The Original Aimpoint Electronic (1980)

A reader scanned in this advertisement which appeared in an issue of American Rifleman during 1980. The Aimpoint Electronic was the Aimpoint’s first red dot sight.

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The reflector sight was invented in 1900 by the Irish telescope maker Sir Howard Grubb. Aimpoint claimed to be the first to mass produce a reflector sight that was an electronic red dot sight that used an LED for illumination.

[ Many thanks to Casey for emailing us the ad. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt

    What was the MSRP on that back then?

  • Gregor

    thx for sharing the add, always nice to see a piece of history

  • Bob

    Old school cool!

  • Wm.

    I still have one I bought in early 80’s, and a friend of mine still has his too. Both are working great after all the years use and abuse. The quality of the Aimpoint sights made in Sweden was great. They were built like a tank. Only fault of early models is the small field of view.

  • Lance

    Brings back the good old days of 1st gen assault rifle optics.

  • Mike Knox

    Imagine the neckache from aiming that optic for a long time..

  • Garrett

    Does anyone know where I could buy one? I doubt they are still around, but I think for the right price it would be worth it. Used or new, doesn’t matter. I’ve been looking for the past hour.

    • Tuulos

      I’ pretty sure a local (Finnish, that is) gunshop had an ad of these sights some time ago. I don’t have a clue where they found them though.

    • Glenn

      Ever find a MkIII with a 1.5-4 multiplier? Got one in pristine cond. for sale. make offer.

  • jd

    They pop up on Gun Broker and eBay from time to time.

  • went to a swap meet in ca. found elect mark 111 paid 15.00 will buy batterys today and check it out

  • fortyluv

    Been using the Aimpoint Electronic G2 since 1980.

    Mounted on S&W 41 long barrel. It’s like a rock. Batteries (LR50 off the top of my head) last forever as long as you don’t forget to shut down after use.