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  • Ian

    Rather than showing off how many different firearms they happen to have in their collection, a photo of just the mount would have been nice.

    • Mike Knox

      Look more like range rentals..

    • Doug

      My guess is that they were going for a diversified look. But a shot of just the mount would’ve been good too.

      I’m more curious about the SureFire “cover” looking thing on the shotgun.

  • Anon

    Anyone else find it interesting that a series of promotional photos for a Haley Strategic product shows a grand total of…*zero* products made by Magpul? No PMags, no AFGs, not even a single rail cover. Deliberate, or just random coincidence?

    • Kenny Blankenship

      There is actually an AFG on that shotgun.

  • Dax

    Anybody know what the deal is with scar 17s on the top. The rail and stock look interesting anyone know who manufactures that or if there even produced.

    • Kenny Blankenship

      Fore-end and stock are both VLTOR and the grip is a BCM gunfighter mod 1

  • Lance

    Not bad for the price.

  • charles222

    I take the implication in the photos can be taken for granted and these come with a free SCAR, M4, or MP7? 😉