Windham Weaponry & POF-USA Team Up

Windham Weaponry and Patriot Ordnance Factory have jointly opened up a new production facility in Phoenix, AZ. They will collaborate on the production of AR-15 and AR-10-style rifles.

It is unusual for two companies making competing products to share a production facility. I am trying to read between he lines of the following press release but am coming up blank.

The press release …

Windham Weaponry of Windham, Maine and Patriot Ordnance Factory of Phoenix, Arizona have entered a partnership to produce .308’s, P‐415/416 and carbon fiber rifles. Windham Weaponry CEO Richard Dyke, Patriot Ordnance Factory CEO Frank DeSomma, and JC Machine and Motorsports LLC CEO Curt Stewart have also begun cooperation on several joint venture projects to be announced in the near future.

The three companies have jointly occupied a new 12,000 square foot production facility in Phoenix. The new facility will produce rifles and firearms parts, and serve as a design and development center for new firearms products from both Windham Weaponry and Patriot Ordnance Factory.

“We are pleased to open this new facility together, and happy that Patriot Ordnance Factory and Windham Weaponry can grow together,” stated Patriot Ordnance Factory CEO Frank DeSomma.

“This new facility will bring new employment and growth to Phoenix area industry,” stated Windham Weaponry CEO Richard Dyke.

The new projects for Windham Weaponry are already in the initial phases of development with design assistance from Frank DeSomma of Patriot Ordnance Factory. These projects are slated to be officially announced later this year.

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  • its not unlike a small cottage version of Cerberus Capital

    • Cain

      Has anyone else seen there guns for sale at Wal mart? I was at two of the stores in Arkansas and the price tag on them was 799.99. There also was sig Ars going for 879.99 and the colts was the highest for 1099.99

  • BlitzkriegBob

    Actually being from Windham of Windham Weaponry, it saddens me that they chose not to expand the current facility they already have. Then again, starting the company back up leaves them with little capital, probably forcing expansion to follow the collaboration model. Still wish it was in Maine to give our small local economy a boost though.

    • MattyD

      Yes I live in Windham, Maine also.. I don’t work for WindhamWeaponry, but I would have liked to have seen an expansion of the current factory to create more jobs around the shrinking economy and job market here in this over-taxed state. I am not a huge fan of their new name either but what can ya do? Bushmaster Firearms are excellent entry level Ar’s both back when they were made Here, and now currently as part of Freedom. I have only fired One POF Rifle (chambered in 7.62 not 5.56) and fell in Love with it. I think the joining of these two companies was a great idea, I think together they can make higher quality rifles and sell them at a cheaper cost to the Market (fingers crossed).. I know I would certainly love to see Windham Weaponry grow, expand, and become as large of a name brand as Bushmaster became. With this mating of the two companies I see that more of a reality now than before as a stand alone company.

  • Unistat

    I think POF currently shares a production facility. Vuurwapon Blog ( did a tour a while ago and this was in the comments:

    “Actually, POF-USA doesn’t own any of the machinery/machine shops shown in this article. All of the barrels are manufactured by LGM Machine, in a building right next door. And all of the other billet parts are manufactured by Hogan Manufacturing, also located conveniently next door to POF.”

    I don’t know how 100% accurate the quote above is, but if so, I can see POF wanting a place more in their control. For what it’s worth, you can Google “Hogan Guns” and see that the lowers are visually identical to POF lowers. There was apparently a lawsuit going on between the two and that could have led to POF looking for a new manufacturing partnership.

    I say this as a happy owner of a fine POF P-308. I am in no way ripping on POF.

    • Andy Sommer

      Hogan no longer makes any parts for POF. POF has many machines now and does continue to outsource parts to other companies and the relationship with Windham is to compete in two entirely different segments of a similar market and they have moved their Lake Havasu operations to Phoenix with POF so it didn’t affect the Maine operations it just moved the AZ operation to Phoenix.

      • Unistat

        I see, thanks for clearing that up.

  • zak b

    The move makes sense to me. 12,000 sq ft doesn’t sound like a big operation, so it’s probably just a parts place, and there are plenty of AR-15 parts that would be common to Windham and POF.

    But in general POF goes after the high end while Windham makes entry level AR-15s, so they aren’t going after the same market share, which is why them teaming up makes sense.

  • Leo Atrox

    I think POF probably wants to increase production and improve manufacturing efficiency (hopefully to drive down costs and prices, but I won’t hold my breath) and perhaps Windham wants to get into the piston market and increase manufacturing capability at a lower-cost (by splitting costs with POF).

    I don’t know if either company will be happy with this arrangement in the long run, but it is probably a means to an end. On the bright side, maybe DeSomma can talk some sense into Dyke and get him to drop 1:9 twist barrels and start using a 1:8 twist barrel.

  • Brett

    Maybe the business tax benefits are better in Phoenix than Maine?

    • BlitzkriegBob

      There is no doubt in my mind about that, seeing as Maine is one of the highest taxed states in the union….

  • charles222

    Groovy. I’ve never even heard of Windham, but whenever a company opens up a bit more manufacturing in this country it makes me happy.

    • AR

      Windham = resurrecting the original Bushmaster

      • Charles222