Turn an airsoft gun into a soldering iron

Instructables has instructions on how to integrate a $20 battery powered soldering iron into a $16 airsoft pistol. The battery is integrated into the magazine, allowing fast reloads.

I hate the ergonomics of pen-shaped soldering irons. Just this weekend I gave myself a decent burn trying to do a tricky repair. A pistol grip would have made it easier (on the other hand, if I had not turned the heat right up I would have been fine).

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    watch out according to the ATF you can turn an airsoft rifle into a “full auto machine gun” with “minimal work”

  • JAFO

    Better idea: learn how to use a tool. Millions of other people use soldering irons every day without burning themselves. I’ve been using them since I was 9 without a problem.

    • vyse.04

      I think of this as more of a novelty than anything else.

  • E

    Any soldering iron that is hot enough to melt solder can burn you. You don’t have to turn the “heat right up”.

    Saying you would have been fine if the temperature were lower is like saying a gunshot wound would be fine if the caliber were smaller.

  • Dave H

    Depends on the job, but for fine work (the kind you’d do with a $20 battery powered iron) I’m much handier with a pencil grip. For the big stuff I haul out the Weller 8200, which has a pistol grip. In fact its ergonomics are very similar to my Hi-Point pistol.

    Now if somebody figures out how to mount a decent solder sucker in an airsoft pistol, I’ll buy one tomorrow.

    • I think I am going to get one of those Weller 8200s. It looks great.

  • Chase

    It depends on what kind of job you’re doing. For soldering components onto a circuit board, a pencil-type soldering iron is perfect.

  • schizuki

    I’m not a big fan of making things that aren’t guns look like guns. Not when people get cop-shot for brandishing Mars Bars.

  • Oswald Bastable

    Someone found a use for a airsoft gun! (My sympathies to those who are not permitted anything better)