Photo Request: Austeyr F88

I don’t do request for photos for anyone, but French defense journalist Lionel Helias contributes a lot of information and photos to The Firearm Blog and I would like to help him out.

He is in need of a high quality photo of the Austeyr F88, preferably a photo of each side. The minimum resolution required is 2000×2000 (4 megapixels). You must either own the photo or it must be public domain. You would be attributed if you own the photo. It would be for a French language publication or website.

You can email me directly with photos …

Lionel is currently in Kazakhstan, on the lookout for some interesting firearms for TFB 🙂



Steve Johnson

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  • mikee

    Dear Sir,

    The correct nomenclature for the Australian service rifle is Steyr F88. The title “Austeyr” is not an official name adopted by the Australian military.

    • Brash

      Actually, the F88 is most certainly referred to, officially, as the F88 “Austeyr”. I cite the ADF Land Warfare Publication 7-4-12 (the F88 manual) as evidence. I’ve been a user/instructor of the F88 since 1990, and it’s always been referred to as the Austeyr.

      The latest variant is the F88SA3.

      • mikee

        The “AUSTEYR” discussion has taken on the mantlet of an urban legend. Having had exposure to the Steyr F88 and its numerous incantations from 1989 to 2006 which has included armourer’s courses, seminars and discussions with personnel from ADI and the Australian Department of Defence, the question arose on at least two occasions with engineers regarding the official standing of the nomenclature “AUSTEYR”. The response has always been that though some individual reference has been made to the term “AUSTEYR”, it is not and official term for the Steyr F88. This is verified in copies of Australian Army Manual of Land – Part Two – Infantry 761………..2050 etc where the title reads 5.56 MM AUSTRALIAN STEYR INDIVIDUAL WEAPONS FAMILY F88, F88C ….etc. throughout this manual, there is no reference to “AUSTEYR”.

  • Mike Knox

    So if we send AUG photos, you’ll shoot our limbs off?

  • rzeznicc
  • Jez

    One place to look would be the Defence Department image library:

  • noob

    does he want specific angles? internal parts? action shots (for some very mild value of “action”)?