“God, Guns & Guts” : Dishonest Portrayal of Gun Owners

I have just been metaphorically punched in the guts. Ben Philippi (a pseudonym) has published the book which gun-haters been craving. Gun owners are portrayed as being scary, crazy and hostile. Ben Philippi says his book is “The Greatest Book Ever Made About Contemporary American Gun Culture”.

Just like many of the readers of this blog, I too am gun culture personified, yet I am not a stereotype. I am normal. I am boring.

I respect the right of people to live however they like, I celebrate and love the diversity of our gun culture, but it is dishonest to pretend a selection of eccentric gun owners, who handle their guns in an unsafe manner, represent us all.

Ben Philippi, the author and photographer, wrote (link NSFW) (emphasis added) …

As a professional photographer, journalist and gun owner, I set out to do something that has never been done before: I spent four years traveling to every corner of America photographing proud, unashamed and legal gun owners in a raw unbiased manner. After meeting many uniquely different people, I can assure you that America is indeed made from a very special cloth woven from the fibers of God, Guns, and Guts.

My experiences took me many places and I would be remiss to leave out the variety of flavors that make up the landscape, both urban and rural that embrace these individuals, so I have included some of the landscape and location images to the book. I have also included many of the favorite quotes from the people I photographed to complete the vision of this project. This book has been a labor of love and passion and I know that you will like it. We need to celebrate freedom, liberty and our right to bear arms in a fun and creative spirit.

Ben may have been unaware that this type of project has been done before by photographer Kyle Cassidy.

Take a look at the photos below and the photos in the flash animation on this page. Take note of their trigger fingers, most of them are on the trigger.

Mark T.C. Muller wrote the introduction (I believe he is the man pictured above in the cowboy hat) (emphasis added) …

Who is that good-looking man on the cover of this book? No matter. (It’s me).

Between the covers is an awakening of sorts. Photographer and writer Ben Philippi started out snarking and questioning and learned some indisputable truths: Where good people have guns, evil dares not tread. This book is at times whimsical, frightening, and inspiring. Make of it what you will after it goes through your mental and spiritual filters.

As for me? I’m picking God, guns & guts over slavery and bureaucracy.


A reader discovered this Tumblr post by a friend of Ben Philippi who is writing the press releases about the book (emphasis added) …

I’ve been writing: some press releases and such for Arbutus and – as of today – Montrealer and photo journalist Ben Philippi for whom I just wrote a news release.

Ben and I made this goofy film about Wal-Mart back in the day – 126 thousand hits and counting ha ha – and he’s spent the last four years documenting “freedom loving gun freaks” in the US. The resulting book God, Guns and Guts is not for everyone (can’t say I’m really a gun person), but it was actually pretty fun writing a tongue in cheek news release that will accompany the tome on it’s way to the gun mags and enthusiasts of the world!

Ben’s website is offline, but the Google Cache reveals his Contact page

I think this is all a big joke and that we are the joke.

( All photos are © Ben Philippi. Permission to published the photos was assumed to granted when asked to write a review of the book. If the copyright holders wished the photos be taken down, I will comply )

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Higgs

    Ginger with a ruger, that is scary.

    • Brian P.

      I don’t see how his hair color has anything at all to do with how “scary” he is. He’s just another person with a gun. That’s all I see.

      • Sam

        The scary part is his abysmal trigger discipline.

      • Higgs

        Just a joke. no need to get emotional.

  • Kyle Cassidy’s Armed America is excellent. Truly a non-biased cross-section of the “average gun owner”, which spans the cultural and political spectrum. He captures both the “gun culture” (whatever that means) as well as the non-enthusiast gun owner. This book, on the other hand, is… something else. Not any of those nice things I just said.

  • Lex

    I guess Philippi didn’t know gun owners existed outside of hardline conservatives in the South and Midwest. Nice cross section there, buddy. Inside the book everyone is showing reasonable trigger discipline except the guy in the God Bless America shirt.

    That said my biggest problem with this book is that he used an ampersand in a list and doesn’t use an Oxford comma. Damn ugly titling if you ask me.

    • Thats not even a accurate portrayal of “hardline conservatives in the South and Midwest”. Most of them are normal folks with families doing normal things.

  • Burst

    Checking the flash slideshow, I see some subjects touching the trigger, some not. It would be foolish to assume that all gunowners practice proper safety.

    From what I can tell about the book, he’s actually pro 2nd-amendment. Painting it as “the book gun-hater’s have been craving” is sensationalism.
    do those who oppose gay marriage crave an entire book of silly same-sex couple photos?

  • AntiCitizenOne


    I think the distortion was deliberate.

  • Fritz

    Implying I need a god to grant me my inalienable and innate human rights.

    • Hans

      Amen to that.

    • W

      yeah thats pretty laughable. if i was never intended to defend myself, i wouldnt be born with arms, legs and a brain. I evolved that way. I don’t need a “god” to justify defending myself.

  • bob

    If the point was slander us as a bunch of degenerates, he failed by forgetting something that ultimately defeats his bigoted view, there is no narrow American gun culture anymore, guns are fully mainstream within our society amongst all genders, ethnicities, classes, economic brackets etc. Over 50% of American households have at-least one gun present in the home and that figure is only growing by the year. This book will only find a very narrow audience of extreme left-wing gun grabbers, who feel wrongly that an unarmed society is non-violant one, ignoring the fact that at any time withing every community there is a 1% of people that psychologists classify with violent psychopathic/sadistic tendencies. That figure can range from anywhere from 5%-15% of your local community if there is a breakdown of order, temporary or not. And when ever someone brings up the homicide rate the U.S., remind them that according to the FBI statistics of the 30,000 gun-inflicted homicides on average that occur every year in the U.S., 60% are suicides that are difficult to prevent as this is a case of mental illness and that of the remaining 40% which are the genuine murders that majority involve a victim or perpetrator with a prior criminal record engaged in the illicit drug-trade. Statistically speaking our cases of genuine murder of innocent people is lower per capita than that of the U.K. and our population is 330 million going to 400 million by 2050. I’m a believer of data which always shows a clearer picture. On a side-note something else I found out when I researched this stuff is that within the majority of the murders committed in the U.S. less than two shoots are fired and the caliber with the highest body count is the .22lr

  • PT

    More typical liberal bs attacking gun owners as trailer trash sister f*cking rednecks.

    What’s sad is that there are a lot of liberal gun owners out there who he probably doesn’t even think exists.

    • Nater

      I identify myself as left libertarian (which is actually the original form of libertarianism) and I know many other people that are predominantly on the liberal side of the political spectrum that own guns. It’s pretty common, really. I know more so-called liberals that own guns than I know arch-conservatives that own guns.

      • Charles222

        I’m a leftist libertarian as well; the “librul gun-hater want to take your guns!” stuff is nearly as overwrought as the “crazy arch conservative gun owner” stuff is.

    • Erik

      Atheist, Baby murdering, tax and spend, bleeding heart liberal gun owner, enthusiast, and nut, and I’m god damned proud of it.

      If I want to abort a fetus with a Mauser T Gewher while taxing myself, I should be allowed or even required to do so.

      • David/Sharpie

        Murder isn’t okay……..

  • Vhyrus

    So I am confused… is it satire, or is he really trying to demonize us? If it is obviously facetious I can take a joke just as well as the next guy but if he is just being a professional troll then we need to do something about it.

  • Brian P.

    You’re joking, right? Please tell me this whole book or whatever it is is a joke. What the hell is wrong with all these people and their poor trigger discipline? I had better trigger (and muzzle) discipline than most of these guys when I was 10 years old.

  • Nater

    There are two types of gun owners. Those that are assets to society and then there are the type in these pictures. They’re a liability to everyone, including themselves. I don’t advocate gun control, I abhor it, but I really wish there was a legal, consistent way to keep dumbasses from getting their hands on firearms. I really do. Everyone would be better off if Cletus A. Chitferbraynes wasn’t packing a Model 29. I just don’t see any good way of doing it.

    This is only somewhat serious, but I think that this quick quiz would keep guns out of the hands of most idiots.

    How old is the Earth? A: Roughly 4.6 billion years.

    The United States has what form of government? A: Constitutional republic, representative democracy or polyarchy are acceptable answers.

    What is the enclosed area of a circle with a diameter of 10mm? A: 78.5mm2.

    What pivotal historical event happened on September 28, 1066CE? A: William the Bastard (soon to be William the Conqueror) invades England.

    These are questions that any 14-year-old should be able to answer without much difficulty. Now, obviously, the answers wouldn’t be supplied, but those four questions would keep most pure idiots from owning firearms. I don’t know what to do about people that are intelligent yet irresponsible. I do, however, think they’re less of a problem.

    I think at work this week I’m going to ask random people those questions, see who it would keep from owning firearms and who it would not.

    • TLudt

      That’s pretty inherently loaded. Being a non-science oriented person (history BA), I’m lucky to know anything revolving around math. I don’t need to know the diameter of 10mm, and I’m not familiar with English history… But I could ask similar questions about Middle Eastern history that would seem obvious to me because that is my field of study.

      I get the desire for firearm owners to be intelligent, but there’s a vast difference between knowing names and dates from actually analyzing something and being able to render a well rounded judgement. Being able to spout out the names of events and such doesn’t really translate into being intelligent.

      • David / Sharpie

        I agree, I couldn’t answer any of those questions and I still consider myself a safe, responsible and intelligent firearm owner.

        Also, the Canadian government trusts me enough to own guns too

      • Nater

        Sorry, but this isn’t college level stuff. It’s basic knowledge question anyone should know. You can correlate intelligence with general knowledge just as you can correlate intelligence with rationality. Rational people generally aren’t the type to do stupid things with guns. It’s not 1:1, anyone can snap, but it’s about the best that can be done. Why do you think the military wants college educations for officers?

        Hell, even if you’re enlisted, you have to take a general knowledge test before they have you slinging lead down range. Although, I don’t remember any history on it. It did have plenty of math and science.

        The history of the Middle East isn’t something that’s taught to a child in the United States from age ~9 to ~18. The basic historical outline of the United States and Europe is. William the Conqueror is sixth grade material.

        The very basics of Euclidean geometry are middle school subjects as well.

        The teach you the age of the Earth in probably 3rd or 4th grade.

        Do I really need to go into the Government of the United States?

        It shouldn’t be acceptable that an adult not know πR^2 gives you the area of a circle, or how old the planet they live on is. Children know these things. The disgusting wave of anti-intellectualism that is sweeping this country needs to end. The dominance that the United States has enjoyed for the past century is primarily due to it’s intellectual superiority. We had the smartest people in the world. Now?

      • David / Sharpie

        Nater, this isn’t really basic knowledge. Yeah I guess I should have known how old the earth is, but it’s not important for general survival, same with the area of a circle, if I needed to know it, I would research it. Government of the US? I could have guessed, I would have said democracy. I knew WHO William was, not the date he invaded England. Those questions are not fair to ask for owning firearms, most people wouldn’t know them, they may if they had time to figure out, but on the spot they wouldn’t. Now geography might be fair to ask, there are no dates or math needed, I wasn’t very good in math but I was good in social (We learned geopgraphy and history in that class)

        Children know these things because they’ve just learned them, most people forget things if they don’t need the knowledge in day-to-day life

      • W

        I think if all gun owners know the law regarding firearms and their legality, the rules of gun safety, and are not convicted felons/mentally handicapped, then i have no problem with them owning guns.

        There are a lot of dumbasses with guns out there. that is a given. there are also dumbasses that are protected by the 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments and dumbasses that can vote, though freedom is a double edged sword that way. legislation doesnt prevent ass hattery.

        ill agree with nater that there is a huge problem with anti-intellectualism in this country. the even bigger problem is the tendency in our society to embrace statism and the mentality of “if im doing nothing wrong, then i shouldnt worry about it”.

        The united states is a federal constitutional REPUBLIC. not a democracy. there is a huge difference between the two.

        In contradiction to what gun banners think, I am a moderate that teeters towards the left with a BA in economics and business. so much for the “cletus” stereotype 😉

    • Al T.

      Good idea (sarcasm mode). Not. Try applying a test for the rest of the Bill of Rights too.

    • Seamus

      As far as not so subtle demonstrations of intellectual vanity goes, this is a gem. Unless you decided to google those questions (which would not surprise me), you should have enough sense to know that there is a large gap between basic knowledge and proper gun safety. I can think of many people from my range who would only have answered the government question correctly. They still practice trigger discipline and gun safety and know more about firearms than many if not most of the people I know who would have aced that little quiz. There are enough pretentious guys around we don’t need any on TFB.

    • RocketScientist

      Nater, please turn in all your firearms. By your own standard, you are not intelligent enough to own them.

      In your question, you give the diameter of a circle as 10 mm. Technically, this number has only one significant figure (writing it 10. would give it 2). You give the answer as 78.5 mm^2 which contains 3 significant figures. the correct answer would be 70 mm^2 (also only contains one sig. fig.). even giving you the benefit of the doubt and saying you MEANT to write the diameter as 10. would give you 2 sig. fig. leaving the correct answer as 79 mm^2. Your answer invents a level of precision unattainable from the given data.

      Does this seem nit-picky and stupid? Yes. Is this knowledge about significant figures practical to anyone but those who use it in their daily lives (ie scientists, engineers, mathematicians)? Not at all. Just like the rest of the questions you ask. I remember many classmates of mine that were great memorizers, but were incapable of synthesizing that information and using it to come to useful conclusions about their world. My autistic cousin can tell you the day every US president was born, inaugurated, and died. I would never trust him with a firearm.

    • RocketScientist

      Correction to above: correct answer would be 80 mm^2, not 70 mm^2 as originally written.

      • Just why would I want to have to figure the area of a circle. I buy ammunition to fit my needs. All this math stuff is aready done for me. Someone got off on the wrong note thinking he was smarter than we all. I used to be good at math but lack of use and age has slowed me down a bit. I am like the one comment above about researching these things again should I need to apply them to an APPLE PIE AREA. This would help me get the bigger slice of pie.

    • Dominatus

      I wonder. Should a gun owner be “intelligent” or “respondsible”?

      I think a 6-year-old genius who can calculate the Pi to 256 digits in 50 nanoseconds should not own a gun if he cannot keep his finger off the trigger.

      When I am asked things regard gun ownership. I always refer to basic gun safety stuff and social respondsibility. Even a seasoned soldier should not own a gun if he failed basic gun safety or he posts risks toward his community.

      Therefore, I’d like to say your intention is understandable. But you pick a wrong index and variable for a research. If you want a truth, do it right otherwise do not do it at all. If you do it wrong, you get and remember a wrong truth.

    • Mark

      What we have here is a pretentious, intentionally esoteric pseudo intellectual.

      And gentleman, when he was referring to asking how old the earth was he’s saying we should deny gun rights to Christians fundamentalists.

      Everything else is just drivel spewing from the mouth of a man who is undoubtedly an intellectual legend in his own mind.

  • Sam

    Strange. I don’t recall this guy ever showing up at my house to interview me about my guns.

  • Sian

    I’ll eat my hat if the photographer didn’t deliberately instruct and pose each one of those photos to be exactly as shown, complete with fingers on triggers.

  • tincan

    if you don’t think these types of people aren’t a real part of american (gun) culture, then you’re not being honest. for every shrill liberal with an irrational fear of guns, there’s a stupid, dangerous, or paranoid gun owner with poor trigger discipline.

  • Jim

    This is akin to segregationists trying to portray mixed race couples as being dysfunctional to support their regressive attitudes.

  • Derek

    Whenever I go to any of the ranges in Los Angeles, I always remark that, instead of stereotypical gun crazies, I always see just a bunch of nerds who like guns. “Gun nerds.” Most people are friendly, and want to ask questions about whatever you brought or are happy to answer questions. Sure, there is an occasional sketchy person there, but the whole scene is just not what most people would expect.

    • David / Sharpie

      Agreed, my range frowns upon dumbasses who dual wield handguns. They get kinda pissed off too, “What a stupid fucking range, you can’t do anything”

  • charles in charge

    In my neck of the wood (SoCal), while you may see a few tattooed gangster wannabe (or even actual gangster) types and mall ninjas at the big public range doing stupid stuff from time to time, the public range “regulars,”the private club members, and the competitive shooters definitely fall in the category of gun nerds. And around here, the racial makeup of gun nerds is not much more then 50% white – there are plenty of Hispanic and a very large number of Asians in shooting. Filipinos are very well represented especially in USPSA.

    I have a group of people I have met via competitive shooting whom I squad with at matches. All of us are at least college grads, a few have post graduate degrees, and all of us have six figure incomes (or better!). We work in entertainment, finance, or technology. We live in sophisticated urban heavily liberal neighborhoods, a few of us in million dollar homes. The only visible cues that set us apart from our non-gun owning neighbors are the obvious better security at our homes, our abilities and willingness to use power tools and perform manual labor around our homes, and trucks or SUVs (shooting vehicles) instead of hybrids in the driveways.

  • Rangefinder

    This person is simply an opportunist. If you want to make a name for yourself with a particular group, prepare a hit piece in a effort to champion one of their causes. The humorous the better. This is typical of academia and the “art” world. I admit it is funny. I guess he has succeeded in making himself known. Big picture…no relevant change. This is not going to change the minds on the right or the left. A critical thinker will see it for what it is.

  • West

    I dont recall Captain Jackass swinging by the house to interview this liberal, vegetarian, cat owning gun nut.

  • Domestic Squirrel

    Is that M. Night Shyamalan with the 1911 pointed at his head

    • David / Sharpie

      That looks like a S&W, not a 1911

      • Sian

        Totally a 3rd gen smith. Looks like a 4506.

  • David / Sharpie

    I’m honestly a little confused………this blog says he’s anti gun…..yet the link Steve provided makes me think he is Pro gun.

    Can anyone fill me in?

    • Ben

      I think anyone who wants to own a gun should own a gun.

  • John Doe

    What I don’t like about this is that he cherry picked the strangest looking gun owners he could find. For every every crazy guy, there ought do be a normal looking guy. I also don’t like the poor trigger discipline. Treat every gun as if it’s loaded.

    Also, as a liberal gun owner, I don’t think we should discriminate gun owners based on their stereotype or how they appear. The media on both sides of the political spectrum only hurt the people in the end.

  • I actually kind of like the guy on the horse with the AK.

    • So do I. Beautiful photo. He is a talented photographer.

    • Bandito762

      Yeah, i thought that looked like a lot of fun

    • W

      the photo is the epitome of bad
      assery 🙂

  • If gun owners were as “scary, crazy and hostile” as typified by this halfwit, he wouldn’t have lived long enough to get his crummy book published.

  • Chase

    I wish there was such a thing as a class-action lawsuit for defamation of character. I am a citizen of the United States, liberal, clean-shaven, and non-Christian, and I own guns. And I don’t talk nonsense about “God, guns, and guts” or wave pistols around with my finger on the trigger.

  • W

    Ill read it. i have a tongue and cheek sense of humor so this might suit my needs.

  • Bobbity

    Ben wrote this rather tongue in cheek, with his own Canadian perspective of the American gun culture. I wish, just once, people would loosen their ties and be open to other ways of looking at things. Not everyone is as knowledgeable, experienced or clever as many longtime gun owners. In fact, a surprising number of gun owners aren’t very well versed in firearms safety, let alone history or the battle between the left and right over guns currently being waged. I disagreed with the idea of having fingers on triggers as well, but, in the end, it’s his book to make as he likes. For the record, I have been a gun guy, through and through, for decades. And Ronald Reagan was to the left of me. So, I am certainly cognizant of the arguments made here, many points of which are valid. But, as a friend of Ben’s, I can tell you he gained a tremendous respect and admiration for the gun culture in his travels. But, as a free man, he has the same right to free expression as the rest of us.

    • AntiCitizenOne

      It’s certainly understandable, not every gun owner is alike and not everyone is cultured or highly disciplined, which we are all working to correct.

      It’s his right of free expression and I/we respect that – until it looks like a heck of a lot of lies being told about us.

      I don’t know about how much of the photos contain rather questionable images of gun owners vs “decent” images of gun owners. It sounds like the former may be the case.

      In the era where firearm owners have been suffering a decade-long hate crime, and when people are still swayed by emotions and sound-bite media that has been fused with entertainment and where reporting is not as sound as it used to be, and with incidents like Virginia Tech or Tuscon or Sanford in the current national memory – it does look like another black eye for gun owners everywhere. It is not helping us regain all of our freedoms.

      I would urge you to reconsider your statement about Mr. Phillipi gaining “a tremendous respect and admiration for the gun culture in his travels,” because it is starting to look like he hasn’t.

      However, I look forward to this book being used as a lightning rod for gun owners, against all the antigunners who, taking a point from your post, have not loosened their ties and continue to try and fight us.

      It would be nice if Mr. Phillipi himself can explain himself in full here, or others readers to contact him and post his responses.

    • Thanks Bobbity!

  • My name is Ben Philippi and I am the author of God, Guns & Guts.

    Thank you for the review. Not exactly what I was hoping, but I’ll take it. As they say in show business, any press is good press. I’m glad to have stimulated a discussion.

    God, Guns & Guts is first and foremost an art book. I wanted to make a bold book about gun culture that doesn’t make any excuses. I’m not concerned what the gun-haters think. You can’t please everyone…

    I photographed proud and unashamed gun owners from all over America. Some of them are straight and some are missing a few teeth. In my view, Armed America and Chicks with Guns are well done – but dull.

    This book is for those who like something a bit more exciting, (like firing a full-auto for the first time) who don’t feel the need to excuse themselves for anything, who enjoy good photography and have a sense of humor.

    If you’re interested to see more pages from my book, they are here: http://godgunsgutsbook.com/book

    Thank you.

    PS: as for the trigger finger thing; how else are you supposed to shoot? : )

    • David/Sharpie

      Ben, we have guys on both sides regarding your opinions, some think you are anti-gun, some think pro-gun, could you clear that up a bit?

      As for the “how are you supposed to shoot without your finger on the trigger” well, you AIM the gun first, then put your finger on the trigger, then shoot, NEVER pick up a firearm and immediately put your finger in the trigger guard.

      Also, I saw someone say you’re Canadian….true or false?

      • Hi David/Sharpie,

        In response to your questions:

        A. I’m pro gun in the sense that if you want to have a gun, go and get one. If you don’t, then don’t. I own a few guns myself. I like to shoot. It feels good.

        B. I didn’t tell people to put their fingers on the trigger. If they did, I was ok with it. I’m aware that it’s a pretty basic rule. Some of the people in my book, such as Rusty Humphries insisted on putting his finger on the trigger. It’s more of a statement.

        C. As for where I’m from, I live and work in both Canada and the US.

      • David/Sharpie

        So you’re pro gun? I know there are pro-2nd amendment extremists that believe NOT owning a firearm is irresponsible

        Sorry, I thought you ACTUALLY thought people were saying to hold a gun but never shoot it.

        Where were you born?.

    • John Doe

      I was with you until the “PS: as for the trigger finger thing; how else are you supposed to shoot?”.

      That’s just incredibly stupid. You ALWAYS treat guns as if they’re loaded, even if it’s for a photo shoot. It may fly by some 13 year olds on YouTube, but not a group of gun nuts.

      • Ben

        re: John Doe:

        I was joking about the trigger finger thing. Gosh, do you any of you guys have a sense of humor? When did life get so serious?

      • David/Sharpie


        Even when joking gun nuts frown upon giving unsafe info.

  • bob

    @ Bobbity

    I think all your friend did was unintentionally re-enforce to the world the most offensive stereotypes to the majority of American gunowners of what the typical American with guns looks like. Imagine if he had done a tongue and cheek book about the “media stereotypical” African American male, that is the level of offense he pulled off here. Your friends tongue and cheek stereotypes have been used and continue to be used by anti-gun groups. Based on daily personal experience, I would like to respectfully point out to your friend that the majority of Americans with guns have only one thing in common that they are fellow gunowners, other than that we are every race, religion, gender, age, background under the rainbow. The stereotypical American with guns doesn’t exist in the real world. I hope you friend put a disclaimer into the intro of his book. Otherwise he will do more harm than good as his work are the going stereotypes of the American gunowner in our partisan media.

  • I wonder if he asked the people to hold the guns like they were going to shoot them. What I find to be the real shame here is, it sounds like he did the book and made a joke of the people who have guns, when really these people are just normal everyday joes. It’s really too bad he chose to showcase the gun crowd like this.

  • Nicks87

    I still cant figure out why people need to identify themselves as liberal or conservative. You people should try really thinking outside the box and quit promoting this false left-right paradigm.

    The system was created to keep people at odds with one another so stop putting people into groups and sub-catagories and just see people as individuals with differing opinions and move on.

  • eddie

    Folks, it’s an ART book. I took a look at some of the photos and to be honest I think he has hit the nail on the head, it’s stunning and beautiful. For those of you who are getting bent out of shape because you think he’s trying to portray ever gun owner in America then I think you’ve missed the point. Some of those people do look like meth-heads, but some of them look like suburban housewives and businessmen. I think it’s very well rounded and I personally plan on buying a copy. The shot of the guy on the horse is amazing and I want to see what else he has in there. Some of those images are iconic and I know the photo on the cover has a finger on a trigger, but guess what.. it isn’t a book on gun safety, it’s an Art book and I love that photo, hell if it was a poster I’d hang it on my wall.

  • DkM

    I can appreciate an art book about guns. However, considering the times we live in, with our freedoms being attacked daily by liberals looking for ANY excuse to persist or increase their attack on us, I think some of what you show in your book gives our enemies ammunition to continue their fight. The majority of the gun community is not eccentric. We are every-day people….men, women, and children who enjoy the sport of shooting and the freedom to protect ourselves. THIS is how we should be portrayed!

  • one pissed of dude

    That’s it. next time someone does some dishonest bullshit like this. i’m suing them.

    • David/Sharpie

      Calm down, it was a joke book.

      And it’s “pissed off” not “of”

  • Klotha

    The only thing that rustles my jimmy’s about this, is the horrible trigger discipline and that last image.

    Basic safety is important, and not following it isn’t style, it’s dangerous and dumb looking.

    • davethegreat

      Oh heck yes. It was so bad that it washed everything else out. As I type this, I am already forgetting whatever the post was about because all I can think of is TAKE YOUR DAMN FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER!!!!

      It’s one of those things most of us have drilled into our skulls so deep that when I see poor trigger discipline, I literally can’t think of anything else until that gets corrected. Finger. Trigger. Remove. Now.


  • M_Freeman

    Buy the book, how can anyone comment without seeing the entire project/ I think it’s fantastic. Ben is right right in there with Arbus, many of those images belong on gallery walls selling for $800.00 each as fine art prints. Fantastic work Ben.

  • M_Freeman

    Kyle Cassidy’s Armed America completely overlooks the bizarre and extreme, heavy on the vanilla. Ben’s has some real art work in it, buy an autographed copy now before the New York art hustlers find out about it.

  • Ben