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  • Yves

    You have the money, you the time and you have the titanium but you will not have not customers…

    • Yves

      have the time*
      (maybe i don´t have the grammar)

  • Other Steve

    In before some idoiot here uses the word: lightweight… Yea, Ti is heavier than the aluminum most of these parts are replacing.

    Also, Nemo is a start up and this is just a technology example not a real product. The $100,000 part is just to get their name in blogs… Oh look, it’s working.

  • Quintin

    Taking a look at their site:

    8.65 lbs, unloaded with no magazine, optics or sights
    35.75” Long, Collapsed, 39” Extended

    I’m not sure what the Titanium gets ya.

    • Quintin

      [Ti]ONE // Production
      Titanium .308 Battle Rifle

      Retail: $49,789

      You can have 2 for 1

    • it’s gets you Forged Steel Strength levels and weight penalty of 5/8’ths steel and closer to alloy receivers and aerospace metal technology..
      good stuff, painful purchase price

  • Reverend Clint

    i have a feeling the guys at NEMO all drive lifted trucks

    • jaekelopterus

      @ Rev Clint
      This rifle should come with a rail mount for a set of truck nutz.


    It’s barely interesting.

  • great..
    a Mercedes/Lambo AR-15, dont see a reason…but then again if somebody is willing to pay for it..
    go fer it

  • PCP

    Ti is an excellent engineering material but not ideal for the use in firearms, at least on this kind of application. Al and composites are more suitable. If they experimented with carbotanium, sandwiches and other fancy stuff I would be impressed. They don’t need the structural strength of Ti so they could have made finer walls and consequently made the rifle lighter than an Al one. They also could at least have made a monolithic upper.

    • Other Steve

      T be fair, what Ti does get you is the potential to go thinner wall thickness than the same strength aluminum part. However on an AR this makes no sense because all the parts need to be the same size as the aluminum version.

  • Lex

    I’m sure there are cheaper, more effective designs but damn if that isn’t a neat looking gun. Not $100000 of cool, though.

  • charles222

    Wow, from the look of that thing…does it form knives and stabbing weapons?

    • Nadnerbus

      “Guns have explosives, moving parts. It doesn’t work that way.”

      Use your best Bavarian accent.

  • mike

    For a $100,000 gun, you’d think they could do better than a $50 Magpul MOE stock.

    • mike

      Wow. Nevermind, their website says it comes with a Choate.

  • Lemming

    I’ll take four.

  • BLG

    What’s next, an AR machined from solid gold with blood diamond bling and rare amazon rainforest wood?

    • John Doe

      The stock is made of salt from the dried tears of Ugandan orphans. And the glass on the optic is salt boiled from the blood of baby elephant seals.

  • MrMaigo

    Those must be smudges on there… there’s no way they were too lazy to polish it up. Should be bead blasted anyway.

    • Jeff Smith


      I’m not sure those are smudges. It seems like they would have polished the hell out of it before publicity photos.

  • John Doe

    $100,000 AR- $30 Magpul grip?

    We’ve been trolled.

  • Scott_T

    well, if I had a cnc and a block of titanium I’d only have to sell one and I’d be set for a long while at those prices.

  • Sian

    Wow just.. zero advantage to the lower and rails being made of titanium. What’s the purpose here? Showing off your Ti machining skills?

    • bigwhiteyeti

      Pretty much. If it had been something tasteful like bronze and wood I can at least see the fun in it. But this? It might as well be stainless steel for all the good looks it has, and it doesn’t shoot any better.

  • Mu

    Cute, but probably a safe queen. Titanium on titanium has issues with galling and cold welding, and titanium on aluminum makes for a great galvanic element when wet.

  • Mike Knox

    The only thing stopping me from getting one of these is: what for?

  • Jeff Smith

    For the price, I would rather have a 2013 Corvette (MSRP +/- $55,000) and 50 good quality AR-15s. I’m pretty sure you could get a decent discount if you bought 50 ARs at the same time.

    If you’re a gun nerd like me, this does lead to a good question: What guns would you buy with $100,000?

    • Komrad

      One thousand Mosin Nagants of course.

  • AR

    What’s the MOA guarantee, sub-MOA?

    • Brian


  • farmboy7.62

    Worst material for an Ar-15. I hope the person that buys it does not install a suppressor. That receiver will be destroyed.

  • endlessss

    if I had 100 grand layin around to spend, I’d buy a porshe =/ (only cause I couldn’t buy a ferrari) and 6 regular ars

  • Lance

    And I thought regular mil-spec AR where over priced! This weapon should come with a life time supply of Federal 168gr Match-King ammo with it for that price..

  • James

    If I somehow had that much money lying around, I would buy 2 and hang them above my fireplace in my mansion I would obviously be living in.

  • charles222

    Seems like the main benefit to having titanium in the design would be heat resistance; that’s why there’s so much in the SR-71 Blackbird which, to my understanding, is a few technological levels above the AR-15. :p

  • Paul

    It’s sorta pretty, but I’d never pay that for a gun that is going to self corrode by sheer virtue of the titanium being in constant contact with aluminum and/or steel. For that price, I’d much rather have a Cadillac CTS-V and all the AR parts I could buy, I’ll put together my own and I’m sure they’ll be around longer than one of these.

  • DRod

    100k?! Yeah… I’m sure they’re nice guys. But for 100k, it better know how to plant tulips… In the bedroom.

  • Holy Smokes

    It’s available for $49,789 according to their website. [1]

    1. ^

    • Logan

      lol Already on clearance

  • Darrel

    Ha, yeah, no. It’s ugly as sin, and I can’t imagine it offers that much over aluminium. I’d rather have a machine gun if I’m going to be spending that much.

  • tincankilla

    who says AR manufacturers have been gouging the public by inflating the cost of parts and rifles? clearly, they’re barely getting by….

  • I’ll start getting interested in $100,000 AR-15s when they come with built-in iPod sound docks, killer subwoofers, tactical web-browser with built-in wifi modems, GPS locators, helicopter-type propulsion systems enabling the rifle to autonomously fly to your hands in the field, and a fancy British-voiced onboard AI to manage all such above functions.

    And a cupholder. For kegs.

    I know you’re listening, Mossberg.

  • Beaumont

    I bought a Ti firearm a few years ago, and paid roughly $95,400 less than their asking price. Not a direct comparison, since it isn’t an AR.

  • Gordon Smith

    The gun looks beautiful, but who would really ever want an all Titanium AR10 in 300 Win Mag? Maybe Donald Trump or Larry Vickers who hosts TAC=TV!

    I heard that it actually weights more than a standard AR10 made of 7075 Aluminum I wonder what is shoots like? Is it a Sub-MOA gun? Is it a Piston gun or a gas impingement rifle? For that kind of $$$ it better be some sweet shooting piston gun? Right now I here that there isn’t any .300 Win Mag Magazines to use in the gun and that they are currently working to get the mags finished in a polymer like the Magpul’s Mags in .308!

    If it all works out and they don’t have too many bug to iron out it will be a real shooter for a AR10 sized weapon. Look at the Trajectory of the 30 win mag compared to the .308 & the 30-06! No comparison, as the 300 shoots so much straighter and faster ands for a lot less $$ than the .338 Lapua. Brass is easy to find and all .30 caliber bullets will work!

  • john

    this is the “golden AK-47” for the free world.

  • tyd

    This just seems like an all-around bad idea. As strong as titanium is, it actually has a lot of give to it, which is why it can take a lot of punishment without breaking, so I can’t imagine this rifle is going to exactly be a tack driver, the metal receiver will shake like jell-o when fired. Why would you not just make this with carbon fibre? Infuse it with Ti or a Ti-Ceramic if you have to to make it ridiculously expensive, but there are any number of supermaterials which would be lighter, stiffer, and all around more functional…

    • JMD

      The material properties of titanium in respect to their use in firearms is not relevant. It’s a demonstration piece, to show off their manufacturing capabilities. It could just as easily have been any other complicated thing, but it just happens to be a rifle. I think you missed the point.

    • PCP

      Considering how a firearm actually works, specially an auto-loading, I doubt the kind of vibrations you’re talking about will be an issue. But let’s say they were, it would be worse than Al and composites but still better than steel. Just takes Ti frame bicycles as an example.

      I also doubt they did it to display their machining abilities or even to say “we can do it”, otherwise their finishing and overall design would be much more refined. It is more like…
      Bored Engineer#1: Dude!
      Bored Engineer#2: What?
      BE#1: A titanium Ar would be a lot cooler than an aluminium one, don’t you think?
      BE#2: AluminUm… but yeah. Totally!
      BE#1: Ok let’s do it. I will pick a slab of Ti and you some beers. Let’s have a talk with the PR guy and the bean counter. Maybe we can convince then about that G11 clone too…
      Unfortunately our two brave engineers got only a Pyrrhic victory in their drunken endeavor towards the unknown.

  • West

    Somebody should tell them that Saddam Hussein is dead.

    No customer base.

    • Village Tinker

      Sadam is dead but Hussien is still a threat.

  • JimS

    Good publicity stunt. Looks like it worked.

  • SouthpawByNW

    Looks to me like the DeLorean of ARs. Overpriced, but looks cool. Just needs a flux capacitor and the price would be justified.

  • JMD

    Am I the only person who understands that they did this to demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities? Who cares how the rifle performs? That’s not what this is about. It’s about their outstanding ability to machine titanium, which is apparently not easy to do well. Good grief.

    • Kalispell Boy

      SI Defense machines all their stuff, they put them together and put their name and PRICE TAG on the product. I held this gun in their showroom, it was nothing special, actually heavy, and a waste of money for a glorified SI Defense..

      • Dash

        Which is EXACTLY what the guy stated in this video as he said “ridiculously impractical for the end user.”

  • Carver

    Ahhh a tool for a tool…

  • Despite the general attitude about this gun, I am strangely attracted to “ridiculous” guns.

  • JohnB

    It’s almost like not a single commenter actually watched the video.

  • Uber Bob

    A titanium upper might be a good idea but having a titanium lower is just going to increase cost and weight.

    • Kalispellboy

      Don’t buy a $100,000.00 AR, but 100,000 $1000.00 AR’s hook them all together “Via one string as to fire in unison.” and fight a war all by your damn self…

  • Al Ferrara

    Awesome demonstration of your ability to finesse a production medium that’s decidedly a challenge to dice and slice. Kudos NEMO! Too bad the crayon-weilding commentators don’t get it… even when it’s presented in sound and video! Jeez, they didn’t even have to READ. Sad, sad comment on the general low I.Q. of this generation’s gun-weilding populace! OH SHIT! It just dawned on me that these guys are gonna be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us (armed,) when the country finally realizes O’Bama manipulated the election’s results and we start that long-overdue 2nd Civil War!

    • Mike Knox

      Does your mommy know you’re on the internet?

  • J.J

    apparently it costs over 90,000 dollars to machine a rifle out of what is basically no more than 300 dollars of titanium just something heavier than what you began with.

    • J.J

      *to get

  • LM

    Not very impressive. There are many materials that are much harder to machine than titanium. If it was wire edm inconel, then I would be impressed. Cad cam software, cnc machines, and coated tooling make machining titanium old hat. I would be more impressed if it was 316 stainless.

    There are also more corrosion resistant alloys that cost more money. Anything nickel based.

    Just my $.02