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  • bigwhiteyeti

    Wow, I went to school with this guy just a couple of years ago! I know he’s been internet-famous for a while, but it’s amazing to see him in print now. Good bloke, and an amazing Lego engineer.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I want the Enfield so bad.

  • JonMac

    Minor gripe, but the Jungle Carbine is pretty much the opposite of a sniper rifle.

    Otherwise, just amazing work.

    • Logan

      Ya I don’t think the accuracy is there, I don’t think it will drop a deer at 200 yards like my real Enfield…… What a crock.

      • Michael

        My Enfield No5 Jungle carbine works great. Very similar to the new Ruger Scout Rifle
        Lets have a new rifle in 303 British

  • Zach

    Wow, that’s a pretty cool LEGO AKS-74U

  • schizuki

    Just a head’s up – the BATF is working on a ruling that the possession of Legos will remain uncontrolled, but that assembling them into a PFPBCW (Projectile-Firing Plastic-Brick-Construction Weapon) will require a $75 tax stamp, fingerprints, and a letter of notification to your local chief of police.

    Additionally, the TSA has added Legos to its list of banned items.

    In an related story, two INS agents were severely injured when they awoke and stepped on Legos left on their bedroom floor as caltrops by a Mexican drug cartel. When asked to comment, Attorney General Eric Holder said, “I know nothing about any red Legos finding their way into Mexico.” When asked how he knew what color they were, he added, “Shut up.”

    • JonMac

      You joke, but technically speaking if I were to make one of these in the UK using black bricks, I would be breaking the law. Seriously.

  • John Doe

    This is a talented young man. Someone get him a scholarship to an engineering school!

    In other news, California now passed a law outlawing Legos. They could be used to create projectile weapons, rapidly spraying indiscriminate waves of plastic bricks into large crowds from long distances.

  • Lance

    John Dow nailed it now that Californians have a way to make guns for fun the dingbats in Sacramento will move to ban them and all Lego blocks there too deadly for civilian ownership.

    Otherwise that’s one cool AK-74SU like the fact you can build your own airsoft now. LOL

  • Komrad

    I’d think that a brick with a smooth plate (not sure on terminology) would make for better ammo and reliability than the simple bricks loaded alternating upside down and right side up, but I didn’t write the book on it.

  • Ben

    Very talented guy, I think the Lee enfield is great. Probably works just as well as my no.4 mk1. Good to see young people able to apply themselves to something

  • Tuulos

    Thanks for the heads up Steve, I just ordered one. Now I just need to raid the Lego box at my parents’ home.

  • northor

    works better than an mg3 firing plastic blanks!

    • The honesty of your positng shines through

  • Abdoh

    Is the bricks included with the LEGO HEAVY WEAPONS