Interview with GWACS, the new CAV-15 manufacturing

Dude of 80spodcastchannel has interviewed Shel Jones of GWACS ARMORY, the company that is brining the polymer CAV-15 AR-15 lower receivers back to market. He also answers questions that were posted in the comments on The Firearm Blog.

It is great to hear about the improvements they plan on making to future versions of the CAV-15. They are even thinking of reviving the glow-in-the-dark model.

Steve Johnson

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  • armed_partisan

    I want a glow in the dark one! It’s the perfect merging of my childhood interests with my grown up interests!

    • Shel was pretty stoked when we spoke off camera about a glow in the dark unit. He’s just gotta talk to the Design Teams to get the required strength levels and verify the units are up to their high standards.
      but, if it’s possible.. it’ll happen, Shel very much liked the idea.

      • Bagworm1

        Wouldn’t the zombies be able to find you in the dark then????? Sorry….

    • I would LOVE one. It could be a pretty neat safety feature. Being able to locate a rifle quickly in the dark could be useful in some situations.

      • Steve, there is some country’s that dont allow TRITIUM inserts on scopes. they refuse to allow ACOG’s and other technology, we enjoy here in the states.

        but, they do allow the glow in the dark plastics.

        you “charge” them with a flashlight before entering a situation and then they “glow” for a period before needing “recharging”. that, I can see as having some good potential for ‘knowing where it is, in a completely darkened room’.
        or, just for “fun”, they haven’t quite removed that from the human gene pool just yet.

      • Yeah, there were really times that we have to protect ourselves. Having a gun doesn’t mean that a your bad person, sometimes you need to have it to protect yourself. But you just really have to always bare in mind that it is not good to use it for a negative plan.

    • Spade

      I’d buy glow in the dark furniture in a heartbeat.

  • Another Engineer

    Most annoying Interviewer ever.

    • hey…. please get an interview with a NEW COMPANY,show me how it’s done.
      please, then do all the videography, audio editing, set up a working relationship with the firearms blog, THENnnnn…have the cojones to post it.
      please….I’m waiting…please break a major news story..
      aw that’s right, your ad hominem attacks are so much more illustrative.

    • I think Dude did a good job. Interviewing is not an easy skill. Lets not turn TFB into a hate-fest.

    • Actually the interviewer’s voice is annoying to the point I couldn’t listen to it after a couple minutes. I’m not saying I could better but it was hard to listen to. Besides, I already have three Cav Arms lowers so I don’t need anymore.

      • if you own three, why dont you tell everyone what you think of them..
        instead, you wasted the opportunity to make it a personal attack.

  • John Doe

    I hope they price it right so that I can fulfill my childhood dream of a rainbow AR-15. Plus, it would be cool at the range.

    • Shel stated price breaks on BOTH assembled and unassembled lowers
      hope that helps.

  • C3P0

    must have glow-in-dark. . .

    • Bob Z Moose

      Took the words right off my keyboard. I don’t know what possible purpose it would serve, but darn it, I need it.

    • DW

      Glow-in-the-dark Survival AR15? Hell YES!

  • Sam

    Delightfully flamboyant. Someday, I will weaken, and furniture that is not wood or black will find a place in my heart. On that day, I will return.

  • Jesse

    I desperately want one of the MKIII style stocks. I love my MKII but it’s just a bit too long. Give me that shortness and I will buy one right up.

  • Reverend Clint

    these stocks are screaming to be camo dipped. A nice full multicam stock would be cool.

  • Ian

    I could definitely go for that cream color. Or maybe a blue if it were a little less bright.

  • Lance

    Like the A1 set up looks cool. Your video inst working again.

  • tincankilla

    glow in the dark would be awesome, but so would some transparent plastics (even colored)!

    • tincankilla, Shel was telling me the other day thjat the clear plastics have major problems with lubes and cleaning supplies, it just flat out destroys them.

      but, it is something that has peaked his interest , and his engineering team is working on it, along with about a million OTHER behind the scenes.

      • JMD

        Even if transparent plastic lowers aren’t feasible as functional units, they’d be great as demonstration and instruction tools. Being able to look through the receiver to watch the parts move might be great for armorer classes, etc.,

      • JMD, I think Shel would consider that if there was SOME way to ensure a waiver or some other means or method of making it a NON firing teaching aid.
        great idea…

  • tommy2rs

    Lol…those colors make ’em look like Lego kit guns. Or a demented preschool show and tell exhibit.

  • Mike Knox

    Mmmmm, Candy Guns..

  • Spike.

    Same colour as the non licenced airsoft rifles over here in the UK !!

    • THAT is an avenue they havent thought of and I’ll be happy to share with them as a “NON GUN” airsoft ONLY unit.. great idea.

  • Sam Suggs

    if you want to arm a revolutionary force fine easy to produce and addeqete in every other way but for what we need today not tomorrow its just the elimination of some of the ar-15’s cusmumizability