IO Inc. Importing Polish-made PPS-43C

I.O. Inc. is importing the a pistol-variant of the Soviet PPS-43 submachine gun. The PPS was first produced in 1943 by Soviet Union as a cheaper, easier to manufacturer and more compact alternative to the Soviet PPSh-41. It was an influential design that was widely produced . The later Finish M44 Tikkakoski, Spanish DUX Model 1953 and DUX Model 1959 submachine guns were direct descendants.

In 2010 Polish firm Pioneer Arms, located in the famous weapons producing town of Radom, began producing a semi-automatic version of the PPS with a closed fold. The stock is welded closed and so it is legally a pistol.

Caliber 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Muzzle Velocity Approx. 1,640 fps
Capacity 35 rounds
Barrel 250 mm (9.8″)
Stock None. Fixed closed.
Overall Length 615 mm (24.2 in)
Weight 3.04 kg (6.7 lb) empty / 3.67 kg (8.1 lb) loaded
Sights Flip rear sight, fixed blade front sight
MSRP (Price) $499.95

I did find a company called Royal Tiger imports of Indian Trail, NC selling them for $364.95 although they say stock is limited.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sam

    Frankly, I much more enjoy the ‘rifle’ version of these weapons, the PPSh-41. Unfortunately, unless you get one of the 9mm remakes or build an SBR with a parts kit and a PPC-43, they are not easy to come by.

    • justin

      yeah, I would want a rifle version of it. But if they gave the MP40 the same treatment I would buy one in a second.

  • Make sure you use good ammo in this thing…there are some sketchy 7.62×25 surplus lots out there…

  • Trev

    About 2 years late on the news. Introduced at SHOT 2010.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Oh boy, a 24 inch long 8 pound pistol! I would only be interested if it comes with a holster for concealed carry.


    I purchased mine from IO and it didn’t come with that magazine pouch or sling.

  • Red Dawn

    Unfortunately this is not really a new thing. I’ve been seeing these imports for at least two years in gun and pawn shops all over Utah. I hate the fact that I legally have to pay $200 just to break the welds and use it as it was intended with the foldable butt stock. I wish the polish company would just come out with a version that had a slightly longer barrel, I’d be willing to pay an extra hundred for that.

  • Burst

    As a historical replica, I suppose I can understand the appeal.

    From a practical standpoint, it seems to be one of the least space efficient designs I’ve ever seen, and the muzzle brake/shroud screams “ricochet accident”.

    • Komrad

      I’d say that it is fairly effective for what it was designed to do, namely provide short range firepower at a very low cost.
      It isn’t much less space efficient than an MP40 but it is chambered in a cartridge that offers superior penetration and flatter shooting. &.62x25mm Tokarev can get through NATA spec kevlar helmets. Almost makes you wonder why 5.7mm and 4.6mm are around at all.

    • W

      it was my understanding that each PPS sub gun could be produced within a 2 hour window when leningrad was being besieged. its simplicity and effectiveness was a thing of beauty.

  • Erik

    If I came across one in 9x19mm I would seriously consider SBRing it. As is- no thanks.

  • Gabe

    Anyone know if this will be available in Canada?

    • David/Sharpie

      We may be able to get it imported, but for the hassle of it being Restricted anyways, I’ll take one with the stock

  • Lance

    I see the cool pics BUT why use East German camo for it???? Looks cool and Tokerov ammo is cheap. Just wish they have a butstock.

    • Mike Knox



      • David/Sharpie

        Yes but the stock is welded closed, he wants a functioning stock.

        As do I

        • Jack Hollis

          You can unfold it if you first pay $200.00 to the BATF for a short barrel rifle permit.

  • John Doe

    There needs to be more 7.62x25mm guns.

    An AR, some Glocks, 1911s, carbines, etc. I don’t want to overpay for a 5.7 or 4.6mm pistol/carbine/rifle that does the same thing as a good old 7.62.

    • Jeff Smith

      John Doe,

      They do make a 1911 conversion for guns chambered in 9mm. I believe it is a drop-in conversion.

      • Komrad

        They do, J&G had them for a while, but I think mag capacity was only 5 rounds or so because the bullets had to go in slanted. I don’t even want to think about the reliability problems that would have caused.

        I’d buy a double stack 1911 in 7.62 tok. Single stack, I’d have to pass because of the similarity to an actual TT-33.

    • Kyle

      A 7.62 Glock? Bueno.

      • Lance

        Too bad they wont make a 9x18mm Glock based on the 17 19 and 26 frames.

  • 032125

    My friend has one of these. They are extremely heavy for what they are, but the recoil was pleasant and they are a fun enough gun to shoot. The Mags are also heavy as hell. The 7.62x25mm Tokarev is a pretty cool round as well; a niche caliber.

    Perhaps a good BOB gun or trunk gun, but not my first choice if I had to narrow it down to one firearm.

  • JC

    I live in NC. I believe IO and Royal Tiger are the same company. one goes after a different market than the other. I think Royal Tiger is the one that sells to the public, the other is a distributor.

    • Dave H

      That’s right. IO is the importer (and also manufactures the Hellcat pocket .380) and Royal Tiger is their retail arm. I have a Radom-built P-64 pistol that was imported by IO.

  • David/Sharpie

    English please?

    • justin

      I believe he was saying “Damn that is tight. Is that a nine millimeter?”
      in all honesty, I originally thought that his message was in Finnish or Norwegian, but then I realized that it was the product of the American Public School System.

    • David / Sharpie

      Ahh, thanks for the translation, and it’s not just you Yanks that have people that talk/type like that, your neighbours to the North have them too

  • Erik

    Why yes it is. Now, it’s a special 9mm, so you’ll need to go down to Moss Pawn in Georgia and request some “red pills.” You will have to force them in, but don’t worry, it will work fine.

    • David/Sharpie

      ……….You wouldn’t happen to be IraqVeteren8888 would you?

    • Erik

      No, just a fan.

    • Beaumont

      Some people might prefer the blue pill.

  • Josh B

    What is that on the front of the barrel, the worst muzzle break/flash hider ever? One good ding to it and the round will make its own hole through it or damage the gun.

    • Jack Hollis

      It went through WWII with no problem, perhaps you aren’t quite as smart as you think you are.

  • Leigh Rich

    Well the PPS-43C is no longer imported. What is out there is it.