GSG STG-44 .22 LR now available

It has been a long time coming, but the GSG STG-44 .22 LR is finally shipping.

Designed to precisely imitate the WWII Sturmgewehr, the .22 LR GSG STG-44 features a weight of 9.5lbs, a 17.2” barrel, an overall length of 37.2” and real solid wood furniture. It is available with 10 or 25 round capacity magazines and comes shipped in an Eastern Pine box hand-crafted by the Amish in the mountain region of New York state.

The MSRP is $600.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    I’d rather see it in a modern cartridge like 7.62X39. Now that would be fun!

    • Bryan S.

      You misspelled “commercially available”


      (7.62×39 isnt much modern)

      • Vhyrus

        I was thinking that after I wrote the comment. You get the idea.

      • Jim

        Well 7.62×39 is “more” modern that the 7.92×33 it was originally chambered in at least 🙂

    • Steve

      I fell in love with this rifle when I first saw the prototype in Nov. of 2011. I placed an order for one a few weeks ago.

  • Brian P.

    This is probably the first .22 I’ve ever really, really, REALLY wanted. A lot. So, don’t mind me, I’ll just be drooling over yet another gun I wish I had.

  • Billy Bones

    If it is anything like their .22 MP5, I’ll pass.
    Otherwise, I might like to have one.

  • John Doe

    Not as cool as a 7.62×39, but it’s a damn fine looking rifle.

  • West

    Im proud to support the Amish community.

  • CanduRandu

    I have nothing against the Amish, nothing at all.

    But, why does a simple box holding this rifle (which coincidentally, is made by the Amish) make any difference about the quality/worth of this rifle? Is their quality truly any better than anyone else’s?

    BTW, is this rifle anything more than a glorified Airsoft shell covering a simple .22 action? If it is, I’d like to see a review.

  • Jose Antonio

    When it gets available here (if it ever becomes available in Spain), cost will rise up to the other overpriced 22 imitations of M4s, MP5s, and AKs.

  • Greg X9

    MP40. That’s what I’m waiting on:

    Also, I’m now wondering the same thing as CanduRandu – is this going to be a glorified airsoft.

  • projectiledysfunction

    Does it weigh 11 pounds loaded just like the real STG-44?

  • Chase

    I just hope it doesn’t become inoperable if dropped once, like the real Stg. 44. 🙂

  • charles222

    Let me know when it’s in 7.92K.

    • jay

      A few 7.92x33mm versions is available for a long time.

  • Dan

    For the same price I picked up a 10/22 with a fluted bull barrel, cost $500 plus a $180 scope on sale for $100 and I can add 30 round clips and I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts my 10/11 is way more accurate. This gun looks cool but as far as function I don’t think I would pay more than $250. Sorry….

    • 276pedersen

      I don’t doubt that your “10/11” with 30 rd “clips” will be more accurate. That’s not the point here, this is just for the cool factor 😀

  • Dan

    10/22 not 10/22 not 10/11. Lol

  • Plasticity

    As an FFL I have found no distributors with any in stock or any willingness to do a back order. Does anyone know who as this?

  • Domenic

    As an employee of this country’s sole importer for GSG products, this rumor is patently untrue. Only a few test pieces have been received in the US at this time. Production gun deliveries are not expected to arrive until late June or early July.

  • Dan

    The box is just cool. It looks like a military crate. The fact it is Amish made, well, probably not a big deal, except people tend to like Amish made stuff. I could care less about who made the box, but I do like the box. It just adds to the cool factor.

    I’m glad it is in .22. Ammo is just too expensive these days. I’ve moved to shooting mostly .22. It is still fun, and I can bring friends to the range and let them fire away without breaking the bank.

    The other cool thing about the gun….it is German made, as this model should be. That adds to the cool factor for me.

    This gun is made for fun. Yeah, the price could be a little lighter, but I’ll bet they sell all of them. My hunch is that they made a good business decision. This gun had as much buzz as anything at the Shot Show this year. It is all about supply and demand. If the price is too high, you can lower demand by not buying. As for me, I just had to have one. I pre-ordered at a local dealer. 🙂

  • Dan

    One more thing….The first load is on a ship and is supposed to arrive in the US around July 11. They will then be inspected and placed in the wooden crates, and then presumably sent to the distributors. Not sure how long the packing will take.

  • Fist shipment is in the country. Thousands more on the way!!!

  • dave

    I actually just picked mine up today, its pretty impressive. its seems to have a plastic body, but its a sturdy plastic with wood buttstock. only real gripe I have is the mag has a long slot down the middle. all in all its a nice piece. its a collectors piece without a doubt

    • david P

      WOW!!!! Yours must be the only one that is plastic that they made!!

      Mine that I bought today is almost all metal and wood. So far I think that I have found only two parts (not counting the magazine) that are plastic. Both of those are on the inside.

      If I was you I would keep that one in unfired condition. It will be worth a mint in the future!!

      • D

        Thanks for clarifying this for onlookers, that guys comment made me a bit worried, but then I thought no way, at 9.5 lbs. I’m glad these are metal. Stamped steel or aluminum? I’m going to have to guess steel since even real AKM’s are lighter.

  • Steve

    When did you place your orders for the stg44? I have been told my order could be another 4 to 6 months out.

  • martin fee

    Ordered mine should be here on Wednesday 8/29/12 so i will post on quality and best ammo to use in about a week. until them i am disapointed that no one not even ati has spare magazines for sale If anyone hears of them for sale please post.
    Ati claims none till end of year

  • In two minds about the STG44. I run a gun magazine here in England and the GSG5 I tested was not good – unreliable, hard to strip and prone to the bolt carrier cracking. Like one of your other posts said it’s like and air soft with a 22 LR mech on the in side. We are also having similar problems with the ISSC MSR Mk 22 SCAR copy, which also seems to have a GSG-type bolt.

    I saw the STG at the 2011 IWA show in Germany and spoke to GSG, the lady I talked to confirmed that despite the look this rifle is pretty much a GSG5 inside, which started alarm bells ringing.

    Problem is now in the UK the GSG importer has given up on them as many guns have been returned due to malfunctions and we have no official importer. Out of interest I would like to try the STG to see if they have made a better job of it. Can’t quite see why I need to have a crate included with the rifle, I’d sooner have a spare mag!

  • I just purchased my New STG-44 and I am impressed with it so far.I will evaluate this rifle and leave a post as to the function at a later date.i placed my order in June of this year as my gun dealer had no idea of this firearm,or had heard of it.His distributor in Chicago had 525 initially and he was allowed 1.That was the one I received.I also would have thought that a additional magazine could be purchased,so I contacted American Tactical Imports and am awaiting there response at the time of this posting.i for one Like the Amish made pine crate that it was shipped in,and must say that at 57 years of age it takes a lot to get my wow factor going.I must say that this rifle does it for me.i wold like to say that the original 7.92mmx33mm kurtz round that this weapon fired was the inspiration for the Russians to design their 7.92mmx39mm round during World War II.

  • Steve

    The last word was the mags would be available at the end of the year

  • herb

    I purchased my STG44 22LR last week,What a shooter.Try using HV shells 1200fps to 1750fps the rifle function smoother+thay go faster an hit harder,,,,,,great firearm!!!!

  • An

    Just my stg-44 too day I order it when frist found out about also order two ex-mags and came with 3 total. Have the oig stg looks of the gsg is good very close cope to oig happy so far

  • Hello…Tried for a couple of years to find one in .792X33 or perhaps one in 762X39 (if such was made?) found repros in the .792 at prices that were real stiff – literally thousands, alot of $$$ for an old retired soldier…but; always wanted one….this STG44 in 22LR was a real close 2nd choice ..So I ordered one (2 -one for my Hunting Buddy of 24 years also!) They both came in about 8 weeks ago..Seem quite authentically designed….compared it to original STG44 in 44th Infantry Museum…it’s darn damn close to as good as is gonna get for a copy…every bit as good as my 1997 or 98 made SpgFld M1 is to my old 1944 Win. Battle rifle….We tried about 5 ammo makes in it and about 7 different Balls from H Speed 30 Gr. to plain Jane cheapy W.Mart 1200FPS HP….we’ve shot about 450 rounds out of each one of them…Very little to really no trouble at all…and they do shoot darn good at 100 yds too..6 inch group real easy 25 for 25…I like the Aguila 1750 FPS 30 Gr. ammo….These are well made – easy to clean – authentic weight and look..these are for Coyote boppin and tin can poppin fun…if you want a 1 inch 100 yard 6 round group…you’ll likely need a 22LR Bolt with good scope…but these STG 44 22LR are worth the 6 hundred for the fun you’ll have……

  • Steve

    I just picked up mt Stg44 22lr. It is an awesome rifle. It took 23 weeks for me to get it. I’m anxious to put a few hundred rounds through it.

  • kathy gremmer

    got my gsg stg-44 a week ago, what a piece of crap.After 1st mag, charging handle spring went crazy like a spastic slinky. upon inspection some cheap ass plastic part had been beaten up and peened into ob yhry get yourlivion.So far customer service has been less than stellar. once

    • an update…….showed my problem to a machinest friend. he said he could make me replacement parts out of hi quality aluminum that would out live the plastic by a trillion years.

      • Same thing just happened to me on my first time out with the rifle

  • Sean

    I got mine about 3 weeks ago and finally got to the range to shoot it, WOW! I got another mag for it and rocked on, talk about right on target, it did start low on the base site but I adjusted up and once I zeroed it I wiped out the center of the target. No issues, I put about 100 rounds through it, it was 39 degrees and the wind blowing so I did not stay long. I had some of the guys from the ccw course in the next bay really check it out. I put some Federal bulk through it not my cci’s. I want to put those in it and some Winchester and Remington rounds I have once it warms up and I have another free day.