Georgia G5 Carbine AR-15

The G5, a piston-operated AR-15 rifle manufactured in Georgia (the country), entered service in the Georgian Armed Forces earlier this year.

It features a full length quad rail, retractable stock similar in looks to the M4 stock, ergonomic pistol grip and BUIS. The barrel is 14.5″.

Georgia originally adopted the AR-15 intro their arsenal when the US Government supplied them with Bushmaster Carbines as part of a military aid package. Many of these rifles ended up being captured by Russia who, quite successfully, featured them in propaganda photos during the 2008 South Ossetia war.

[ Many thanks to Lionel for the info and photo. ]

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  • Very interesting design, I’m digging the post-grip/bipod combo! That’s always a good back up plan whenever you need to take that accurate shot!

    To the author of “The Firearm Blog” —–

    Keep up the good work! I’m loving this blog everyday, and I enjoy reading up on the new rifles, pistols, etc that are coming up in the world!

  • BLG

    I haven’t been following the piston AR world for a while. Am I correct to assume that the carrier tilt problem has been taken care of? Or do some manufacturers have better solutions than others? My search results come up with forum posts a few years old.

    • Moose

      Well I personally haven’t heard a thing about it in a year or two, perhaps it isn’t a concern anymore? I’m not saying I’m CERTAIN it’s been fixed, now, but not hearing anything about it might be saying something. I’ll try to look around for something.

      • Martin Rudolph

        Depends on the maker of the system. Most have had these issues “relatively” resolved. Rugers design right now appears to be one of the most reliable however there are others that I have not had the privilege of testing 🙂

    • Pepin the Short

      Carrier tilt is simply something that you need to take into consideration when buying a piston AR these days. Buffers shaped with protrusions or grooves to hold the bolt in place typically prevent tilt well enough, though a military solution may be different.

    • Nater

      It’s still an issue and it will likely always be an issue to a certain extent, unless maybe you have an HK or Colt piston carbine. From a technicality strand point, direct gas ARs really aren’t direct gas. The piston just sits inside the bolt group (the bolt tail) and they lack an op-rod. It shouldn’t be surprising that adding an AR-18 type gas system onto a rifle not designed for it will cause issues.

      There are advantages to the systems, but 99% of the people that are buying them aren’t going to realize them. Pistons make sense if you’re running a 10.3″ barrel (probably any barrel under 14.5″) and/or running a sound suppressor the majority of the time. They might also make some sense running sustained full auto. With the longer barrel lengths required by law, the advantages of an op-rod don’t outweigh the negatives.

      Want a long barreled, short stroke gas piston rifle? Get a SCAR. Want a long stroke gas piston rifle? Get an AK. If you have to have a piston/op-rod AR, then get an HK 416 upper on Gun Broker or wait and see how Colt’s piston system works out. Colt has forgotten more about building ARs than most of these piston gun makers have ever learned, it’s probably a good bet that their rifle will work better.

      • W

        i havent touched a colt gas piston but i read on its website about something in the likes of a “articulating link piston”, which is supposed to reduce carrier tilt problems. I would be curious to examine one closely 🙂

      • Nater

        The bolt carrier appears to be flat along the bottom, although it must have some way to trip the disconnector on full-auto guns. I haven’t seen the tail, just a picture of a Colt PR guy holding one. I think there are pictures of Colt’s SCAR entrant floating around on the internet, I can’t imagine that it’s piston system is dramatically different from the one Colt uses in the APC.

  • Martin Rudolph

    Problem with Piston driven systems is they’re all pretty much proprietary systems. The Ruger SR556 is not interchangeable with say an Adams Arms. I’m going to be its safe to say this Georgia built one is the same way. Sometimes its nice to have choices, but on the battlefield its better to have uniformity. This is the only plus side to a DI system.

    • Nater

      The only plus side? How about lighter weight, a better balanced rifle, less felt recoil AND more reliability? The direct gas guns have less issues than most of the piston guns on the market. The only piston gun that is on par reliability-wise with the DGI weapons is the HK 416. I played around with piston ARs for awhile, they all have issues.

      On a side note, why did we give them Bushmasters? You can do worse than Bushmaster, but you can do a hell of a lot better. Maybe Colt’s production was all tied up. It probably would have been better to give them surplus M16s than Bushmasters.

    • W

      martin, excellent points. This is one of the many reasons why I never jumped up and down in glee over the gas piston AR15 craze. The rifles Ive handled are excellent weapons, but proprietary parts create a significant issue.

      The only innovation ive seen with the gas piston line is the weapons by Primary Weapon Systems. The long stroke gas piston (like a AK) is substantially more reliable and durable than the short stroke piston. The HK 416/MR556 is a excellent weapon system that is the closest thing to gas piston standardization, I have never had issues with my MR556.

      I think weapons designed from the ground up for a gas piston are superior in many aspects, though DI guns still perform well in the AR15 platform. With a fail zero parts, bottle of froglube, SOPMOD extractor kit, ill pit any of my ARs against another 5.56 rifle.

      • DeeB

        The problem w/ the PWS setup is that the 12,3,6,9 o clock rails are DIRECTLY ATTACHED to the gas block. The gas block gets REALLY HOT and that heat is transfered to the rails, making it very UNCOMFORTABLE hold w/out gloves or a grip…Its really too bad, other than LWRC i think PWS had a gas piston system that was really squared away. I like the long stroke ak-style piston PWS has, it’s just a small detail that was overlooked thats a deal breaker for me.

      • W

        the rails were engineered the way they were for a good damned reason. if the notches became damaged then one section could be replaced, unlike a monolithic or even traditional rail system. With the heat, every gas piston heats up similarly around the gas block. The long stroke piston is actually better at mitigating carrier tilt and other issues associated with a short-stroke system.

    • Stella

      If it’s uniform within their armories and they are making it, being “proprietary” does not really matter. According to this mindset, any weapon not utilizing either a carbine or rifle length gas system is dismissed.

      I own both a piston and a DI rifle. There are advantages to both, though if I were to have to chose which one to run like a SAW the piston would be it.

    • Marc

      Georgia isn’t going to buy parts from Adams Arms or Ruger so that point is utterly moot.

      • W

        no the point is not moot, its a compelling idea. Adopting a rifle with its own proprietary parts is rather foolish compared to adopting a rifle with parts commonality with the US M4 or Russian AK74.

      • Marc

        In which scenario would this be relevant? The US isn’t going to air-drop spare AR-15 parts over Georgia for their broken rifles, and if Georgia gets into another conflict with Russia they wouldn’t disassemble a broken rifle to re-assemble it with parts from a captured Russian rifle, they would simply use the captured rifle. Parts commonality has it’s place WITHIN an organization, but it doesn’t matter when the common parts are on the other side of the globe or used to shoot in your direction.

      • W

        oh its not important? well then, why are countries adopting the M16 and M4 by the gross? its simple. spare parts are cheap and abundant because of the gargantuan US industry that produces them. Georgia is adopting a rifle, likely with proprietary parts, that is only produced in their limited arms industry. foolish. I suppose if a war erupts again, theyll dump their M4s for AKs like they did last time :/

      • Stella

        So the goal is not to find the best weapon system but rather the least expensive? Countries adopting the M4/M-16 are doing so because they are good enough and cheap.

  • Nate K

    Looks like the CAA stock and grip. Nothing but quality!

  • damien

    Wow! Two AR-15 clone stories on the front page. Please, lets have more AR-15 clone stories.

    • Nadnerbus

      Point me over to your gun website, I’ll take a look at the stories you have there.

      It’s firearms news. This is news. Don’t like it, don’t read it. I find it interesting to see how many countries still find the Stoner platform a viable option, despite how many people seem to think it is obsolete.

      This comes back to Izmash going out of business. If they had had a more market driven business model, and were turning out modernized AKs like you see at three gun competitions and the like, perhaps the AK would still be adopted by modern countries too.

  • Lance

    Every one is making M-4s now. Wouldn’t be better for them to make AK-74s for common ammo from there Russian enemies.

    • Stu C.

      When I was there in 2010 the only troops with Bushys’ were the ones that were being rotated into Afghanistan. They still have some amazing AK74s’ in the inventory. I still think this is pretty cool.

  • Mike Knox

    Wow, almost everyone’s replacing AKs with ARs..

  • Richard

    Makes one wonder how well Georgia use this rifle stop russian next time invade there counrty.

    • Jay

      What invasions are you talking about? Do you even understand what happend in the last war? It was Georgia that did the invasion and shelling of an entire city of etnic Russians trying to wipe them all out. Were you expecting Russia to just sit and watch?
      The president of Georgia is a complete lunatic and he got a lot of people killed. That’s one of the bigest problems there.
      The vast majority of Russians consider the georgians like brothers. It’s this president and in part USA created all the tensions between Georgia and Russia.
      Georgia was happily part of soviet union for over 200 years. Longer than Texas or California was part of USA. Stalin was from Georgia. He didn’t complain and nobody hated him for being Georgian.

      • J, don’t turn this into a political debate. It a complex situation.

      • JMD

        “Georgia was happily part of soviet union for over 200 years.”


      • Nater

        While you’re correct that Georgia started the war, the Soviet Union was never around for 200 years, being created in 1922 and dissolved in 1991.

        Mikheil Saakashvili is an absolute idiot. Anyone that would antagonize a much more powerful country on their border isn’t playing with a full deck. The Russians didn’t do anything that the United States has done in the past.

        • Temo Bezhanidze

          Were Polish Leaders Idiots In 1939 where Finish Leaders Idiots in 1939 Where Americans Idiots in Revolutionary war ! stop chatting Bulls, simply go do a research of Attacks on Georgian civilians and peace keepers beginning on August and please do research where from Separatist Bandits where shelling Georgians civilians with mortars from.

      • Bob

        Jay, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. The fact that you called it a town of “ethnic Russians” proves you have no clue what you’re talking about. You are also turning a blind eye to the extreme racism present in Moscow and other large Russian cities toward people from the Caucasus region, including their own federated states.

        The pot had been brewing for some time, and the events days before that war started is only a small glimpse of what initiated it. To sit around and act like the Russians had no tom foolery is simply ignorant.

      • Have you gone insane?! POshel na xuy!
        What does ethnical russian do in south ossetia? is this fucking propaganda?! Get the hell out of there, you cremlin cock-sucker! You are tryin to lobby your propaganda?! Go and fuck yourself, bitch!

      • Nika Tsikaridze

        😀 “Georgia was happily part of soviet union for over 200 years” oh yes we were happy then ever! are you ok? we were conquered by Russia in 1921 and you are talking about “happily part “. you are wrong or worst you lie. yes Stalin was origin Georgian but not mental or cultural influence, both of them he was Russian political person. he dismemberment Georgia and give Georgian territory to Turk, to Azerbaijan, Armenia and even to Russia. so pleas shut up and don`t say that we were “happily part of soviet union”

    • W

      1.) georgia will probably bin their rifles for AKs like they did in the 2008 war.

      2.) their military readiness and capability is poor compared to the Russian military (especially the highly trained VDV airborne deployed in the 2008 war).

      3.) Russia responded to Georgian aggression, and got spanked.

      4.) Saakashvili is that embarrassing ally that the US supports to subvert Russia’s influence, though we’re not exactly quick to rush to his aid because of his shenanigans.

      5.) Like other former Soviet bloc nations, their troops still have Soviet-era habits (such as soldiers waiting for orders, not taking individual initiative). I doubt the new rifle will make much of a difference when its army is pitted against a much larger and tactically sound opponent like Russia.

  • Alex-mac

    Should have gone bullpup, heard that increases shooting accuracy over a conventional rifle layout. (at least that’s what happened in Israel and Australia)

    Other benefits are red dots for every rifle and increased range with a longer barrel. Both advantages over the russian AK-101.

  • Richard

    I do not get that small country siround buy larger country big more powerful military. Yet pick rifle that only get ammo for new combat rifles from other counrtys that can be easily blockade buy that bigger country. Other fact how well are these third world country going from Ak 74 to Ar style rifle. It take weeks train US troops in boot camp keep m4 rifles clean working in field. How that work in third world when dealing some troops who never made out high school or any school??

    • ragnarok220

      Shooting/cleaning AR rifles don’t require much reading/math skills.

  • Richard

    I agree that why US Amy and Marines keep looking for better rifle than M4. Why USSOCOM pick SCAR rifle over it. There fact us army did test which M4 carbine finish last “extreme dust test” in reliability. 6000 round where fired through m4 buy army 882 stoppages happen. Where other rifle test like • XM8: 127 stoppages • 416: 233 stoppages.• MK16 SCAR Light: 226 stoppages. Facts come from Us army that still happy about 822 stoppages that happen m4 can read about that Buy way m9 beretta when torture test buy army shoot 20,500 round between malfunctions greatly exceeds m4 carbine reliability. Those facts brought you buy US Army.

    • Lance

      Not really SOCOM stuck with M-4A! SOPMOD and the Army is buying ALOT more M-4s now from Remington.The Tom Colburn dust test of 07 is no way a fair test for the M-4 since stock worn out M-4s where pitted against factory fresh piston guns. Overall every pic I see of SOCOM solders carrying a 5.56mm weapon its a M-4/M-16.

    • Nater

      The test was botched. Rack grade M4 with god knows how many rounds on it versus brand new rifles assembled by the best armorers the company in question (HK and FN) have. Not really objective.

      There was a re-test at a later date with a more balanced representation of weapons and the M4’s failure rate was in line with the other weapons.

  • Benjamin

    Yes, but shooting/cleaning an AK requires less.

  • Nater

    Good luck shooting 20,000 rounds out of any gun without issues at some point. The 416 and M4 do not look the same, anyone who knows what they’re looking at can easily tell them apart. The HK 416 offers a lot of reliability improvement over the Mk 18 Mod 0/1 CQBR. It does not offer much of a reliability improvement over the M4/M4A1 unless perhaps if you’re shooting with a sound suppressor on.

  • The G5 carbine is a Georgian military firearm which is an analogue to the US M4 carbine. It has been developed in 2012 by the Georgian military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta” in order to construct an alternative to the M4A1 carbine, that will equip both the Georgian Armed Forces and the country’s reserve forces. The G-5 comes with modified attachment kits and optics as standard


    According to TAM, the G5 is almost the same as the M4 but differs completely in terms of firing mechanism and durability. The interior is much different as it uses a short-stroke piston gas operated system in combination with improved back components. Usual problematic issues like jamming or overheating have been overcome so that the overall reliability is improved. Furthermore, the developer states that during tests the carbine showed slightly better precision than the original M4. These changes made are necessary to develop new iron sights, optics and other parts which would not apply to the M4.

  • JoeMuggle

    Funny that Georgia got their free Bushmasters taken off them by the Russians, it serves the Gerogians right for picking a fight with someone much better than them.

    If the Georgians were smart (they arent) they would use weapons that fire Russian ammo. But considering that they are just a puppet of the U.S., I guess they should use US weapons, at least so that nobody mistakes them for anything else.

    • Otto Dassler

      F.u.c.k. your a.s.s.h.o.l.e. bastard! How can u judge Georgians are smart or not? Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the world with the richest culture! Read more and u’ll find out that Georgians have always been the nation of warriors!

      p.s At that time when u were living in caves and eating row meat Georgians had unique and own alphabet. Now shout up your rotten cake hole and think before say something

  • Humpter

    First of all those ignorant shmocks who think they know anything about whatever is going on in the world first of all have no idea about the background story of Georgia and it’s conflicts, secondly have no idea what ever happened in 2008 including the wise Russian guys here posting some Kremlin dictated bullshit, like a horde of mindless TV-apes. I don’t know myself, but the people who are posting here know even less and are just trying to damage the image of other countries they have no knowledge about, ever visited or even know anything about what they are farting out.

    This is about a firearm which was eventualy produced by Georgia ( for me it looks like they simply slapped some parts sold by Turkey delivered from Magpul togheter and called it “G5”. But it doesn’t matter, Georgia achieved to develop an arms industry with a series of vehicles and weapons rolling out of the production table. For a small underfunded and poor country like that, it is a huge achievement. This has nothing to do with politics and retarded people sticking their nose into anything that’s neither interesting for them nor in any way relevant for their life. So keep your noses out.