Project Titan: Interesting .308 AR Rifle

This photo was posted on the TFB Facebook wall by Damien Gibb. He wrote …

Read your recent articles on the recoil-less rifles. We went about it another way. (Yes its real, chambered in .308)

Note the nifty forend.

I am unable to get in touch with the creator of this gun because of his Facebook privacy settings, but I invite him to get in touch with me.

Read more about the rifle here.

Steve Johnson

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  • PCP

    how does the weight from free floating shroud reduces barrel torque? I understand the free floating part and the barrel harmonics, and the weight soaking up the recoil, but not the weight itself affecting the barrel.

    Nearly indestructible protection for my barrel, awesome! Now I can club elephants to death when i’m tired of shooting deer.

    • Adam W

      If you’re strong enough to raise this over your head to hit and elephant with it, you should just grab another elephant to hit the first elephant with.

      • Michael Pham

        So what you’re saying is his supposition is irrelephant?

        I dearly apologize.

      • The patented elephant dung launcher attachment is being R&Ded as we speak.

        The problem is, getting the dung is not as easy as one would imagine.

        – Damien

  • David

    This is interesting. I’d like to know about this rifle.

  • AGC

    Fulton Armory also has a .308 AR named Titan.

    • DrewN

      I own one, the recoil is nearly nonexistent as it is, and it already weighs a goodly amount. So I’m not sure I get the point.

  • cobra

    Eliminate recoil with extra weight? Well… this is the best .308 battering ram available in the market…

    • Gunhead

      Now THERE’S an idea! Give it a “chainsaw” grip and market it to SWAT teams.

    • Well we were designing a flux capacitor, but we couldn’t get the barrel up to 88MPH. πŸ™

      – Damien

  • Nathaniel

    Ah, yes, the cutting-edge “staple an I-beam to the front” method of reducing recoil!

    • LJK

      No kidding. From the blog post I thought it was going to be some engineering feat (some novelty mechanism) to reduce recoil, but nah:

      “Q: What does the Titan shroud do?
      A: Unlike most products on the market, the shroud is built of steel to get as much weight and hardiness into its constructed dimensions. This additional weight absorbs recoil, diminishes barrel torque, and completely eliminates muzzle rise all together.ο»Ώ Its secondary purpose is to provide nearly indestructible protection for your barrel and barrel components. Where it
      is applicable, a fully functional integrated muzzle brake is built into the shroud.” (

      So basically, a comically oversized barrel weight plus a muzzle brake. Yay.

      • Actually it will be a protective hull for a barrel cooling setup in addition to the items you mentioned.

        That is the neat things about prototypes – they do not display or give indication of a production unit.

        – Damien

  • Steve another blogging brought this to my attention, I have sent you an e-mail.

    Back to CAD until then πŸ™‚

    – Damien

  • nice styling!

  • Anon

    “In the name of God, why?”


  • hikerguy

    If every hunter or active shooterin Arkansas (my home state) bought one of these, then hired two people to carry it around for them, and hold it up so the owner could aim and fire, unemployment could be eliminated in the state by tomorrow night. Definitely NOT a gun for CQB.

    • There seems to be a misconception that this is a crew driven weapon. Its weight is on par with some of the heaviest weapons already in use by a single user.

      On top of that the unit is modular, you could carry a majority of the weight in a backpack if you wanted.

      As far as standing it while firing – yea – unless you have hulk arms that probably won’t be very accurate. πŸ™‚

      – Damien

      • Other Steve

        Why would I want one of te heaviest 308 rifles again?

        You could make a hat or socks to carry the extra weight, you’re still carrying it.

      • Well, thats the great thing about the USA if you live here, you are free to buy products you want and not buy products you don’t want. πŸ™‚

        – Damien

  • Soless

    I saw this in action at the Everydaynodaysoff blog. Recoil-less it is not.

    • “Recoil-less” was more of a tongue in cheek comment. heh

      (and as comments over there, we had a bipod “malfunction” har har)

  • Sal

    Looks like the Bianchi LMG from Battlefield 2142.

  • Max

    The comments from you guys make me visit TFB everyday, I couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Kevin

    Looks like it should be in a video game weilded by a guy with purple spiky hair.

  • Lemming

    Good God, that thing’s a monster!

    • Josh B

      That’s what she said.

      Sorry had to.

  • kl505

    It’s nice that you got your mom to pose with your gun.

    • Shes also good at baking cookies to. Thanks!

      – Damien

    • Dave

      Dude, to those of use not 18 anymore she looks pretty hot.

    • Quintin

      Man, if I my mom looked like that …..

  • Cameron

    Hey, I appreciate any gun that lets me pretend Gears of War is real.

    This will be a fun one to watch. πŸ™‚

    • Gregor

      Dont spread that thoughts or Project Titan will be in the next FPSRussia video, tricked out with one of those rail mounted Chainsaws.

      • To heavy to be effective with chainsaw attachments. However – it could be used effectively as a blunt instrument, so may a row of spikes down the sides and on the end perhaps.

        Yuck Yuck!

        – Damien

      • Grayson

        ‘rail mounted chainsaws?’

        you make that sound like it’s a bad thing! πŸ˜€


      • We also considering marketing it as a “Tactical Spike Driver” for the railroad company.

        You know, in case the zombies come around while you are at work out in the field driving railroad spikes for a new track.

        The railroad company never sent a response back when I mailed them about the idea…. hmm…

        – Damien

  • FindYourInnerWoodsman

    Surprised no one has posted this yet, but here’s the link to a demo on youtube. Here ya go Steve!

  • spc fish

    the maker stated that this was a free float design. please tell me how or you do not know what a free float barrel is. it looks in the pictures like the barrel is definitely touching the “handguard.” Also they said that there isnt a lot of stress on the aluinum reciever. im still trying to figure that one out. the only way to take stress off of that reciever is to have the bipod mounted at the balance point of that “thing” on the rifle. Also the xm110 we are using in afghanistan actually works and idk why somebody would choose this over it. I dont like to dog on small designers and innovators but this thing looks like it takes us years back in technology. And if you are going for light recoil start out with something like a SCAR17. they are pretty amazing at handling felt recoil.

    • spc fish

      also i cant seem to get on their website. either they are trying to hide this ugly thing or my afghani internet isnt letting it load properly

      • FindYourInnerWoodsman

        I put a link to youtube featuring it being shot but their disclaimer is that its purely in prototype mode (just seeing if it will shoot) at this stage…I subscribed since it seems interesting to follow n see how it turns out.

      • Logan

        Ya the felt recoil doesnt look any less than my AR10 with a muzzle break.

      • Logan, this was due to a “malfunction” with our bi-pod – I plan to release a video in the upcoming weeks showing my 5 year old daughter shooting the rifle to give a better representation.

      • Other Steve

        Like that the bipod could not handle all that extra weight type of malfunction?

      • That would be correct.

        Our heavy duty bi-pod got left at home and this was a junker we had in the spare parts bin of our range box.

        You can literally see it bending backwards on some shots. πŸ™‚

        – Damien

  • Nestor

    First though?
    “Spartan John-117 will be using this in Halo 4”

  • Arch

    The artist in me cannot help but be thrilled at the scifi aesthetics of this.
    And the practical part of me just hopes it works.

    • Thank you for recognizing this is not only a project based in functionality but also in art. In an industry that blatantly recycles the same designs over and over our main goal was to create something unique, regardless of universal appeal or lack there of.

      You can see based on the comments that some people do not like change or deviations from the beaten path. We prefer to off-road it and go way off the path.

      – Damien πŸ™‚

      • Arch

        Tell me about it.
        I love firearms, I don’t try to claim to know everything about them, but I definitely enjoy them and enjoy learning about them. I think what I like most is just the possibilities of variety.
        And as such, I think it has always been my greatest disappointment that, despite the room for variety… it just isn’t done.
        So projects like this, that bring new and cool looking visuals, and at the same time promise to have some practical use beyond just looking awesome.
        Well I’m all for it.
        And as someone who spends a lot of time drawing and designing fictional guns (often scifi, I’ll admit) I will also say that this particular weapon has inspired me in ideas for future designs.

        So good luck, and godspeed. Hopefully it all works.

  • Ian

    So a muzzle brake + handguard from Alien = arms designer. Neato.

  • 6677

    I can’t see any useful applications of this. Too heavy to be carried, sure you can stick part of it in your bag but a soldier can’t just swing it into action then. Target shooting, meh, bipod and a good firing position, heavy gun just isn’t the solution.

    • I’m not sure where this misconception keeps coming from.

      Our weight, unloaded or fully geared is on par with other existing one man heavy weapon systems (as a generic term).

      Clearly its not meant to be fired from a standing/unsupported position. Its not a carbine.

      • BombedCarnivore

        So what IS the intended market? What problem is this intended to fix that can’t be done by just using an extremely heavy barrel?

      • It was not intended for a military market, however if a use could be found for it then so be it.

        So it is not being created to fix any existing problem or missing puzzle piece.

        In general we are a civilian company making products for civilians. We are building it because this market desperately needs some unique flavor, even if it has no universal appeal.

        We can only get so excited about the same recycled butt stock, hand guard and pistol grip designs before its like, “Meh… been there done that.”

        We like it as a fun support/bench/prone weapon system – but the user would be free to put it to use however they like (perimeter defense for zombies? har har) and whatever role they find it works in.

        – Damien

  • West

    Maybe its just me but that bi-pod looks a little weak. Is it attached to a rail??

    • Yes to both questions. Attached to a rail and weak.

      Those slits you see running down the side, top, and bottom (which you cannot see) allow a user to place rails (we use Magpul 11 Slot) in any position you want.

      Normally we use a GG&G XDS ‘Heavy Duty’ bi-pod, but I forgot it at home and all we had was a cheap $20.00 UTG bi-pod in the spare parts bin of my range box.

      This cheap unit would literally snap back on some shots and was skewing how the recoil was perceived in the video. Also in the last scene of the video I am actually shooting it one handed (though that is not mentioned)

      I mentioned in another comment I plan in the upcoming weeks to show footage of my 5 year old daughter shooting it. I think if that doesn’t give a good idea of the recoil mitigation nothing will.

      • West

        Fair enough, I didnt watch the video.

        Im always psyched to see new gun designs so I hope it works out for you.

  • Moose

    Well, great! All we need now is to find a way to chamber this thing in hypersonic 8 mm armor-piercing rounds and Starcraft can become a reality!

    • Well pending completion on the .308 testbed, we have our eyes set on .338 and possibly .50

      Its not ‘hypersonic’ 8mm, but maybe one day. lol

      – Damien

  • W

    I want to see this in automatic with a drum magazine. do they even make a drum for the AR10?

    • Yes they make a double drum (100 round count) for the AR-10, but its not cheap. I don’t recall the manufacturer off the top of my head, but it cost close to $500…

      When compared to the same thing for an AR-15, that is a huge increase.

    • Ah, here we are:

      Price: $444.95

      “The .308 7.62mm M14 M-1A Beta C-Mag provides a full 100 Round Capacity
      Holds 100 rounds.”

      We are also looking at getting one of those belt feeding upper units recently displayed by a company. Aries I believe.

      • W

        I think thats for a M14/M1A, but holy sweet jesus that would be awesome.

        308, full automatic, and 100 round drum.

        you should engineer this platform with Noreen’s 338 and make it full automatic with a in-house engineered drum.

        Hey…you started it! πŸ˜‰

      • Well maybe.

        We have discussed machining our own upper to make the possibility of a completely monolithic upper assembly…

  • Derek

    Looks HEAVY.

  • KM

    If one were to say that this was easy to fap to, would they be referring to the gun or the guy’s GF or both?

    • Just for the record; that is my wife. The rifle about knocked her over the first time she picked it up. πŸ™‚

      – Damien

      • Mike Knox

        Forgive me for saying this but that last sentence of yours put a certain image in my head..

      • Hey what can I say, its big. wonka wonka

        – Damien

      • Mike Knox

        Good one..

      • KM

        LOL. Very lucky

  • Duncan

    I have two questions about this design: First, is there anything planned for the large amount of extra space in the bottom of the fore end or is it just going to be a lot of empty space?

    Second, how big is that muzzle brake in there? Judging from the images seen here, looks huge!

    • It will house a water/liquid cooling setup of one type or another at some point. We are current R&Ding the different methods available and testing some new ideas. So the shroud will serve double duty as a protective hull for these components.

      Bare bones models will come with an over-sized aluminum finned heat sink (similar to what JP Rifles offers) but made for standard contours and bull barrels, and of course our own design.

      More advanced models will have the water/liquid cooling setups. We want to arrange so that these can be add-ons. That way the user can start with whats in their budget and add-on the other modular applications as time goes on. We have all kinds of “add-ons” planned from barrel cooling, to belt fed receivers and storage compartments. The list of ideas grows almost daily.

      (…and no, we have no idea of any pricing point yet and don’t suspect we will in the immediate future.)

      The large muzzle device you see is what we refer to as the “Muzzle Locking Block” or MLB. The rifle itself uses a JP large profile brake that is threaded and attach as normal. The MLB ensures absolute perfect alignment of the brake and the front plate opening, the two large horizontal port windows and four smaller ceiling ported channels.

      This area was probably the most scrutinized area as improper alignment could result in catastrophic damage to the entire setup or catastrophic bodily harm if just the right situation were to occur (thats if a face full of shrapnel isn’t bad enough for you).

      Another import component of the MLB is the guided channel for the brake and then the front plate has a circular lip that grabs the tip of the brake just for overkill with the alignment.

      We plan to manufacturer MLB’s for each of the most popular brakes on the market, but for R&Ding purposes we have always been a huge fan of JP Rifles.

      Hope that answers what you wanted to know.

      – Damien

  • John Doe

    I hope that massive handguard conceals a rocket launcher or underbarrel laser cannon. This would be great for the upcoming Halo 4.

    • Just to split hairs, we use a ‘shroud’.

      A ‘hand guard’ would imply a place to put your hands while holding the rifle. As previously commented, unless you have green over blown arms like the hulk you won’t be firing this from a standard CQC weapon. lol!

      – Damien

  • Tinkerer

    I too bemoan the lack of innovation that only brings us tired old repeated ideas over and over, and yearn for the boldness of yesterday’s engineers.

    However, I can’t help that feel that the real intention behind this design is to troll us all.

    • Little too much effort in website design, content, materials, time, and $$$ to be a troll my friend. Though it would be pretty epic if it was. πŸ™‚

      – Damien

  • Lance

    Is this going to be a M-110 type of AR?

    • Well it is based off the AR-10 style platform.

      We are testing on a DPMS LR-308, but plan to offer Mega MA-TEN receivers as an optional choice should we venture into getting an FFL and offering upper sets or complete rifles.

      But like some things, this part is nothing more than idea on paper for the time being.

  • Michael

    Glad to seesomething different from the “new AR 15s” or the “I’vedesigned a better 1911” or a small 9mm
    I wish the guy well.
    My thoughts for new guns:
    High capacity pistol in 7.62×25
    A true civilian self defence weapon
    Short barrelled break action big bore revolver.
    Inexpensive 16 in rifle in 7.62×39, bolt ot pump, feeding from AK mags

    • Thanks for the thumbs up.

      The whole point of the project was doing something new instead of jumping on the “recycle” bandwagon.

      I’m surprised people like Magpul (I am a self proclaimed Magpul fanboy) has not sued the ever living crud out of some of the replication companies. I think this blog, or maybe it was TTAG recently had an article on a butt stock that looked jst like a MOE variant and even their “skull” company logo had the same lines and general shape of the Magpul logo.

      If I was the originator of a design I’d be pissed that all these lazy bums are trying to cash in when someone else did all the work.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Isn’t this the same prototype that was laughed off due to its unprecedented impracticality?

    • Yep, that was us. – where everyone is an expert on everything and any sense of manners are optional (or taboo).

      As a comical side note; the LL in LLARMS is our own little inside joke for people like that. Maybe in time we will reveal what it stands for, or maybe someone will figure it out on their own. πŸ™‚

      – Damien

      • Wyndham

        Laughing Llama Arms?

      • Oh man, that was a good guess, but not correct sadly. lol

        – Damien

      • 44inf


    • W

      yeah arfcom’ers like to take themselves pretty seriously. Im with titan, and ill go so far as to say they’re a bunch of cockheads. I hope that website crashes in the near future.

      reminds me of somebody posting on that same website a modified CAR15, registered as a SBR, with the barrel cut at its front sight (A2 style). He meant it to be lighthearted, not taking himself or his work too seriously, and he got pounced on.

      • Don’t think that website is going anywhere.

        They are in the same category as banks, in the sense of “to big to fail”.

        They have so many (paid) memberships and a ton of ad revenue they are pretty solidified and can pretty much allow the zoo to run rampant.

        On the other hand, smaller websites like have an awesome community where everyone is mature, polite and negative feedback is just that, not some guy insulting you from behind his monitor. is a great website for info and if you stay out of the “General Chat” type areas for the most part – but a few bad apples corrupt all the other apples and certain mannerisms become the norm because they are so common place.

        I was actually banned for sharing my project on there for “advertising” even though I have nothing to sell, period. I could see paying their $200 a month price tag if I actually had some sort of product to sell, but to merely share a unique project as it grows and evolves and get bashed for “advertising” is just ridiculous. Sadly some communities are no longer worried about the content, just the cash flow and revenue of advertising.

        But in the end this is the USA – its private property (forum) and they can dictate what they want. On the flip side I am free to voice my opinion on how its ran equally. πŸ˜›

        – Damien

      • W

        haha, yes indeedio.

  • D

    I like it. Looks pretty awesome, and i like the form factor.

    As to it being heavy, i guess some people would consider that an issue, but for my typical usage for something like this, it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Very excited to see a .50 version though.

  • MertvayaRuka

    I don’t care if it’s impractical. It’s beautiful. Also, just a suggestion, HD wallpaper of this monster would be amazing.

    • I’ll see what I can do… πŸ™‚

      – Damien

      • MertvayaRuka

        Outstanding. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a slab-side shroud/comp for my Saiga 12 but sadly I do not have the machinery required to construct it. I’d probably go with aluminum for mine though as I’d like to actually be able to shoulder the thing without having to cross-train as a weightlifter.

  • Jersy

    Hmmm… Since I am not a gun owner / shooter myself, I cannot evaluate the practicality of the setup, however, what I think can be taken as a fact by now is: It makes the gun look cool in a sci-fi way.

    Because of this, I would say that while the market for “extra weight-based recoil reducer” might not be significant, the market for “make-your-gun-look-cool full weapon sci-fi shrouds” might be larger.

    Basically, I would suggest another line of products in the area of light-weight cosmetic addons, with open intention of adding no practicality, only the looks, while, of course, not interfering with normal operation of the gun. Yes, there might be some reduced felt recoil, the room for storage compartments, added external protection and the like, but more like an optional extra to the “cool looking” part.

    You know, stuff like “AR-compatible Pulse-Rifle shroud”, “Colt LawGiver shroud”, etc.

    • The Ruger 10/22 has a market like this currently. Lots of kits – but at the end of the day, when you make your Ruger 10/22 look like a Barret .50 its still a .22 when all is said and done.

      I agree, would be fun to see “kits” for larger caliber weapons that are purely for entertainment purposes.

      I think the main problem is, when you start using materials like aluminum and steel, you are getting way out of the “plastic price range” a lot of these kits shoot for.

      Last thing this market needs is more plastic.

  • Trev

    Are we really entertaining this POS Idea?

  • TATim

    I’d buy one if I had cash to spare, shooting is fun whatever you use at the end of the day.

  • Tomaso

    I like the design, l understand the concept and see a small market for it…..but just change gears , this design would worK great as a barrel shroud silencer made out of titanium. And the weight of said system would diminish recoil. Little pricy but it’s a much larger market.
    And while your at it design integrated bipod legs to fold near flush to the body, it looks like you have the design capabilitys to do a great job.
    As a designer myself I think you did a pretty nice job..and kudos for not taking the bait on troll remarks. AR forms sure teach you how to have thick’s amazing how as a whole how disrespectful they can be. But like most things stick it out and thier are a lots of great people thier.

    • An integrated bi or tri system that folds into the chassis is on the “to do” list. But its not a high priority at the moment.

      We also have plans to test a suppressed unit, but the ATF backlog is like 6+ months right now on tax stamps.

      Thanks for the positive feed back. One has to keep in mind the internet gives everyone great anonymity and this seems to short circuit all the things their momma’s taught them as a kid in regards to manners for a lot of them.

      In the few times we went out to the local public DNR range for basic testing (mostly Fudd types too) everyone was very polite and positive. Online is a drastically different story. So I’m with you and advise all inventors and developers to take internet comments with a grain of sand as best you can, because most of them are only lashing out because they themselves have some sort of malfunction and want to hate just to hate.

      I’ll admit they’ve pissed me off on occasion, but thems the breaks! lol

      – Damien

      • Sorry Matt you will have to do better than that.

        Too obvious. 0/10 πŸ™‚

        – Damien

  • Howa

    Β When I was young I wanted to buy a sportbike. My dad said hey were “shit useless” because they couldn’t carry anything.. They were therefore impractical, and owning something impractical is worse than owning nothing at all.Β I didn’t know how to explain how misguided that sentiment was then but I do now. Basically, if something benefits you then it is inherently valuable. The benefit can be practical, or sentimental, or just emotional.Β The designer got value from the exercise of design and production. The purchasers will get value from their purchases. No victim there.Β The designer has been a good sport, tolerating all the armchair Jonathan Ives and John Moses Brownings who spend their Saturdays offering free critiques on the Internet, and but seriously what the fuck? Do your guns only get used for practical purposes? Are all of you deloyed soldiers, ranchers, and law enforcement? Or do some of you buy and own guns because it’s just fun when they go bang?Β The designer did what 0.0001% of the population even tries to do: he dreamed of something and then built his dream.Β 

    • John Doe

      Amen. While people from Asia would disagree with your dad on a sport bike’s utilitarian purposes, everyone buys things for fun.

      Do I need to order a Slide-Fire stock? Do I need a Ruger 22/45 and a 10/22? No. Hell, most of us don’t ‘need’ guns, but we love them.

  • Alex

    Thats the best looking promo girl they could find? Ouch… She is scaring away customers.

    • Well I guess you should be thankful its not me posing with it, the original idea was to have me wearing a speedo and whip cream thrown all over me.

      I was a bit sad when it was veto’d, but perhaps a better business decision.

      – Damien

      • Howa

        Are you kidding? Damien’s missus is hot!

    • Rizwan

      On the contrary, I find that the model he chose is very attractive, in an alluring fashion. Much better than some of the trite, bubble-head stuff you see elsewhere in the industry. The model here has a very magnetic look, just makes me keep looking at the photos, wanting to know more about it. Bottom line, I believe he made an OUTSTANDING choice to use her in his promotional material, and would not change a thing!

      Best of luck to you with this product and marketing campaign!

  • calool

    looks damn cool, i hope theres an equally insanely massive scope available πŸ˜€

    • The scope in that picture has a max magnification of 40, not sure if they make them larger than that. πŸ™‚

      – Damien

  • charles222

    Well, as long as you guys are building this, how about a functioning M41A? It is chambered for 5.56 according to some of the new Prometheus promotional material. :p

    • I wonder if we can machine an upper/lower/magazine around the .950 JDJ?


      • Charles222

        Well, the reasoning for clambering it for 5.56mm is that nowadays you could actually meet the onscreen 95-round magazine capacity. Fat chance of doing that in the original film’s ’10mm caseless’ or whatever .950 JDJ is.

  • I thought some of you might appreciate this e-mail I received this evening from someone:

    “I just wanted to let you know I checked out the link in your signature line and I like the concept. I broke my neck a couple of years ago (2007 I was 26) now my cervical spine is mostly metal and I can no longer shoot the heavier calibers.

    I put together something similiar for my AK47 to put some weight on the muzzle end to soak up the recoil so I can at least shoot something other than a rimfire without too much pain or motor function issues. Please let me know when this is avail. if you don’t mind. I’d love to get back behind a .308 rifle”

    This was sent via the forum. I never set out to make this project with this type of person in mind. Its uplifting to know it may possibly help some of our enthusiast shooters out there due to whatever has happened to them.

    Message made my night πŸ™‚

    – Damien

  • chaz

    I like it.

    For one… it just looks cool.

    Plus it being capable of doubling as a muzzle brake is also awesome.

    I want one.

  • You should head over to Amerigun USA if you have an idea and ask for Chris or Gary.

    They are the machine shop that took Project Titan from development to real world.

    I guess I should have clarified earlier, I myself am not a machinest – I am the developer and idea maker. Amerigun USA are the ones with the equipment and the know how.

    When I went looking for a ship I had two requirements;

    1. Access to the Equipment, Materials and Skill
    2. Already have a firm understanding of firearms.

    Much googling later I found these guys. Now we talk quite frequently. Great family owned and operated shop. Head over to their website to read up on them and see what all they can do. And you might want to consider speaking to them about your idea (aluminum can be done, just cost more)

    – Damien

    • Sorry that was a response to another poster.

      Dang no edit or delete option here? πŸ™

      – Damien

    • jdun1911

      How much did they charge for their services? How much did they charged for the creation of Titan?

      • Not sure if joking…

        – Damien

  • Mike Knox

    You know, with a forearm that big, you could fit a carbine or a shotgun as an under barrel secondary..

  • gcbailey

    I came across this website recently then saw your article. It’s called Center Balanced Systems. It may be the same company that made this gun.