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  • Charles222

    Well, it looks sinpler than other AR mag couplers Ive used, but IMO single mags+flared magwell stomp strapping an extra mag where it could potentially get damaged.

  • Charles222

    FWIW, in their last big release year (2010) pretty much everything they released was focused on either reducing weight (MOE) or improving handling (the AFG2 and a couple other foregrips). Perhaps a new PMAG (last werk iirc) and now a mag coupler are pointing for magpul to be focusing on increasing firepower this year, AKA PMAG40 and the quadstack?

  • Josh B

    What happened to good old fashioned duct tape, one roll for five bucks, and I can couple 100mags together. Wait if people are willing to shell out 17.95, for this, I have a new business idea.

    • AKMSF

      Remember what Magpul started making? Little rubber Magazine Pulls that did exactly the same thing that 550 cord and duct tape do just fine…doesn’t seem to have stopped them from making millions of dollars. People love buying little stupid greeblies, especially when they’re under $20. Sell a lot of cheap greeblies, and you make millions.

      • Tuulos

        While duct tape is cheaper and more plentiful, I personally prefer solutions that doesn’t make mags all sticky.

      • Mike Knox

        Gaffer/Duct Tape adhesive residue? WD-40 takes care of that. Just don’t drink it..

  • Nater

    I was under the impression that these couplers would only work with the new third generation PMAGs. Apparently, I was wrong. It’d be kind of dumb for Magpul to release a new coupler without the corresponding magazine to go with it.

    I do wish they’d hurry up and get the M3 magazines out. I’m in the market for another ten plastic mags once I finish stocking up on NHMTG aluminum mags and a pair of Surefire 60-round quad stacks.

  • Leonard

    I bet this will also work with the OA (Oberland Arms) magazines you blogged about last month or so. Would be handy, because that’s the only kind of “P-MAGS” we get in Germany…

  • Mike Knox

    Why buy a $18 magazine clamp when you can just make one by bending some steel sheet cuttings and a nut and bolt for free. Yay magpul!!

  • Ian

    Um…Rubber cement?

    • Flounder


  • Lance

    Looks cool but way over price. A CAA mag coupler works and is way less expensive.

  • Paul

    Magpul is the Apple of the gun world. You’re paying for design even though products at half the price or less can do the same things just as well or better. Not faulting them for that at all… great marketing, awesome entrepreneurial spirit; that is, after all, the American way, yes?

    • Nater

      I’d vote for a company like Larue or Knight’s Armament being the Apple of the firearms world. They make good products, albeit expensive ones, but sometimes their fanboys are a bit on the extreme side.

  • John Doe

    Only Magpul could sell you a lump of plastic for 18 bucks.

    “It may do the same as some duct tape, but duct tape won’t ever be as good, because it isn’t Magpul!”

    • Mike Knox

      Right on, you can make more than one mag link with a roll of gaffer/duct tape for less the price. Seriously magpul, up yours..

      • american superiority

        you better up yourself mike, you go fuck yourself by the orbit of jupiter !

      • Mike Knox

        Could you repeat that? I don’t speak ‘retard’..

  • This gizmo is for all you Magpul junkies that need your daily fix in order to feel special.

  • Duray

    If your rifle’s fully automatic, I can certainly see wanting the 2nd mag. For the rest of us on semi-auto, the preoccupation with mag capacity seems pretty silly, as in “Darn, I missed him the first 30 times! Luckily I can miss him 30 more times in the blink of an eye!” Think about it…Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, ,bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang….that’s a lot of individual shots not hitting anything before you need to worry about that second box and a half of ammo strapped to the mag you just emptied.

    • Nater

      Someone is breaking into your house to kill your kids and rape your wife.

      Do you want less ammunition?

      • Rob

        Yea cause thats a rational fear.

      • Nater

        Oh, that’s not even mentioning 3-gun and assault rifle competition. That’s another thing, people’s mental picture as to what constitutes sporting or competition use of firearms is usually very dated. Before too long, if it hasn’t happened already, more people will be shooting the more action oriented competitions than traditional matches like NRA Service Rifle and High Power.

      • Duray

        No, Nater, I can’t imagine filling my house and neighborhood with 30 rounds of 5.56 and still not have taken care of whatever went bump in the night. My bedstand gun is a 6-shooter. If it were a semi-auto carbine, I’d probably keep a 20 rd mag in it. Light weight, and compact. That’s my preference. As for the various competitions you mentioned, I don’t think of an M4 as “sporting equipment.” My post was referring to practical uses, not games. You might use a go-kart or drag racer for competition, but I’m not going to run to Menards in one. Some people like drums and quad-stacks and all that, and that’s perfectly fine. I’m just trying to keep things in perspective from a practical standpoint.

    • Nater

      It happens. It’s been a couple years ago, but where I live a person or group of people broke into a house and killed seven people, three of them children, during a robbery.

      The point is, the people that ask “why do you need x amount of ammunition?” aren’t asking the right question. The right question is “how much ammunition can I carry on my firearm without obstructing its use in any way?” You’re not going to be slapping on a chest rig or battle belt in the middle of the night. What is on the gun is what you’re going to have, might as well make the most of it.

    • Nater

      You do realize that with something like M193 that the bullet is going to frag once it hits a light intermediate barrier like a wall? It’s less likely to punch through walls and injure neighbors than most service pistol calibers and buckshot or slugs.

      You’re not going to be counting rounds in a defensive gun use situation. People shoot until the other person stops moving. How many rounds is that going to be? Seven? Eight? Hard to tell. Then, assuming a typical home invasion scenario, you have at least another guy to deal with and he’s probably armed (just like the first guy).

      Like I said, no one in history has thought in the middle of a gunfight “I have way too much ammunition”. It’s much better to be too prepared than not enough. People can obviously take this too far, but basing planning around some of the more egregious home invasion robberies in recent history isn’t beyond reasonable.

      Don’t base your performance expectations around what you can do on a flat range against paper when you’re wide awake, either. Even shooting performance of the best SOF guys drops substantially under stress. How well do you think you’re going to shoot when you’re scared shitless, freshly awake, with an adrenaline dump and it’s dark? Not very well.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Yay! So now I can link two 20rd pmags together to get the mythical 40rd pmag! Finally! I can stop holding my breath!

  • John D

    Never know when this can come in handy. Why is everyone complaining about 18 bucks? are you kidding me..

    • Why is everybody complaining that they cost $18?! Because there’s probably not 50 cents worth of plastic there, and about 38 cents worth of machine screws and nuts!!

      I don’t know how many mold cavities they run, but the parts aren’t that big, so they can probably run an 6 cavity mold in a machine big enough to run 2 cavity mag body molds. It looks like there are 2 different molded pieces, but I would think that they can run a few hundred parts an hour pretty easy with almost no supervision, just letting the machines run.

      The ladder rail covers are way too expensive too.

      • Nater

        You know what it costs to design, build, and test polymer molds? How much Magpul pays it’s employees? How much money they have invested in their equipment?

        People bitch about stuff not being made in the US, then when it is they bitch about the price. If it’s made here, it’s going to be more expensive, end of story.

  • ThomasL

    This is a pretty specialized gadget.

    PMAGs need to be stored with the little clip thing on them or the lips will deform, at the very least if the magazine is not in a gun.

    This gadget is all about quick access to more ammunition; but you’ll need to take the clips off both magazines first, which is the opposite of quick access.

    Maybe for competition or for SWAT teams or something (not that the idea of SWAT teams loading up on ready ammunition makes me warm and fuzzy)…

    • Nater

      PMAG feed lips don’t generally deform if you don’t have the dust cover on them. I don’t believe anyone has ever done any scientific testing on them with regards to this, but people have left them loaded for years without the dust cover on, with no ill effects. I left several non Rev-M windowed FDE PMAG, loaded for two years without issue. I fired the 28 rounds that were in them and have been using them in regular rotation since then. The FDE mags are supposedly the weakest.

  • Bill J.

    I agree the poster who stated what you have on your gun is what you have. More than likely you wont be strapping on a vest or belt. Why be under armed – which you might be should Murphy’s Law cause your “failproof Magpul” primary mag to malfunction of course at the most inopportune moment. You may have seen the YouTube vid where a homeowner spotted a carload of bad guys pull up in his drive and pile out running towards his front door armed with what appeared to be AK’s and Saigas. It went down fast and I would venture to say that the homeowners first mag was empty or near empty by the time he had (fortunately) sucessfully repelled their attack.
    Duray, you might want to reconsider your statements “I can’t imagine..” and what might be considered “Practical”.

    • Nater

      You have a link to this video? I’ve never heard of it.

  • Geo

    I found a promag coupler in my local shops used bin for a dollar. Winning.