Army Says There Never Was A Ban on Non-USGI Rifle Magazines

The Army has “clarified” (reversed) the ban on non-GI magazines. Matt Cox reports

“At best, the message is incomplete; at worst the message allows soldiers to jump to the wrong conclusions,” Bourke said. “Maintenance Information Messages [from TACOM] are permissive. They are not an order. They are not a directive. All content and direction in those messages are optional for the recipient.”

It’s still unclear why TACOM issued the message at this time, but sources say it might have something to do with the $10.7 million contract TACOM Rock Island awarded to Brownells Inc. in 2009 to produce 1.4 million improved magazines by January 2010.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Sid

    As I said on the previous posts, there never was a ban except units could not purchase PMAGs with unit funds. That means that the Army accountants said “we already have spent govt money on mags, have plenty, and cannot authorize units to duplicate the spending of govt money on PMAGS.”

    Yet, the threads exploded with “who is getting kickbacks for banning products”. Switch to decaf, people. There never was a ban.

  • Lance

    Never saw a problem both mags are good Ive used GI mags in the field for a long time and never had a issue. If your a Pmag fan than let him use them there both fine to me.

  • Howard J.

    It was the Marine Corps that made the statement on the