Colombia Special Forces using Remington MSR

A Columbian Special Forces sniper was photographed with the Remington Modular Sniper Rifle during the Fuerzas Commando Tournament that is being held this week in El Salvador.

[ Many thanks to Danny for emailing us the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    No one can beat that killer .300 Win Mag for snipers.

    • Máté

      What about the record holder .338 LM, or the record capable .408 CT?

    • jim

      Everyone with a .338 Lapua Magnum can beat the .300 WinMag. :p

  • Higgs

    His camo sucks, i can see him.

    • Elliot

      He’s a soldier, not a ninja. Cammo is supposed to work in the forest.

      • Darkness

        Hey Elliot, do you know what the word facetious means? Haha…

  • Sian

    I’d say the guy needs something a bit more urban. I can still see him!

  • Galadek

    1. It’s writen “Colombian” no Columbian
    2. Fuerzas Comando 2012 is in Colombia not in El Salvador

    Before posting get the info right.

  • Soless

    Quite the dog and pony show. The camo paint job on the guy with the beret is too pretty.

  • Brendan

    I bet he bought that ghillie suit from eBay.

  • Mike Knox

    What’s Oscar doing with an MSR in Colombia?

  • Scott

    Somebody water the plant out on the front porch.

  • Soldier

    Why is he wearing US issue desert tan boots? And US issue gloves? A little conflicting for a Green Ghillie suit. Same thing with his weapon. I agree based off the photo and the highly polished black jump boots, it was a photo op. I think the “sniper” in question may be a US guy though.

    • Charles222

      Tan boots have been preferred for ghillie suits for years. No potential for reflectivity.

    • jim

      This guys get all kind of military and financial help from US due to the “war on drugs”. Probably they got all that stuff for free from US. Why would they buy custom colors on their own cash. It’s like with SOCOM. If they get stuf from the army it’s free, if they want custom stuf, it comes out of their budget.

      • Charles222

        Not to mention his “US Issue” gloves have been around since like the 1960s. I’m pretty everyone issues them. :p