AR-15 rifles and parts out of stock

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I have never seen it this bad. Check out the “out of stock” situation on the below examples:
Bravo Company upper receivers. Out of stock on 10 out of 11 uppers: Link

Bravo Company complete uppers: link

LMT is 20 weeks backordered on their 16″ upper: Link

Most rifles at LMT are backordered up to 20 weeks: Link

Rainer Arms is “out of stock” on more than half of their complete upper models: Link

Noveske is “out of stock” on nearly every upper they offer: Link

Most complete uppers are “out of stock” at DSG Arms: Link

AIM “sold out” on uppers: Link

AIM “sold out” on complete upper: Link

This is just a few examples. If you check other sites you’ll find similar situations.

Expect this craziness until at least November. If the Obama wins, expect it to get worse.

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    yeah i noticed this as well while trying to find parts for a 7.62×39 ar build

  • Joseph

    Would it be reasonable to say that maybe gun stores get priority due to the fact gun stores are important? I mean, if all major sales go direct from the web then family owned places get shut down.

    • Tim V

      No gun stores should not get priority. They need to adjust their business model and make money on the transfers and accesories. Small businesses that to not evolve to the current internet shopping environment will eventually die.

      That being said if a gun store existed in my area that could offer me the same price or less then the internet plus the shipping and transfer cost then i would be a regular, but every store i see has 30-40% markups to internet store fronts or gun broker.

      • Joseph

        It’s a good opinion, and although as consumers we should be smart there does seem to be an importance to gun stores in the on-ward motion of the gun culture we are finally getting back in America. I fully agree that the fact we can purchase better on the web, but, alas, the gun stores have connections. The market will suit itself some times.

      • Cymond

        The mark-up at some stores is extreme, but my favorite store back home was pretty good. Whenever I was about to buy something, I did a price comparison and their shop price usually meet or beat the internet price + shipping + $35 fee.

        Also, we must remember that there is some value in a place where we can go to actually hold what we’re contemplating purchasing. I chose one handgun over a similar model based on feel, which is something the internet can’t give me. It sucks, but gun stores have over head, and they’re probably paying interest on all of that expensive inventory. 40% seems awfully high, but we should expect and accept some level of mark up for anything they keep in stock.

  • Nadnerbus

    Been meaning to pick up a lower for another build one of these days when I get the money. Guess I might have to put it off for a while.

    I don’t know that I believe that the President has any real plans to ban guns, with so much else that is pressing. But then, these have been extraordinary times for the last ten years, I’m not sure what to expect anymore.

    Even if Obama is reelected, I don’t think he will have a Congress that is in a big hurry to put anti-gun legislation on his desk even if he wants it.

    • Brian in Seattle

      You don’t need Congress when you can issue Executive Orders.

      • Finch

        You dont know how am executive orders work


    • Reverend Clint

      why would he do it and how would it help anybody win elections… thats what you have to ask yourself.

      • Gunned-up

        Totally agree. It doesn’t do him any good! The only Federal gun laws that have changed now allow you to bring a gun into a National park or monument. That’s a win. Before anybody starts saying what might or might not happen due to panic, let’s be men of honor and agree- if it isn’t a fact, a provable fact, we shouldn’t say it’s a fact.

        And yes, yep, Fast And Furious, I know. NOT Federal law, though, and it appears to be a dumb idea that got tragically dumber. Iran/Contra for the other side: good intentions, but…

      • jdun1911

        The fear is about if he wins. What would Obama do in his second term?

  • Stella

    Barack Obama is the greatest friend the gun industry has ever known: no one has sold so many guns at such outrageous prices. Step out of the doom bunkers; remove the tinfoil caps: Obama or Romney, the sun will rise come the day after the election!

    Gun rights advocates win legal victory after legal victory and gun control is becoming as much of a third rail of American politics as social security reform. Yet the idea that somehow, via fiat no less, a new AWB or the like would magically come into law is regularly promulgated. Are we, firearm enthusiasts, the most histrionic and paranoid group in the US?

    Please, lets not do the $2000 Colt 6920 thing again. I want one of those BCM mid-lengths next month.

    • jaekelopterus

      For the last four years, Obama has put forward no gun control legislation. He hasn’t even mentioned it. The only change at the federal level that I’m aware of is that it is now legal to open carry in national parks.

      All of the histrionics are coming straight from the NRA and the lobbyists that represent firearm manufactures from across the globe. Paul Barrett, who wrote the book “Glock: The Rise Of America’s Gun” says of the NRA;

      “The NRA, for my dollar, is the most effective lobbying organization in Washington, period, end of story. They are able not only to, at this point, block any new gun control at the federal level, there’s—nothing is happening, nothing is going to happen any time in the future—but they also have the ability to activate their members at the local level to operate in individual states to knock down congressmen who defy them and potentially to create problems, for example, in the 2012 presidential election for President Obama. I mean, it’s a real question whether, in certain key states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, which are swing states but also big gun states, big hunting states, whether he’ll have a problem with NRA activists at the grassroots level. They’re very effective.”

      My two cents: Obama lacks the strength to stand up to Rupert Murdoch even in light of the wiretapping scandal. Meanwhile, the NRA is able to stir up its constituents almost as if it were a religious organization. I don’t foresee Obama moving against the NRA any time soon.

      • Sian

        “I don’t foresee Obama moving against the NRA any time soon.”

        not until after the election, anyway.

    • Leonard

      @Stella: Excellent comment. Especially this:
      “Are we, firearm enthusiasts, the most histrionic and paranoid group in the US?”
      I think that’s the way a lot of people in the media and in politics would like to view you. But please don’t act in accordance with their views! Show them that gun enthusiasts can be open-minded, relaxed, level-headed people just like anyone else (here in Europe we could use the word “liberal” to describe some of that, but in the US it means something totally different for some reason…).

      As a fellow firearms enthusiast from Europe, I advise you not to fall for the medias tricks: They provoke you, and then any over-reaction on your part will be used against you to “confirm” their initial provocation.

    • Nadnerbus

      At my local gun store, one of the more Old Boy type places, they have a presidential photo of Obama above the door. Their reasoning: He has done more for their business than any other person, ever.

      The suspicion of the Democrat party in general and President Obama in particular is not unnatural. They are, through much rhetoric and past actions, not usually friends of the right to keep and bear arms. But the hysteria is out of all proportion to the likelihood of anything happening.

  • H. L.

    Y’all are right in that he hasn’t made any mention of putting forth any legislation, but the first term is all about getting reelected. The second term is all about a Presidents legacy.
    No doubt the fear of what could happen helps to fan sales and inflate prices. Part of what we’re seeing is those who had thought about owning a black rifle, but we’re on the fence suddenly decided to act on it. Like everyone going to the checkout line at the same time, following the herd.

    • charles222

      Oh, BS. President Clinton pushed the AWB through in his first term. President Johnson signed the Gun Control Act in his first term. President Roosevelt signed the NFA in his first term. President Obama took on the very politically unpopular health-care act in his first six months, and alienated a pretty fair part of his base keeping Bush Administration anti-terrorism measures in place and even strengthening/widening some of them. His first term has hardly been about “getting reelected”; if it were, we wouldn’t even be thinking about health care until next year sometime.

  • John Doe

    I’m okay with Obama. In his term, he hasn’t messed around with any gun laws and doesn’t seem to be interested in doing so.

    • Sian

      He’s interested in getting re-elected. As a lame-duck, his real agenda will come out.

      His unwillingness to fire Holder over Fast and Furious says volumes about the man’s character.

      • John Doe

        And that’s good! If he’s interested in getting reelected, he’ll follow what the people want. Given how many gun owners there are in America, he’ll probably go with what we want.

        I’ll admit I’m a liberal. I’m one of the fans of his healthcare system, his lack of oppression towards guns and his stance on homosexuality. Obama isn’t perfect, but given Romney’s record for flip-flopping, I wouldn’t trust him with regulating firearms.

  • Nater

    What people fail to realize is that Obama is pragmatic. I’m not his biggest fan, but the guy isn’t an idiot. Both politically and intellectually, he’s generally a lot brighter than his predecessor ever was. Gun Control legislation would require a lot of political capital and would not do him or his party any good. It’s not worth pursuing.

    That’s not to say 100% it won’t happen, it might, but I’m fairly doubtful that it will. I really wish people weren’t going batshit insane about this. On the other hand, I can understand it. Everyone who grew up in the ban is terrified of its return.

    As for BCM, they’re really only pushing their mid-lengths, particularly the 14.5″ middies. Those are their best selling models and they’re generally in stock. My AR buying for the year is going to be two or three lowers, a BCM 14.5″ mid-length upper, and two or three full auto bolt carriers. I’d really like a Mk 12 Mod 1 upper from High Caliber Sales or Centurion Arms, but that’s out of the budget for 2012.

    • Frank

      The democrats aren’t going to support such a thing. Remember when Obama was elected and the democrats sweeped in control of the house and senate? It was Harry Reid who blocked the new AWB.

  • TangledThorns

    Make no mistake, Obama and his political allies are enemies of the 2nd Amendment. You’re ignorant to believe otherwise. I expect Obama to use former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as a tool against modern sporting rifles and high capacity magazines before or after the election.

    • El Freddio

      Wouldn’t he have already done that if he wanted to do so? I’m no expert on American politics so IDK but I figure if he did want to do that, he would have done it while it was fresh in everyone’s mind?

    • Chase

      When Giffords got shot, I expected President Obama or someone in his administration to use it to push restrictions and bans. But no one did. Everyone just said how awful it was, and then calmed down and got back to business. If Obama tried to bring up Giffords now, everyone would look at him askance, and say, “Why are you only saying this now?” He won’t do anything so silly, even if he wanted to, and I’m beginning to suspect he doesn’t.

  • DurgaMDK

    Ok tangledthorns, I bet you one boiled leather shoe nothing passes. You game? This page will still be here when he leaves office. Hmmm?

    • TangledThorns

      If I’m right we both lose, you and other pro 2nd Amendment liberals fail to understand that.

      A good example is what happened this week with Obama coming out in support of gay marriage. Did anybody actually believe he was against gay marriage? The same is Obama’s views on guns. Just listen to him and his allies past rhetoric on it.

      • DurgaMDK

        2A liberal?? Ok… I don’t want it anymore than you do. But there is no way anything will pass even if you drag giffords ass up there. Politicians say a lot of bullshit to get elected and then do nothing of on what they ran on. Look at obamas track record on that.

        The point is don’t be so paranoid buying up everything because it could be outlawed tomorrow. If they wanted to kill 2A outright I’ll be fighting right next to you.

  • Ken

    As a dealer in AR parts, I can say these rifles are, for the vast majority, being held up because of a gas tube shortage. We don’t know why, but even getting material to make the gas tubes is nigh on impossible. Once those get moving, rifles will start moving again. That’s what we see from our prospective.

    • Ash

      Many thanks for the insight. This is a great counter-balance to the “political agenda/Preppers-buying-up-guns” take on why the inventory of rifles out there is so low. It’s a Gordian Knot-scenario: at the end of the day, the simplest answer is the most logical answer. There’s no conspiracy at work, it’s just that there’s a glitch in the supply chain.

    • WeaponBuilder

      I’ve seen that as well as a shortage on ejecction port cover assemblies & forward assist assemblies.

  • Jay

    I’m from IL. Obama’s actual track record against 2nd Amendment rights is very lite at best. To be honest, at times he seems like he may be pro-gun, but won’t admit it because he’ll lose a ton of votes. The rumors of him being a gun grabber were primarily started by gun manufacturers…and it has worked!!!

    Stop listening to what your brother’s uncle’s cousin’s acquaintance who has a friend “in the industry” said and go look up his voting record yourselves!

    For the record, I’m not a registered Dem. Just a guy who likes to look at the truth for himself…

    • Spade

      Have people forgotten the whole “under the radar” comment thing, or F&F, or long gun reporting, or Holder’s repeated statements about bringing the AWB back, or nominating a guy who worked for an anti-gun group to run the ATF?

      And Obama had 0 to do with national park carry. That was just stuck in a credit card bill he wanted to sign.

      I also find it curious that pro-Obama comments on here are getting voted up quickly, and anti- ones are getting voted down so quickly. That usually doesn’t happen here. Hmm.

      • RickH

        Curious in what way?

      • Andy

        I think the downvotes are because people are bringing politics into a blog that is supposed to be “Firearms not Politics”. I am mostly liberal fiscally and socially, but I love my guns. I am not alone, either, there are a lot more of us than you think.

        I started reading this blog because there are NO gun related news sources or blogs out there that don’t pull BS conservative fear politics into every article and post. In fact for the last six months or so I have loved this blog because it gave me relevant information without all the “he’s gunna took yur guuuns!” commentary found at the other sources.

        Unfortunately, between this post and the recent /blog/2012/05/04/god-guns-guts-dishonest-portrayal-of-gun-owners/ post, it seems like this blog is also becoming more political. Maybe it helps pay the bills.

        I plan to keep reading for a while longer hoping this blog doesn’t devolve into abject political stupidity as the election gets closer, but like the conservatives say I can always “love it or leave it”.

      • Spade

        If the downvotes were just because it’s politics, then all of the political comments would get a lot of downvotes. Not just certain ones.

    • John Doe

      Agreed. If anything, he’s a pretty smart guy. Showing ambivalence towards guns is a great move on his part. Guns aren’t a huge enough issue to swing elections, and since the AWB expired, people seemed to be content with our gun laws. It could be better (we would ALL like more short barrels and full auto), but he can’t do it without pissing off a lot of gun grabbers.

  • RickH

    Oh so the blog has changed now? Politics are okay? Oh goody, now it can be like every other one out there.

  • surfgun

    Obama, has not presented anti-gun laws. But he has issued Executive Orders, that includes registration of multi-gun sales in border states. If the Democrats loose control of congress and he remains in office, you better expect a BOAT-LOAD of executive orders banning certain guns and firearms accessories.

  • Josh

    Hmm, maybe a good idea to grab a BCM lower for my NFA build while I still can. I would like to at least have all the parts before the summer’s up.

  • West

    Gun owners have got to be THE MOST paranoid group of people in this country.
    To them the fact that Obama has done NOTHING to curtail gun rights and, in fact, has expanded them just means that he is a secret gun grabber and is simply lulling us all into a false sense of security while he assembles the storm troopers.
    During his time in office I have bought and sold so many weapons, including NFA items (legally of course) its crazy. And I have had zero problems.

    What am I missing? Somebody please put the pieces together and explain why I should be crapping my shorts over this next election?
    Romney is the one who cracked down on gun rights in Boston.

    • RickH

      Hey………enough of you making sense.

      • Sian

        Not to sound paranoid or anything..

        but there’s a reason Obama hasn’t done anything to curtail gun rights.

        He wants to get re-elected.

        The only reason he’s pretended to be a friend of gun-owners so far is total Realpolitik, and the fact that being anti-gun is politically nonviable for him.

        Once re-elected, he and Holder have solid, well-documented plans to attempt to re-instate a harder, non-expiring version of the Clinton ban, just as a starting point. Then with one or two more Obama-picked anti-gun justices on the supreme court, we’ll start to see a reversal of everything we’ve gained in the last 4 years.

        go ahead and down-vote me. Then come back here in 1 year for the ‘I told you so’.

    • W

      you mean…the sky is not falling? oh goodness! thank you mr!

    • Danbo

      Can you site a specific example of how He has expanded gun rights?

      “Obama has done NOTHING to curtail gun rights and, in fact, has expanded them”.

      I’ve seen this reference twice now reading these comments and despite my concerted efforts to find confirmation on the internet, I have come up empty.

      • tincankilla

        here’s one from his Senate days:

        It says nothing about his presidency, but the president has more power now than when he was a junior senator. if this was going to be high on his agenda, it would be grossly obvious by now.

        I don’t disagree with the value of being vigilant about the 2nd amendment, but a) The prez is too smart to fight a losing battle and exhaust his political capital on it and b) Heller v DC has moved this into a court battle, not a legislative one.

        Dislike him for other things, but you’re on thin ice by judging his action or inaction on gun rights.

    • Rational

      I have it on good word that Obama’s plan is far more insidious than you think. Not only did he wait four years to pass zero anti-gun legislation and actually allowing carry in national parks — his plan is to lull us all into complacency. So, once he is re-elected, he will also do nothing. His plan is to wait until Biden or Clinton wins and are also re-elected to pass anti-gun legislation.

  • Nate

    Meh. Perhaps they’re goosing the markets for a bigger profit. I know, gasp, its unconscionable to think that! However, parts is parts, and it sucks that there’s a shortage. Guess I should stock up on 9mm and 556 now!

    • Other Steve

      This. I have it on very good authority that BVAC ammo will not sell any 223 right now to non-police. For a month now they have had it but will not sell bulk. It’s bullshit and guarantees I will never buy from them again.

  • TangledThorns

    Two added factors that could also be part of the shortage:

    One is the fact that its 2012 and there are folk who are actually prepping for a Doomsday. Just look at NatGeo’s show ‘Doomday Preppers.’ You got some folk with multiple rifles and I’m sure others out there watching the show are thinking it doesn’t hurt to buy a rifle or two ‘just in case.’

    Second is gun ownership is on the rise so the demand is high obviously. I see this in my coworkers and friends (some liberal) who I’d thought would never be into guns but are now.

    • Other Steve

      I seriously hope there aren’t as many stupid people regarding doomsday as their as are paranoid people regarding election woes.

      On the brightside La’s only have to hear about Mayans and 2012 for another 7 months.

    • West

      I wish the world would end but only for the crazies who actually believe that stuff. They have their irrational and illogical fears validated and the rest of us no longer have to hear their crap. And as a bonus I also no longer have to be lumped in with them every time guns come up in conversation.
      Everybody wins!

  • Try buying a striped AR-15 lower right now. No one has them. I keep looking for a stripped Spike’s Tactical lower and Brownell’s does not have them, nor does AIM’s surplus. I guess it is a good time to be in the AR-15 parts manufacturing business.

    Side note: Obama will swing any way that will get him re-elected. Proof of that is his sudden change in stance on Gay Marriage. In 2008 he was against Gay Marriage and now he is for it. The other thing is Obama is a “Chicago Democrat” which are notorious for very strict gun regulations. Not saying Obama is the same way but I would lean towards if he gets re-elected he is going to try and push through more gun regulations, hopefully we can get smart enough people in congress to block that move.

    • jaekelopterus

      Obama may be a “Chicago Democrat” (whatever that means,) but Romney’s record is much worse. Would you rather buy guns in Detroit or Boston?

      Like the old Vulcan saying goes; “Only Nixon could go to China.” Romney would be in a better position to get gun control legislation through congress. “But wait!,” you say, “Romney is a conservative! He will always bend to the will of firearm manufactures because he is completely beholden to the NRA!” Well, that’s very true. But bans are not always bad for manufactures. If crafted in their favor, they create shortages and drive up prices. Remember how much Bill Ruger liked the Brady Bill and the federal assault rifles ban?

      Obama is the best piece of propaganda the NRA has ever had. He understands this and I do not think he will attempt anything that will provoke a reaction from their massive activist base. If Romney is elected, the NRA will lose their strawman-in-chief and be forced to create shortages by other means.

      • Jaekelopterus I was not saying Rommney is a better candidate. I was simply saying Obama (and yes Rommney) will swing whatever way will get them elected. I personally think Ron Paul would of been better for the country but that is my opinion.

    • Null

      I feel your pain on the lower. I’ve been waiting on that one part since February. I’ve always been an AK guy this will be my first AR, guess I picked the wrong year.

      At least I was lucky enough to get all the other parts before everyone went batty buying everything up.

      Last election I was getting into reloading and nobody had primers. Sure does make shooting sports a difficult hobby to have.

  • JMD

    The people who paid attention during the last election four years ago, knew this would happen and are already stocked up on the things they know they’ll need but won’t be able to get. Those of you that are just now saying, “Well, golly! I guess I should stock up on _____”, are SOL. You waited too long.

    • West

      Have you considered the possibility that you and other hoarders are the reason for the shortages and not the current President?

      • JMD

        There’s a difference between hoarding and simply having the foresight to buy the things that are going to be hard to find while they’re still easy to find. I never said anything about the president. It’s supply and demand. As the idiots finally notice ammo prices go up over the next few months, they’ll go out and “buy some right now before the price can go up again”. Then THEY cause a panic. I bought my stuff while prices and demand were both low. It’s not hoarding, and it’s not the fault of the people like myself who decided not to ignore history.

  • Aurelien

    Man, what happened to “firearms, not politics” ?

    One thing is sure, Mister Obama sells guns.
    I don’t know if he is anti-guns (sure does not seem like it, seeing that no bans or any of that stuff got issued), but gun owner seem to follow the fear-mongering “OMG he’s coming right for our guns” talk.

    And i’m always sad when intelligent people follow the politicians crap. A lot of that going on this year. Here in France we are just out of the elections, and when the socialist party (not communist americans, socialist. They are not the same, despite your views on that point) got the job, people started the same “Communist tanks in Paris tomorrow” BS as 1981, the last time a socialist got elected.

    Come on people, don’t fall for their fear talk. That’s how you get radicals elected. And radicals don’t like to be threatened by the People. Radicals will take your liberties away. Left or Right.

    • jdun1911

      I’m not sure if you follow American politics. It has be officially confirmed that Obama gave guns to drug dealers in Mexico so he could promote his gun control agenda in the USA. At least one US boarder agent was killed because of it.

      Lots of ATF and DoJ people will go down when this thing comes to an end.

      Also Obama has stop a lot of importation of guns to the US. The most famous of them are the Korean’s M1 Garand. Almost a million M1 that could be sell to US civilians for $250 or less each.

      Google: m1 garand korea to find more.

      I could list more anti-gun controls but I think most people know that Obama is anti-gun. With that said Mitt Romney is even more anti-gun.

      • Aurelien

        I do follow north american politics jdun 😉

        As a matter of facts i followed closely the whole ATF selling guns to mexican cartels (as it’s part of my job to do so), and what i saw was not a conspiracy by some politicians to push some anti-gun agenda, but the ATF doing a horrible job and getting people killed because they have no idea what they were doing. ANd sadly it’s not the first time.

        My opinion, as some guy watching all this unfolding from way over here, in 2008 people acted out of fear from a second Clinton-style ban on standard capacity magazines and semi/auto weapons. That was fairly rational. Saddly this time (once again, from my european point of view), this is just in reaction to the theatrics of politicians from the other side.

        And it’s just my .02 €

  • Bryan

    Right after Obama was elected, it was near impossible to find .22 ammo here in Idaho. Now it’s fairly easy to find bulk packs of most brands in just about any store ranging from Walmart to dedicated gun stores. Any insight on why that’s changed, and the assumption that his practices are now creating a run on ar-15 parts?

    • jdun1911

      The run on ammo is happening. It only will get worst as the year come to an end.

      Than you have the peppers helping out…

      • Chase

        Peppers? 😀

  • Jason

    “Gunned-upresponded to Reverend Clint on May 11th, 2012 at 6:47 pm Link To Comment |

    Totally agree. It doesn’t do him any good! The only Federal gun laws that have changed now allow you to bring a gun into a National park or monument. That’s a win.”

    What about Obama banning the importation and sale of American made Garands and M1 Carbines from South Korea for the CMP? Is that a win too?

    And no matter how many times the lie is repeated, F&F program was never started with any good intentions and didn’t get “botched”. F&F went exactly as planned. The only thing botched was the Obama JUST-US department’s cover-up.

    • james

      South Korea wanted to *sell* the Garand and Carbines, which were lend/lease arms.. As they are US Property, South Korea must *return* them to the US Government.. This is the issue, There was no “ban”..

      • But Korea has sold guns to the market before, this was a new policy by the administration and rightly or wrongly created a lot of distrust – especially paired with Fast and Furious.

  • D

    Anything that gets more guns into people’s hands, and helps american businesses, is something i can support. I’d rather have every gun store be out of stock, then have shelves full of guns that do no one any good.

    I don’t see a downside to this at all – only positives.

    • Aurelien

      Sadly, the downside is that people that would need the parts or the ammo to repair/run their guns can’t get them.

      Of course it’s good news that the buisness is booming, but with this kind of low supply/high demand, you’re gonna end up with overpriced ammunition, guns & parts.

  • James

    Well, I never considered this, but now it makes sense that I am having trouble finding LWRC rifles.

    That and they apparently discontinued the M6A3. The one I was looking at.

    • Nater

      It is still on their website. That said, I’d rather have the A2. You can swap irons. The only folding BUIS I’ll run anymore are from KAC and I like a fixed front sight with a red dot optic.

  • SputhpawByNW

    If you think this site is getting political you obviously didn’t read the post by the blog. It was pointing out parts are hard to come by for ARs. The political part is all comments by Steve’s readers. Just my .02.

    • Bryan

      You may want to read this blog post again – the only portion not quoted from another site was “Expect this craziness until at least November. If the Obama wins, expect it to get worse.”. I don’t think there’s any way for that to be considered ‘non-political’

      • Chase

        He’s just saying that the firearms market is being influenced by something, namely, politics. He isn’t commenting on the political stuff, just on its effects on firearms.

      • Pointing out reality isn’t political. It like saying the Oakland Occupy riots spurred on gun sales in the area or a rapist on the loose spurs pepper spray sales. Sorry it hurts some people’s feelings but many of us remember the 90s, the ATF raids, the bans – you young guys don’t know how quickly things can change in this country.

    • RickH

      Not that I see, the “craziness” sentence at the end isn’t on the link, it seems to have been posted by Steve.

  • Buckshart

    Im not buying because I feel like it will soon be illegal. Im buying because I feel like I may have to defend/feed myself in the near future.

  • CUrob

    The guys at Palmetto State Defense (not to be confused with P.S. Armory) said they have a 500 rifle backlog and no more stripped lowers for sale THIS YEAR. The owner said it was due to a massive nation wide shortage of Mil-Spec lower forgings and barrel steel.

  • Left vs Right Baloney

    Who says Romney will be “gun friendly”? The “leftwing-rightwing” regime that totally owns Western Civilization creates this “left vs right” baloney but, at the end of the day, they all walk towards the same direction, the socialist “One World” thing.

    There was only one trustworthy man in the race but most people rejected him…

  • The out of stock dilemma has nothing to do with the political climate, it’s the economy. Sales are soft, disposable income is down; municipal, state and federal budgets are vaporizing and businesses don’t want to be sitting around with a large amount of inventory, which ties up cash, and you can add to that lines of credit are drying up.

    So, you can expect to experience long delays and just about everything that’s not a commodity.

    • If sales were soft gun company stocks wouldn’t be up and there would be a surplus of parts available cheap. The bad economy isn’t stopping Americans from stocking up on ARs, which is an interesting trend. I like shotguns myself, don’t own any rifles of any types but I fully understand the reasoning to stocking up on the ARs and parts.

  • FeistyCrawfish

    This is why I love being an AK owner 🙂

    • Pete

      eheheh…”Full Spectrum Reliability” 😉

  • bob

    I’m old enough to remember the 1994 AWB, if you think that it cant happen again by all means wait till prices and demand drop. I hope your right! Many thought the same way back in 1993 and payed $5,000 for pre-ban rifles in 1995, they could have gotten for less than $1500 before then ban. I also remember when the AWB went into effect, overnight literately tripled the value of pre-ban magazines, rifles, folding or collapsing stocks. I remember people paying $70 for aluminum USGI 30 round magazines in 1996/97 at local gunshows, imagine paying in today’s money $130 for a military throw away magazine! But people did willingly in those days and prices went as high as $500 for rare(during the ban) hk/ak drum mags. On a side note the ammo grab/spare parts thing is stupid, if your going to stock up, focus on magazines, any collapsing/folding stocks, bayonet lugs, striped lower receivers (because they would be considered pre-ban). I not saying who you should vote for when it comes to your gun rights but bare in mind the history of gun restrictions. They always got pushed thru congress when it was in democratic control like in 1968, 1986 and 1994. Also the five most liberal staunchly Democratic states have the most draconian of gun control measures. Vote how you want, but the democratic political elite has always had irrational fears of guns in civilian hands. ATF and in-turn the Justice department doesn’t need congressional approval for restricting magazine capacity or restricting certain features by simply issuing a ruling, which can be challenged by a willing congress or a judiciary who takes the view that rightfully the 2nd amendment applies to civilians and not militias. Obama can do as he pleases he will be a lame duck who won’t need to fund raise, appease independents and conservative/libertarian democrats for re-election.

  • eichenlaub

    Always be prepared, remember saint Reagan was pro gun control, so trust no politician. Second how much ammo and weapons is enough. If you got enough guns to arm a squad if wolverines and more ammo than they can carry stop and let the newbies have a turn. Also, panick buying is a sign of amateurish lack of planning, real wolverines/zombie Hunters/soldiers of Christ/black panthers/RAF Cells/IRA Cells have been ready for years. Maybe body armor would be a good buy too, unless your guns are just for fun, just saying…

  • tincankilla

    I live in Washington, DC and we just had our gun rights restored by the Supreme court (Heller v DC), so things are looking good from my perspective!

    If any of you would like to support a DC-based shooting association, I’m talking to Dick Heller this week about forming a group to introduce non-shooters who live in DC to the sport. (I’m sneaky, so that includes gun-banners in congress who have never held a pistol.)

    Donating money would be fantastic, but so are non-monetary donations like web design/development, factory ammo, or volunteering to train newbies (if you’re in VA or MD), etc. Even your ideas on networking and grants from the firearms industry would be tremendous assets.

    My email is my username above at gmail – hope to hear from some of you.


  • Lance

    This is pure stupidity from the start. FIRST Even if Obama wins reelection he will NOT have the House of Reps in Democratic hands and SO no AWB or Gun Registration scheme would pass. The senate will lucky be closer to Republican control so already a pro-gun majority is there so I doubt a ban would even past it. People who raise prices like this give gun owners a BAD NAME!! They make fear to make a profit and lie and lie to rip people off. When people find out there will not be a AWB 2.0 I hope they remember who was ripping them off.

    • Untrue. If Obama signs the UN small arms treaty, which both Bushs and Clinton rejected, our domestic arms sales would be subject to international laws. Just look at the maritime treaties and others that have been signed that have directly affected commercial and private fishing. I don’t think he would but that’s one of the factors to gun owners fears.

      • Nater

        No, this is bullshit. The UN Arms Trade Treaty only governs international transfers of weapons. The laws of States are still in command for national level transferring of weapons.

        The reasons why Bush and Clinton opposed it has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment and a lot to do with the lobbying of the defense industry. The Arms Trade Treaty would restrict or sanction the sale of arms to nations engaged in committing crimes against humanity. The United States sells a lot of weapons to a lot of nasty countries. It is as simple as that.

        People need to learn how to do actual research instead of just trusting the grammatically horrendous FWD they received in their inbox from some random friend. Oh, and any treaty signed by the President must be ratified by the Senate.

  • RickH

    Wonder why we haven’t heard from Steve yet?


      Hiding in the woods afraid of the Messiah-Worshipers.

      Hollywierdo, AOL Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, Vivendi Universal, etecetera, have created this massive army of Zombie Messiah-Worshipers who attack without mercy anyone that dares to stand in the way of “The Saviour of the Human Race”.

      • Ash

        WHO IS THIS MESSIAH?!??!!? Why do people keep bringing up Jesus here?

      • Chase

        Who is the Messiah to whom you refer? Who are the worshippers of this Messiah? Do you mean Jesus, or someone else? I don’t get it.

  • SouthpawByNW

    For those that believe the blog is becoming political need to realize that all Steve and crew stated was that lowers and parts for AR-15s are hard to come by lately. All the political items regarding the parts has been brought up by comments made by his readers. Just my .02 on the topic.

    • RickH

      This has already been pointed out that the last sentence about the “craziness” and Obama is not in the link. It was put in by the OP.

  • MarkK

    This blog is so dead.


      How many times you visited it since you wrote that?

  • 276 pedersen

    And I just got my first AR Lower 🙁

    • Cymond

      Yeah, ditto. Well, I’ve had a stripped lower for a long time, but I just got my first complete lower. Now the upper I want is out of stock. I’ve been watching it for at least 8 weeks. Now I’m considering shelling out an extra $200 for a Bravo Co upper instead.

  • Eric S

    I for one welcome Obama’s re-election so I can sell off some of those scary assault weapons I picked up on the cheap a decade ago. I suspect the firearms bubble will pop about a year into his second term and we can all go back to getting our toys at a fair market value.

    • OllieK

      Wow! An Obama-loving gun blog!?? WTF?? Who’d ever thunk it? Alice, are we in Wonderland? LMAO.


    Apparently, the Messiah-Worshipers are angry and all over the comments.

    • Ash

      Are you talking about Jesus? You mentioned a Messiah, so I’m just wondering.

  • Jorge

    1. Here we go again the gun industry using scare tactics to drive prices way, way up.
    2. If true then I blame US manufacturing because that means these “manufacturers” cannot MANUFACTURE more!

    I guarantee no shortage of AK’s in China and if there was they would scale to fill demand. So stop the BS and make more product if your customer base is demanding it.

  • Bandito762

    Come and get them.

  • RV

    I went to a gun show last weekend and only have Please stop pricing me out of the market, yes a democrat is president and will probably get re-elected. THE WORLD WILL NOT END.

    • W

      the world was supposed to end when carter got into office. i wonder what happened?

  • Tinkerer

    What in the seven blazing hells happened to “Firearms, not politics”?

    Steve, I am most disappointed at you.


      I don’t see any politics in this blog post. Perhaps your Messiah-Worshipping makes you see things that don’t exist?

      • Ash

        You talking about Jesus of Nazareth? I keep hearing people mentioning this Messiah… Oh, wait! You mean St. Reagan, right?

  • JT

    The worst part of these shortages is that they make absolutely no sense at all. You would think that their lower receivers (the actual gun itself) would be in short supply. You would think that high capacity pistols would be flying off the shelves, nope just low capacity pocket guns. WTF is going on?

    • Cymond

      Agreed, but it isn’t enough just to buy the receiver. Last time around, only receivers that had been completed as ‘assault weapons’ before the ban were considered ‘pre-ban receivers’. I remember I really wanted a Ruger 10/22 with a folding stock back in ’99. It wasn’t good enough to just get a pre-94 10/22 and add a folding stock. That would be just as illegal as adding a folding stock to 1999 gun. I needed one that was already so-equipped or else I would be violating the law. Yes, it would be nearly impossible to prove & prosecute an AW built using a pre-94 receiver. Still illegal, and still possible to prosecute. Get a warrant for my hard drive, find the GunBroker auction (showing I bought a non-folding 10/22), and find where I purchased the stock.

      Of course, there were a lot of places that built stripped receivers into rifles and then stripped them back down before the ban took effect, just for this very reason. You could ‘assault-ify’ as many receivers as you want with only a single set of parts.

      I agree about the pistols, though. I actually know a guy that got his carry permit “while he still could” before the last big election. The ridiculous thing is that carry permits in his state expire and must be renewed every few years, so he still wouldn’t be protected from any potential bans. The same guy also bought a low-cap 1911 as his “Obama gun 2008”.

  • other other steve

    Same thing with ammo. The mark up at gun shows is freaking ridiculous. I use to get 1000 .223 PMC for $315-325 now $400. The federal “00”buck shot in the ammo can $90-115 now $180. You can still find some what cheap ammo online with not so much poking you in the eyes shipping charges. The thing all SANE gun owners need to realise is that when the increaseing price finally stabalizes, (when and if) it will most likely decrease very slightly. But as long as people are buying and willing to pay the increased price we are screwed. And the sad part is alot of the people buying are these damn doomsday preppers. My next door neighbor is paranoid of the mayan prediction and has bought 2 ARs and some handguns in which he does not know how to use or even take apart to clean. At least he knew which end the bullet came out when fired. A friend of mine who works at Academy also tells me that lots of people go in to buy and have no idea how to use a gun but want to buy one because they are preparing for a doomsday to hit.

    Sorry I know I went off subject but just wanted to put my opinion out there about the ammo shortage and price increase. I do how ever also think that if obama is re-elected to a 2nd term that ammo and parts for guns (especially ARs & AKs) will be very hard to find. After all from what I here from people at the gun shows is that he is the best gun sales man ever. 🙂 IDK if he will do anything with gun laws maybe maybe not but either way its lose lose with the idiots running things up there.

    • John Doe

      Maybe Obama is doing this on purpose to scare people into buying more guns and helping the industry? I have reason to believe that because all politicians are pretty tricky. Never take one for face value.

      Us gun owners are so paranoid. We’re too quick to point figures and dream up conspiracy theories. Let’s just let this play out before we point fingers.

  • Brown M.

    I do not think the last line was intended to be political in nature, just a description of the primary market stress. In this case the perceived imminent loss of gun ownership as Obama magics all the guns away. It raises an interesting question though, are gun smithing tools and the machinery necessary to make these parts coming under short supply or is it only people that can’t make substitute parts from scratch who are doing the buying?

    • RickH

      Of course the last line is political in nature, it involves elections and the president, (in this case “the Obama” whatever that means) what else would it be? If not, why even write it, why not just post the link? And in that case: why are you posting the link?

      • OllieK

        Of course it’s political. What you appear to be trying to say is that it’s opinionated. To state a political fact, because the situation by its very nature is political, is simply that: stating a fact. You are just pointing out the obvious. People are buying more guns out of fear that Obama will try controlling them, like he is trying to control all the other aspects of our lives. What do you think Fast and Furious was about? Trying to make it appear that American gun sales were causing massacres in Mexico, and that more gun control was in order. Obama had to tread carefully in his first term to try to get himself reelected. If he gets a second one, we will get to see how it is he wants to “fundamentally change” America. You won’t recognize it.

  • Graham 1

    Oh god, the comments section on this post is such a cluster-f**k

  • RickH

    I find it odd that after all the comments that the blog owner doesn’t respond to any of this.

  • James Minestra

    Maybe you should be looking North for your AR needs…

    Out of Canada, North Eastern Arms
    Billet Upper receivers for $185.

  • G3Ken

    Yes, it is supposed to be firearms, not politics, but sometimes the situation is intertwined. I believe this is one of them.

    I believe the problem is twofold:

    1. Too many people who should be on our (firearm owners) side, use scare tactics to jack prices to absurd levels. I have no problem with people making a little extra when demand is up, but I believe there’s a bit of “artificial” scare demand at work.

    2. A second presidential term could see a preident who was gun neutral in office in term one, go for his “true” agenda in his second term. His anti-gun position is firmly established. He has not hesitated in using Executive Orders in the past, so I don’t see it as an impossibility.

    That’s just MHO. Sorry.

    • davethegreat

      I absolutely agree on #1. I think maybe the first time around (2008), marketers kind of stumbled into a free phenomenon that let them sell 9mm rounds for 5 times the normal cost, and this year they are encouraging that again.

      As for point #2, reasonable people can disagree about what they think the guy *wants* to do, but the fact remains that Obama has not done anything anti-gun since becoming president and has in fact signed a law increasing gun rights. Every other president in the last thirty years or so has banned guns to some extent; Obama is the only one I can recall who actively increased gun rights.

      • Danbo

        davethegreat: Can you site a specific example of how the current POTUS has “actively increased gun rights.”

      • G3Ken

        To say taht he has done much to preserve gun rights is a bit of an exaggeration. The courts ruled on Heller & McDonald. The fact remains that he has had far bigger fish to fry than going after gun owners, which is a hot button topic. He’s had to deal with two wars, a sweeping healthcare plan that erodes personal rights and an economy in shambles.

        What we do KNOW for a fact is taht he was the most anti-gun Senator in the Senate and he has a track record of being a fervent anti-gunner. He’s just been peroccupied. If you think that the likelihood of stronger anti-gun measures in a possible second term is unlikely, I would strongly disagree.

      • Chic

        That is not actually true. While new laws and legislation have not been proposed or implemented – new regulations have gone into effect. As an FFL 07 AND 08 – I get the new rules sent to me by BATF directly.

        Example: What has happened to the price of AK, SKS and AK parts kits – if you can find them? Way up and supply has gone way down…. why? Well several new rules (not laws) have go into effect the restricted the importation of some gun parts. Barrels, receivers etc for firearms like AK and ARs can either not be imported or it is very hard to do so. Gone (for now) are the days were an importer, like me, can go overseas and buy old, complete AK parts kits and bring them in for a reasonable price… This is beyond 922r BTW. What has happened to the price and availability of Sagias?

        What hasn’t been done in law has been done with regulation – which gets little or no media attention and effects the market just the same. The number of new rules and “little” requirements that have been added – especially to the manufacture and importation of rifles is considerable has has lead to a spike in prices.

  • I am disappointed by the comments here leveled against me.

    I am not using scare tactics, just telling it like it is. I did not make any political judgements. I did not make any political predictions or give political advice. All I said is that *if* Obama gets back in, expect parts to be hard to find.

    I do not profit in any way from AR-15 parts or guns.

    • RickH

      Steve, even though you say you “are telling it like it is” you made the post political by adding that last sentence, even if it doesn’t seem that way to you. Why even post the link? Peopole that are in the market for those items already know that stuff is backordered. The manufacturing isn’t shut down, just behind. I enjoy your blog for what it is (was?), and still look forward to visiting.

      • bob

        I don’t know why you seem so offended? Steve was merely stating the obvious within a historical perspective of what always ends up happening whenever there are upcoming elections, their is a run on everything gun related. It been like this pretty much for the last 20 years when ever elections are around the corner. Steve wasn’t being political, he’s not endorsing any sides on this one. Black rifle/high-cap related stuff will be in short supply for the next 12 months or more depending on how the political winds blow. Simple reality.

      • RickH

        Where did I say I was offended? You seem to have misread something. Even though you say Steve was not being political, what else was it? The facts were stated in the link, parts are scarce, nothing written in that link was political. Whether you or Steve like it or not, it became that when the last sentence was added. What if he wrote instead, “Look for things to get better after November if the Romney wins”? True, guns and politics can go hand in hand, but it is nice to have a site where you don’t have to listen to crap from either side. Steve can do what he likes, it’s his blog.

      • How would you have phrase what I said?

      • RickH

        I wouldn’t have written anything. You posted the link, let people draw their own conclusions.

    • davethegreat

      Having read your blog for a while, I am pretty sure you meant that as a neutral, factual observation rather than a political stance. New readers may not get that.

      The neutral fact is that people are panic buying. That causes shortages and price increases. This is observable reality and not slanted in any way.

      Now, the motivations for the panic buyers/hoarders/etc are an entirely different story. And it’s not the story you are telling. You didn’t come out and say you think Obama is going to gain the power and desire to ban guns, you said enough people believe that to change their buying habits. They may be misinformed about Obama’s record on gun rights as president and the president’s actual powers to ban things, or they may be people with incredible foresight who see the coming gun grab while others are blissfully ignorant. It matters not; the fact is those people are panic buying, and that is creating shortages, backorders and price hikes.

      And, just like the last time Obama was elected, those people will engage in a post-election round of panic buying that will create even more price hikes and whatnot. Your statement is thus factual and politically neutral.

    • jaekelopterus

      I’m totally fine with this blog nuetrally discussing political matters. I actually welcome political lively political discussion as occured in this forum. I come here because there is less of the standard NRA propaganda featured in other blogs and magazines that makes me feel like a total tool. I don’t want political indoctrination, I want a source of facts about this very important, very interesting and very corrupt industry. I occasionally buy stuff, too, so advertisers had better appeal to my demographic and buy adspace from Steve!

  • plnick60

    Only the people with lots of money will be able to afford an AR15. This to me is shameful. Patriots that are so greedy. Did I say Patriots? This is the American land of GREED and it shows, even with the so called Patriots. I hear supply and demand, and that is fine, but because of your greed you may have taken out of the hands of someone who would protect you a gun. I am for the 2nd Amendment rights, but also for FAIR PRICES. Obama must be on your side to scare the prices out of a normal mans reach. I do not respect men or women making money off the fear of OTHERS.