FN SCAR-H TPR (Tactical Precision Rifle)

FN Herstal will be unveiling their new FN SCAR-H TPR Tactical Precision Rifle at Eurosatory next week. It is essentially a SCAR-H PR with a sniper-style non-foldable stock. The new stock can be adjusted in 10 positions for length of pull and 8 positions for height.

It features a 20″ free-floating heavy barrel and two-stage match trigger.

[ Many thanks to Albi for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Alex-mac

    Snazzy color!

  • tee

    SCAR is heavy and this one is look very heavy!!!

    • Trev

      The SCAR is light for the caliber.

      • jdun1911

        No it’s not. I don’t know how you get that logic. Just look at the design. it screaming heavy.

      • W

        Ive carried a SCAR H in a combat environment. Ive also carried a m14. Big difference Jdun.

      • jdun1911

        We see who’s right when they release the weight. I own a large number of precision rifle with heavy barrel in bolt and auto loader. They are all heavy. Much more heavier than their non-precision counterparts.

      • Tinkerer

        “No it’s not. I don’t know how you get that logic. Just look at the design. it screaming heavy.”

        Jdun, when taking about weight, I’d rather look at a scale than at the design.

      • W

        The SCAR-H PR is in the 9 lb spectrum. that information has been released for over a year.

      • jdun1911


        Let me put this in a logical way. Do you own precision heavy barrel rifles? I have a lot of them in my collection in both auto loader and bolt. All of them are extremely heavy. Let me stress EXTREMELY HEAVY. The heaviness are due to the HEAVY BARREL.

        If the report are right and it contain a heavy barrel it will weight at least 12lbs. Not only that the monolithic receive/rail will add unneeded extra weight.

        That’s logic.

      • jdun1911


        And you know what? The 17H doesn’t use a heavy barrel. In fact the barrel is lightweight compare to other rifle of it type. The light weight barrel is the main reason why you can get 9lbs.

        If the SCAR-H TPR does have a true non-fluted heavy barrel than it will weight at least 12lbs. Let me stress true non-fluted heavy barrel. I own a lot of heavy barrel precision rifle. I base my opinions on my experience I have owning, modding, shooting, and building precision rifles.

        Let me point out from the picture that is shown above. The barrel isn’t nowhere close to heavy. It look like a standard toward the light side barrel. I might be wrong.

      • W

        “And you know what? The 17H doesn’t use a heavy barrel. In fact the barrel is lightweight compare to other rifle of it type. The light weight barrel is the main reason why you can get 9lbs.”

        …really? never mind the fact that it also has a polymer lower and stock??? and has a monolithic upper receiver? The SCAR H’s barrel is no heavier or lighter than other battle rifles. It is cold hammer forged and plenty durable. If you research the FN Herstal website, the FN SCAR H PR does indeed have a heavy barrel http://www.fnherstal.com/index.php?id=184&backPID=182&productID=175&pid_product=232&pidList=182&categorySelector=1&detail=&cHash=30b870d531

        “If the SCAR-H TPR does have a true non-fluted heavy barrel than it will weight at least 12lbs. Let me stress true non-fluted heavy barrel. I own a lot of heavy barrel precision rifle. I base my opinions on my experience I have owning, modding, shooting, and building precision rifles.”

        Im not saying your wrong, but I havent touched a SCAR H PR…so i cant judge its barrel. The “heavy” designation comes from FN…take it for what it is.

        “Let me point out from the picture that is shown above. The barrel isn’t nowhere close to heavy. It look like a standard toward the light side barrel. I might be wrong.”

        I guess we wont know until we can handle one and judge it. According to FN’s website, it has a “heavy” barrel. I guess well hear more later :/

      • Mike Knox

        What is wrong with you? It IS a Heavy barrel, it already steps down by three millimetres to keep two inches of the MK20’s muzzle to fit the latter’s suppressors. It’s right there in the image and it’s already noted in the post. You must be really stupid to miss that.

        “Extremely heavy”? For a weakilng like you maybe. But for us normal people, extreme would rather mean an M242. Everyone knows one of the SACR’s strong points is it’s light weight. As a matter of fact, the TPR may be bigger than an M14 but it’s definitely lighter by at least a pound.

        Twelve pounds-HAH! what a joke. For someone who supposedly “owns a collection of precision rifles”, you certainly don’t know a single bit about just one..

    • Nater

      The SCAR-H weighs 7.9lbs, try to find another select-fire, 7.62 NATO rifle with a free float rail that weighs less. I’m sure the Mk 20 Mod 0 weighs more than the -H, but you have to compare it to the weight of rifles like the Mk. 11 Mod 0/1 and M110/Mk. 11 Mod 2. I doubt this rifle weighs more than 10lbs empty.

    • Tinkerer

      Heavy, mh? Let us crunch some nombers, shall we?
      The FN SCAR-H in 7.62×51 with a 20 inches barrel weights 8.2 lbs (3.72 Kg)
      The FN SCAR-H in 7.62×51 with a 16 inches barrel weights 7.9 lbs (3.58 Kg)
      As comparison:
      The H&K G3A3 in the same caliber with a 17.7 inches barrel weights 9.04 lbs (4.1 Kg)
      The M14 rifle in the same caliber with a 22 inches barrel weights 9.8 lbs (4.4 Kg)
      The IWI Galil AR in same caliber with 21.1 inches barrel weights 8.7 lbs (3.95 Kg)

      Now, with real numbers at our disposal, care to show us how the SCAR-H is particularly heavy?

      • FormerSFMedic

        Let me squash this one for you guys. The SCAR-H weighs 8.5lbs. That is not heavy by any means. The MK20SSR weighs 11.1lbs. Again, not a heavy rifle. The SCAR-H also has the advantage of having superior weight distribution. The MK20 shares that same characteristic. So, the MK20 is not heavy and has an outstanding center of balance!

    • W

      anyways, besides the fact that the SCAR platform is lighter, one word of advice: grow stronger.

  • GolfBravo

    Yeah, saw this a few days back on FN’s website. What really interests me is, will it be available to civilian shooters in the EU?

  • Frankie

    Looks just like the Mk. 20 SSR. I wonder if it’ll be available for civvies. I certainly hope so.

    • Andrew Racek

      I’d imagine it would cost an arm and a leg. Still a nifty rifle, but the cost would probably encourage rifle owners to turn to the AR-10.

      • W

        well, you’re not going to get a semi-automatic precision rifle for a bargain price if that’s what you’re implying. be prepared to spend at least 4,000.

  • Alaskan

    FN won’t quit until most of the world’s armed forces have some SCAR variant right??

    I don’t think this has anything over the Mk.11/M110 does it?

    • Nater

      Probably more reliable than the Mk. 11/M110. Same magazines as the SCAR-H. The latter problem could have been remedied if FN had used SR-25 patterned magazines for the SCAR-H like they should have. The SR-25 is probably the closest thing to a standard in the 7.62 NATO rifle world these days.

    • W

      I hope FN doesnt quit. Reliable sources paint a beautiful picture of the mk 20. These platforms are superior to the M110 because they are more reliable and have abundant parts commonality with the SCAR “H” variant. Parts commonality is what appeals to me with the SCAR Platform. the L, H, and Mk20/PR have vast parts commonality versus the M4, M14, and M110.

    • Distant Voice

      Well, if you wish to follow the SR-25/M110 manual then the maximum sustained rate of fire for max barrel life is 5 rounds per minute for 4 minutes followed by 2 minutes of cooling with the bolt open. After 100 rounds, the rifle should be allowed to fully cool before resuming fire and cleaned before repeating. It also comes with a note that this is not a recommended firing rate and you should rarely if ever approach this limit in practice or training.

      Kind of reminds me of a muzzle loading rifle. Good thing I love both of them.

  • Vitor

    A lot of people are already achieving under 2moa with their SCARs.


    It’s a hell of a platform.

    • michael

      I don’t think that is very good when other battle rifles are printing at or close to moa. For the price, one could do alot better

      • Nater

        Most other battle rifles don’t print an honest 1 MOA or even 2. The SCAR-H is generally around 1.5 MOA. More than acceptable for an eight pound rifle of any caliber. The only other 7.62mm battle rifles (not semi-auto snipers, there is a difference) would probably be the KAC SR-25 EMC/ECC and the G3. One of those costs $5k a copy and the other isn’t even made anymore.

        SASS rifles can print smaller groups, but they’re generally both heavier and less reliable than the SCAR.

      • W

        what rifles would those be?

        I have yet to see a semi-automatic, even accuratized, 308 achieve a 10-round grouping under the 1.5-2 inch grouping.

        Despite claims that the holy prophet m14 achieves 1 moa or under, I have yet to see this firsthand. I would go so far as to say that is achieving the mechanical capabilities of the design.

        Perhaps the M110 is more accurate (i doubt it all bullshit aside) though its reliability leaves much to be desired.

      • FormerSFMedic

        First of all, the OBR easily prints .5 minute groups out to the effective range of the cartridge. In most cases, it’s shot even better.

        Second, the MK20 SCAR variants have been shooting around .75 minute out to around 400 m and 1 MOA. at distances beyond 400. The standard MK17 shoots a solid 1.5 or less with military MK319 and 1MOA easily with MK316.

      • W

        I heard that the Mk 20 SSR (SNIPER SUPPORT rifle) is incredibly accurate.

        The OBR is a awesome rifle. Ive seen a .51 group, done with three rounds. WIth ten, it increases to .80-1 MOA. Of course, with my SCAR H and match-grade boat tail ammunition, i can achieve sub MOA with three rounds.

        It is my strong opinion that a true measurement of MOA accuracy is achieved with ten rounds, not three.

      • Nater

        The whole Mk 11 series of rifles will shoot MOA or sub-MOA. In most cases the EMC will as well. The Larue OBR is capable of half-minute performance at least to the point where the projectile drops below the sound barrier.

  • matt

    Is the normal SCAR-H free floated?

    • Nater

      Yes. The difference here, I would guess, is that the barrel is both longer for greater velocity at longer ranges and also has a substantially heavier profile.

      • Nater

        That said, I really don’t see the need for the extra barrel length. 16″ OBRs group very nicely out to 1600m, which is about all you could ever ask for. The Army is wanting to reduce the barrel length on the M110. Longer barrels don’t offer any real accuracy benefit over a shorter barrel, especially if the shorter barrel has a heavier profile.

      • Alex-mac

        You’d think they’d be more interested in reducing muzzle weight. (fluted shorter barrel) Pretty cheap.

  • Mike Knox

    Best looking Battle Rifle I’ve seen so far..

  • Kosme

    what’s the difference between this and the SSR Mk.20 ??

    • jim

      Probabilly just the color, and on fn website this version is advertised as available in semi and full auto. The thing is ssr is us military weapon. US government likes to put all kind of restrictions on the weapons in their inventory. This new version is built by fully in Belgium, for the international market and us can’t put restrictions on.

  • 032125

    Reminds me of an H&K SL8 for some reason. What’s with the GI grip? For what they’re charging you’d think they could afford an $8 upgrade.

    • charles222

      They probably figure most people paying this much for a rifle are going to replace it with a grip of their choosing anyway.

  • scurvy

    So a CA-legal (with bullet button) SCAR that doesn’t require a pinned/hacked stock!

    • PackingPanda

      Wel ya… cuz it doesn’t fold…

  • Tony

    That is one expensive rifle

    • Sid

      The rifle is making friends at echelons above reality.

      Sure, it is a SCAR based rifle. But that decision only made sense if the SCAR frame is purchased in bulk. If the system is modular and this rifle can be assembled from the available pieces, then it makes sense in savings. But, if this weapon is just being considered because it is “like” the other rifle, then it does not make sense.

    • W

      compared to what? semi-automatic, precision rifles are characteristically “expensive”.

      for fuck’s sake…

  • AZRon

    That has to be the ugliest battle rifle that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some two-baggers.

  • michael

    agree with azron, God that is ugly

    • John Doe

      Huh. Last time I checked, looks don’t kill on the battlefield. Otherwise, the AK-47 wouldn’t be so successful.

      • Mike Knox

        Sure looks can’t kill in combat, except for certain occasions, but weight can. Despite being bigger than an AK-47, it’s lighter. And there’s the saying: ounces equals ponds, pounds equal pain. Weight fatigue wears down everyone the most in combat right after wounds or injuries. Makes everyone easier to kill..

  • charles222

    Wish these press release photos (I’m assuming that’s what they are) came with some sort of way to determine scale. That thing looks huge, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s really not much more than an M16A2 for O/A length.

    That being said-FN certainly is making a full-court press for the SCAR family, aren’t they? I think it’s well on it’s way to being nearly as well-represented as the family of weapons designed on the basic G3 pattern wound up being.

    • jim

      Yep. Light carbine, heavy carbine, dmr rifle, two sniper rifles, pdw and squad automatic weapon. You have to respect a company this dynamic. They are passionate about what they fo and are extremely inovative company. Hats off.

      • Alex-mac

        Well previous rifle series didn’t have the leg up with special forces the FN SCAR has.

        U.S special forces actually have a need for all those weapon classes.

  • Pepin the Short

    It looks massive and it looks heavy, even though it’s not.
    It’s hard to remember that that barrel is only 20 inches long and nearly all that stuff that looks like aluminum is really just some kind of polymer.

    The price notwithstanding, it’s definitely got authority.

  • Numan

    I don’t understand what’s all that SCAR-fuss is about?
    Isn’t it obvious that Magpul/Remington ACR is more versatile and advance in every way?
    And what’s even more strange about all this situation is the passiveness of Remington. They have a really good platform in their hands, but they do nothing to promote and expand it like FN does with their SCARs…

    • Charles222

      The ACR has seen really bad reviews since its release. Give it a few more years and it’ll be a decent rifle.

    • PCP

      Can you elaborate it please? I really don’t see how the ACR is superior to the SCAR in anything but aesthetics, much less technology.

    • FormerSFMedic

      The ACR is a better rifle in theory only. I agree that the ACR would be the more desirable rifle if all things were equal. But all things aren’t equal. The ACR has reliability issues, weight issues, and accuracy issues. The SCAR has NONE of those problems and it’s been well established and battle tested. The ACR has a LONG way to go and may never get there. The ACR can never say that it was developed from the ground up with SOCOM end user input and put through the most stringent testing EVER. Again, the ACR concept is great in theory but not so much in reality.

      • Pepin the Short

        True enough.
        The ACR is a very well-designed rifle. Plenty of things about it seem better, from a technical standpoint, but the kinks haven’t been ironed out yet as they have with the SCAR series.

        Remington still suffers from that baneful mantra of engineering: nothing goes right the first time. The folks at FNH, on the other hand, know how troublesome unproven concepts can be, and they know how to get them working quick.

    • PackingPanda

      Lol the SCAR is a much finer weapon than the ACR is atm; unlike the ACR the SCAR doesn’t bounce around and stays on target when fired. It handles much more nicely (the ACR is front heavy), is lighter, and has better ergos. How exactly is the ACR better, again?

      • american superiority

        hahaha really ?

        you better get a better statement first before posting a good poop like this, because your credibility is zero heres, your main complain is just the same thing that all the people say or heard about the acr, and the great thing about them is the fact that most of them never handled one and obviously never fired it….

        go on the acr forum and ask the folks out there they can give a real opinion about it, and there even one that own a new remington acr in full auto, so that the way to go if you want an opinion about that…

        anyway, tha acr vs scar is pretty much the usa vs china or even the famous ford vs chevy, it never go anywhere especially heres with those poster who’s pretend to be real operator while they post anonymously, pathetic, but that the internet of 2012, sadly…

      • Nater

        The ACR definitely has better ergos than the SCAR. The bolt catch/release is excellent. The ambi safety needs some work, but it isn’t anything that a Dremel can’t fix. I prefer the location of the charging handle on the ACR and it doesn’t reciprocate.

        I just wish a company with more expertise building high quality weapons was manufacturing it. Bushmaster doesn’t make a high quality rifle, end of story. I don’t care how many thousands of rounds you supposedly put through your XM-15, Bushmaster cuts corners.

        I’d guess that Remington makes a superior ACR, but they’re not selling it to civilians so it really doesn’t matter. With all that infusion of cash that Magpul got awhile back, I hope they manufacture the Massoud themselves.

      • W

        holy dumb fuck…

        anybody who questions somebody’s credibility when it comes to a objective comparison between the SCAR and ACR while citing the ACR forum is a dumbass.

        There is no mythological debate between the ACR and SCAR. the ACR is not battle-tried, the SCAR is. The ACR has many issues, the SCAR doesn’t. the SCAR is more reliable, more accurate, durable than the ACR. these are well known facts.

        I want Remington to make the ACR a awesome weapon system…are they now? not remotely.

    • Numan

      Agreed to all.

  • Oh man What I would do to add that baby to my collection! I really wonder if it feels different from a SCAR-H PR when firing it?

  • Alan

    Given that this rifle is made in Belgium like the SCAR 16s and SCAR 17s, it may be available to civilians in the US.

    This is somewhat paradoxical: the SCARs made in the U.S. are military-only, but the SCARs made in Belgium are available for civilian use.

    • Nater

      The SCAR-16S and -17S are made in South Carolina, if they weren’t, they’d be illegal for export under the 1989 Semi-Auto Import ban unless they had been severely bastardized.

  • Anonymous synonomous

    Looks amazing! I’ve been waiting for FN to announce civilian production for this beaut back when the Seals asked for a DMR variant of the Scar-H when the Scar-L was hacked. Still waiting for the huge cartridge variability that they promised when the rifle was in development, such as 6.8 and 6.5, but I wouldn’t be close to complaining to have a .308.

    Now, for the essential question; is it generally better than a .308 AR?

    • charles222

      I’d say so. Having shot both a SCAR-H and my brother-in-law’s .308 AR, the SCAR is much, MUCH lighter-recoiling. It’s on par with an M4 in that category, with the bonus of being controllable in full auto.

  • Chase

    Does anyone know what’s up with the two inches on the end of the barrel? Why does it suddenly get thinner? It looks like they’re trying to make it look like an M4, profiled for a grenade launcher.

    • Cymond

      From reading the comments below, it seems the muzzle profile is to make the rifle compatible with ‘reflex’ type sound suppressors.

      A ‘reflex’ sound suppressor has an expansion chamber/blast baffle that wraps back around barrel. I don’t know much about reflex suppressors so please forgive if this is an inaccurate description.