PSA-25 “Ash & Bone”

Precision Small Arms are producing a limited edition PSA-25 “Ash & Bone”. It looks pretty but no price is listed, so I assume it is also expensive.

The PSA-25 is a clone of the .25 FN Baby Browning.

Steve Johnson

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  • West


  • RocketScientist

    Am I the only who thinks that between the finish on the slide/frame (case hardened?) and the lines in the burlwood grips, and the kinda brownish/yellowish tint from the gold trigger, that this gun looks more like an old Baby Browning that someone left in a puddle for a few weeks (covered in rust and with water-damaged grips)? Maybe it looks more impressive in person, but this picture doesn’t make me desire one. And don’t get me wrong, I like case-hardening, looks spectacular on my Colt 1860 Army cap-n-ball revolver.

  • Michael

    I keep an eye out for these pistols, still have not seen one for sale. Do they actually exist, bit like the new Ithaca shotguns or Keltec new products, RIS 22TCM, Maverick defense S/S.
    If a company releases a new product it would be nice if they had enough outthere for people to see

  • That Guy

    Aw, had forgotten about this company some time ago but glad they are still around. However it seems their product line has shrunk down to just one offering? Shame that it used to have a beautiful website that offered a lot of interesting weapons.

  • Komrad

    Looks like a Baby Browning. I wonder if that’s on purpose.

    • Komrad

      “The PSA-25 is a clone of the .25 FN Baby Browning.”

      I feel stupid.

  • Fruity Rudy

    Who now?

  • Bagworm1

    The ad says “500 units available”. Just a wild guess but I’d say that means 500 units available……….

  • squashpup

    I’d like for someone to re-make the 1903 Colt. I’d buy one of those in a heartbeat, especially if they made it out of quality materials.