Blackfeather M1A/M14 RS Aluminum Stock

A Canadian firm has developed a very sleek and sexy looking M14/M1A stock. The Blackfeather M1A/M14 RS Aluminum Stock allows the user to attached an AR-15 pistol grip and butt-stock of their choice. Multiple butt stock adapters will be available in the future, including a folding stock adapter.

The MSRP is $600.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sure Am

    As much as I love aluminum I think it is a bit too expensive for the benefit it provides.

    • Fenix

      Its cheaper and lighter than all of its counterparts, and it offers an accuracy gain through its adjustable op rod guide. what more do you want?

  • Nathaniel

    Guys… Stop adding weight to the M14. It’s not helping.

    • Brian P.

      It’s aluminum. It can’t be much heavier than the standard wood stock, if it’s even heavier at all.

      • Ian

        Wood is as heavy as aluminum now. Neat!

    • H2O MAN

      There is a 13.4 oz. weight difference between these two M14s as pictured.

    • H2O MAN

      believe the Comp M4 weighs about 13 ounces with the battery installed

  • Brian P.

    Aside from the rails, I’d love this.

    • I think the only fixed rail is the underrail. The others are optional.

  • adolf_stalinski

    Norinco M14 is available in Canada for around $400. Maybe the manufacturer thinks people will upgrade furniture

  • Rob D

    I’ll be ordering this defintely!! The norinco m1 is pretty heavy with the wood stock. anything to make it lighter is ok in my books..

  • spencer

    That’s funny I was just reading up on this stock for the first time yesterday.

  • Tyson Chandler

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that other pistol grip type M1A stocks, such as Sage EBR and J Allen are around $1,000 or more. If that is the case, I think that this would represent a real bargain. It looks great to boot.

    • Kevin

      no their not, troy mcs’s retail for around 500 and sage chassis go around 800, this is way over priced, compart it to the vltor

      • famamammas

        The SAGE EBR and Troy MCS are both relatively heavy.

      • Turfman

        We’re talking Canada. Because of the US State Dept and ITAR regs some stuff we can’t even get. The stuff we can get is typically $2-300 more than what you pay for it in the US. SAGE EBR stocks usually sell for $1000 on a good day. I had 2 and sold them used for $1100 each. The JAE goes about $800 used and the Troy, McMillan and Vltor are anywhere from 6-800 depending on who’s selling. New stuff we wait for months if it’s allowed into the country. The M14 guys up here go nuts for stuff like this and have the money to spend. There a re other sexy alternatives as well as the Blackfeather. M14Doc makes some great carbon fibre – high density polymer stocks, there’s a guy making Sage EBR clones AKMs I think. The Blackfeather is truly innovative and priced exactly right for our market. The M14 boys in Canada are going to eat it up. $500 is a great price for this stock.

  • Doug

    It would seem everybody that creates a new stock for the M1A thinks they need to price it at 1/3 or 1/2 the price of the gun (which is already expensive).

  • I can’t wait to get my Blackfeather RS. IMHO, it’s the most innovative
    new item to hit the M14/M1A market in many years… I am excited.

    • The new RS chassis with the ACE tube butt stock and pistol grip weighs in at 2.8 lbs. ~ this weight includes the proprietary op rod guide, the three removable picatinny rails & the monolithic bottom rail that are included with the chassis.

      A bone stock GI fiberglass stock weighs in at about 2.5 lbs without any rails.

  • Patrick

    Blackfeather M1A/M14 RS Aluminum Stock = I’m sexy and I know it!

  • Lance

    Looks cool but every one is making awesome Tactical stocks for M-14s now. I almost miss the wood-stocked ones there so handsome.

  • Nadnerbus

    I’ve got to say, that’s pretty sexy. It looks like it should be compatible with most scout rails that replace the upper hand guard. Install one of those with a clip guide picatiny rail and you have a pretty versatile setup for optics too.

    One suggestion. California is a pretty large market for M1As, but we cannot use pistol grips or other so-called evil features without a fixed magazine. A traditionally butt stocked version of this system may be a good seller here. You guys look like you have the eye for design to make such a setup look great.

    • Soless

      Someone will make a bullet button to use this just like the did for the AK. Problem solved.

      • Nadnerbus

        I’m sure there are already bullet buttons available, but part of the popularity of the M1A here is that it is a useful semi auto battle rifle that has no evil features (with approved muzzle break and no bayonet lug), therefor allowing un-neutered use of it, detachable magazine and all. It would be good to be able to keep that with this stock upgrade.

    • snmp

      You could make an special order for the stock spacer was compatible with stock like the stock of an REM 870, Mossberg 500 or Browning BAR Rifle …

  • Mike G

    Anyone know what kind of rear site that is in the video?

    • BombedCarnivore

      It’s a micro red dot mount made by the same company

  • Soless

    I would like to see the grip closer to the trigger guard. Personally, I don’t like that gap. I know it can be done.

    • I like the gap, it makes it easier to R&R the trigger group, much easier than on the Gen 1 Mod 1 SAGE EBR… it was very difficult to R&R a trigger group on that SAGE stock.

  • charles222

    Freaking nice. Does anyone sell just an M1A barreled action?

    • Tony


      • BombedCarnivore


    • Crocs Gunshop on GunBroker

  • Tony

    Heat dispersion after a few mags?

  • H2O MAN

    CQB-16 type SEI in a Blackfeather “RS” with a SHG and Aimpoint M4

  • Great news for US customers! The Blackfeather RS is shipping from the US – BATF paperwork is no longer required.