UTS-15 Shotgun to retail for $1,500

The dual magazine UTS-15 shotgun has finally been given a MSRP: $1500. Production has begun and the first guns should ship later this month or early next month.

From the press release …

UTAS’ Director of U.S. Operations, Matt Guzeldere stated today, “We’ve been working with UTAS Makine, Ltd. the Turkish company that developed the UTS-15, to set up American manufacturing for quite sometime. It has been a difficult process that required building a lot of duplicate and expensive tooling, such as polymer injection molds. We have a license agreement, all of the tooling in place and have started producing parts. Of course we’ll be training personnel, running the first guns through product qualification tests and ramping up production, so we’re anticipating delivering the first American made UTS-15’s in late May or early June. ”

The UTS-15 tactical 12 ga. pump shotgun is a patented, ground-up design utilizing fiber reinforced polymers for over 85% of its parts and is the first such firearm to have the receiver molded completely from polymer. At only 28.5” in overall length and weighing only 6.9 lbs, but with top-mounted alternately feeding magazines providing a total capacity of 15 rounds, the UTS-15 has truly broken new ground in tactical shotgun design. As standard features on the Military & Police Model and separately purchased accessories for civilians, there is a built in point-and-shoot impact centered, focused-beam LED spotlight, adjustable laser sight, flip-up large aperture peep or V rear sight, a glow-in-the-dark bead front sight and a screw in, breaching muzzle extension.

A number of different models will be produced. The standard model is pictured above. The Hunting, Desert and Marine models each feature a different camo finish. The Navy model is designed for use around salt water. Its springs have a corrosion resistant coating applied and all exposed metal parts have a satin nickel plating. It also features a black/grey digital camo scheme.

Steve Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    Kel-Tec KSG looks better, but this monster seems to be all business!
    I’m waiting to read some reviews and, best, a comparison with the KSG…

    • smitron


  • Komrad

    This thing looks like a pig (probably wouldn’t be half bad for a boar hunt) and the price makes me wonder, but if they can get it to market before the KSG, they’ll be sure to make a pretty penny.
    $1500 is too much for me, but it isn’t too outrageous (a good semi-auto can be $2000) for a tactical style shotty with such cool features.
    They could probably get the weight down by removing some of that rail, might look nicer too.

    • El Duderino

      KSG is already on the market, MSRP is cheaper (street price still well over $1k), and made in the U.S. of A. Looks like each has its unique capabilities, but I’ll be getting the KSG due to the bottom eject (I shoot lefty), previously mentioned Made in the USA, lower price, and overall cleaner look.

      • justdavid

        I too am inclined toward the KSG, but UTS is setting up production in the US.

  • Reverend Clint

    looks pretty interesting and i like the factory paint job

    • Tony Stein

      With the KSG you have to switch to the other side before it feeds, the UTS is alternate feeding. To much to do with the KSG, I’d stick with the UTS. Time is of the essence.

  • Cameron

    Im inherently suspicious of new shotgun designs. I realize that makes me sound severely old-fogey, and smacks of the 1911 v. Glock debate, but when there are heavily proven designs Remington’s 870 or 1100 and Mossberg’s 500/590 or 930, depending on your pump / auto preference, it’s a hard market to earn trust in.

    My biggest issue is that when you’re talking a big, fat, rimmed shotgun shell, a jam has the potential to lock your gun up fatally. Shotgun jams are notoriously hard to clear, particular on a short-stroked pump.

    I hope dearly that this shotgun proves to be reliable and hardy, and new technology (here and with the KSG) makes me eat crow. They certainly amp up the badass factor. For now, though, when I hear a bump in the night I’ll go for my trusty pump guns from Remington or Mossie.

    • noob

      some big company has *got* to make rimless or even rebated rim shotgun shells intended to feed from a box magazine in a semi auto. first round is breaching, load the rest of the mag with buck.

  • Giolli Joker

    BTW, great video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnyRnjI7OiA&feature=player_embedded
    It shows some interesting features: double loading ports, see thru magazine with numbers, etc..
    It even solved my doubt: it’s not gravity fed like the Neostead so it can be shot in every position, even if it’s unlikely to need to shoot it as in this demo, it’s nice to know it can be done… anyway I wouldn’t try shooting a 12 gauge with the buttstock resting on my b@lls… 😀

    • Other Steve

      Look at that tiny little loading port…. No thank you.

      I realize the idea is thatnwi 15 rounds reloading is less of an issue but at least the KsG and Neostead have the forethought to have much larger ports.

  • Trev

    The magazine tubes are open to the environment? Just what I want, dirt in the mag tubes.

    • Giolli Joker

      They’re “see-thru”, I don’t get if they’re really open or if there’s sort of a transparent inner tube… anyway, if they’re really open and that is seen as a potential issue, I think a strip of plexiglass/PC may keep the dirt from falling inside without losing the see-thru advantage.

    • Jeff Smith

      If they are open, would it be possible for the rim of a shell to get caught on one of the braces on the “viewing ports,” or whatever you would like to call them? If your shell were to tilt inside of the tube, could that cause the the rim of the shell to stick out enough to catch on the brace?

  • Netforce

    These look pretty sweet.

  • Marcus

    I’ve been following this gun ever since I first saw it on here, and man do I want one!

    I wonder if they are developing a semi-auto along these lines?

    • Giolli Joker

      http://www.all4shooters.com/it/Contenuti/Pro-Zone/2012/January/UTAS_UTS-15/ (italian article, sorry)
      Here they say that the semi-auto version is currently being designed.

      • justdavid

        From a legal perspective, I expect high-capacity pumps are going to be available to private citizens in more jurisdictions than high-capacity semi-auto shotguns. Might be a factor in why KT and UTS both designed the pumps first (assuming KT has a semi-auto KSG in the works).

  • Bora

    Made by a Turkish firm, the American rep’s last name is Turkish, 100% Turkish design. UNAVAILABLE in Turkey. :/

  • Nooky

    I saw in and hold it in Luzern switzerland, I was not impressed. The construction look wobbly and not very sturdy

  • Jax

    Hmmm, want it semi-aut, and for a tactical use its too long.

  • Justin G.

    $1500 is a little steep for a pump shotgun if you ask me. Also it looks a little on the bulky side.

    • Matt G.

      I love how you got three thumbs down fr being completely reasonable.

  • banner man

    Well I think we can all agree that this things favorite enviroment would be on a bug hunt with the colonial marines….”…for close encounters”.

  • TangledThorns

    I saw a Kel-Tec KSG at a gun show for the first time and it looked cool. Sadly, they are in such high demand that they are going for double MSRP which is inline with this UTS-15.

  • Arch

    As an artist, I have to say that I’m completely loving the aesthetic design of this weapon.
    I’m just hoping the performance matches the good looks.

  • Sian

    Already seen a few of these show up in the TV show Fringe. Hollywood already likes the look of these things.

    • grandpasknives

      i hear a lot of people talking about a gun they have never fired.i have a uts 15 and it works perfect.you have to work the action with a little force because that is the way it was designed.people are complaining about things that dont exhist.you cant tear down a product that you have never even shot.get real everyone seems to be experts on this weapon and they dont even know how it is designed or operated.Senator feinstein said she was an expert on the ar 15,because she had studied pictures of them,sound familiar.if you are going to make a statement on something,at least you should have used it before you have an opinion on its worth.get real !

  • raven

    I always wondered why nobody ever made the shotgun from halo… What’s next? My guess is someone will start producing the revolver shotguns from Borderlands.

    In any case, this is a cool design, but like many have said some serious testing would have to make me feel comfortable both spending $1500 and putting this next to the multiple 870s in my safe.

  • West

    That barrel selector switch looks like it would be hard on your thumb.

  • Erwos

    So, first of all, the press release said $1200, not $1500.

    I think that’s still high, but I don’t think it’s out of this world. The KSG’s MSRP is $880, so you’re basically talking about a $300 difference. If UTAS keeps including the iron sights as standard, I think it’s almost a justifiable difference – alternating feed is a huge advantage, and I do like the reloading mechanism a bit more.

  • Nathan

    What a monstrosity!

  • Big Daddy

    It kind of looks like the Titanic waiting to sink.

    I think I read that those ports are open to see how many rounds you have left. My first thought was that any debris could get into it easily. My second though was exactly what does this monstrosity do that a well trained shotgunner could not with any 870? My third thought was that I would NOT want to have to carry that into a battle or fire fight of any kind.

    Once you’re done firing all the ammo you better have a backup gun.

    It would have probably made it wider at that point but I think having 2-10 round magazines would have been a much better idea. I’m thinking the weight transfer as you shoot each round would make it difficult to get used to since it’s a pump, just a guess. The whole design might work better as a semi-auto.

    It really reminds me of one of those top heavy cruise ships.

  • I’ll take the KelTec. Of course, it could be a loooong wait for the KelTec, but I do like their products. The KSG is a sleeker design, looks much more maneuverable, and has the advantage of being first

  • Yoni

    Those loading gates look like a good way to cut up your fingers. It also seems to me that it would be difficult to use a speed loader on this shotgun.

  • Mike Knox


  • Lance

    Looks way too BIG and BULKY for me, much prefer a Bennelli M-1 or Mossburg M-500A.

  • Gerald

    It looks like the light and laser might be a drop-in kit that is installed latter on. Still, there is no arguing that this thing is a beast. Plus the ability to put buckshot in one tube and slugs in the other and rapidly switch between the two gives this shotgun a huge advantage over any other designs that I have seen.

  • D

    I’m not sure what the big advantage this brings to the table. How often, in actual use, do you need to switch between buckshot and slugs? That’s a pretty far-out edge case, where you could justify the weight, expense, and added complexity for the capability.

    • Duray

      The description says the mags feed alternately. The KSG works with a switch. Either way, you get 15 rounds in a 28″ shotgun. Ammo versatility is just a bonus, not the reason for the design.

      • Giolli Joker

        The magazines CAN be fired alternately… or you can choose which one is going to be used: I’d think lethal/non-lethal or breaching/lethal more than buckshots/slugs…
        BTW, if you choose one magazine and you shoot all the shells there, the other magazines is automatically selected to let you keep on firing.

      • Sian

        You can get 21 rounds in a SBR’d shotgun in a proven semiauto platform (Saiga12) for less and still be able to fold the stock, and reload in 5 seconds instead of.. however long it takes to individually shove 15 rounds into that thing.

      • Sian

        @Giolli Joker
        “BTW, if you choose one magazine and you shoot all the shells there, the other magazines is automatically selected to let you keep on firing.”

        Wouldn’t that be kind of bad if you don’t notice you’ve run out of beanbags?

      • Duray

        Sian, isn’t it a bit odd to blow through 21 rounds of 12 gauge and then worry about how long it takes to reload? If you’re in Iraq, sure, but for the other 99% of the people in the world? And if the military/police are already taking care of business with 7 or 8 shot tube fed guns, then I doubt doubling the tube capacity is going to make them want to trade in for a Saiga. If box mags were the answer, the world had plenty of chance to switch before the KSG (or this thing) were invented.

  • Bryan S.

    Side mounted magazines… why not make them detachable? Everyone says you have to have detachable box magazines, which dont work great for shotgun shells. Why is no one making a detachable spring fed tube feed?

    • Jeff

      Bryan S. I think the SRM 1216 is exactly the sort of thing you’re thinking about…

      • justdavid

        Jeff, I’ve never seen or heard of this before, thanks for posting.

        Looks huge and cumbersome even compared to the smaller Saiga 12 mags though….

      • my comment was suppose to be for justdavid, not Jeff. Check out http://www.srmarms.com to read up more about the SRM 1216.

    • Jeff, the 1216 is only 7.25lbs. It’s lightweight and only 32.5″ which isn’t too much longer than the KSG, and not bad for a 16 + 1 round capacity. 🙂 It’s made by SRM Arms, so check out the website for more details.

  • I love crazy gun as much as anyone else but $1,500 is a lot for any gun if you ask me. Much less something that’s just there cosplayers to pretend they’re space marines or something.

  • Chase

    Dang it! I don’t pretend to understand the problems behind the scarcity of Kel-Tec’s stuff, but I wish they would make more KSGs. I hope Kel-Tec doesn’t get leapfrogged by this design.

  • Volk CNC

    The UTS-15 has been available in Canada since Novemeber of 2011. Retail price is $1650 CAD. So far the reviews have been favorable, even with the ridiculous price tag. It isn’t as flimsy as one would think. I was leery of the 80% polymer construction but just consider the Tavor is built about the same. Steel components held in space by a polymer shell. Some minor issues with missing small springs but those were solved by the distributor. All in all the reviews are very positive.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    It looks like the prop department from “Aliens” had a garage sale.

  • james

    i like the idea of it.. i don’t know why they put windows on the magazines.. with the clear markings on the tops of the mags, and the follower clearly moving while firing.. then again, there are AR/AK mags with windows, too..

    1500 is steep.. very steep, imo.. especially when i can simply get a Saiga-12 and magazines for around the same price.. true, it’s not 15 rounds, unless you get a drum mag.. but the Saiga isn’t a pump either..

    this would have been much better if it were Semi-Auto.. and priced a bit lower..

  • TZH

    If I were an LEO or in the military, I’d be interested to see what it could do. What options will it bring, measure up to “real life”, etc.

    If you could afford it, I’ll bet it would be a lot of fun. A competitor to the KSG is always a welcome thing!

    For home defense, it is still hard to beat a regular shotty. Even with a vanilla 5 round tube, it ain’t that hard to grab a bandolier.

    Darn it, even my Benelli M3 is pretty heavy on its own compared to a good rifle.

  • Vhyrus

    Normally I would say ‘too expensive’ but with the way kel tec gets their product to market this may be your only option that doesn’t involve a 5 year wait.

  • romeolimagolf

    Why not take a proven pump-action design, like the 870 for example, and just add the dual magazine tubes for greater capacity?

    • Duray

      Because then you’d have a longer, heavier, more cumbersome weapon.

  • Patrick M.

    It reminds me of a cruise ship for some reason.

  • Matt G.

    I’m not usually one to complain about fugly guns but I’ve seen better ergonomics on a skateboard.

    • smitron


  • ramrod2

    Retail price on the UTS-15 is $1200. Check out the website for additional info at http://www.utas-usa.com.

  • TdocZ

    I was inquiring about the KSG today stuff my lgs and the store manager told me the KSG is actually a copy version of the UTS15. I hadn’t heard that before and I don’t know of it is true but I thought it was an intriguing comment. Any thoughts?

    • justdavid

      Kel-Tec might have gotten the general bullpup, two-mag-tube idea from the South African NeoSted 2000 (KT was founded two or three years before the NS2000 was developed) but the KSG is far from a copy of it or of the UTS-15. UTS-15 is a much closer copy of the NS2000 and even it’s significantly different.

  • Cda

    Talked directly to Utas today. They said they start at $1200 and will start shipping the middle of next month. The laser/light combo is $180 and is available in 60 days and is easily installed. They are taking pre orders now.

  • Mike Knox

    I watched the film ‘Aliens’ again and I thought: That spaceship looks like that shotgun I saw on the internet..

  • Gonzo

    UTS-15 why is that gun shooting to one side?
    Is it ok that rail for scope is soft like butter, i really have to be carefull when tightening a rings.
    I can twist the frame that bbl is mounted to and when I do the gun wont open- is this ok?
    The composite on the gun is very soft, nothing near the quality of guns worth the money,
    Why is the stock so short?
    It takes long to load
    If i can make it work with my X-box then may bee yes

  • Gonzo

    UTS-15 why is that gun shooting to one side?
    Is it ok that rail for scope is soft like butter, i really have to be carefull when tightening a rings.
    I can twist the frame that bbl is mounted to and when I do the gun wont open- is this ok?
    The composite on the gun is very soft, nothing near the quality of guns worth the money,
    Why is the stock so short?
    It takes long to load
    If i can make it work with my X-box then may bee yes
    Another Turkish temtation that i throw away after one box of sheels

  • smitron

    Surly great gun to survive when used in video game, but not in reality!
    I will not trust Turks, so far all they brought to us don’t last or shoot straight!

    • GS

      I work for a local gun shop part time for trade shows and such, and a month ago got my hands on a demo from UTAS-USA. Overall response from shows are WOW! Got to shoot it recently, works very well. Recoil tamed and right into the center of the shoulder.

      Gun is same size as KSG, Better balanced and better put together IMO. We didn’t have feed issues or no weird trigger problems.There isn’t bottom rail for lights or grip because there is an internal light mount located in the pump housing. The pump action actually fits in your hand and is comfortable to work unlike the KSG that needs a t-grip. The UTAS isn’t too lefty friendly but the ejection port is below the chin and not dumping rounds across the face at eye level.

      The gun is Made in USA, in Des Plains, IL. It was developed by an American, working with a Turkish company (who have won some NRA bullseye awards for their guns), for Smith and Wesson until S&W had internal problems. Most of the gun is made here, on American machines with American materials, with a few parts from out of country. But what isn’t nowadays.

      Overall it is a fun shooter and i cant wait for mine. It is $1400, but that price gets you a steel rear v sight, steel front sight with fiber optic bead, and a tactical breaching choke (Yes it is a choked barrel and ANY Beretta style choke will work). You can buy it less without those three for around $1200, and in my area you get a Kel-Tec for $1200 and a 2 year wait. Id rather spend a little more, get it within the next month, and upgrade it with parts from the local AR machine shop (that has already been developing aftermarket parts off our factory demo gun), far before more than half the people ever see their KSG! Our local shop has over 40 pre-orders since we got the gun. Go get yours guys!

      • Mark K

        $450 for one time and throw away, try to reload this think when you are under a fire, and if you twist forearm it will not open on you if it don’t break before or have a scope fly out of the plastic rail, again $450 one time use gun and run!

      • FindYourInnerWoodsman

        I find your response somewhat funny and Im going to call B.S. sir. The videos are now out on youtube and what appears to be shipping is a complete piece of crap. Materials are weak with plastic inner parts…the selecter is made from plastic, feeds unreliably and is an ergonomically not comfortable to shoot. Im a so so fan of nutnfancy but the video he put out on this thing bears all.

        they say the proof is in the pudding…well here ya go fellas. Fan boys can dislike this comment if they want but at least watch the video.

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrCBTU89kBM = table top

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRUeoPsPbUE = field test

  • Just bot an MKA-1919 from Cheaper Than….. for $579.00 and it includes 3 chokes and 2 mags. You can buy xtra 10 rd mags for $70-$80. It is a LIGHTNING FAST SEMI AUTOMATIC and not a pump. You can add a folding stock a quad rail and a really cool shark compensator. All added up you still spend less than the stripped down version of the expensive slow pump 15 rd monstrosity. Oh, forgot to tell you, the MKA 1919 is also a Turkish gun is as well or better built, far more accurate and shoots nearly as fast as a full automatic. Clips change in a second and you can easily carry 5-6 clips (50 – 60 rounds and even mix clips with 7.5, 12 ga and slugs. The MKA is a much better choice.

  • The American Crusader

    I get a kick out of self-professed “experts” who make vids about guns. Helps me know who to give a wide berth to at the range… Here’s my two cents: Open magazine followers are a really BAD idea, shades of the Chauchat LMG. Ted Hatfield recorded a vid at the 2012 NRA Annual Meet in St. Louis in which he indicated that a 2nd Gen version is being produced with enclosed mag followers. If so, problem solved.

    Second point, the porting along the sides looks cool but serves no purpose I can see. It can’t be for venting the barrel, nor for weight reduction because its polymer, so the weight lost would be negligible. This WILL be a good place to collect gunk of all kind, however.

    The optional integral laser/flashlight is a gimmicky idea and is likely to be difficult to service. Serious shooters will prefer the freedom of aftermarket devices.

    Finally, the price tag is way too steep. I understand this may be driven by the equally steep R&D costs, but this weapon is neither innovative nor perfected enough to command such a premium, especially considering there are comparable, much less expensive systems. That being said, I am eager to test fire this beast as soon as my local range acquires one.

  • Sam Suggs

    heavily modified Sagia 12 4 life

  • Because of how the gun was made it was cheap but the quality & workmanship was superb. The pump-action shotgun with it’s automatic feeding is fine when your reloading. It’s design is very “tactical” and can load up the feeding tube up to 15 shots available on fire. This is a great shotgun for professional and sportsman alike.

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