Venezuela National Guard with Cx4 Storm

The Venezuela National Guard has adopted the Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine. My guess is that it is chambered in 9mm Luger (the Cx4 Storm is also available in .40 S&W and .45 ACP).

My initial reaction was that this is a strange choice of weapon for a reserve infantry unit, but after reading Wikipedia it makes more sense. The Venezuelan National Guard serve more in a gendarmerie / paramilitary police role than they do as a reserve infantry unit. The Cx4 Storm is a good law enforcement carbine.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nathaniel

    Good thing all those guys are cleanshaven. The CX4 loves to catch beards.

  • Vaarok

    Rather reminiscent of the Spanish Guardia Civil using the El Tigre in .44-40 and then the Destroyer Carbine in 9mm Largo, to have ammunition commonality with sidearms?

  • bima86

    this carbine is good, it could take down Cylons.

  • Cameron

    The CX4 fills the pistol-caliber carbine role quite well. Criticisms of the gun are usually criticisms of pistol-caliber carbines in general.

    Except for the beard-grabbing stock, which is an unfortunate problem. Hard to see how a company could foresee that particular issue, but hard for the bearded shooter, too.

  • Jeff

    Wonder why they didnt go with the MX4, no love for full auto?

    • bigwhiteyeti

      I think semi-auto is a common choice for police units. Collateral damage limitation is important if you’re using weapons around civilians, and removing the ability to go full auto is a good way to limit stray shots, particularly if the weapon users are not as highly trained as infantrymen.

      • Komrad

        You would think that they’d at least use the 30 round mags available, unless they just don’t have any mags in this picture.

      • bima86

        @komrad : this gun’s magazine is located at the pistol grip (like most modern pistols). and I think for the .45 caliber it could only hold up 8 rounds. and the 9mm only goes up to 10/15 rounds. it is pretty weird for a law enforcement agency to adopt a firearm like this.

      • Komrad

        I am aware of that, but there are 30 round extendo mags available that were originally developed for the Mx4 submachine gun. They’re available here in the states, so I’d expect them to be available to the Venezuelans too.
        It would seem odd if they only used 15 round mags unless they wanted all issued mags to be usable with a holster.

  • schizuki

    Too bad we can’t buy them new anymore.

    • Erik

      Yes you can… through any Beretta Direct Dealer.

      • schizuki

        Ah… Thanks. I was unaware of such a thing.

  • Too fragile for police use, I would think. I have known several people who had them break due to some plastic parts shearing off (mag catch, mostly)

  • Other Steve

    CX4s are just sooo ugly!

    Ballisticaly speaking the long ivilian style barrel on these makes no sense. I doubt very much they have a minimum barrel length requirement for a service weapon do what gives? Why not the short barrel? It’s like thy got these on a clearance sale.

    • David/Sharpie

      Um….no, ballistically speaking a long barrel is better, you get higher velocities because the powder can burn fully.

      Practically speaking a shorter barrel would be better for house searches etc

      • Paul

        Only true up to a point, & for a 9mm round that point is not VERY long. Once the charge is burned fully, a longer barrel will actually start to SLOW the round.

      • David/Sharpie

        Yes but how long would it take for it to start slowing down with a 9mm?

        This barrel is 16.6 inches, a 12 inch barrel would make velocity decrease.

        Maybe 25 inches or more with a 9mm

      • Jeff M

        Practically speaking if you’re going to have a barrel that long you might as well use a rifle caliber and get some real ballistics, not 9mm+ performance.

  • jaekelopterus

    The Storm is obviously an assault rifle. California’s government says so.

  • Mike Knox

    A pistol carbine as Standard Issue? I kind of feel sad for them..

  • Never mind the small redicule of this blog .let’s take a look at reality! Oh wait a minute ,I just realized Chavez poses a threat to our sovereign security. What the ?+?>,you kidding! with these peons at the helm!

    • a latino loving fucker at best!

      • Komrad

        You seem bitter about Latinos. Also, “Latino loving” isn’t exactly a far cry from “nigger lover.”

  • Lance

    That’s kinda sad. With all the AKMs or MP-5s which are select fire available for Government troops they choose a civilian long barreled 9mm carbine. That’s weird to me. Nothing wrong against it but just weird.

    • Luis Peña

      The CX-4 was chosen on legal basis more than on a practical issue. In Venezuela the Ak-103 used by the armed forces is considered a war weapon. The National guard in Venezuela is not like the one in the US. They do more like a police type of work taking care of customs, oil installations and the like. They are the ones that have to act when there are demonstrations.
      When working together with the police the venezuelan law prohibits them to use a war weapon as the AKs (or previously LARs). They needed a smaller caliber and function so there you have an italian weapon.
      Maybe an MP5 should have been a better choice, but them again in Venezuela is suffering the US veto that restrict somehow the purchase of western weapons. Specially those made by US makers or foreign enterprises closely related to the USA

  • Jason in Iowa

    Like bima says, I think the guy in charge of purchasing for that outfit is a Battlestar Galactica fan. Look out for CZ Scorpions to be their official pistol, and maybe a Calico .22 training pistol. Heh.

  • John Doe

    See that black body covering thing? It means it’s fully automatic. See how it’s designed for a human can hold it? It’s an indiscriminate killing machine.

    Don’t even get us started on how it’s designed to hold bullets.


  • dave

    Why muck with tradition?
    Communist=ak47 or maybe a CZ vz for lighter weight.

    When I went to cuba, it was funny to see all the “good guys” on the news- Chavez, kim jong il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Chinese- they all use Ak’s why can’t venezuela?

    I am sure they can get a buddy deal from china’s Norinco.

    BTW put out a hell of a great 1911 frame- toughest frame I ever had.

    • charles222

      Venezuela’s army issues the AK, iirc.

    • Partizan1942

      Clearly the intention was to give them a smg caliber weapon.

    • Jeff M

      In these countries it’s important that the lesser forces are capable of being outgunned by the superior forces, who get paid more and are more loyal to the head honcho. The police get batons, right?

  • dan

    Uhh whats with beretta supplying countries unfriendly to the U.S. ? kinda lame.

    • charles222

      Welcome to the lovely notion of capitalist democracies, where companies from other nations may sell to whomever they like.

    • Samopal

      Well considering that Beretta is Italian, I don’t think they care much.

    • MAtt

      Venezuela is the 4th source of US imported Oils…

      Stop buying their oil then !!

    • Partizan1942

      Democracy and capitalism sucks when guys that the us does not like get elected?
      Capitalism sucks when other countries take away us business?
      Are you saying that democracy and capitalism is only cool untill thing is the world work like you want them to work?

    • David/Sharpie

      Beretta is an Italian company……

  • Esh325

    A lot of people think SMG’s/pistol caliber carbines are obsolete for practical purposes, but they still have certain qualities that assault rifles do not possess. PDW’s are an option, but their ammo is not really standard at all.

  • Charlie

    Just like my Hi-Point carbines in similar calibers but a fraction of the price and US made. Fine for police work. You can even buy an aftermarket stock and pretend it’s a Storm if you want, but why bother.

    • Samopal

      I think most people choose the CX4 over the Hi-Point carbine for the better trigger, build quality, and magazine capacity, availability and compatibility with Beretta pistols.

      • Kdawg

        Not to mention the ambidextrous capabilities of the CX4: left-side eject, ambi mag release, safety, and charging handle.

  • Charlie

    That’s exactly why I bought my Hi-Point carbines, because of the compatibility with my Hi-Point pistols and I’ve never had any problem with the triggers. All six were purchased for the price of one Storm and one Baretta hand gun and since I don’t belong to a SWAT team or a para-military outfit, I really don’t need higher capacity magazines. I have my Springfield XM or Glock if I want higher round capacity but they are no more fun than my Hi-Points nor in my experience, more reliable. Lifetime guarantee. The only better guarantee is on my XM which instead of being fixed will be replaced if any thing goes wrong, but then I’ve never had a problem with any othe them.

  • Luis Peña

    “My guess is that it is chambered in 9mm Luger (the Cx4 Storm is also available in .40 S&W and .45 ACP).”
    Do not guess, those are indeed 9mm

  • Charlie

    Jeff M

    Heckler&Koch, Colt and Uzi seem to think the 9mm is practical enough for their carbines. After all, these are basically self defense weapons not battle rifles.