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  • noob

    Wow! Take that, tritium based night optics!

  • Cameron

    Wow. Whether or not you like lasers, you can’t deny that’s a classy move.

    Good on ya, CrimsonTrace!

  • Lemming

    for a lazy bum like me that doesn’t like to go and buy new batteries, this is a dream come true. Sign me up!

  • Alexander_Degtyarev

    “Free”. Sure. You still pay for them, just FYI. Just up front, including the yearly shipping fee.

    • Komrad


  • Lew

    A very classy move indeed, I hope other electronic companies start doing this.

    Other classy initiatives would be:
    1. Makers of “tactical” nylon including attachement accessories so I can actually mount my pouches without buying an extra piece of kit (Maxpedition, I’m looking at you).
    2. Internet-based businesses including basic shipping in the price (seriously, am I supposed to teleport it to my house?).

    • Komrad

      I don’t mind not listing shipping up front because the rates can vary wildly based on location. The ones that are bad are the ones that require you to make an account or otherwise start the payment process before you can see how much shipping is.

  • Lance

    I got a pair for my M-9 duty weapon how do you get on there list???


    Crimson trace are not classy at all. Called them up to register my rail master laser to get the free batteries, and they said that the promo will not cover the railmaster laser. I told them there was nothing on the ad that states that the promo excludes rail master laser. Lady at crimson said that was a mistake and that they will change the verbiage to say it will not cover rail master devices. Such BS.

    • Mouse

      Good to know. I hate to give business to companies that behave in this manner. That’s false advertising. You should find a lawyer to send them a letter.

  • David

    From the website
    “**Excludes CR-123 and CR2 lithium batteries. Not valid on Rail Master™ products.”

    That looks like a railmaster being used right under the free batteries logo!!

    • FOKAI

      What is so funny about that is I printed a copy of the website promo (when only said “**Excludes CR-123 and CR2 lithium batteries.”) and sent it to crimson via email, complaining that there is no verbiage about the promo excluding the rail master. I guess, they went ahead and updated the verbiage.

      I bet ya that if you call them to cover other crimson trace products that you have purchased, they will probably update the verbiage to say that the promo will not cover those products as well.

      I’m just a little pissed about the whole situation.

      Oh well.

      Crimson Trace Sucks.

  • jimm

    little inside news Crimson trace is selling the company again

  • jimm

    also the CEO Lew Danielson is a fucking asshole, he has a veteran for a son-in-law who has PTSD from military service and he disowned his daughter for marring him. This company claims to like veterans but the owner is a fuckhead to veterans in his life. Just so everybody knows they are selling the company ad trying to keep it secret.