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  • Nathaniel

    I would certainly hope a direct blowback SMG could fire after being submerged.

  • Avery

    It looks like they’re using their offices as a “kill house” in the opening to that video. Even while people were working.

  • Ben

    Like the use of the Bourne Identity music.
    I’m not sure if 1050rpm is a good thing?

    • Jeff Smith

      Quick question about the water submersion test – How impressive is this test?

      I don’t mean that as a troll or anything like that, I just want to know if it’s really “THAT” surprising that the gun works. If you notice, it seems as if the person in the video lets the weapon drain out for a few seconds before he started firing. Is it that surprising that the gun works after being submerged in water and then drained?

      I have seen many, many videos showing “torture tests” where the operators toss an UNLOADED gun into water (or dirt in some cases with the dust cover closed) and then take it out and allow the gun to drain briefly before putting rounds through it. I can understand the danger of having a water plug in the barrel, but once that is drained, is there anything else keeping the firearm from operation properly?

      The only time I have been impressed by a similar video was a promo video for the HK 416. They show (what appeared to me to be) a direct gas impingement AR exploding after being fired without draining the barrel and the HK 416 performing the same test with now damage.

      Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but it just seems like common sense that the weapon would still work, even thought it is slightly wet.

      • Brian P.

        I’ve thought the same thing, actually. As for the unimpressive test you referenced, it sounds to me like you’re referencing Sig’s entry into the gas piston AR-15 market (I think it’s the SIG 516, or something). I was also impressed with HK’s video.

      • Chucky

        That AR you mentioned blew up not because it had water in the barrel but because it had water in the gas tube. Water is non-compressible and if you have a gun with a flooded gas system it results with excessive pressure when fired. Some guns can handle this excess pressure, some can’t. On direct blow back guns like the Uzi, it hardly matters at all.

      • Buzz

        Years before the army adopted the M-240 I saw a similar vid were the 240 was dropped in water. I asked why it had to be shook out and the FN rep told me the big danger was steam being blown in the gunners face.

      • Jeff Smith

        This is the video I was referring to.

        I understand the danger of firing a weapon that is filled with water, but is there any reason that a modern, good condition firearm shouldn’t fire after being in water and then being allowed to drain thoroughly? It just seems that it isn’t much of a “torture test.”

      • Jeff Smith

        Also, who, in their right mind, would perform that test, knowing that it would result in a catastrophic failure? That’s a little on the unsafe side….

    • AKMSF

      Just waiting for WMG to take down one of their videos someday…

  • Paul

    0:45 The hostages have been rescued!

    • bill

      Ah ha, like Counter-Strike!

  • Graham 1

    Is it just me, or does the “VIP protection” guy look like an enemy from one of those 90’s arcade shooters?

    • Bad Enough

      Are you a bad enough dude to consider making a bulk purchase of this weapon system for your law enforcement or paramilitary organization?

      • Graham 1

        I’ll consider it if we’re up against president kidnapping ninjas.

  • Brian P.

    Am I the only one who noticed the blatantly obvious typo in the video? “Designd”? Did they even bother to review this before publishing it?

    • Partizan1942

      no. its battleproven! 🙂

  • Lew

    TOO!! FEW!! EXCLAIMATION MARKS! AND CAPS! Seriously, our Izzie friends are losing the battle for the hearts/minds of us in the infarat…enfer…infele…the people who don’t read good and break nice things.

  • hmmm – ‘video removed by user’ – what gives?

    • Lemming

      Yeah that’s really odd, I was just watching it a few hours ago.

  • vyse.04 That is the new link for the video.

  • rick

    Damn, I wanted the underwater scene with the guy emerging from under water with 2 Uzis firing in slow motion. red head band, the hero screaming in slow mo.

    instead its just 1 guy running around- I couldn’t do this with a straight face.

  • Lance

    Your video has been removed. Overall the Uzi pro is a cool idea to make the Uzi as adaptable and modular SMG as the MP-5 can be. And its alot cheaper to make and sell.

  • Tim V

    They need to make a 5.7 version.

  • Tony

    The hand is so close to the muzzle end.

  • tincankilla

    it looks cool, but why not just a Glock 18 with a stock? Because they’re made in Germany?

    • DW

      Glock is Austrian.

      • Partizan1942

        austria still counts as 3rd reich germany during ww2

      • Partizan1942

        @ whoever rated me with thumbs down:
        this is not a matter of opinion it is a fact.

  • mslug94

    I saw some pictures of uzi pros using glock magwell…
    Did IWI officially abandoned that magwell?

  • hikerguy

    As usual, a very well done video from IWI to promote one of their products. There is no doubt that the UZI PRO has a certain coolness factor to it, and the design has decades of service in its favor.
    Despite the fact that SBRs for close quarter battle have all but replaced the SMG (including the Israeli’s own X-95 among them) the UZI still fills a niche requiring a very compact weapon system. The day of the SMG is not quite over yet.