Kickstart-style Gun Project

I have often though that the Kickstarter crowd funding revolution would work well for small companies or individuals in the gun industry. Damien Gibb, the man behind Project Titan, is looking for funding to continue his project to completion.

Project Titan Prototype

Damien wrote …

Dear community,

It is with much regret that I have to post this. When we started the project and company back in August of 2011 we had no financial backing. We managed to get this far using our own personal family finances to fund each step of the way.

Sadly, the funding we were hoping to lock in place has not manifested and we simply cannot keep up the pace out of our personal bank account any longer. We have made a lot of sacrifices so that we could attempt or slice of the American pie, but after long debate, the added stress is no longer worth the sacrifices.

We have one last ditch effort in mind, an idea I was very hesitant to try and I am not a fan of soliciting funds from complete strangers. On top of that, a 14 page business plan doesn’t amount to much now a day with local financial institutes because of the economy and the automation of the processes. Back in the day you met with a loan officer and your job was to impress him and show him your idea had merit. Now a day it’s all about what you can put up as backing and credit score. So onto the last ditch idea…

I have setup a account and page (oddly, does not allow any firearm related items) to reach out to the community for funding. There are some rewards tossed in as an additional way to say thanks.

If you are looking for some military proven technology look no further. This message is for those who want something
new, not more recycled inventions of the wheel. The funding site can be located at:

The trick with KickStarter is to offer rewards that will create an incentive for people to donate, but which do not cost a lot. I think Damien is going to struggle to find many people willing to drop $5,000 on upper receiver that has not yet been manufactured, but I wish him the best of luck.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • El Duderino

    Needs to make it into the next issue of RECOIL. They seem to love extremely expensive “tactical” guns.

    I too wish him the best of luck but I think the window has passed. Right after the AWB finally went away, it was also the height of the housing market. People were refinancing their house, taking the $100,000, and buying toys. If I had just done that I would have shrugged my shoulders at a $5,000 upper like this, a high-end $1,000 lower, and dropped a $2,500 Nightforce right on top like a cherry. Nowadays I’m trading guns just to get something “new to me.” I read a lot of For Sale threads and watch as the high-end “sniper” rigs and .50 BMG rifles sit for ages, all the action is in sub $1,000 guns.

    • The rewards have no direct connection to the price tag at all.

      As I told Steven when we talked in e-mail we want funding for the project, not funding to sort of go to the project and a majority of it go to gifts. Thats not the purpose of the funding.

      If we had a 75% / 25% ratio on gift to actual funding, it would take that many more people to actually hit the funding goal because 75% of it the incoming cash would be going to gifts. So if our goal is $10,000, then we would actually need $40,000 in donations to actually inject capitol into the project. $10,000 is a leap of faith, $40,000 seems down right impossible.

      These are thank you gifts for willing to help out a start up business, the satisfaction is in the donation, not the reward. (well we hope at least)

      – Damien

      • El Duderino

        Guess I read the article wrong, my bad. Now that I’ve taken a close look at your tiers it makes a lot more sense. Thanks for clearing it up!

        Over on Kickstarter, Wasteland 2, a sequel to a 25 year old adventure game, has raised almost $3 million at last glance. But even the lowest tier of donors gets a copy of the game when it comes out. I donated the lowest tier but I don’t think I would have if it was simple charity.

        On the other hand, the larger tiers (into the five digits) had some crazy awards. I don’t think they ever got near a 75/25 ratio though. I am in software sales, it’s a different market, once it’s complete the per unit cost can be close to zero if there are no royalties involved — you can give the software away to your backers and charge everyone else $59.99. Your business model has to be far different. I like the coupons and full kits, as I mentioned before I’m in no place to give big. I’d have to sell a significant chunk of my collection for an unsure thing, that’s a pretty tough deal.

        Good luck Damien. I’ve always wanted to start a gun manufacturing business but 1) don’t have much capital and 2) live in one of the worst small business/gun business states (WA).

      • Thanks for the well wishes.

        The ratio I picked was just random, but to also to make a point.

        Software is a different beast (as I am sure you know) – short of what a programmer puts in hour wise, once its completed, the only future cost for materials are a CD, DVD, BOX, or P2P type setup.

        Our industry takes materials and labor for every single unit sold.

        Luckily we were able to re-work the rewards structure to be a bit more generous.

  • Gordon

    I still don’t understand the point of this rifle. Dude got banned on Arfcom a while ago for advertising, but my question, is what was he advertising?

    Looks like a .308 AR with a ridiculous body kit, kinda like a Honda Civic with a double deck rear spoiler. Damien noted the extra weight helps with recoil, but all I see is buncha metal attached to a AR-10 style weapon for no conceivable reason other than to add weight.

    Call me crazy, but I’m not going to “invest” in something that… simple.

    • WeaponBuilder

      I, as well as anybody, know of of the way fickle, wavering, brash, and tumultuous nature of Forums such as I may have only designed three gun products, but they have stood the harsh test of a fickle and wavering free market and are actually selling. Yet I have a great disdain for this type of ‘fundraising’ for product development. I’ve seen it fraught with problems, corruption, waste, and greed. Time after time this happens with ‘designers’ that put forth marketing, ideas, pictures, and prototypes of their vaporware. They collect untold thousands of dollars interest free, and when their vaporware never materializes, people are cancelling preorders, and suddenly you don’t have liquid assets to refund it you do a disservice to the industry and your customers. That is why any successful products are typically designed, evaluated, refined, and then brought to market to stand on their own merits. How many people received their Shrikes? Their SA80 bullpups? Their _______… How many of them never got any of their money back? If the product is good, it should be able to stand on its own merits and performance, and people with deep pockets will be lining up to invest in it. Not needing online solicitation of strangers… The product here does appear to have some market appeal, if mostly aesthetic, and I applaud the designer for his progress so far, and his pursuit of his dreams. I truly wish him the best of luck in the future. This is just my opinion in my limited experience having spent untold hours CAD drafting for which I will never be fully compensated due to low profit margin on the meager things I did design &then bring to market. Just opinion… Best of luck on this ambitious project.

      • I’m not sure why you would start with the assumption we would squander/steal/lie about our fundraising. We had a decision to make, find the capitol to see the project through or pull the plug.

        Sadly, people who think like this (guilty before innocent) is the one hesitation I had in doing his. This was not a decision made lightly and just got tossed up 20 minutes before TFB put the article up. No doubt a thread somewhere on Arfcom will show up at some point for no other purpose than to laugh at us and our struggle.

        We are sticking our necks on the chopping block and our reputation on the line. It wouldn’t do well if we squandered any capitol and came back after a few years after stumbling across some extra money.

        “Oh hey, didn’t they reach their funding goal and disappear?”

        At the end of the day I have a unique rifle in my safe – this about the business of allowing those who will want one the opportunity. To do that is going to require capitol. There are so many misc. items with a price tag that have to be accounted for in this game. Even more so when the item you are selling can cause death if not properly engineered or abused.

        I have not asked for more than I have already invested myself. Prototyping is not cheap and what you see on video or in pictures is not a full picture of the guts and action.

        – Damien

    • Gordon,

      Have you read the updated FAQ about the barrel cooling setup coming for under the shroud?

      Have you had a chance to see it or disassemble it?

      Have you had a chance to shoot it?

      I find it odd you seem to be more aware of what it is and what it does than us.

      – Damien

      • Gordon

        I’m sorry, but I’ve studied weapons design for a long time. While I put Jim Sullivan’s Ultimax or HK’s G11 at “Godly”, I put your ridiculous design at “quack”. I do appreciate Steve giving you support for the sake of exploring the idea of crowdsourcing funding for for weapons design, but such efforts should be directed at people who actually have useful projects, such as the asian guy who was designing a bullpup AR-15 conversion.

        Project Titan’s success or failure at funding raising is a study in the generosity and gullibility of the average firearms enthusiast, nothing more.

        If I wanted to burn $10K on silly bolt ons, i’d go to Vegas.

      • The old saying goes; something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

        A. Where people are getting these absurd numbers is beyond me. I find it odd when people try and pass themselves as being knowledgeable, but they think a “rewards level” on a contribution page reflect some sort of MSRP for a product.

        B. Because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its factual any good. Opinions are great; but most people shrug it off when you try and pass it off as fact.

        You speak for you, not everyone else.

        C. Everyone who has something to say has some great knowledge in firearms or are super smart. Every last person who had something to say claims some insight into the industry. The internet is great isn’t it? We are all rich, date supermodels, and drive lambos.

        D. All things aside, your answer to my questions apparently is “No”.

        Who can respect a person who claims to know somethings worth when they have not even laid their hands on it.

        Get over yourself.

        – Damien

      • matt

        Cause everyone on the internet gets to call themselves the CEO of an arms company. Even though that company doesnt do any CAD or machining work, have any paid employees, or has produced a product even in limited quantities. Damn titan308, you seem to attack anyone here who doesnt kiss your ass.

      • Failboat

        once again you prove how bonkers u are matt, no reading comprehension either. he never said he was a CEO, he was pointing out the absurdity of your comment that somehow it was outlandish for the owner of a company to be using skill labor for manufacturing. i bet the CEO of magpul operates the poly molding machines himself. or maybe the CEO of daniel defense operates the lathes and mills for the production line


        hes not attack anyone – hes kept pretty good composure far as i can tell, he probably just gets tired of morons who can’t comprehend or read right and he has to keep repeating himself over and over.

        if people would slow down and read what information is available you will see a majority of the negative comments are baseless and have no foot hold in any sort of truth.

        i hope steve does blog if he pulls this off so everyone can tell you what a loser you are, but u will probably still come up with some sort of excuse.

        u are what we call a “1-upper” and no one likes you

  • El Gato

    A gas operated 7.62 NATO Rifle has recoil? I’m not sure there is enough demand for this. Perhaps getting it into a movie might get people interested….Best of luck with your project.

    • The .308 itself is not that big of a recoiling cartridge – getting it shoot with the recoil of a .22 is, well in our opinion.

      The .308 is also just a testbed – the intent is/was (?) to transfer the application to a 300, 338, and 50 platform.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Hello Damian,

    While I always appreciate those willing to think outside the box, there are still some major questions when it comes to your design.

    1)- If the entire idea is to make the front heavy, then that is not really something innovative that needs investing.

    2)- I think that you should have started on a bullpup platform as it would cut down a bit on the excessive length.

    3)- From my understanding of gun physics, what you are aiming to do is not eliminate recoil but eliminate muzzle rise.

  • Paul

    This is a well known problem. I have a patented firearms management system that for the last tow years I have been trying to find funding for. The crowdfunding industry does not appear to be interested in defense industry projects period (mine is not a weapon; it’s a weapon accessory system).

    I’ve also experienced the same thing with state funding, local venture capitalists and even federal sources. it’s generally a a chicken/egg problem; police and military don’t want to sign a purchase order unless you have a working product they can mess with and finance institutions don’t want to fund unless you have customers who have signed checks (assuming you can find one that is not turned off by a defense industry investment).

    For the amount to technology that spills over from the defense sector into the civilian sector you would think there would be a bit more support.

    The sad reality is that innovation will move out of the country. Either domestically people will stop to innovate because it’s virtually impossible to commercialize your product, or the technology will be sold/licensed for foreign nations. I’m sad to say that I’ve started exploring that option myself.


  • WeaponBuilder

    Again with the presumptions…

    My criticism was of the Fundraising Method – not your specific company itself. It’s just the nature of the beast with that fundraising method. EVERY company that has followed that fund raising method of soliciting funds for product R&D, or taking Pre-Orders for the product – EVERY one has been fraught with headaches.

    I’m not necessarily talking about your company, but just about EVERY company that has used this method. GOOD companies. The SHRIKE, the Prexis SA80/L85 Parts Kits, etc.. There have been dozens of companies that have sought financial assistance with bringing a potentially good product to market – GOOD companies, who receive otherwise negative feedback due to the fickle & impatient nature of the customer base.

    Numerous vaporware products that were blogged here on TFB even.

    Hell, there are already impatient people screaming online about the Robinson Arms XCR-M pre-orders, people stating that they’ve cancelled their orders and haven’t received their money back yet. Robinson Arms makes a very nice product and are a good company, but that doesn’t stop the screaming.

    This is more a criticism of the Impatient, Fickle, and Wavering consumer market than it is of the Solicitation / Pre-Order type processes. Even if you post concrete deadlines as to when you’ll have something to show people for their investment in your product, numerous people will falter long before hand!

    They will grow impatient, and demand their money back. That money might be tied up in an order of carbon steel, aluminum billets, or a CNC Mill upgrade, or whatever, and they will be furious when you’re not able to refund them right away. They will scream bloody murder on the gun forums, and soon others will be afraid of losing their money, and cancel their pre-orders, or start demanding a refund of their R&D Contribution… Or they’ll start telling other people to not invest in your product calling it a ‘scam’. It’s like people having a ‘run on the bank’.

    I have no doubt you intend to do more R&D, and bring this product to market. It looks quite cool, and if it functions as you say, with the possible future features you state (integrated bipod, etc.), I’m sure it will earn its place within a niche of the firearm industry. There are people that clearly want this product.

    As for the costs of prototyping, it’s much cheaper if you have a good machine shop and only need to spend money on materials and normal tooling wear & tear.

    I merely suggested that the traditional method of bringing a product to market is still the ideal method. To complete the R&D, do some T&E, make necessary changes, (if necessary run it by a product liability assessor) and then bring it to market. It will likely sell.

    • My apologies then – the tone of the post seem to insinuate the presumption of cash grab and bail. If I misunderstood then that is completely my fault.

      Keep in mind, this is not a “pre-order now!” setup to cash flow the completion, it is what it is, fundraising – rewards are a bonus thank you, but not the central point.

      We have reworked the reward structure thanks to two investors whom wish at this time to go unnamed.

      To make the higher tier contributions more tangible I think we have brought things more in like with Steve’s ideal setup. All we can do is sit back and thank those whom have showed interest and do our best to ignore those that have nothing better to do in life than attack people they don’t know.

      – Damien

  • We have found two investors willing to match contributions if we can reach our new goal of $5,000 – this has also allowed us to add a new level of rewards and rework the rewards from $1,000 and up.

    So goal lowered from $10,000 to $5,000 at this point.

    $1000 gets you a Project Titan setup once we go public

    $2000 gets your a fully upper assembly with your Project Titan setup

    $5,000 gets you the full rifle setup and 10% discount for life.

    And as always, you also get any rewards as a top down system for lower tiers.

    • As a follow up please keep in mind that rewards have no direct connection to actual MSRP with said items.

  • eichenlaub

    No thank you

  • Seems like an awesome project. I tried to contribute through the GoFundMe site and every time I tried to submit the confirmation form, I got an unspecified “could not process payment” error.

    • Looks like the site didn’t like my version of Firefox. Switched to Safari and was able to give you money.

      • We got the contribution Aaron. That was very gracious of you. Thanks for jumping in and lending a helping hand.

  • John Doe

    Recoilless .308? I couldn’t care less.

    Recoilless .300 or .338? I would be interested, especially in a semi-auto platform.

    • You have to start some where. As stated numerous times the plan is/was to move the application to .300 .338 and .50

      The simple fact of the matter its cheaper and more cost effective to build the basic blocks using .308 which we felt was the bridge between the smaller calibers and the big boys.

      – Damien

  • SPC Fish

    Id rather just buy a Super SASS from Armalite. At least i could get it to the range and wouldnt have to wear hearing protection.

    I have a question though. Do your company have a FFL 07? I just wouldnt want to have people investing just for the company to get shut down by the ATF. Also if you do have the FFL 07 are you paying ITAR?

    people need to know these things. otherwise its not a safe investment

    • Although I have a sneaking suspicion I’m taking the bait…

      Not sure the relevance of your question. What does a FFL at this current time have to do with anything?

      • Please quote where we manufacture rifles.

        – Damien

      • Matt,

        This will be my last time addressing you as I’ve entertained your temper tantrum long enough.

        I would recommend a job in the government as you seem to be a perfect fit for the nanny state in telling others what they can or cannot do. As well as telling others what they should or should not buy based on your own (misguided) opinion.

        You’ve made it your mission to crusade against us and to boot felt the need to insult my wife. You are a nobody and will always be a nobody. Why? Because people like you are damaged and don’t function right and the way you handle yourself is not normal.

        I wish you the best of luck in life and hope you seek the treatment that you need for your random outbursts and your inability to handle yourself like an adult.

        – Damien

      • FailBoat

        matt just an idea – but you are asking questions that are none of your business. i would also be careful in insinuating that a company is going to steal or commit fraud as you may not like what implications can follow such actions. you are not shielded as well as you think

      • SPC Fish

        im not trying to call you out or anything although i did give you some gruff about this on an earlier post.

        An FFL 07 (manufacturing FFL) is required even if you are just assembling firearms. IE, assembling AR-15s from a parts kit.

        You also would need an FFL for doing gunsmithing which it appears you are.

        And you would need an FFL for Dealing firearms

        An FFL 07 would cover all of these but by law you must pay the yearly ITAR (over $2000) to hold this FFL unless you are exempted.

        this should have been in your business plan

      • Fish,

        I’m not sure why you would think we would be foolish enough to do something that would lead to federal violations, shutting down a business would be the least of our worries.

        I’ve never worn city issued bracelets and never plan to.

        People need to slow down and think for a moment, there are many ways to be in this industry and not be in direct ownership of an FFL. I am have no idea where the presumption of all this shady tin foil hat conspiracy stuff is coming from.

        If you don’t like us, what we are trying to do, our project that is OK with us – but attempts to discredit us and worse, make us out to be babbling idiots is just uncalled for.

  • Simon

    What other benefits and innovation does Project Titan provide excluding reduced muzzle rise?

    • The FAQ is located at

      There are two sections, a general FAQ and a FAQ based on community comments or questions at the bottom.

    • This post is so full of mis-information I could not even begin to think of where to start.

      Based on your posting history I am going to assume that your a jealous, angry, and pitiful little man.

      If there is anything I can do to bring some happiness into your life please let me know. If you live near Georgia I can invite you down and we can go to Chuck-E-Cheese or something. Anything.

      – Damien

      • Sorry, the last reply was meant for matt, our favorite e-stalking fan. 😉

        – Damien

  • matt

    Wow, $5k for a made from god knows what .308 AR. You can get a SR25 or just about any other .308 AR for the same price or less on gun broker, and know that the manufacturer will still be around in 10 years. And all this from a guy who doesnt even have a FFL. I expect a lot of broken hearts, tears, lawsuits, and a failed attempt at a second round of funding because he didnt budget enough this time around.

    Isnt it funny that I said this was a failure in the last post, and 10lbs of lead mounted to a pair of lever mounts would be more usefull because it could be sold for less than $200, be far more compact, and easily removable in case you dont want to get laughed off the firing line.

  • matt

    Wow this guy is a moron and can’t even be bothered to read (let alone comply with) GoFundMe’s terms and conditions.

    “Prohibited Activities
    You may not use the GoFundMe service for activities that:
    …or (h) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (i) ,certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law”

    • Sorry to let you, we have already received email confirmation from them that our page is approved.

      We do not “produce” a firearm, in which a firearm is defined by the BATFE.

      “Certain firearm parts” does not equal “all firearm parts”.

      – Damien

    • If irony ever needed to be defined. This would be it.

      Thanks for the good laugh.

      – Damien

    • matt

      So your a wana-be arms company then? Explain this from your website “The project began as an idea to develop a long range rifle system that could be deployed by a single mobile user.” If your not manufacturing firearms then WTF are you doing? Developing solely a a hand guard for morbidly obese people and calling it a long range rifle system? When I hear ‘developing a long range rifle system’, I think of companies like KAC and their SR-25 or LaRue and their OBR, they actually did something. Not some kid in his basement putting together a bunch of parts from DPMS, and a morbidly obese hand guard.

    • matt

      And if your not manufacturing a gun, then presumably your shipping a box of all the parts needed for a gun, at the diamond level of donation. Either way your violating their ToS as it would be either certain firearm parts or as a firearm. BTW lowers are considered a firearm, or does your diamond level donator have to supply their own lower when it is implied they will receive a complete rifle?

    • Matt,

      This will be my last time addressing you as I’ve entertained your temper tantrum long enough.

      I would recommend a job in the government as you seem to be a perfect fit for the nanny state in telling others what they can or cannot do. As well as telling others what they should or should not buy based on your own (misguided) opinion.

      You’ve made it your mission to crusade against us and to boot felt the need to insult my wife. You are a nobody and will always be a nobody. Why? Because people like you are damaged and don’t function right and the way you handle yourself is not normal.

      I wish you the best of luck in life and hope you seek the treatment that you need for your random outbursts and your inability to handle yourself like an adult.

      – Damien

      • FailBoat

        matt just an idea – but you are asking questions that are none of your business. i would also be careful in insinuating that a company is going to steal or commit fraud as you may not like what implications can follow such actions. you are not shielded as well as you think

      • matt

        It is certainly my business. If you go running around a gun blog saying your outlandish product is the next best thing since sliced bread, you better be prepared to accept some criticism. It is common knowledge that the internet isnt a nice place, where everyone is going to hold your hand. And I would love to see Damien file a libel suit against me. Are you familiar with the term ‘abuse of process’ or ‘civil rights violation’?

    • John

      HEY dbag. He just said they got approval, so lock it up. If they want to make this stuff then they are going to make it. I dont see you attempting to create anything whatsoever, so you aren’t allowed to bitch.

    • FailBoat

      matt i am not sure what you understand about firearm regulations, but anyone can ship anything that is a firearm as long as its through a ffl if inter-state and its not a restricted type item. giving away a rifle is no different than raffling one off. the rules of the website clearly indicates they are referencing the sales of firearms/certain parts – not giving one away. i bet you emailed them just because. people like you are whats wrong with this country, no one likes you so you have to make everyone you come in contact with miserable.

    • El Duderino

      “This court is now in session. Let’s proceed to the opening statements in Common Sense vs. Matt.”

    • matt

      titan308, according to the comments on your facebook profile, both of the hand guards appear to be made/designed by other people, care to comment on what exactly AmeriGun USA and whoever Gary is did for this project? Did you just sketch something up on a piece of paper and then have real engineers actually model and machine it, essentially doing all the real work?

      Just wondering but why are so many of the photos in your office including your desktop background, of yourself? Narcissist much? And how does your wife feel about you having blown your 401k or savings account on this project?

    • I am a little dumbfounded. You actually believe a majority of weapon companies, that the CEO is operating the machining equipment personally?

      I’m not sure what to say at this point, I’ve never encountered such a massive display of ignorance before.

      Has to be a troll, no way someone can be that dense. No way.

      – Damien

    • I am a little dumbfounded. You actually believe a majority of weapon companies, that the CEO is operating the machining equipment personally?

      I’m not sure what to say at this point, I’ve never encountered such a massive display of ignorance before.

      Has to be a troll, no way someone can be that dense. No way.

      – Damien

    • matt

      lol at calling your self the CEO. have you even incorporated? your at best a one man shop, who had a outlandish idea, and then paid top dollar to have real engineers and machinists bring it life. stop dodging the question and tell us what exactly Gary and AmeriGun USA did. i’d also love to know how much cash you blew on this.

      • I don’t know why I am doing this…

        Did you just ask what a machine shop did for us?

        The answer is obvious; they sell cakes and pies.

      • matt

        According to their facebook page AmeriGun USA is a gunsmith, not a machine shop and who knows what/whom “Gary” is. As I said, you havent done anything other than piss away your savings account and/or your 401k. You dont have a copy of SolidWorks or any other professional grade CAD software, and aparently don’t know about BitTorrent. Since your a one man shop, i’m assuming your the “CFO” of your unincorporated “company”, do you really think you can get serious R&D done on a budget of 5k? You obviously couldnt budget yourself correctly the first time, great work Mr. “CEO” and “CFO”. I’ll lol when you come back to the internet begging for more money to piss away, if you even manage to raise the first 5k.

  • El Gato

    Have any established firearms/manufacturing companies expressed any interest in Project Titan? If they have, perhaps you can sell them the design if there is enough of a demand.

    • Yes, we have been contacted by 2 entities within the last 12 hours that wish to engage us in private investing. We are starting to discuss options as we speak.

  • 6677

    wow matt is persistan. I think steve perhaps needs to look at ip blocking as an option on future posts. I’m certainly not a fan of titan but im not taking the piss with the quantity of posts im making.

    • El Duderino

      Matt probably pees all over the toilet seat at the gas station, then complains to the clerk about how dirty the bathrooms are when he returns the key/boat anchor.

      • 6677

        haha, nice one.

        Back ontopic. I may not like the idea of the titan but I wish damien the best of luck in aquiring funding.

    • Thank You 6677,

      While no company expects 100% interest, I appreciate you honesty and the ability to convey it in a manor that is not akin to a raving lunatic foaming at the mouth.

      Some people should simply not be allowed free reign on the internet when they are unable to control themselves in a manor that is civil. Sadly some just cannot comprehend the difference between honesty and outright attacking people they don’t know. If take careful notice, often time they will be the lone person in a crowd being erratic and in their brain then translates into, “Everyone agrees with me, my behavior is acceptable – yea!”

      – Damien

    • matt

      ip blocking? you must have never heard of 7 proxies or vpns like

      • So basically this is what you do and are proud of it?

        Damn. What on earth could have happened to you to make you wind up like this?

      • matt

        IT is what I do, and I lol@ip blocking

      • What does being in IT have to do with the way you act.

        That’s like saying being a race car driver for a living makes it OK to do 140MPH on a 35MPH road.


      • Failboat

        no a proper analogy would be a policeman speeding 140mph with his lights on just so he can get home fast after his shift. they are pointing out the fact that you are using you supposed knowledge in IT to be abusive and not in a manor that is acceptable

        as i know many IT engineers in real life, I am going to assume you are not one. IT engineers are generally respectable well mannered people. you have not displayed any of these traits. i don’t doubt you have some computer knowledge, but proxies? big woop – anyone with google can do that. rather if you are in the tech world i am guessing its as a rep for a call center, like troubleshooting customer modems or something simple

        you have displayed lack of knowledge in ffls and shipping firearms, government regulars, understanding website policies and feel the need to attack people while hiding behind a monitor, i don’t think anyone is going to believe you hold any sort of respectable position or are a respectable person period. very ironic you pulled the ‘living in mom’s basement’ card and i think most of us realize you are just projecting your own living circumstances on others. very sad

      • Failboat

        cool, im the emperor of japan – steve is welcome to match my ip to my home in that country

  • Please refer to the blogs comment policy. You are welcome to your opinion, but be polite in doing it. Name calling is neither constructive or tolerated.

    • matt

      It is kind of funny how you deleted half my posts, but left plenty of others where I talked smack. Were you lazy, did you over look them, or did you actually decide they were acceptable? In addition, you did nothing to posts from other commentors which contained “nastiness, rudeness, trolling, vitriol or excessive snarkiness”
      This demonstrates a strong bias, un-uniform application of your comment policy, and a lack of tolerance for criticism. If you want to randomly delete my posts, thats fine, my message got thru to titan308 before you deleted them, but don’t hide behind a policy which is supposedly based on civility because you don’t agree with my opinion.

      Anyways I surely hope you’ll do a follow up as to whether or not he actually get’s 5k, and if so, when he eventually comes back to the internet begging people for more money for this vaporware. And wouldnt it make more sense just to add +1k thumbs down to my posts so people have to click a link, for linearity’s sake? Half these comments now don’t make any sense because mine are deleted. So I implore you to delete the rest of my comments to make things even more confusing.

    • matt

      And although name calling may not be constructive it certainly is entertaining.

    • Yea this is how bias Steve is;

      Our staff wanted to send him a thank you gift for sharing his bandwidth with our project and he said he could not accept it because it was against the rules. I am suspecting the rules are in place for baseless accusations such as yours.

      No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read this blog, its articles, or its comments. Its been made very clear that no one has the same train of thought you do matt. You are damaged goods and somehow your brain is translating what you are doing as normal behavior.

      First you attack me and now Steve. Whos next on your path of anti-social emoism?

      • matt

        Enjoy jerkin it to pictures of yourself in your office, BTW nice Chinese tools, you spent how much on some peg board to hang up a $30 ‘my first toolset’ from home depot.

        “Our staff wanted to send him a thank you gift for sharing his bandwidth with our project and he said he could not accept it because it was against the rules. I am suspecting the rules are in place for baseless accusations such as yours.”
        Where are these rules?

        “No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read this blog, its articles, or its comments.”
        They are I tell you! And it is a CZ75 with an abomination of a compensator, because you know 9mm recoils so much.

        “Its been made very clear that no one has the same train of thought you do matt.”
        Which is why a few people voted up my posts, and I wasnt the only one who brought up a FFL. And ya know, you always have to have the same opinion as everyone else, circle jerks are so much fun!

        “You are damaged goods and somehow your brain is translating what you are doing as normal behavior.”
        This name calling is more evidence as to how biased steve is. Hey steve are you still hiding behind your policy? Wana delete his post like you did mine… oh ya conflict of interest.

        “Whos next on your path of anti-social emoism?”
        I dunno, maybe G-d or Jesus Christ?

        Have you realized how hard i’ve trolled you:

        This will be my last time addressing you…”

      • k

      • Failboat

        so in the end it finally comes out, it was all just trolling

        i too feel sorry for you now, life must be pretty horrible to get enjoyment out of baiting people into arguments

        we should send up a funding sight for you so we can help you get the treatment you deserve

      • Failboat

        you really are out of it. no one talked smack, people only responded to your insistent ramblings which included lashing out at anyone around you. did you actually say because a comment got green thumbs up people actual support you?

        you yourself said you can basically change ip at will – you probably gave yourself the thumbs up

        great you have all the IT knowledge in the world, so does some fat kid in his moms basement with acne and empty bottles of red bull lying around

        you want me to just take your word at how awesome you are? based on what? how you’ve acted here? rofl

  • matt

    omg, titan308, your a ricer too?!? you actually called your car PROJECT WOLFPACK!?!

  • matt

    and steve, as I said before, i lol@ip bans, nice try

    • Failboat


      i’m sorry your mother or father did not give you enough hugs as a child. hopefully you get the medical treatment you need for your fantasies of having a respectful IT job and for your behavioral problems.

      if you yourself setup a funding account i will gladly donate so you can regain control of your life from these bizarre forms of entertainment you have

      or maybe we can just hang out so you can experience friendship and realize you don’t have to be like this.

      i’m not angry matt, i just feel bad for u

  • Wanted to say thanks to Steve one more time for giving us some mic time.

    Two entities have stepped up to the plate and brought their checkbooks.

    I’ll be shutting off the contribution page shortly.

    Thanks to all those who showed interest and to those that could share negative feedback neutrally.

    To those people who claim the project is pointless, worthless, stupid, and so forth;

    Deal With It.

    To not celebrate in the expansion of the industry in unique ways makes your a tier 1 wannabe. You should support your fellow enthusiast instead of acting like you have actually done anything with your rifle outside of taking it from the closet to the gun range. Shame on you.

    – Damien

    • matt

      Your shutting down the page because you received only $290 in the first day or so, and nothing since, because no other gun blogs like The Truth About Guns or Everyday No Days Off want to do articles on your internet begging.

      I beg of you steve to do a follow up article on this in 3 months. Please!

      • Failboat

        he probably had the large chunks of cash coming from outside the funding website because they charge like 5-7% in fees. that would be $500-$700 eaten up just by donating.

        last i checked via proper googling the project is all over the place, which is a whole lot more than we can say for you are your supposed claims mr. i am teh pc whiz cause i can link a random norton db

      • matt

        fyi but norton was bought out by symantec, not the other way around. and most fortune 500s use Altiris to manage their infrastructure. the us air force used to (and maybe still does?) managed over 100,000 clients with Altiris. and I proved that symantec doesnt audit their code even tho they sell auditing services to foreign and domestic corps, gov’ts and .mils. enjoy your job at walmart.

      • Failboat

        congrats, you know how to use copy & paste, aren’t u a big boy? rofl

    • matt

      Damien, how about you post some pic’s of those checks you received for $5k or whatever you were asking of them.

      • Failboat

        out of morbid curiousity what on earth makes you think you are entitled to his financial statements and behind closed door business?

        what a whack job, i bet you vote for obama

      • matt

        lol at your failed trolling attempt, if mr. narcissist wants to rant about making money, he shouldnt have any problem posting a couple pics, he has more than enough of himself hanging up in his office

      • Failboat

        “rant” about making money? how do you “rant” about money?

        fantasy land = you think you have sway with this audience and are entitled to someone elses financial info

        reality = no one cares, he gets to go off and do what he enjoys and hopefully makes money at it, you get to sit in front of your monitor, get bored, and find some other poor soul to harass to make yourself feel better about being a nobody

        trolling is suppose to be subtle, you can’t even do that right

        trolling is not making up random things out of words and thinking people are going to be like “dude, he is so funny”

        oh no – don’t 1up me mr. awesome sauce what will I ever do pffft haha

        and we all know if he did entertain you and show you pictures of financial statements you would just say they are fake, photochopped, or someother non-witty trolling attempt

        shows over, he wins – u lose – what are you going to do, argue with a guy named Failboat forever in here? awesome use of time. rofl

    • Whatever makes you feel better, I’m not really sure why you think I am concerned what you think.

      I have to get back to my portrait filled office, Chinese tools, boot-legged ideas, spending my 401k, kicking puppies, punching babies, living in my moms basement and whatever else was on your list of things that I am doing.

      Take care, I hope whatever has made you sick in life becomes cured at some point.

      – Damien

      • matt

        you forgot clubbing baby seals

  • The Last Action Hero

    It’s so obvious that Damien is also posting as failboat. Who would do business with that sort of whack job?

    • Failboat

      it’s so obvious that matt is also posting as the last action hero. who would pay attention to that sort of whack job?

  • The Last Action Hero

    Failboat disappears when Damien is called out about it. His lack of response shows his guilt in posting as failboat. Dude just ain’t right. Just go look at his various forum accounts under his many names: DJGIBB, Vermillion, TITAN308

    You’d be a fool to get wrapped up with this hot mess of a retard.

    • Failboat

      matt no one cares what you think, although this most recent attempt is a mildly entertaining form of irony