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  • Sam Robertson

    Although I think this is a great find, some more info and some detailed photos would be nice. Also your grammar is pretty atrocious today. Had one too many beers while writing this one?

    • Trev

      I don’t think he ever proofreads.

    • I think I spelt at least three of those words right 😉

  • Stella

    The punt gun: giving new authority to the phrase “git off mah lawn!”.

    • Jay

      I’d say more along the lines of “git outta mah county!”

  • zack991

    Well the ATF will be kicking down his door and killing his dog soon enough because it causes terrorism.(sarcasm Its sad really if it was not so true.)…still cant believe you have to put a 200 dollar tax stamp on a potato gun.

    • Komrad

      Uh, you don’t.
      Potato guns don’t use cartridges, they load from the muzzle and are thus not considered firearms. Same way you can have .58″ muzzle loaders with no paperwork.

      • MrMaigo

        …unless you make a cartridge fired potato gun…

      • Nadnerbus

        70.62 millimeter, full Russet jacket.

  • Charles222

    He may not proofread, but at least he’s not a cheer leading whore for the firearms industry, and has a community that’s actually enjoyable to to talk to.

  • Komrad

    Anyone need a flock of geese put down?

  • John Doe

    Let’s go hunt some wabbits!

  • Lurker

    What is a punt gun?

  • Greg

    That thing would definitely be a conversation piece and very much a showpiece no matter how impractical it is. However, it would be very difficult to fit that thing into my Go Bag. Check out this little pistol caliber carbine that slickguns is giving away this month.

  • Jacob

    Take it to the indoor range and get a bulls eye on every shot.

  • zack991

    Q: How do I obtain a classification from ATF for my “potato gun?”

    Any person desiring a classification of a “potato gun,” “spud gun” or similar device must submit a written request (not e-mail) to the Director and include a complete and accurate description of the device, the name and address of the manufacturer or importer, the purpose for which it is intended, and such photographs, diagrams, or drawings as may be necessary to make a classification. A final determination may require physical examination of the device. Such requests for classification should be submitted to: Bureau of ATF, Firearms Technology Branch.

  • zack991

    The email I got back from the ATF on it prior to posting it on here. SOrry to bring it up but they can be considered a NFA item.

    ATF has previously examined “potato guns” or “spud guns” as described above and has generally determined that such devices using potatoes as projectiles and used solely for recreational purposes are not weapons and do not meet the definition of “firearm” or “destructive device” in either the NFA or GCA. However, ATF has classified such devices as “firearms” and “destructive devices” if their design, construction, ammunition, actual use, or intended use indicate that they are weapons. For example, ATF has classified such devices as “firearms” and “destructive devices” if they are designed and used to expel flaming tennis balls.

    Possession and use of “potato guns” or “spud guns” may be restricted under State laws and local ordinances. Further, any person intending to make, use, or transfer any such device must be aware that they have a potential for causing serious injury or damage. You are required to register your spud gun with the ATF if it’s classification comes back as a NFA item. If you have something that’s classified as a DD, not having a determination doesn’t absolve you of possession of an unregistered NFA item.