Teludyne StraightJacket Barrel System

A company called Teludyne has invented a clever lightweight composite bull barrel system. The problem with bull (large profile) barrels is that they trade weight or accuracy. The Teludyne machine a thin metal tube that surrounds the barrel, then inject a propriety substance inside the tube. This increases the rigidity or the barrel, increasing accuray. The company claims that the system is very effective as dissipating barrel heat. The barrels are threaded and are supplied with a muzzle brake.

The barrels are steel but the exterior tube can be steel, aluminum or titanium. The company is selling a complete upper AR-15 with their own patent-pending gas system, StraightJacket Titanium exterior and steel chrome-lined interior barrel with 1:9 twist for $1,850.

They are selling a complete Ruger 10/22 with Stainless Steel StraightJacket for $699 and Mosins for $649.

The company will install the system on your own AK or hunting bolt action rifles for $650 – $800.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nathaniel

    One of those 10/22s looks pretty attractive.

    • Other Steve

      More attractive if it had a suppressor in there.

  • WoodenPlank

    $1850 for an AR upper, and they don’t use a 1/7 or 1/8 twist? No thanks.

    • OUMar

      that 1/9 twist would only really effect what bullet weight you use for the cartridge. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with AK’s but thats how I help determine my reloaded ammunition.

      • Other Steve

        Yes, OUMar… That’s exactly the issue. 1/9 on 223 limits you to 55gr or so. Newer, more lethal, and more accurate, bullets are 62, 69, 75, and 77gr. For those you need a 1:8 or more likely 1:7 twist for the full range.

        An expensive 1:9 makes no sense really.

      • Erwos

        1:9 in a 16″ barrel is good all the way to 69gr. If you’ve got a good 20″-24″ barrel, you might even be good at 75gr. I agree that 1:9 would not be my choice, but let’s not over-exaggerate the issues.

  • matt

    I was all ready to dismiss this as a gimmick until I saw the PSL. If any rifle needed that, it’s the PSL.

  • H. L.

    The 10/22 is the only one listed there that is in the realm of reasonable. Comparable to a 10/22T. I might even see the AR upper if it were in .308 for that price. The Mosin must be there to fill some weird niche market I’m not aware of.

  • Reverend Clint

    looks like they Photoshopped the barrel on random guns

    • Other Steve

      Agreed, the gas guns are unlikely to be real considering the description of how the barrel system is made.

    • Trev


      They are actual guns.

      • Other Steve

        Trev, You’re right, I was wrong. Hats off to you sir. I saw the PSL there and assume that no one was going to make that gas tube to fit the larger diameter barrel. That’s the tiny extra step that 95% of most people wouldn’t do.

        I’ll have to listen to that video with sound, because without it, I see ALL SORTS of goofiness going on there. Like the AR with the gas tube seemingly inside the barrel cover… FUCK NO is my first thought to that. They must have an explanation for that… right? I mean…. Right? No one would make such an obviously important part of the gun completely inaccessible… right?

  • a

    Those are real. Plenty of videos online actually. Search “straightjacket barrel system”

    The problem I have with them is that, while they are lighter than a bull barrel, they aren’t actually “lightweight.” There’s well over a pound of weight added if I remember correctly.

    • Other Steve

      I’d be interested in the bolt gun and blowback gun barrels, but not at all in the gas guns.

      I think a shorter stiffer bull barrel for something like 20″ bolt gun from 308 to 338 would be cool. I see what you’re saying about not being “lightweight” say in an overall weight but compared to a 1″ to 1.25″ diameter steel barrel it’s going to be MUCH lighter.

  • Reverend Clint

    read a little about on their website and it led me to a pdf from shotgun news where they got that mosin nagant down to like 2.5 moa at 500 yds.

  • noob

    what is the weight saving compared to a fluted barrel?

  • Komrad

    Didn’t Magnum Research already do this with 10/22s? I suppose Magnum Research doesn’t have an outer metal tube, but I’d think that wouldn’t matter much. I also suppose they use some material other than the graphite Magnum Research uses.

    Might be pretty nice regardless. I’m sure there are all sorts of PSL shooters who would love this.

  • AdamJensen

    Why the hell would you put something like that on a Mosin Nagant????

    • Spencer W

      Because you can and want to.

      • Soless

        So when you want to shoot said converted Mosin, how can you accurately aim it? Fail.

        Dad: Skeeter, was it you who impregernated Mary Jo?

        Son: Yes Paa…

        Dad: You dumb sack of turd! She’s your sister! Juss cause you can and want to, doesn’t mean it’s ok to do it!

  • Mark

    Paying $650 for a barrel and then another $700 for installation brings you to $1350 for a barrel, albeit a nice one? That’s pretty brutal…

  • Fred

    I can see this being useful on some of those rifles, but for 10/22s, why not just get one of the Tactical Innovations aluminum bull barrels that have the steel insert in them?

    Or one of the Volquartsen carbon fiber bull barrels?

    That’d be a heck of a lot cheaper & those T.I./Volquartsen barrels have great reputations.

    • Komrad

      Or Magnum Research graphite.

  • Andrew

    In January, I emailed the tips address here about Hornady’s patent application on this; it was never posted and there was no reply from Steve.
    Patent App US20110107647 “Method for Improving Performance of a Weapon Barrel”

    It looks like its easy enough to duplicate on your own.

    BTW, the patent itself contains data about modifying existing guns and actual results; they used an Encore (with 223), a Springfield 1903, and a Swiss K31. The most amazing was a K31 who’s group shrank from 1.5″ average radial dispersion down to 0.47″.

    Hornady filed for patent in 2010; wonder if Teludyne did as well.

    • Other Steve

      Ack, real investigation with proof, get out of here! 😀 (calm down everyone, it’s a joke)

  • James

    I think I’d rather have 8 Mosins or 5 10/22s and float the stock barrel and do a trigger job on them instead. Cool concept but waaaaay too damn expensive. Plus what serious shooter is going to use a 1 in 9 twist AR barrel? Heck it’s bad enough trying to use a .223/5.56 for anything over 500 yards anyways, but you throw a 55g round that far good luck with the wind. Most bull barrel shooters I know (including myself) use those guns for target practice and competitions where weight isn’t too big a deal. I have a bipod for a reason.

  • Jim T

    I personally think this is a lame niche market product. The reason why is that it costs 1350 for the jacket + installation on a factory crappy barrel when you could get a beautiful krieger or lilja barrel for 350-400 + chambering costs and these barrels would shoot much better than this worthless niche.

    • Komrad

      Perhaps you could get it installed on a better barrel.

  • unclear.six

    They should be hung for doing this to the milsurp children…hung from a yard arm high and swinging.

    • You never shipped me those tears… negative feedback for you.

  • Lance

    Thought the bull barrel on the Mosin Nagant looked awesome. Dont care for a built on compensator but a system like this will improve accuracy alot.

    • Soless

      Now other than the Russian sniper mount with scope, what are you going to use to aim the dang thing? There is absolutely no place to mount anything otherwise.

  • Doesitmatter?

    And here we go… a composite barrel we discussed so fiercely (at lest some of us) in article about questionable G36 hot accuracy. So, somebody does it and asks buck for it. Should it be all that surprising?

  • John Doe

    Wow! That’s too damn expensive!

  • Vaarok

    The amount of product whoring on TheHighroad alone by “friends of the company” has guaranteed I will never buy one of their products.