NZ Army H&K Grenade Machine Gun with Vingmate FCS

The NZ Army emailed me this video of their new 40mm H&K Grenade Machine Guns (H&K GMG).

The H&K GMG is very similar to and fills the same role as the Mk. 19 Grenade Launcher.

As I frequently say, “don’t buy a rifle automatic grenade launcher if you are not going buy a decent scope”. The NZ Army went with the Rheinmetall Defence Vingmate FCS electro-optical system.

The Fire Control Unit (scope) is mounted alongside the barrel and connected to the Display Control Unit (display) mounted above the receiver. This allows the operator to rotate and tilt the display as required independently on the direction of the barrel (you can see a soldier looking into the display at a downwards angle in the video). The system includes a ballistic computer, range finder and GPS increasing the chances of first hitm, and so saving ammunition and avoiding collateral damage. The Vingmate can be used for direct fire, indirect fire, area suppressions and airburst.

The image below shows what a soldier might see looking at the Vingmate FCS display unit.

The Vingmate FCS daytime scope has a 5x zoom, the display unit has a 800×600 resolution and the entire system weighs 12.7 lbs (excluding battery!).

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom Stone

    I’ll send this video to a friend with a gopher problem.

  • Jeff

    I am pleased my tax money is being spent wisely. Looks like a wallaby gun to me!!!!

  • phuzz

    For a moment I read that as Vegemite FCS, which seemed appropriate, if not very practical.

    • Kiwis eat Marmite, Aussies eat Vegemite. The factory that makes Marmite had to be closed after the Chirstchurch quake so the country is all out of Marmite now. Just google ‘Marmageddon’.
      Googled the Vingmate and downloaded the .pdf description.
      Laser range-finder/designator ballistic computer. The sort of thing that was high-tech on main battle tanks in the ’70s now available for the humble grenade launcher, I love the 21st century.
      The pdf mentions programmable air-burst. Not sure if that means it can do the XM25 trick of exploding 1m inside the room.

  • Lance

    Looks nice, very Mk-19ish BUT has a flash hider and has fancier sights and overall a bit larger. Overall a nice weapon though.

  • Chase

    I seem to remember reading all kinds of good things about the New Zealand guys when they fought in Iraq recently. They seem like some pretty hardcore Kiwis, and now they have an awesome grenade launcher. Hooray!

  • Riceball

    Looks pretty nice and at 12.7 (w/o battery) it’s a whole hell of a lot lighter than the Mk. 19. I just hope that this thing is designed so that it can operate without the fancy sight in case it breaks or the batteries run dry.

  • Charles222

    Riceball: fairly certain Steve meant the optics, not the total weapon system.