-auto AR-15, with a Surefire quad-stack 60-round magazine. It’d weigh less than this thing does when fully loaded, and put the same amount of lead downrange, with less recoil. This gun surely constitutes arrival at full retard.

    • bbmg

      In practical terms for the same weight you could probably have a much heavier single barrel and a Beta-C magazine, no one will buy this to actually use it.

      As a marketing tool, it’s a simple and brilliant idea.

      Surprised no one mentioned the Tromix “Siamese” double AR one-off:

  • Gidge

    It’ll be used to demonstrate their low recoil gas system. Also as a marketing tool to sell everything else they make…

    And if they can do a civilian legal version there are a lot of wankers out there who’d happily pay a fortune for something like that

  • D

    While I agree with most that this thing is mostly totally absurd, I can’t help but wonder about how this configuration would affect shots-on-target stats in combat situations. I suppose I wouldn’t be surprised if this config contributed to a noticeable increase in at least one of the two rounds finding their target, particularly when the target is moving. Maybe I’m way off though.
    The army tried out a whole bunch of triplex and duplex bullet designs back in the 50s-60s for this reason (although clearly none of those worked satisfactorily). Thoughts?

    • RocketScientist

      Research and studies of after-action reports have shown again and again that one of, if not the single most, significant determiner of combat effectiveness is the number of aimed rounds sent down range. Thus the trend from bolt action rifles, to clip-fed bolt action rifles, to semi-auto, to full, etc. The US Army (and others) have spent a LOT of money in the last 5-6 decades trying to come up with different ways to accomplish this. Projects SALVO, NIBLICK, SPIW, Future Rifle Program, ACR, CAWS etc. were all attempts to accomplish this, using flechette-based rounds, duplex and triplex rounds (2 or 3 bullets in a single case), and other exotic technologies. Even the G11’s insanely-fast 3-shot burst (2000 rds per minute) was an attempt to accomplish the same thing, allowing 3 rounds downrange before the recoil was felt by the operator and could upset his aim. This double-barrel AR is not exactly an ELEGANT solution to the problem, but certainly is a solution, and due to being based on a VERY well developed platform/technology (Stoner’s AR design), might actually function and operate reliably (unlike most of the designs to come out of the billions spent on the afore-mentioned R&D projects). I’m sure it’s weight and size would have precluded it from winning or being competitive in those same projects, but to dismiss it as a toy or just a marketing gimmick seems short sighted to me. The major limitation I can see is getting both barrels “regulated” (as they say when dealing with double-barreled express rifles) to shoot to same point of aim. I know this is a major reason those (express) rifles can be so expensive; it’s a time consuming iterative process. Though hopefully with modern manufacturing methods and computer controls, this may not be the issue it is with those traditional guns.

      • noob

        Don’t forget metal storm! one day they’ll solve the cost problem caused by needing to use good barrel steel to encase each expendable cluster of cartridges. On that day, you will have your million rounds per minute.

        Actually, you already have a million round a minute demo video on youtube for metal storm.

        I just wouldn’t want to pay to buy a thousand of those units.

  • MrMaigo

    I wanna see the internals

  • Jim T

    Today I went to the range with my double AR15

  • Jim

    Today I went to the range with my double AR15, my double 1911 (with double stack mags), along with my double flashlight, my double charged reloads, and my double, double barreled shotgun. This gives me a idea, why don’t I have red jacket make me a double Desert Eagle?

  • Kenny Blankenship

    Only one buffer tube… is the bolt carrier shaped like a tuning fork?

    • DW

      Or maybe there isn’t a buffer in the tube, from the pictures i guess the recoil spring is in the upper.

      • Kenny Blankenship

        In that case wouldn’t they have made a stock that folds both ways simultaneously?

      • Giolli Joker

        Probaby between the bolts…

  • Kenny Blankenship

    Also it ought to have a binocular optic.

  • Marc

    I like the muzzle brakes.

  • Nadnerbus

    KISS is out the window. Now its all about KICS, Keep It Complicated, Stupid. For when the standard number of points of failure just aren’t enough.

    Maybe this is part of a total gunsmith employment program.

  • Joe Schmoe

    OK, I think it’s time we clarified a few things about this weapon:

    1)- Specs:
    Method of operation: Proprietary piston system
    Weight without magazine: 9.41 pounds
    Overall length (stock extended) 31.50 inches
    Overall length (stock removed) 19.50 inches
    Barrel length: 9.5 inches
    Weapon width: 22.9 inches
    Bore characteristics Chrome lined 1:7 RH
    Firing mode: Full auto or semi-auto available
    Caliber: 5.56X45mm
    Method of operation: Proprietary piston system

    The Gilboa™ Snake was designed to deliver twice the firepower in any caliber. The features of the Gilboa™ Snake enable operators to accurately deliver two rounds into a target without the delay of cycling and the felt recoil which make “double taps” difficult to group. The Gilboa™ Snake will allow faster traversing between multiple targets by delivering two rounds with each trigger pull.

    Based on the Gilboa™ AR platform, with the snake has wider upper and lower receivers. The Gilboa™ Snake firing mechanism is an open breech system. The two parallel barrels are 3 centimeters apart from the center of the bore.

    One Trigger mechanism operates a proprietary bolt carrier that synchronizes the firing using two bolts, with a fraction of a second delay between the first bullet exiting the left barrel followed the secondary bullet leaving the right barrel.

    The unique piston operated cocking mechanism utilizes the returning gas to create continuous cycling. The Gilboa™ Snake comes with ergonomic handgrip and special handguard surrounded with Picatinny rail.


    2)- Uses:

    I personally believe that this is not a bad idea if it can defeat body armor thanks to the two rounds firing milliseconds apart and hitting nearly the same spot. This can also be used to help take down targets hyped up on drugs that can be notoriously hard to take down.

    Make no mistake, this is for urban combat mainly.

  • Alex-mac

    The muzzle weight also decreases point speed, a concern.

    Also with two 9.5 inch barrels, the muzzle blast on that thing would be unworldly. Clearly strictly for professionals with heavy duty hearing protection if fired indoors.

    An advantage is it’s semi auto which may mean some police forces would be able to purchase it, since they are not allowed automatic weapons.

  • Mobious

    Looks like someone asked Silver Shadow to come up with a way to sell double lasers, double lights and double the magazines 🙂

  • The Specialist

    So if you were to purchase this in America are you paying for three NFA Stamps? Two sbr’s and a machine gun?

    • Komrad

      The two receivers are connected, so it would only be one SBR. Also, machine guns have no OAL or barrel length restrictions, so you wouldn’t need the SBR stamp at all. Basically, you can do anything with a machinegun except suppress it without needing an additional stamp. Now, if you threw dual suppressors on there, then you’d need three.

    • Voxel

      It’s not an SBR, it has a 19″ barrel. Those inches just aren’t contiguous.

  • noob

    they’d have to get it in double barrel .458 SOCOM for maximum damage to their shoulder and wallet

    • Ben

      I think .50 Beowulf would be a better shoulder bruiser while costing about the same.

      • Máté

        Now I want to see a .950 JDJ version of this. Not something massproduce, but something put together by an idiot and failing horribly.

  • Boat

    Now you can throw brass at shooters on both sides and yourself at the same time. I’m waiting for funny youtube range videos to follow.

  • Anton
  • Double the ammo! If this catches on, with the military outfits of various countries round the world, I can see ammo becoming scarce and prices skyrocketing.

  • Side mounted laser sights and dual ones at that? Are they kidding.

  • Howa
  • Howa
  • Lurker

    22.9 inches wide!?!?!? Is this from left to right or top to bottom?

  • Roll

    Where do you put the bayonet?

    • Paul

      You put on two bayonets… like the dual laser sights and tactical flashlights shown.

  • mechamaster

    Umm.. What happened if one of the bullet is dud ?

  • zack991

    Cool looking, but not practical at all.

  • Charlie

    Two barrels, and one center rail for optics. Regulating that SOB must suck!

  • Big Daddy

    There is no practical use for this weapon.

    BUT…….it’s an interesting piece of machinery if it actually works. So my hat is off to the people who made it work if it does.

    BUT…….As a practical weapon it’s not and the negatives out weight the positives by a wide margin.

    It’s been done and tried before. The Russians use something similar in their older aircraft cannons. They are twin guns that work off the other’s gas system.

    This might be a way to overcome heavy body armor. By having one bullet strike the target and penetrate the armor the other one right behind it penetrates the body. But it’s off center so I can’t see how that would work. The Russians also have a tank killer with the same idea, 2 rockets fired, one to set off the reactive armor and the next one to penetrate the tank. That’s the only tactical advantage I can see for this weapon.

    Overall it’s just a marketing device, not a true battlefield one.

    • Ben

      The Russians already came up with a way to get single barrel accuracy that way, it’s called the AN-94 😉

      • Big Daddy

        Yes, it’s a very complex weapon. I am guessing this is not as complex in some ways. Maybe more in other way.

  • Pepin the Short

    Made solely to profit off the royalties in Hollywood, of this I am certain.

  • Reverend Clint

    reminds me of this

    just wait red jacket will get a couple and weld them together, make it spin and call it revolutionary

    • Paul

      Game changer.

    • calool

      haha, i just posted my comment then saw this one, seems like something RJ would do

      • Reverend Clint

        what they need to do is weld on in 5.56 to one in 300blk and then another in 450 bushmaster… cant lose

  • Paul

    I can already see this thing in a commercial for Doublemint gum airing on Spike TV… In all seriousness though, this thing seems completely ridiculous, but Israeli arms companies sometimes seem to forgo simplicity and catapult firmly into overkill… like this thing.

  • calool

    It’s big, it’s impractical, it’s cool, how long before red jacket decides to strap 3 of them to an electric motor and call it a minigun?

  • Con

    Reminds me of a double barrel, full auto FAL variant I saw at Springfield Armory (the museum in Massachusetts). I think it was intended to make a soldier more effective by shooting more lead? It shot a 7.62x51mm sized case but with TWO 5.56 bullets. So, for each trigger pull, a total of 4 bullets went down range, theoretically increasing the chance of a hit. Interestingly, it used one bolt with two firing pins.

    Heres some pictures and more information:

    • Tuulos

      Forget the .45 Luger, I’d love to go shooting with that!

      • Con

        Too bad the only one left is behind glass at SA. They have some pretty unique guns there that probably will never be shot again. Full-auto M1 Garand? Integrally suppressed M1 Carbine? Original AR-15 with wood furniture and serial number in the single digits? The rarest of the rare.

      • Con

        The place makes your local gunshop look like the airsoft aisle at Dicks Sporting Goods.

    • Nater

      The Soviets developed a double barreled assault rifle of their own during the Abakan project. It is called the AO-63 but the barrels sit on top of each other, not side by side. In the end they chose the Nikonov design (what would become the AN-94) instead of it.

    • Nater

      Oh, and I’d imagine the recoil impulse shooting double duplex 7.62 NATO rounds at a time would be rather severe. Probably why that thing has huge compensators on it.

    • RocketScientist

      Project SALVO was only one of several efforts by our gov’t and others over the years to develop multi-barrel, multi-projectile (duplex and triplex), or flechette weapons with an eye to increasing combat effectiveness. See my post below for details on some others.

  • Máté

    Maybe they wanted to make a dumbed-down version of hyperburst.

  • Tuulos

    I’d like to try one in a 3-Gun or similar competition. This gun just might find it’s future in sports shooting.

  • Frankie

    This thing, a Stoeger coach gun, and that Italian double 1911. There’s your 3-gun set up.

    • noob

      Actually to go with the trend the shotgun must be reggie bannister’s quad shotgun from the Phantasm films.

      • Andrew

        Pfft, real operators use the Remington 1740.

  • John Doe

    Now we can shoot terrorist leaders through BOTH eyes!

    Am I right, Red Jacket?


      (Actual transcript of upcoming Sons of Guns episode)

      (Episode begins and WILL HAYDEN, walks on camera after browsing the internet and stoically defending his name on innumerable, inane forums. While browsing the internet explorer, an article catches his eye about an israeli double barrelled AR. His brain then proceeds to block out the “Article” and “Israeli” parts and settles upon Double-barrelled AR. He has done it! He has found another GAME-CHANGER.)

      WILL HAYDEN: “It gon be a real game-changa for our boys out inna sandbox. Only at Redjacket can we innovate an’ brung out a totally new an unique idea like a doubleh-barrel Ar-fiteen. The worl’ ain’t neva seen this befoe an Redjacket is gon’ give it to ’em. I know from ma time wearin this contrays boots, nethin’ that puts mo’ lead on tha bad guys is good thing. Our boys in tha sandbox is gon’ love it I thank.”

      (Random episode garbage, WILL HAYDEN mistreats and disrespects the only staff who have the skills and creativity to complete his GAME-CHANGER. Alas, it is complete)

      WILL HAYDEN:”To give it a lil extra kick for Close-quarta’s, I think we is gon throw on our completely 100% younique, Redjacket-exclusive underbarrel shotgun on yeah. 2 barrels is great an’ all, but imagine that turrerist’s face when-a he sees uncle sam’s finest bustin’ in with a commie lookin’ shotgun to put a 12-gauge full’o American freedom right in his face! Priceless!

      This folks is a true game-changeah. In fact this din’t just change tha game, it threw tha game out tha window and made its own game, jus’ta change it one mo’ time. This right here is, and I don’ wanna sound braggin’ but…HELL it just might be the push we need ta win tha war and bring our boys out tha sandbox. If it keeps ow boys safe and kills mo’ bad guys then I like ta think its a job well done! This is one hell of a game changa!”

      (episode fades out and the gun sits on the rack, collecting dust and occasionally breaks its racking clips due to being as heavy as a kid who lives at McDonald’s because his dad can’t cook. Unluckily; the ultra durable Saiga-12 that is unceremoniously bolted to the foregrip saves it, sadly.)

      (More epilogue cards appear reading:)

      “One day, an unwitting fanboy-gun virgin walks in and purchases the 2x barrelled AR-Fiteen abomination. After his waiting period, the newb takes it to his local range. The 2 shots a trigger pull draws the attention of an off-duty police officer and the Range Master. The fanboy is arrested for possessing an unlicensed NFA weapon. BATFE decides to investigate and all roads lead back to Red Jacket. Red Jacket is again investigated, and this time they are not allowed to cut a deal. Their licence is pulled permanently and WILL HAYDEN is shipped upstate for numerous NFA violations, he will luckily get to share a cell with the fanboy/newb who he sold the offending firearm to in the first place. This now disillusioned ex-fanboy now has 3 years to tell WILL HAYDEN just how much he is going to change his game.”

      (Final text card appears reading:)
      “Such ends the epic-saga of RED JACKET and WILL HAYDEN. It is truly sad and a great loss to the world that its game will never be changed again.”

      (TL;DR and in all seriousness, what are the odds going at that Red Jacket uses this idea and calls it completely unique and never before thought of?The Quad AR doesn’t count either.)

  • elleerre

    Completely unuseful

  • Jon B

    IF the NFA defines a machine gun as “any firearm which can fire more than 1 cartridge per trigger pull” wouldn’t the semi-version of this be a machine gun?

    • Brandon

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing

    • Uberyeti

      It would be, and similar weapons to this one have fallen foul of that regulation.

      Remember the double-barrel 1911 from a little while back on this blog? That had two triggers for exactly this reason; it wouldn’t be legal otherwise.

    • G3Ken

      First thing I thought of. The ATF WILL not allow sales of this in the US and you don’t want to get caught with one. The law defines a MG as any weapon that fires “more than one round with a single pull of the trigger” hence this is NOT a semi-auto.

      Furthermore, people have been prosecuted and IMPRISONED for firearms that have actually malfunctioned and fired more than one round. Seems an absurd interpretation of the law, but nobody says prosecutors and judges are always reasonable people. Seems logic has left the house.

  • Tinkerer

    No X-Zibit jokes?

    • Graham 1

      I’m disappointed at the lack of another underside rail for double foregrips

      • Graham 1

        Whoops, didn’t mean to reply to your comment, my bad.

  • JimS

    9.4 lbs empty? I’d much rather have a single barrel 8.5lb .308 SBR. The weight diff would get even worse with two mags and 60rounds loaded.

  • matt

    Really, two lasers, or two flashlights? Did they forget two BUIS, or two optics, or two VFGs, or two stocks? They could have at least added two triggers so it would be US civilian legal. Fucking Israelis.

    • Joe Schmoe

      I guess their point of emphasizing that they have two barrels by doubling up the laser and lights for marketing purposes is too much for you.

      • matt

        If thats the case then where are the Doublemint twins? They’d sell a lot more if they dressed them up in bikinis and had them hold this thing rather than those ‘soldiers’. For every good idea like the Uzi or Tavor, the Israelis seem to have to go out of their way to ruin their rep with things like this or the Deagle.

    • David/Sharpie

      What’s wrong with the Deagle? It was designed for handgun hunters you dumbass.

  • RickH

    Wow that is just so……………………….dumb.



  • Whatever

    I can see the usefulness of this as a long range battle rifle used in semi auto mode as it sends two bullets downrange, increasing the chance of an aimed shot hitting its mark but having only a 9.5 inch barrel is not what a long range battle rifle needs. If this is intended for short range work, then there’s doesn’t seem to be any advantage with this over a single barreled rifle that can fire full auto.

  • John

    All I gotta say is, this dude is wearing a MITCH with 3 color desert camo. Put an ACH on this guy with a modern camo scheme and I’ll take you a little more seriously…

    • John

      Also, if this was ever adopted (which would never happen), some poor grunt is going to have to carry double the ammo. Basic load of 210 rounds is heavy enough, imagine 420 rounds. Not practical. What, are you going to give the guy an A-gunner just to hump ammo?

    • Mike

      Way to not know your gear when talking crap, dude. The MICH is the same thing as an ACH. It looks like, or similar to a PASGT, but I cant tell with the helmet cover all streched over it. I’ve personally never seen it since I’ve been in the military. I imagine its *gasp* something Israeli, considering the firearms manufacturer. About 3 min of research and I found this:

      Prolly what it is. Just sayin.

    • Colin

      You forget that this is Israel. It’s likely that they don’t use the same camouflage as we do.

    • John

      Meh I meant PASGT. Either way it looks unprofessional. I’ve never used one since I’ve been in the military either (2004), but I own one and they suck.

      BTW, this is the helmet the Israeli’s use.

      Not that PASGT piece of crap that weighs 900 lbs. Sorry if I got an acronym wrong, but I’m a grunt and the Army has too much for my primitive brain to handle.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Actually the Israeli’s use so many different kind of helmets that it is hard to keep track of them.

        The regular and reserve forces use a combination of PASGT, Rabinitex and several other manufacturers helmets. Special Forces use their own helmets (usually second-hand American).

        Anyways, this is a small arms company, they don’t actually “need” the helmet to be the most modern one since that is not what they are promoting.

    • Oh look Jimmy Combat here doesn’t think the camo in cool enough. haha Go play airsoft or something.

  • Big Daddy

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned the shooter’s chicken wing.

    • David/Sharpie

      You mean the proper, non tactical arm?

      That’s how you hold it if you’re not trying to look like an operator/if you’re without body armor.

      • David/Sharpie

        Am I wrong? No.

        Militaries, before getting body armor taught that arm position because it has the most control. But now, they teach arms down and body square to target to reduce signature and to get the plates toward the enemy…you know…the people shooting at you….

  • Martin M

    So, they made a gun that’ll throw brass down your shirt no matter if you are a lefty or a righty.

  • Rangefinder

    Seams like a bean counter solution to a manpower issue.

  • Brad

    Anyone remember this old 1970 made for TV movie? I couldn’t help but think of it because of the double weapon used by the main character.
    Advance to the 21 minute mark to see the twinned Madsen 9mm SMG.

    There is actually a half-way logical reason for the double weapon explained in the movie. One magazine is loaded with shot and the other with ball ammo!

    • Big Daddy

      I mentioned the movie in the first thread about this weapon. I remember that movie, it was a dual M76 S&W 9mm SMG. I think one fired ball and the other tracer, that’s what they said in the movie. I don’t remember him using the weapon though.

    • Fat Old Guy

      First thing that I thought of was this movie but I couldn’t remember the title.

      As I recall, it was one side shot, the other ball ammo and he did fire the weapon during the movie.

      I didn’t realize that was from 1970. Wow!

  • S O

    Some police special units emphasize deterrence and shock effect a lot and actually don’t shoot that much. Shotguns are among their favourites not for what comes out of their barrel, but for the impressiveness of their large caliber if seen from the busines end.
    Same for the clothes, helmets and stuff – all meant to first and foremost make an impression.

    This weapon might actually have its niche in such a setting. This includes the two laserpointers and the mean zig-zag look of the flash hiders.
    In fact, it might make sense to arken the inside of the flash hiders a bit to suggest a larger calibre and increase the flash hider diameter. Maybe use 7.62×39, too.

    Policemen want their suspects to surrender, not to die. Nobody wants to shoot a lot on the job. Shooting much at people increases the probability that sooner or later you shoot someone you really shouldn’t have shot – and have to live with it.

    • S O

      Oops. “darken”, not “arken”.

    • Rangefinder

      To quote from “On Killing”, the term is “posturing”.

    • U.S.M.C. Matt

      It is called a ” flash suppressor ” not hider . Learn about guns before you comment !!!

      • John Doe

        It’s both, the same way some people call sound suppressors ‘sound moderator’, or how you can say buttstock or stock. It’s not a big deal.

  • One problem guys – by definition – it is a machine gun:

    The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) at 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(23), and the National Firearms
    Act (NFA) at 26 U.S.C. 5845(b), define the term “machinegun” as “any weapon which
    shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than
    one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”

    Good luck with it when you get that knock on the door.

    • John Doe

      I believe like the double-barrel 1911, this has two triggers.

      • Paul

        Second sentence of the article: ‘The Gilboa Snake has two barrels that are fired simultaneously, essentially double tapping on a single trigger pull. ‘

      • David/Sharpie

        Paul: Yes, a single trigger pull, but it would have (to skirt around US laws) 2 triggers connected.

      • Stephen

        Look at the picture at the second picture, starting from the top, on top of the page. Do you see two triggers?

    • Stbrnrd

      Greetings : -)
      You seem to know this (NFA) like te back of your hand. I have a technical (legality and probability) question dealing with a rifle’s barrel.. If you have time and are up to the challenge let me know I wasn’t sure if I could post something like that on the forum. Thanks in advanced for your time.

    • But from how many barrels

      Now they’ll have to clarify is that from one barrel or 2?

    • Bob

      The barrel is the portion of the gun that is considered a weapon. So 1 round each trigger pull for each barrel is fine. You can have a gun with 5 barrels and 1 trigger and it still won’t be considered a machine gun. If that was the case, then a shotgun would be considered a machine gun because more than one projectile comes out of the cartridge and down the barrel when the trigger is pulled.

  • Wright

    How long until Alexander arms makes a double Beowulf upper for this?

    • Karliquin

      How about a Beowulf/Grendel with a selector switch?

  • Mike Knox

    Are they f***ing serious? If they are, they should also provide mag-links suited for it..


    Fucking stupid. At least the Double-Barrel 1911 “looked” neat- this is just raw derp made by people who just don’t understand the trends and trajectory of the firearms industry or warfighting equipment.

    • ant mich

      Question, did you say the Isrealis dont know anything about combat weapons? I guess the around the corner gun got everyone questioning. They say even it has its place. Maybe this Snake will find its niche as well. How about that door breaching rocket that shoots out of the ar barrel when struck by the 5.56 cartridge. I think they had entry scenarios in mind, being all the door to door going on these days. The snake may prove itself worthy in the close quarters. Breach the door and let it rip. Just simply more fire power, right? Can anyone say it would have less fire power. I rest my case. Not for everyone ,but what the hell is? God Bless the NRA and God Bless America.

      • Terry

        I guess it could “have its place” but only for full-auto situations. The scope and laser pointers seem pretty useless for this type of weapon. I guess if you’re just spraying lead into a crowd then it would be useful. Tough to be on foot patrol with this — couldn’t carry enough ammo to really use it as intended! Maybe in a vehicle or at a stationary firing point where you could pile up the rounds…

      • nanner klipz

        That’s a bit like saying “Americans know guns”. That does not mean that no American firm will make a bad firearm. I think there are better firearms for any scenario this would be used in. If you have a select-fire rifle then this adds nothing but bulk. You would be better off with a drum mag if it’s about just putting lead down range and you could up the ROF if needed as well. It’s not needed, but you could.

        I will say that it’s “neat”, I would own one just for the hell of it if it was reasonably priced, but it’s not the post practical gun. It’s a range toy IMHO.

      • D

        I like the idea of having two different rounds with one trigger pull… perhaps 1 steel core and 1 tracer… or a low grain hollow point and a high grain round for differing levels of penetration and expansion no matter what you’re shooting at. Anyways, like anything it has pros and cons. I don’t think I would personally buy one, but if the price of ammo was cheaper and the rifle was cheap, i would definitely consider it. Parts, ect, would be expensive to replace in a difficult situation.

        • D

          Not to mention, with no butt stock you have a pretty neat consealed carry pistol… at least here in VA.

  • NickB

    This is almost as stupid as a shotgun that has two barrles that are side by side!
    (It’s a joke no one try to take thas seriously)

    I honestly think it would be cool to have a lower caliber, mounted LMG(Maybe off a helicopter or a jeep) with two barrles that’s belt-fed, and a chain on each side with a angled top ejection. Let me know what you guys think about it.

  • Dave

    All of you who say 1ts fake, or 1llegal because 1ts fully auto, well you’re wrong on both accounts. Fully auto’s ARE legal 1n 5 states. One of wh1ch 1s TN where 1 l1ve. They can make 1t fully auto or sem1-auto.
    On a d1ff note, 1f you haven’t seen the Sl1de F1re yet, get one and make your black r1fle fully auto and 100% legal.

    • M.B.

      I don’t know what hurts my head more; the 1’s your using for “I”s, or the fact that your knowledge on NFA Laws is so sub-par, I’m worried that you even own firearms. You can have machine guns in more than 5 states, and FWIW, if a weapon is classified as a machine gun, barrel length does NOT matter.

    • John Doe

      1s th1s the new th1ng amonst teenagers? Us1ng 1s as 1s? Man th1s is pretty trendy.

      • Máté

        You m1ssed one 1n 1s.

      • David/Sharpie

        NO……it’s not the new thing.

  • I want one

  • ant mich

    I just wonder how much recoil it might have w/out a double buffer set up. I have shot ar pistols but they had buffers. ive never shot one w/out the buffer like the para ord, Sig or any other. Im sure 1 223 or 5.56 doesnt have any kick w/out a buffer ,but im thinking 2 might have a slight one. Double 44 mag would be a better sale i think. A definate 2 hander. The belt fed conversion from Valkyrie Arms for the ar is going to be hard to beat for innovation. Just maybe double belt for the next Stallone movie. Anyways we all have a little hater in us ,but we should start saving our cash for the new tax we working class just got hit with. God Bless the NRA and God Bless America. P.S. It will require class 3 ,correct? Short barrel rifle, machine gun? The 44mag pistol would have to have 2 triggers. That would be legal for civilians and one hell of a thrill. Double shot revolver seems easy anough.

  • aaron

    I think its pretty cool, it only weighs 9lbs so its not crazy heavy, most AR15s with everything and the kitchen sink on them weigh more than that, so with just a sight and a fore grip would be about 10.5 so not stupid heavy. My question is what is the spread of the rounds, and do they converge at a certain range like wing mounted guns on a plane, or do they just go straight ? Its a cool idea but who would use it? Swat teams won’t because of the spread of the rounds military won’t because its more to go wrong so its a novelty really.

  • Mac

    Why would you need two lasers sights?

    • Feldwebel Wolfenstool

      One red laser, more covert at night, no beam track. One green laser, useable in most daylight. Red lasers don’t work during the day. Powerful green lasers create a track at night, you can spot the shooter’s location easily.

      • Terry

        A red laser works during the day. You still see the dot, not the track. I see no reason for a green laser.

    • Wow, You are correct, the only true answer for that would be a day and night laser (who cares what the color is) and an IR laser for NVG’s. Other then that you don’t need two different colors. We had red, but very powerful ones. and the IR.

  • Eric

    I don’t believe this is actually a functioning weapon. There are no videos of it in action, just these generic photos. Nevertheless, it still would not be accurate since the scope tracks between the two barrels. The idea works great for shotguns, but I don’t think it has any benefits on a rifle platform. A standard ar with a high capacity magazine would probably be more reliable and simply a better choice.

    • the_boffin

      well the accuratie of a gun dependent on the proper alinement off the sight. if a bullet flew in a straight line and if the sight is perfictely aligned with the barrel then there would be a sistymatic error comming from the distant between the gun and the sight wich is an inch or so. bullet are affected by gravity and wind so the sight usually need ajusting for the situation.

  • Stephen

    People don’t get the fact this rifle will MOST likely not be used by military forces. I could understand Law Enforcement, but what about the possibility of collateral damage in some sort of hostage situation.
    I could see “unconventional warfare operators” using such a n AR-15, maybe a more “hi-tech” version.

    “Don’t forget the Cold War, it was more than just to stop Communism.”

    • I can see this being used by Special Forces, the real Specail Forces like Recon, SEAL’s, Green Berrets. But not a great choice for the regular military.

      • No way man. SF has better stuff to spend opfunds on. like, I dunno, suppressors. C4. Gas. Food. Supplies. Vehicles. Bullets. Speaking of bullets, I don’t want to go on a raid having to carry 420 freaking rounds of 5.56. We’ve done the job fine with one bullet per trigger pull. This is strictly meant for gun enthusiasts with money to throw around.

  • Stephen

    I’m reading these comments and people keep saying “LMG” or “Machine Gun”. Read the name of the rifle. The only thing that sets this aside from a normal AR is that this AR takes two magazines at a time with two barrels (and obviously double the round capacity). Both barrels are 9.5 inches, which should make it an SBR (in my state at least; PA).

  • no one

    Well, if this is a real gun, it would be considered an automatic weapon because if you pull the trigger once it would simultaneously fire both sides.

    • That is not true. There are double barrel shot guns, bouble barrel pistols, ect. An automatic means it fires without stopping with one pull of the trigger and holding it back. Not the amount of barrels.

    • dude

      So a double barreld shotgun(and yes many can fire simultaneously) is a full auto gun?

  • eugene

    I want two! 🙂

  • eugene

    cool but for what??

  • eugene

    Guns are fun, Look at the Steve Lee Video, I Like Guns Song just google it. It’s really cool like this gun. This of course is only meant for two things. War or Fun. Expensive for fun for many, senceless for most, but still very cool. Maybe I want 3. Great for stocking stuffers.!!!

  • eugene

    it’s actually made here folks!

  • my name

    Ok. To clear this up for you retards out there…
    1. Using two barrels does not make any sense, if you need a second bullet just pull the trigger twic
    2. It would be an unbelievably expensive gun because of the parts needed to give it two functioning barrels.
    3. It would be much heavier than a normal AR.
    4. 2 bullets does not give you more penetration. Period. They make these neat little things called FMJs

    • So before you call other retards, You might want to do just a little research. I have been over 7 times for combat. And I would never call anyone that without doing a little research myself, even though most likely not needed. Have a good day. From all the retards.

      • Rexas

        Thanks for defending America…Thank You a lot.

      • izzk

        Right on!!

    • Why the name calling anyway. Just voice your opinion but we must respect each other. We are all on the same side here. We are Americans and should act as such. That being said, i agree 100%…. I could do the same thing with a single barrel. One well placed shot is better than 2 not so well placed shots.

    • Just wanted to say i don’t think they were going for penetration power. The idea behind two barrels firing simultaneously is to cause hydraulic shock to the intended target. But what do i know i’m retarded…

    • Hey, “retard”, the only extra parts needed in a double barrel weapon of any kind is a little metal or polymer link from the trigger group, to a double hammer/striker. Everything else is the same (reference double barrel 1911). This isn’t meant to be cheap, it’s not meant to make sense, It’s not meant to be light or practical. It’s supposed to be some good, awesome, all-American fun for the gun owner who has everything, or for someone who just wants a fun conversation piece. Lighten up and pull your pole out of your ass.

    • Hey, “retard”, the only extra parts needed in a double barrel weapon of any kind is a little metal or polymer link from the trigger group, to a double hammer/striker. Everything else is the same (reference double barrel 1911). This isn’t meant to be cheap, it’s not meant to make sense, It’s not meant to be light or practical. It’s supposed to be some good, awesome fun for the gun owner who has everything, or for someone who just wants a fun conversation piece. Lighten up and pull your pole out of your ass.

      • Dragos

        oh my god im so with you on this. if each gun was meant to be completely cobat functional they wouldnt make and ar15 chambered for a 22lr.

    • El Bunto

      Because Mr. Armchair says so.

    • ZachD

      I think every woman would disagree, 2 barrels shooting loads at the same time would be much more penetrating

    • Steve

      2 bullets does give more penetration if they hit the same spot or near it. Look up the Russian AN94.

    • Ed

      Dumb azz

    • izzk

      Asshole GFYS

  • my name

    Ok. To clear this up for you retards out there…
    1. Using two barrels does not make any sense, if you need a second bullet just pull the trigger twice
    2. It would be an unbelievably expensive gun because of the parts needed to give it two functioning barrels.
    3. It would be much heavier than a normal AR.
    4. 2 bullets does not give you more penetration. Period. They make these neat little things called FMJ’s that penetrate things very nicely.
    5. If you want more knockdown power get a heavier bullet, or you can use a bullet called a Varmint Grenade which has a polymer tip that breaks apart into many pieces on impact, making a really big hole.

    • Ed

      Once again, dumb azz

  • kilken mcquilken

    because why not! make a three barreled ar-15!

    • Daniel Cory

      Sons of guns did it

      • Azril @ Alex Vostox


        • brancelw

          brb, molesting my daughter

          -Red Jacket Firearms owner

  • Sam Suggs

    heavy impractical uncessary cool as hell

  • I so want one of these. Leave it to the Israelis to build another totally bad mama-jama gun.

  • My issue with this weapon, is a jam in one side obviously affects the others ability to operate. Breakdown for cleaning would be a nightmare due to specific right and left mechanics of empty jacket ejection ports. Finally, brass continually flying through your field of vision would have a distracting affect on even the most capable shooter. Great for a novelty, but not for practical use.

    • Willson

      As a guy who has been shooting right handed rifles off my left shoulder for most of my life, i could care less where it throws the cases…

  • As the immortal Gleason said “Sumbitch – I want one!”

  • JBar595

    I want one, NOW

  • I want one!!!!!!

  • seems useless… maybe just for fire superiority or the fact that when you would normally miss you might hit with this rifle. IDK but I think that they would account for all the shit that everyone is talking about on this forum. Right? It’s Israel. They are cool fuckers. Either way our weapon systems in the US military have quite a few issues and we are still using them. Let’s let our SEALS, SF, and Rangers put it to the test before the rest of us grunts get it. you know?

  • Tank50us

    obiously this isn’t supposed to be accurate by any means… I imagine that this is more for suppressive fire (much like a SAW) then anything else. Putting it in an AR15 package just reduces training time.

  • Victor Ayala

    I wouldn’t judge a weapon system until I personally shoot it under different circumstances and conditions.

  • no point in arguing, its still looks like a “fun” gun

  • OK…why two lasers?

    But yeah….I like it 😉

  • KJack

    Looks good for center mass shots to the chest. Kill em 2x as fast. I bet it’d be fun, though i wouldn’t pick one up during an actual combat situation unless i had to.

  • Armor piercing and hollow point…if they are armored at least one goes in and then expands, if unarmored then one goes through, but the other expands.

  • Dude

    Your all nuts. The photos are obviously photo shopped and this is of course a fake gun. If you know any thing about AR’s just imagine the bolt/bolts involved here.. one scope for two barrels? come on guys wise up. don’t you know fake when you see it? There’s a .50 cal BMG handgun out there for you guys as well! lol

    • hewhoknowsmore

      yeah uhhhh WRONG. it is totally . my cousin in the italian special forces owns one just for the hell of it. they are hella fun, (not that inaccurate, or heavy to be completely honest) he had it re worked for full auto. total price with upgrades he paid 12,000 euros

      • hewhoknowsevenmore

        Ohhh and yes it’s purpose built. CQC so yes only attachment that would matter would be a reflex sight n flashlight

  • CGX

    Come on guys.. Its like a double barreled shot gun.. simply does more damage..
    weight ? meh bullet cost meh ? hardly. Its just another cool creation from Israel
    just like the Tavor.! they have the smarts and technology to prove them selves
    and they build it. even if its a “Wall hanger for now.
    It may prove its self in combat applications later.
    One thing tho thats down right silly about these images is
    the 2 lasers or 2 flashlights lol umm that doesnt make sense. reguardless of multiple barrels.
    they are still firing in one stream.. just a slightly wider stream line of a whOle 1.5” .

  • where do i get one?

  • you might not get it if this is made in Israel the UN just passed the weapons sales treaty, and im sure Obama and Biden will block this coming into the USA

    • Ed

      And it’ll never be ratified by Congress

  • Hillbilly

    By law. If it fires more then 1 bullet “per” trigger pull u will need the same tax stamp as a full . Is that correct? ??

    • GTS1000rdr

      Great point….

    • kabob

      More than that. By definition that becomes a select-fire weapon i.e.”machine gun” and would be illegal to own as a civilian as a new manufacture machine gun.

    • Trouble2011

      I have an over and under shot gun that I can fire both barrels with one trigger pull, I guess they need a special stamp also….really people think these things out first.

      • Tiggle

        If it fires them both at the same time with one pull, I’d keep that to yourself because that’s unambiguously an MG in the United States

        • AbeFroman

          For the purposes of the National Firearms Act the term Machinegun means:
          Any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger

          The frame or receiver of any such weapon

          Any part designed and intended solely and exclusively or combination of parts designed and intended for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun, or

          Any combination of parts from which a machinegun can be assembled if such parts are in the possession or under the control of a person.

          So nooo, a double barreled shotgun that fires both barrels at once is not a machine gun because it does not manually reload either chamber.

    • 1911a145acp

      The U.S. production version will have TWO triggers. TWO triggers, one shot per side, per pull. A side by side shot gun does the same thing.No one is saying you can’t pull both triggers with one finger at the same time.

  • Jgreene

    It’s fake. No way you can run two bcgs on one buffer tube and spring, no offense but do any of you know how the internals of an ar work?

    • William Burnham

      Unless if this isn’t a piston driven weapon. A simple blowback frame would negate the buffer tube.

      • Ed

        It’s real and it’s piston driven.

  • Stephan Phillips

    One point I think people are missing, this would DECIMATE armor.

  • christopherharleydavidsonsmith

    For the Retards calling people retards its not only a double barrel its a double clip which means you get more ammo

    • christopherharleydavidsonsmith

      Which means less time reloading and more time getting some heavy fire in

  • Leigh Rich

    Gos with the 2 barrel 1911!! Cool.

  • Chuang Shyue Chou

    I wonder how do you clear stoppages in the right chamber, assuming it is rotating bolt, direct impingement.

  • 1911a145acp

    No REAL reason for it except to be able to say” We did it and it is really COOL”. However- I am thinking, that TWO Tac-Con trigger groups installed and a slide fire stock should give a “no paper work”, simulated full auto fire rate approaching 2000 rpm.There’s always a reason for that-FUN!

  • 1911a145acp

    My only question is- Is there enough room for my 60 round Sure-Fire mags?

  • mcragwe

    very cool indeed….is this gun fer sale….just curious…complete spectator here…know zip about firearms….

  • Legion

    It’s… so… beautiful… ;'(

  • Legion

    It’s… so… beautiful… :'(

  • Bill Stypick

    sooooo, how much?….. where do I buy?!